The Absolute Knowing Of Truth; Correct And Effective Use Of Guidance

The Absolute Knowing Of Truth; Correct And Effective Use Of Guidance


This message, and every message posted here, on this site is, and always will be a Channeled Message

There is a time in your life when you will be so tired of the confusion. We want you to know something very important here. Something that Elise has come to learn on her own and through our guidance. There is only one reason, ever, why you will wonder about the truth. When something is truth, it rings true! You cannot deny it because at the very core of your being, you have resonance with everything that is true for you! If you are ever dealing with a person, or if you have a feeling that something isn’t right, it is because the thing that you are thinking about isn’t right. We, as your guides, have only one purpose to fulfill with you while you are inside your bodies on the planet that you call Earth. You have your purpose and we have ours. All of you have guidance that is consistently there, at all the times in your life. awaiting your call for assistance. Our only job with you is to offer you correct guidance that is true on all levels. We cannot possibly offer you a feeling of goodness on a matter that we know is not good for you! That would completely defy our purpose for working with you on this planet and the Creator of all would never allow that under any conditions. You have chosen your guides before you even came here. You are long time friends. Your guides are happy to be watching you and playing with you, working with you and assisting you at all times, in regards to all matters big and small. No guide of yours could offer assistance if it were not true. It is true that there beings that are not of light that seek to influence you in ways that are not in accordance with light. But those are not guides! They are influences that you did not make agreements to work with before you came here. They are beings that are being cast out of this place, one by one. Light is winning over and dominating over all other things. So, do not place your fears into negative influences. You are much more powerful than they are and they have absolutely no purpose and no power over you to influence you when you recognize your own truth. You have a choice. The all that is, of creation has seen to that and kept that a truth that will never change for you or any other being, for that matter. All beings have choice because the point is to evolve and the only constant in the Universe has got to be change or things would simply cease to be. It doesn’t mean that things would disappear. But there would be stagnation. So, there would be no new thoughts or intentions that could flow. It is the perpetuations of thoughts and intentions across all levels of existence that create the perpetuation of what is or the beginning of all things new.


So, this is the very important thing that we want you to remember and take away from this. Trust that feeling in your gut. You all have tired of hearing this one. But it is so true and yet all of you are full of your own doubts about yourselves and who you are. Well, that is about to change, I do declare! If you feel it is wrong, it is wrong! If you feel it is right, KNOW it is right! leave no room for doubt in your heart. You can always quiet your thoughts and go inside and ask for the truth. Your guides will give you a feeling that is of peacefulness when something is true. It is a feeling you will know. Utter peace. In your heart. And when you feel unsettled, they are telling you that something isn’t right. Just know that. You cannot always pinpoint what it is, but if you have this feeling, you are justified in searching for truth. This is the first of many messages that we will relay in regards to guidance. This is a vast subject. We are telling you this because your guidance is 989903733_hjFJ0YzT_1208_161349_0J5GLY9CLZ_1very important and in order to receive any help from the higher realms, help from your guides, help on day to day things and problematic issues, you must know how to connect and pay attention in order to follow instructions. When we say the word “Instruction” yes, it sounds like an order. But guidance ALWAYS feels like the good thing to do. The guidance that you receive, if it is true guidance, will ALWAYS entail doing something that makes you feel good, happy, strong, vital and secure. There is always good feelings involved. That is the point. The point of guidance is to point you to that which will benefit you the MOST in any given moment. here is the thing. That you cannot see what we can see and you cannot know what we can know. But, we know. And, you must learn to trust. As, this was your goal that you established before you even came here to this life. You knew, with great and total certainty that you could trust this guidance that we are speaking of. It is, after all, the key to living your happiest and most abundant life. There is no greater gift to you, from spirit, than your guidance. This is the reason that every great teacher who has ever lived made a big stink about it;) lol, listen, we are not so different than you. We have personalities. Where do you think that your personalities come from? The physical body? No! You had personalities before you even came here to the physical. So, you see, it can all make sense to you now and will continue to make more and more sense as you continue on your path of learning and evolution with us. We will guide you every step of the way and we are consistently here for you. You are so loved and there are so many beings with so much love showering down upon you every moment of every day. We will continue to hold you as our dominant and loving object of attention. We want you to connect all of the dots. Because clarity feels so very good and because it is what you are doing here, as you are evolving into higher and higher states of consciousness. So, start putting all of your pieces of the puzzle together. Start looking within. Start asking for answers and when you pray for anything, always believe.

