Speed the Process of the Twin Flame Union

Speed the Process of the Twin Flame Union

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This is a Channeled message

Up until now, you all have felt hopeless in this process of reuniting with your Twin Flame. It has felt to you as if it is out of your control and you must simply wait and see what happens between you. If you fight for them to return and they do not return to you, you feel as though you have failed, or as if something must be wrong with you. You feel as if there is no other choice but to give up your struggle. You are right. It is time for you to give up the struggle. But you are not hopeless at all. This will be a process that will be the easiest thing that you have ever done, as you are coming into new vibrations. All of your guides and all of the Universe has called every possible assistance to you now, to make your progression a process by which speed is of upmost importance. Why? Because you can. Because you are so much more than you think that you are right now. Because you are all infinite beings and you can achieve this Rapid Momentum forward that you all have been asking for, all over this world. We are answering your call. Here is a process for you to do. If you are in lower vibrations, you will be reluctant to do any process that can truly take you to great heights. But, if you can ease yourself into it and enjoy every aspect in your life as best as you can , you will find that you can indeed do this and that it will truly take you higher than you have been before. You must be willing to do things that you have never done before, if you are to take yourself into greater heights that you never thought imaginable. Enter in a new vibration by doing things differently than you have before. And come into touch with your guidance/joy as best as you can. Here is the process that brought Elise, the Channel, into heights that she never even dreamed of. Heights that brought her into channeling us and to her Twin Flame Union:

Three Times a day, you will write. Select a notebook of your choice to write in, and a pen. Both that you can find appreciation for. After all, you can always find things to appreciate. Writing is your finest point of focus. When you write, you magnify the energy of your thought and you manifest everything that you write at a much faster pace. Doing this three times a day magnifies the energy even more. If you find yourself feeling in a good place during your day and you cannot write because you are driving or walking, you can use your words out loud to take yourself on a focused journey through counting those things that you love and want to manifest. The point is to go with the feeling that feels best and new thoughts and words will present themselves to you that feel even better than the ones that came before. Focus where it feels the best.

You will write a list of things that you like, love and enjoy. That is it. Anything you want to show up in your life and you will take great joy in this process. You will write about anything you desire to. Starting from clarity, strength, courage and inspired thought. Take it to forward positive momentum. Write about being in touch with your guidance and how good that it feels and the wisdom and clarity that it brings to your life. Write about the love that you are having and receiving. Write about every good and positive trait that you see in your Twin Flame. Write about all of those traits that you want to see in your twin flame and that will greatly assist you in eliciting those traits from them. Write about the abundance that you are receiving and how good it feels to have freedom and the means to attain all that your heart desires. Take it to a high point. The highest point you can reach. This can take practice, but hold onto your steadfast ability to do this process without fail. It is guaranteed to you that if you do this process, as we have said for you to do it, that it will take less than two weeks time for you to see big and substantial changes in your life. Even if you are at lower levels of consciousness and you are very sad much of the time, you will find, through doing this process with precision to the instructions we have given, that you will notice big change in yourself. You will notice distinctive change in the way that you feel and your ability to take yourself higher when you are involved in this process. You will also begin to see small things showing up. For some of you, the things that show up will be bigger. Some of you only need a little push of focus to get you to the manifestations that you are seeking. But here is one more very important part. This is like magic. You will see that the world truly is magic, that is where the idea comes from, but here is the other part of the process….

You will take note of all positive change and you will give your attention to it. You will praise it and feel happy and grateful for it. You will talk about all of the new and positive changes you are noticing in your day to day conversations. As you allow these conversations to take place, the old conversations that were perpetuating the negative in your life, will cease to exist and along with it, the situations you were discussing. This is how gradual shift in vibration occurs. One step at a time. Just because it is gradual, it does not mean that it is slow. You can jump very fast if you pay good attention to your guidance and your joy in the moment. This process is very helpful for all of you and for those who simply do not know what to do or feel stuck. If you do this, it is absolutely certain that you will not remain stuck, that you will begin attracting more things that you want and that you will reach a state of Unconditional Love that will allow you to Reunite with your Twin Flame. This is how it happens. This is the goal. Unconditional love. Once you are there, your Flame MUST and is certain to catch up with you. They cannot remain so far away from the vibration that you are in, for that would defeat the entire purpose because they are simply a Reflection of YOU!

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We want all of you to know this, that this is about the progression of you and not the progression of them. It is never their fault! It is never the fault of anyone else or anything else outside of yourself that is responsible for that which you attract. This is a cop out that you all are so attached to in the 3rd dimension, but you all are coming around and realizing this truth for yourselves. You are realizing concepts that are beyond this third dimension and collectively, you will raise the vibration of the planet so that everyone will eventually be caught up and this Earth will filled with so much more beauty than it ever has before. Your Twin Flame has connections with you that you are not even aware of. The Twin Flames know and understand the progression of each other. That is how they reunite in exactly the right time. See your Twin Flame as you are wanting to see them. We know that all of you love your Flames, but you have also placed blame. This is part of the process. See them as you are wanting to see them. Give to them all of the traits that you know that they carry within them and all of the traits that you would like to elicit more from them. When you look upon them and all you feel and see is love, this is your window of opportunity, your golden ticket. That is where it all begins. You cannot look upon your Flame and feel blame if you are in the vibration of Unconditional Love. You would not place blame anywhere or upon anything if you embodied the vibration of Unconditional Love. All you would see is beauty. Truly, beauty is all there is to see. Everything else is created by you. By the ego that is a man-made thing. The ego is not so hard to transcend as all of you are thinking. You need ego for certain reasons, because you have a physical body and are in a physical plain of existence, but when we speak of the ego, we are referring to the parts that do not serve you. You will know when you are in the state of Unconditional Love, simply because there is no denying it. It is that feeling that without doubt, you know that you feel good. You know you feel only love and as you look upon things that are around you, you suddenly find yourself among beauty, no matter where you may be. Think of this when you unexpectedly see beautiful things. They are a small, yet precise confirmation from the Universe that you are in alignment with things that are beautiful. That means that you are either feeling love, appreciation or that you are simply in a state that is allowing of good things to come to you, so, take note of that state that you are in and how it feels. Take note of what you were thinking and focusing upon before it happened. You do not always make the connection between your thoughts and what you attract, but if you consciously make it a point to pay attention, you will.

There is no other way to the Twin Flame Union but by yourself. By your Unconditional Love of self. That is what leads you to it. So, just know that all of these processes and words that we give to you are helping you to achieve that which you want, exactly. You will know speed of manifestation like never before and there will be lovers everywhere on this planet, in no time. The Golden rule is to follow the path of love. It is paved by the love that you feel in your heart. Follow that feeling, always.


Dolly and Friends 🙂

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  1. Hi, Lawanak — yes, I think it’s extremely common for Twins to have a large age difference — might even be more common than not. Good luck. 🙂

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