How to Recognize your Twin Flame

How to Recognize your Twin Flame

il_570xN.435826396_sau7 On one hand, I wonder if this post is even necessary, because meeting your Twin Flame is associated with such a deep sense of attraction, a deep sense of knowing and resonance, but on the other hand, nearly everyone who meets their Twin asks this question and Twins need confirmation. So, here it is…. There are many ways to recognize your Twin Flame. Some of you who see your Twin simply know, by the way that you feel when you are with them or when you meet. Because it is an experience unique to any other. You know that, that person is special to you, even without knowing how or why or what it means. Intense and unexplainable magnetism is most often an easy sign that this person is your twin. Accompanied by the knowing. You’ve met plenty enough people in your life to know that this feeling, this connection between the two of you is unique to any other. Take it for what it is. You are right. Sometimes, things are exactly what they seem. Often, there can be many doubts that creep in regarding the legitimacy of the Twin Flame connection, especially during the runner phase, when one Twin runs from the intensity of the connection, so a good way is to determine your Twin is to have many signs which all work together to point to the same. So, we will be discussing many signs that can help you to confirm your Twin. Twins will feel an undeniable magnetism. The Connection between you two will not always be noticed on the first meeting. Sometimes one Twin will notice it before the other and that is ok. Eventually, the connection will make itself known, not only to you both, but also to everyone who witnesses the two of you. Other people will notice the connection between you two, even if you are not interacting on any kind of romantic level. It is simply a connection that exists that cannot be denied. You may not even know what it means. Some people will not like it when they witness this connection and they will make remarks that signify that they noticed the connection, but they will not describe it as a “connection”. When I met my Twin, I did not notice the connection on the very first meeting, but when I did, I simply knew we had purpose together. That is how I described the connection that I somehow “knew” was between us. I felt a very strong energy present. I could not describe it any other way, besides that it was a “wake-up call” for me. I was actually very uncomfortable when this happened. I suddenly became aware of changes that needed to be made in my life and I felt that these shifts could not be put off anymore. Which leads us to the next sign… Awakening. Following the meeting of your twin, you do experience a sort of wake up- call. An awakening takes place within you. One that completely changes you forever. The experience is profound.Twin Flame Mandala Sept 2013 Twins often meet under unusual or uncomfortable circumstances. Sometimes they are already married or attached to other soul mates. There can be a massive age difference or physical distance between  them. Sometimes these differences are more subtle, but it presents as unusual or difficult.  This is to assist in the growing and coming together process. Sometimes, Twins must overcome the most difficult of circumstances in order to be together. This is part of the beauty of the Union. Overcome fear. Embody unconditional love. Reunite. That is the process. Synchronicities of all kinds are found between Twins.  Birthdates that match or are synchronistic in some way. They find that they lived in the same areas at different times in their lives. Perhaps they lived in the same neighborhood growing up. Family similarities as far as their relationships with their family or family names. Perhaps similarities in ethnic background, life story or even physical features that run in the family. Many Twins report the ability to telepathically communicate with their Twin. The twin flame connection can also present itself by just knowing what the other twin is feeling or what they are doing. There is a definite connection and Twins can tune into each other at any time they wish. Twins most often experience many harmonic perceptions on life. They will feel deep resonance because they share similar energy. The resonance is very strong. Even if you just met, it can somehow feel like you have a deep knowing of them. As if you’ve known them for a very long time. Twins feel harmony when they are together. I am not saying that the interaction will not have ups and down. But there will always be those times when the union is full of utter harmony. The harmony, when it is experienced, is great. Meeting your Twin brings out parts of yourself that have been buried or parts hidden, that you didn’t even know were there. Things you don’t even want to see about yourself, but also, meeting your Twin helps you discover the greatness that is you. Twins most often experience big life changes once they meet. Your entire life will shift and change. Twins have a magnetic pull to be with one another. They often meet under difficult circumstances, but have a desire to be together, no matter what obstacle may be in the way. There are stages of the Twin Flame Union which are documented and easy to find. Almost always, one Twin or both will run from the Union and this assists in the reflection and growth of both. This is just a stage and it passes into the other stages at some point. The intimacy experienced together feels very sacred. Giving freely to your Twin is easy to do. There is great joy in it. Twins often will experience an increase in their extra-sensory, intuitive/psychic  abilities as a part of the awakening process. Twins often have the same taste in style and art. They often will be creative win the same ways and enjoy the same things. Some Twins report that they are inseparable. Twins trust each other and can’t hide anything from one another. They are much too in tune to each other to be able to hide or even to want to hide. Twins are not dependent upon each other. They simply love being together. The similarities are abundant between Twins, but yet there is a sense of harmonic balance. A sense of completion. Like puzzle pieces coming together. Twins gain knowledge of their purpose after coming together. Coming to know, with more specified accuracy, What their purpose is and how to fulfill it.