Intuition is like a muscle that must have practice in order to become proficient. Either that, or it needs to be without tainting. But, what often happens is that the intuition is ignored and tainted, so, the opposite must occur. Without guidance, what direction do you have? Without a compass, how will you decide where to go?? You cannot make even one decision without proper guidance. Physical vision is one thing, but even that is useless without inner vision. You must know in order to do anything. Take the steps you need to take in order to fine tune your intuitive mechanism. The road to union is paved with joy. But, in order to find your joy, you must first be in tune. Get your In-tuition In-Tune.

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Speed the Process of the Twin Flame Union

Speed the Process of the Twin Flame Union

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This is a Channeled message

Up until now, you all have felt hopeless in this process of reuniting with your Twin Flame. It has felt to you as if it is out of your control and you must simply wait and see what happens between you. If you fight for them to return and they do not return to you, you feel as though you have failed, or as if something must be wrong with you. You feel as if there is no other choice but to give up your struggle. You are right. It is time for you to give up the struggle. But you are not hopeless at all. This will be a process that will be the easiest thing that you have ever done, as you are coming into new vibrations. All of your guides and all of the Universe has called every possible assistance to you now, to make your progression a process by which speed is of upmost importance. Why? Because you can. Because you are so much more than you think that you are right now. Because you are all infinite beings and you can achieve this Rapid Momentum forward that you all have been asking for, all over this world. We are answering your call. Here is a process for you to do. If you are in lower vibrations, you will be reluctant to do any process that can truly take you to great heights. But, if you can ease yourself into it and enjoy every aspect in your life as best as you can , you will find that you can indeed do this and that it will truly take you higher than you have been before. You must be willing to do things that you have never done before, if you are to take yourself into greater heights that you never thought imaginable. Enter in a new vibration by doing things differently than you have before. And come into touch with your guidance/joy as best as you can. Here is the process that brought Elise, the Channel, into heights that she never even dreamed of. Heights that brought her into channeling us and to her Twin Flame Union:

Three Times a day, you will write. Select a notebook of your choice to write in, and a pen. Both that you can find appreciation for. After all, you can always find things to appreciate. Writing is your finest point of focus. When you write, you magnify the energy of your thought and you manifest everything that you write at a much faster pace. Doing this three times a day magnifies the energy even more. If you find yourself feeling in a good place during your day and you cannot write because you are driving or walking, you can use your words out loud to take yourself on a focused journey through counting those things that you love and want to manifest. The point is to go with the feeling that feels best and new thoughts and words will present themselves to you that feel even better than the ones that came before. Focus where it feels the best.

You will write a list of things that you like, love and enjoy. That is it. Anything you want to show up in your life and you will take great joy in this process. You will write about anything you desire to. Starting from clarity, strength, courage and inspired thought. Take it to forward positive momentum. Write about being in touch with your guidance and how good that it feels and the wisdom and clarity that it brings to your life. Write about the love that you are having and receiving. Write about every good and positive trait that you see in your Twin Flame. Write about all of those traits that you want to see in your twin flame and that will greatly assist you in eliciting those traits from them. Write about the abundance that you are receiving and how good it feels to have freedom and the means to attain all that your heart desires. Take it to a high point. The highest point you can reach. This can take practice, but hold onto your steadfast ability to do this process without fail. It is guaranteed to you that if you do this process, as we have said for you to do it, that it will take less than two weeks time for you to see big and substantial changes in your life. Even if you are at lower levels of consciousness and you are very sad much of the time, you will find, through doing this process with precision to the instructions we have given, that you will notice big change in yourself. You will notice distinctive change in the way that you feel and your ability to take yourself higher when you are involved in this process. You will also begin to see small things showing up. For some of you, the things that show up will be bigger. Some of you only need a little push of focus to get you to the manifestations that you are seeking. But here is one more very important part. This is like magic. You will see that the world truly is magic, that is where the idea comes from, but here is the other part of the process….

