Dear Twin Flame, This is How To Find That Sweet Spot. Balance…

Dear Twin Flame, This is How To Find That Sweet Spot. Balance…


I am Channeling from a Unity consciousness. If my writing speaks to you, it’s because we are all in this together.

My love for my Twin, reflects the love that the Universe has for us.

I will continue to inspire you, with Love.


It’s a precious thing, this gift of love. This ability to love another so strongly that you can hardly seem to remember yourself. You can just get lost in it. This wonderful feeling. This wonderful love. Delightful and dreamy….

I love you, even though you are far away, I love you. I love you, even though you do not know the depths of my love, I love you. Even in your darkest day, I love you. Even in your absence, I love you. I do not need you to know, in order for me to love you. I love you anyway. I can move on with my life and still love you. I can be happy on my own and still love you. I can love and adore that you exist. That you inspired me to love. I can love you without needing anything in return. I can find balance in all of this craze. I can allow love to come to me from all sources, and it doesn’t mean that I don’t love you. It means that I love myself. I can love you and love myself at the same time. My love for you reflects my love for myself. Whether I know it or not. My love for you isn’t human. It is epic, It’s supernatural, It is Love.


Balance. That’s what we are going for. One of the hardest things about what most experts say about the Twin Flame Union, is that you have to be ok without your Twin. What??!! Is that even possible?! How is it possible to move on from someone you love so much? How is it possible to accept another? I don’t want anyone else. Yes, we all know the feeling. But, you can’t have what you need. Instead, you get that which you are. Wholeness is the idea. Wholeness and oneness with the self. Our sense of wholeness can’t be derived from or dependent upon our union with another. We have to be one with ourselves, in love with ourselves in order to be alignment with receiving that from another. Our other half. Another whole to complete the whole that we are. Otherwise, we attract people who reflect those things that we need to work on. Although, this will always be the case because we never cease to grow, we want to attract the relationship that reflects a certain level of goodness. Not to say there is “Good” or “bad”. More like, desirable vs. undesirable. We all have had bad relationships. The Twin Flame Union is highly desirable. That is why the Universe puts us through so much preparation. So that we can receive all the good that can come from it. Even if that doesn’t include romantic reunion. Although, reunion in the physical is always possible, there are still yet other versions of Union that can fit our individual path. Some people recognize that Twin Flame Reunion in a romantic sense just does’t fit their path, in the moment. Everything is subject to change, and it’s not our job to understand or foresee the “How”. The Paradox is that when it doesn’t matter anymore, that’s about the time that it comes to you, in one form or another. Wholeness means not needing anything to complete you. That means being ok without your Twin Flame, being happy, living a normal life and being whole in yourself. Whole enough that you aren’t feeling broken about it anymore. Whole enough that you stop wishing, wondering why, what, when, where, how and “What if?”. It means being ok and simultaneously, holding a loving space that allows for all possibilities to reach you.

It’s a balancing act. One that is formed through persistence and habit. It’s ok to fall off the horse. We all do, at times. We are all human and there’s no way to stop being human, while inside a body. Give yourself a break! Just get back up, change the subject, hold a loving space, make a decision and be ok.


It’s ok to move on. It doesn’t mean you stop loving. It doest mean that you can’t have them in the end. Actually, you must let go, in order to allow the things that you want to come to you. Life is full of Paradox and it’s very important to understand this. The minute you decide that you don’t need something, it shows up! There is a balance about stand we are trying to reach this balance.

There is a reason why it is difficult to live in disappointment. It’s the disappointment that we are trying to eradicate. Not the love. Send your Twin Flame love and light. But don’t expect anything in return. You cannot take an action towards manifesting something with the expectation that the outcome must unfold in a particular way. This cuts off the ability of the Universe to orchestrate outcomes. Do not focus on the outcome, because if you focus on the expected outcome, you are doing the action for the wrong reasons. If you are acting ion order to gain something, the intention isn’t pure and the energy is coming from need, which can only yield more need.

Dream, imagine, visualize, but on a broader scale and with understanding that the Universe will bring you a suitable equivalent in it’s own way. In a way that you cannot comprehend. Do not demand specific outcomes from the Universe. Instead, trust that the Universe is working for your benefit and know’s what it’s doing. Paradoxically, by letting go, surrendering, trusting and believing, that is when you allow all that your desire to manifest into the physical reality. The only reason why manifestation appears to take so long is because we stop to take score and put too much emphasis on our desire for the things we have not seen fully manifested yet. Stop taking score. Live your life. One day at a time. Find this balance and eradicate disappointment.

“Expectation is the root of all heartache.”

-William Shakespeare

Love, Love, Love


Move on with your life and allow the possibilities that the Universe has in store for you to evolve. You can accomplish this while simultaneously holding a loving space for your Twin that is true and eternal. Holding a loving space for them and moving on with your life at the same time is something that seems difficult. But, that’s the idea. It’s a balancing act. We can all learn how to gradually achieve this state. We will always love our Twin Flame. Whether it be “right” or “wrong”, who cares? Who cares if we are right or wrong about him/her? Who’s experience is it anyway? The experience is real as real can be. That’s what makes it real. The experience is what matters.

Doubt has no place here. Doubt requires judgement. Don’t judge the situation as right or wrong. Don’t require any particular outcome and paradoxically, that is when you allow the Universe to go into it’s bag of tricks and pull out more possibilities. Find balance. Find peace. Find transcendence. The journey is never over. Don’t lose hope. It’s never done, it’s never finished and you aren’t wrong. Just try to enjoy your life. Give yourself permission and hold a loving space that requires nothing in return. Do not disappoint, just live, love and trust in the good of all. Balance. Find that loving space. Find the will to move on. Give yourself permission. Balance, temperance, alchemy.

I have so much love for you

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