I have been conducting Twin Flame and Soulmate readings for you all, for many months now…

I have the ability to point out the blocks in your energetic patterning that need to be resolved before your Perfect, Ideal Soulmate Union can occur.

I need only a picture of you in order to perform this reading. The reading includes detailed instruction, tailored to your specific needs and guidance to explain exactly what it is that you must resolve and how to go about in doing so.

I am still offering TwinFlame/Soulmate Readings.

But ALL of you who come to me are desiring an Ideal Union/Open Heart Union

This requires you to identify and resolve the misaligned energies within yourself.

Call the reading what you will, but all who come to receive readings from me will be informed of what is blocking you from your Perfect Union and what you must do in order to resolve and come into alignment with your Open Heart Union.

I have already resolved and completed my transition, which has resulted in my very own Unification With My Ideal Soulmate in the 3rd dimension.

This is what I want for all of you.

I am not supporting the idea of attachment. That is not what resolution is about. It’s not about a means to an end. A pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. However, Ideal Union does occur as a result of resolving the self and coming into union with the self, but, if that is the goal, that is a block in itself.

My approach is via open heartedness, which means becoming more familiar with your authentic self and embodying 100% authentic self expression. For all of you, authentic self expression equals love. Love for the self and love for others without reservations, expectations or attachments to outcome. Anything not of love is a result of fear and is not of you.

I am now, solely teaching advanced concepts. I expect my clients to be well informed and completely dedicated to the cause. Otherwise, you will miss everything I have said to you.

My mission is to assist in the growth of each individual into love, for the good of all.

My clients must be those who are up to speed enough to benefit from my assistance.

Before contacting me, please understand that this is all about you.

Your soulmate is simply a reflection.

When you change yourself, you change the reflection.

With Great Love <3

You are all my Twin Flame. Thank you.


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  1. I separated from someone I believe is my twin. After much suffering and finally finding surrender, one then another other female was introduced into my consciousness via intense kundalini energy experiences, the first one lasting several months, a cosmic adventure romance that totally changed my universe. A second less-intense experience brought another female into my awareness. I have developed unconditional love for both of these females, but the second one is my concern. She works in the movie industry, and I have noticed how often roles she plays in movies coincide with essential situations in my life. I have had dreams about her at various times.My name seems to be following her around, I think she might me amused if it were pointed out to her. Most recently, she suddenly appeared beside me in a dream, and gently slid her arm into mine. In 3d world, She is currently married, and I am happy for her, as I think she needed that in her life. This is just one reason I see no future in this world for us, but I would like to pursue a possible dream meeting type relationship with her. I still believe the original runner is my twin, but there definitely seems to be something important with this other female. If it seems strange or dubious this female is somewhat famous, although I am not so in this life, if I told you who I was in my most recent incarnation, you would know that name, too. I find that part of it totally irrelevant, as we are all simply sentient beings, trying to find our way home.

  2. Could those signs be for soyl mate too? If there is that strong ununconditional love feeling, feeling in harmony, peace when we are next to each other, many many sinchronities in our lifes – does it allways mean that this is twin flame relations? Couldn`t those signs be for just soul mate relationship? And whawhat will happen if we will not overcome difficulties? If we have met, will there be extra help and push from Heaven to ovetcome difficulties so we coild be together? What if we are not stristrong enought?