You will take note of all positive change and you will give your attention to it. You will praise it and feel happy and grateful for it. You will talk about all of the new and positive changes you are noticing in your day to day conversations. As you allow these conversations to take place, the old conversations that were perpetuating the negative in your life, will cease to exist and along with it, the situations you were discussing. This is how gradual shift in vibration occurs. One step at a time. Just because it is gradual, it does not mean that it is slow. You can jump very fast if you pay good attention to your guidance and your joy in the moment. This process is very helpful for all of you and for those who simply do not know what to do or feel stuck. If you do this, it is absolutely certain that you will not remain stuck, that you will begin attracting more things that you want and that you will reach a state of Unconditional Love that will allow you to Reunite with your Twin Flame. This is how it happens. This is the goal. Unconditional love. Once you are there, your Flame MUST and is certain to catch up with you. They cannot remain so far away from the vibration that you are in, for that would defeat the entire purpose because they are simply a Reflection of YOU!

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We want all of you to know this, that this is about the progression of you and not the progression of them. It is never their fault! It is never the fault of anyone else or anything else outside of yourself that is responsible for that which you attract. This is a cop out that you all are so attached to in the 3rd dimension, but you all are coming around and realizing this truth for yourselves. You are realizing concepts that are beyond this third dimension and collectively, you will raise the vibration of the planet so that everyone will eventually be caught up and this Earth will filled with so much more beauty than it ever has before. Your Twin Flame has connections with you that you are not even aware of. The Twin Flames know and understand the progression of each other. That is how they reunite in exactly the right time. See your Twin Flame as you are wanting to see them. We know that all of you love your Flames, but you have also placed blame. This is part of the process. See them as you are wanting to see them. Give to them all of the traits that you know that they carry within them and all of the traits that you would like to elicit more from them. When you look upon them and all you feel and see is love, this is your window of opportunity, your golden ticket. That is where it all begins. You cannot look upon your Flame and feel blame if you are in the vibration of Unconditional Love. You would not place blame anywhere or upon anything if you embodied the vibration of Unconditional Love. All you would see is beauty. Truly, beauty is all there is to see. Everything else is created by you. By the ego that is a man-made thing. The ego is not so hard to transcend as all of you are thinking. You need ego for certain reasons, because you have a physical body and are in a physical plain of existence, but when we speak of the ego, we are referring to the parts that do not serve you. You will know when you are in the state of Unconditional Love, simply because there is no denying it. It is that feeling that without doubt, you know that you feel good. You know you feel only love and as you look upon things that are around you, you suddenly find yourself among beauty, no matter where you may be. Think of this when you unexpectedly see beautiful things. They are a small, yet precise confirmation from the Universe that you are in alignment with things that are beautiful. That means that you are either feeling love, appreciation or that you are simply in a state that is allowing of good things to come to you, so, take note of that state that you are in and how it feels. Take note of what you were thinking and focusing upon before it happened. You do not always make the connection between your thoughts and what you attract, but if you consciously make it a point to pay attention, you will.

There is no other way to the Twin Flame Union but by yourself. By your Unconditional Love of self. That is what leads you to it. So, just know that all of these processes and words that we give to you are helping you to achieve that which you want, exactly. You will know speed of manifestation like never before and there will be lovers everywhere on this planet, in no time. The Golden rule is to follow the path of love. It is paved by the love that you feel in your heart. Follow that feeling, always.


Dolly and Friends 🙂

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The Joy of Love and The Progression of The Twin Flame Union

The Joy of Love and The Progression of The Twin Flame Union


This is a channeled message.

There is a progression involved with the Twin Flame Union. It begins with your truth being discovered about yourself. This is most often very difficult for you all. You have made your lives and built your careers around those things that you have been trained into thinking are appropriate. This is simply not the way of spirit. Not the way of the heart. This is not the way to be your truest expression of yourself and to love as fully as you can. We love you, very much. It is important for you to know this. That you are loved and that you are so much more than what you have come to believe in, in this 3D reality. Are there not so many things that your 3 dimensional studies have failed to explain? That is because there is so much vastness in the Universe that exceeds this 3rd Dimension that you are in. many of you are already coming to know this. Even religion has paved a pathway for you to discover this truth. There is meaning in everything that has been and you will see how it is all coming together and has built upon itself. You will see this in your own lives as well. This is what synchronicities help you to define in your own life, in LovelyWEBa detailed manner. Down to the very last detail. Everything is covered and purposefully placed in your path. Elise, the channel, is seeing this very thing in her own life right now. There are so many things that she acquired and did out of joy that seemed to go nowhere for her. It is only now that she has pursued this path of joy at this vibrational level that she is seeing how the way has been paved for her already. At this point in her life, at the very moment that she realizes that she needs something to perform better for this purpose that she came here to do, she will realize that the thing that she needs is already present, in her 3 dimensional reality right now. On the bookshelf, in the closet, or by way of connections and so many other things. Since she has begun to really commit to her purpose, guided by her joy, she has seen that connections are being made between everything that exists in her life and how it is ALL pointed toward this very purpose that she is doing now. This is how the process goes for you as well. It is a progression of events that take place. You cannot possibly know, in your moment of pursuing your joy, exactly the how that particular joy will fit into the larger picture. It does not matter at all. As far back as Jesus of the bible, this lesson has been taught; To have faith. Every great teacher that has ever lived, lived in part, to impart this very thing unto your consciousness. So that all the puzzle pieces can fill in for you, right now, as we are speaking to you. The Universe has been bringing messages to the collective for so long and it seems that there are so many of you who still harbor doubt within yourselves. The Universe wants for you to finally receive these messages, and to receive them fully and to welcome them into your consciousness. Into the light of your being. We are here as a new technique that is now in effect. You, as you are reading, will feel the clarity of all that we are saying and the very truth behind it will resonate to the core of your soul. Know, that, that feeling within is the only feeling that you can trust. That feeling of resonance, that feeling of recognition. That feeling of love. Love is the very core of your being and all that you feel good about, in that way, to the core of your being is good and true and right for you. This feeling is your guidance, and Elise, will be teaching about following your own guidance system in the future. This has been a prominent point of focus for her that she has working for many years to develop skill within. Elise had no guidance in her life. No one to rely on at all and every person in her life that would ordinarily be characterized as a person who should offer guidance or assistance was removed from her life from the time that she was able to be on her own. This was for the very specific purpose that we are defining for you right now. She learned to trust only in her guidance and in nothing else and her life has evolved progressively, in an upward, fast, and positive momentous motion forward so that she may find the courage to deliver these messages to you all. Your life is no different.

It is time that all of you learn to come to the SEBOLD_ALICE_0316044938_2._V204761650_acknowledgement of why you are here. There will be no more failed missions on this planet, Earth. We are so tiresome of the ones who come back from this experience and feel that they did not do well enough. Now is when the lining that separates the dimensions will begin to dissipate. Not completely, but just enough so that you may maintain your reality and your missions here, while at the same time, being assured to accomplish all that you have set out to accomplish. Feeling more supported than ever before. There is no more reason for any of you to suffer. There is no more reasons why you must feel that you have failed and there are no more reasons why planet Earth should not be the delightful and expansive and invigorating life experience that all of you are wanting it to be. After all, the Universe is love, right? Can we all agree on that truth? No matter what religion you are from, no matter if you are adept to religion at all, there is one thing at the core of you a knowing, that most of all beings will agree upon and that is of the existence and the power of love. All is at the core of love. Everything that you are searching for and everything that you could ever want is at that core of love. There is nothing that is separate from you. You are the only one who creates separation between you and everything else. Everything else will come to you when you stop denying your truth. When you begin to understand that you are simply love, and peel away all of the layers that this planet Earth experience has cocooned you in. You will see more and more truth. Truth that you are beginning to see here, with us. Take it day by day and be good to yourself. Self love is where the process of the Twin Flame Love begins. For most of you, this is the best advice that you can receive at this moment. We are watching and in touch with all of your progress and we will continue to post words like this that will resonate to the core of who you are, to bring you into it. We will move forward with our messages as you move forward in your life evolution and as you call the new information forth. The Law of Attraction is important to understand. That good attracts more of good and lack of more lack and everything in between. It will do you great service to understand and please ask your questions, in the comments at any time. Elise has knowledge of everything that we know and she can explain at anytime, without channeling us, however, she sometimes prefers to channel the little responses back to you when she feels that our words will be more clear or concise. Please understand that all of what you are going through with the Twin Flame will assist you with the rest of your creation of life. Everything comes to you through this Twin Flame experience simply because the Twin Flame experience is designed to teach you how to harness the power of love. The picture is so much greater, even than that which you might have imagined. That is why, when you meet your Twin Flame, you will feel and know love that you did not know before was humanly possible. It is awakening you to the possibility of love in greater dimension than you previously knew. We are always here for you. Please inquire, if it is your joy to do so.