  3. Having a Twin Flame who, still, after many years, will only telepath with me (and has made me do all the intermediary work) has made the telepathy constant and debilitating. Thank heavens I don’t have to go to a job (although I am poor and she is rich). Please pray this Twin volunteers contact soon. I am so flexible, and ask for no more than the truth. But I would rather actively promote the true joy of the ascension and all the other love celebrations that come natural to me.

  4. I hv found someone not long ago, I feel very secure with him and no matter what I always wanted to be with him as long as possible, I hv a lot of restrictions from my family even he’s an artist and my family restricted me to meet with him but I am an Artistic person and I love his art, I ignored everything whatever my family I just run out to see him, he made me breakfast every morning he loves to do this, after we met there’s a lot things has changed my personality upgrade and I came to know my potential, everything seems doing so well automatically in our life now a days, luck favors upon us I got a job suddenly, the connection, interactions so unique m feeling so first time, amazing feeling when we are together but m confused please help me short out my confusion is that really a Twin Flame are we really..?

  5. You don’t recognize your twin, your SOUL does! for all you people commenting here, if your chakras didn’t activate and your have no psychic abilities, this subject is NOT YOU!
    I read so many people saying they have found their twin because of web pages that have no clue on this subject.
    It is a spiritual experience, my higher self spoke to me as my chakras activated. My whole life I was not aware I am a medium. this happens to mediums (research it) it’s not a normal relationship. it’s nothing to sugar coat either.
    I was told I had been taken to her, my research tells me this is what happens. if you can not relate to what I’m saying please move away from thinking you are, or have met you twin soul.

    1. I’d like to know more about your experience. I have been sepreated from my tf for 13 years and I know without a shadow of a doubt that this is the one true flame. Beyond my heart deep in my soul I burn and have such a deep longing for this person. I can go months and even years without talking to him or having any connection at all, then out of the blue something is triggered in me and thoughts and emotions of him will be on my heart and mind. I am just going through a “healing process ” I am coming out of a deep depression. A place of needing and wanting him, a place of darkness and pain .
      I finally had to reach out to him, over the phone. We spoke only a few seconds the conversation was very short and at the end of the call. We said our goodbyes and I could hear, one of us said I love you but I don’t know if it was me that said it or him!! Is it possible that I heard “our souls communicate”?
      Well some time passed and I was feeling a little more at ease just by hearing his voice. Then a month later, we saw each other and I could hear my thoughts so very loud, louder than usual. I questioned myself – was this my thoughts or his?! Its thoughts that I wanted to speak out loud but I did not speak them. Now he is in a different county. We have not spoken since but I feel dizzy and overwhelm at times and I have to tell myself we will be together soon and sometimes it helps for a short time but I still and I guess I will always feel that pulling. Like I am out of balance and I am being pulled to be closer to him, yet in all this I get nothing from him on the outside. Please email me to chat more on this. I am in desperate need to communicate to someone who can explain this twin flame journey .

  6. Hi, I’m really interested in this topic. Read and read and read about as I feel I may have found my Twin Flame. To be honest it hasn’t been an entirely pleasant journey, initially very intense feeling this was seven years ago. I met him just after I broke up with my partner of seven years who is the father of my only child. We just connected, and to be honest it’s been really difficult. He’s not the type of person I would normally want to settle down with, has a whole load of baggage. It seems like we follow the whole runner chaser dynamic with my being the chaser mostly. Although there has been some real treasured moments, it has been a struggle. Though one thing I can say so far is that I’ve learnt so much about myself, and in a weird way it has motivated me to explore other thought processes, that before I met him I wouldn’t of consider at all with a rigid mindset. I think I’ve always been more leaning towards a spiritual mindset , though meeting him has made my belief set stronger. Mark it’s funny you mentioned the Chakras I been feeling bouts of them within months of meeting him, and it comes and goes, currently especially then now. Like people saying its Letting go, and self development, a process I’m still going through. If mine is a Twin Flame it’s not all fairies and sparkles, far from it, but the energy is very real.

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