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An Introduction To The Twin Flame Sacred Union

An Introduction To The Twin Flame Sacred Union

This is a channeled message

Together there is nothing that cannot be overcome through the Twin Flame Sacred Union. This is the first lesson that you show each other as you overcome doubt and fear in the first stages, so that you may discover all of the love and beauty that this planet has to offer.

For those of you who have not been reunited, I have a message for you. There is nothing to fear. Only love exists. Anything that you experience as pain is a result of fears that stem from your views of yourself. Fear is an illusion. It is a state of being. It is not a reality. You can change it at any moment simply by coming into a higher state of consciousness. And so you see that fear is not even real. No matter what is happening around you, you do not have to fear. It is your choice to fear. To give into this illusory concept. You may choose to transcend fear at any time you like. What is within you is never changing. It is evermore. The essence that is you that comes from source. The truth that is at the very core of your nature. The ever present gifts that have been yours from birth. There is nothing that can change the value that is you. Fear is an item you have picked up from others. It really serves no purpose, other than to show you that you are not being in touch with yourself. That you are not knowing who you truly are. When you are ignoring the truth at the core, you will have fear. When you have not searched within to see what is at the core of you, yes, you will have many fears. But, what is fear, anyway? This is what you must come to realize if you are to reunite. That there is nothing that can stop this but you. There is no other. There is only you. You cannot blame or mock. You cannot find that which is wrong in them without exhibiting the same weaknesses that you see in them. They are a reflection of you. You must see what you are wanting to see in them and you must embody unconditional love if you are to be reunited with your Twin Flame. It is a union of your own soul. Your own love for yourself and for everything in life. When you come into contact with love… When love is all you see… All you know. When you are content with self, it will seem as if they will appear out of nowhere. But it is not out of nowhere. It is as a result of your new found vibrational space. That which is you attracts more of that which is you. In order to attract your Twin Flame, you must be that which is you. That which you truly are at the core of you. And so, it can be very hard to hear if you are not there yet. Some vibrations that are very far away from this will find it hard to comprehend, but you must know that it is possible. It is the purpose, after all. Your love is true, believe in it. By believing in that and keeping the faith it will help you move forward into the new places you are destined to go, and the life that you are living will unfold in such a way that you will bring more goodness into your life. You will begin to feel better than you have before, and you will attract things that are new to you. Little things you have wanted. That is how it will begin. You must notice these things as improvements and be glad in them. Rejoice in them! Be glad in the good that you are attracting and the Universe will give you more. More and more you will attract, into an upward spiral of virtuous events. Feel gratitude for every good thing that comes into your life. For, this is only the beginning. Love is abundant in the Universe. There is unlimited amounts of love and abundance that the Universe wants to shower down onto you. That is why there are more and more channels opening up to share with you these messages of love. So that you might hear and know and begin to receive. Loving messages. This is what we give to you. There is so much love in this world, if you will only notice it. Look at a flower. Look at how much beauty is in it. Even the flower that you call a weed. Look at it. Is it not beautiful? Is it not easy to look upon and find dandelionappreciation? If you would stop yourself for a moment. Get out of your head and use your eyes to look upon all of the things that are around you that are easy to appreciate, you would find love very fast and you would begin to see small changes in your life in just a little bit of time. That feeling that you feel in your heart, when your heart is full of love. That feeling is an indication that you are in the vibration of unconditional love. That warm, soothing feeling. You do not have to feel this feeling all the time in order to make love work for you. You only need to notice the feeling and give it your attention when you have it, in order for love to work for you in your life. For, the more that you notice this feeling and give it your attention the more opportunities you will come across to find this feeling again. This is how you will open your windows of opportunity to cultivate more and more love in your life. Amplify the feeling of love by recognizing and feeling the appreciation of simply being in that state. What you focus on grows and your love will grow with time.

This is a good first step that anyone can apply in their life in order to reunite with their Twin Flame. Especially those of you who are feeling pain. We love you all and we are directing our loving focus towards you and towards our knowledge of your growth into all that we know you to be.