Dear Twin Flame, How to Rise up When You Feel Down… How to Come Out of the Dip…

Dear Twin Flame, How to Rise up When You Feel Down… How to Come Out of the Dip…

This is a Transmission via Unity Consciousness. Love knows no other. Just Unity.

I remember it so well… You are always on my mind…. love of mine…. There is no love greater than this. Greater than a love that never fades. Not with time, not with distance, not with action, not with struggle, not with stagnancy, not with change… no ebb and no flow could avert my gaze, for there is no one else that could ever compare… no other I want but you. I can move on, I can pretend to pretend, I can play it off and smile until the very end…. but in the end, you’ll always be the one…. The one I Iook to, the one who always comes back, the one to which none can compare….My love, my love, if you only knew how loved you are. I send you my love. My love…. Love of mine…. forever I am yours, until the stars cease to be… But, that will never happen….for, there is no end to you and me.

I said I wouldn’t cry for him anymore. I said that I was through. I thought I was done. I thought I’d made it through to the other side. I thought I could leave it behind. I thought I could overcome. But I cried for him, because I missed him so. That face I didn’t see for so many months. That hadn’t given me the time of day. That man that made me feel such awe. The resonance that language flounders to decipher. I remember it all. I remember it was mutual. I remember what he said. I remember how he said it. I remember every precious sight I saw. Every sound. Every feeling. Every thought of you. You are part of me. My other half. There’s no other way to put it. It’s not explainable. There’s nothing that resonates more to me, than you.

How do I remember it so well? How I treasure every breath. How can I love you so much? Someone who’s voice I never hear. My soul knows your soul. My being is your being. There’s no end to this.

That is exactly the meaning.

I know today, that it’s ok to cry. Tears are no object to overcome. If we could sever the connection, there would be no Twin Flame legacy, because we would have all cut our chords by now. The connection is necessary, or else it wouldn’t exist. The universe makes no mistakes. The Universe doesn’t do things for no reason. The Universe places every last detail purposefully. Every last Atom, carefully placed. Frozen together by the invisible. The Universe doesn’t miss a beat. The evidence of this is all around. Just look at the evidence of your body and every last detail that must be in place in order for you to exist and function. Just look at all the countless, imperative actions that must take place. Everything that must happen just exactly so. You know what happens when there is even one chromosome too many or too less. One organism in the wrong place. One organism missing. Even one slight thing off. Everything is purposeful.

So is the Twin Flame Relationship.

To pretend that you can forget your Twin is useless. To forget is not the point. To harden your heart is not the point. Resisting love and opting to become a stone doesn’t make you strong, it makes you a rock. Being love is the toughest thing. Being love is what it means to be strong. Nothing good can come of resisting love and for as long as you harden your heart, the journey will continue to be “hard” for you, until the Universe finally gets you to crack yourself open and let love reign free. Love conquers all.

It’s ok to feel. It’s ok to cry. It’s ok to miss. Only when you allow yourself to love freely can you come up from the dips so much more easily. You see, we get sad, we cry and we think something is wrong with us because we care. That sounds pretty strange. Something is wrong with you because you have feelings? Because you are in love? That’s hogwash. You feel because, you must. Here is the part that will set you free. Know that it’s ok. It’s ok to cry. It’s ok to miss. Allow yourself. Don’t go so far as to ask yourself what is wrong with you or why you are being rejected. None of that has anything to do with truth. Accept yourself in your darkest moment. Tell yourself it’s ok.


“It’s my party, and I’ll cry if I want to.”

You see, if you do that, then you can cry it out and go back to normal life and not feel bad about yourself. You can come up from the dip and move right along and give thanks that you have the capacity to love. Give thanks for a love so strong. Give thanks because you know there is value in the power of love and acceptance. Love conquers all.

Have you ever put off crying and it just makes you feel like crying for longer, until you finally have to let it out? Why not just let it out? Let it be. Don’t pretend you aren’t human and don’t pretend that something must be wrong with you because you miss your Twin Flame. I have to be really honest with you so that all of you will understand that this is a real experience and we are all having it. You’re not crazy, you’re not defective, you’re not deficient. Lovely, you are exactly as you are meant to be in this moment and all you need do is recognize your perfection in every moment of your now. We are all in this together and I am right here, with you. Having this same experience that you are having. I’m having the feelings, too. I’m just getting through them, and so will you.

Allow the ebb and flow of your emotions. Don’t listen to others who do not understand. We are blessed with this untamable capacity to reach love that knows no limits. Dear, Twin Flame, you are limitless in your capacity to love. Let yourself roam free.

We are the first wave of ascension. We will reach our fuller capacities for unconditional love and we will slowly, little by little show others that great love happens, and that it’s ok.

This world does not know what love is. Through our Twin Flame experience, we are learning how to be unconditionally loving. We are learning what it means to love ourselves, to accept ourselves and others without judgement and we are learning that the only remedy for love is to love more. People have a tendency to react with fear, by withdrawing their love. We must move beyond that. That is why the Twin Flame pull is so strong. Stronger than your will to release it. Stronger than your ability to dissolve it. When in doubt, love more. Let yourself cry. Let yourself miss. Come out of it and carry on. Carry on like normal. You are normal. Feelings are normal, and love is the most basic of all.

Cry it out and carry on.

Cry it out and come out of the dip.

Let it come and let it go.

Easy does it.

Everything is ok. We are all in this together. Don’t stress when you are sad. Surrender to it and be ok.

Don’t make a big deal out of it and it won’t be a big deal.

Now, go Channel your passion….


Love is all you need

I am here for you, we are all in this together.

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11 thoughts on “Dear Twin Flame, How to Rise up When You Feel Down… How to Come Out of the Dip…

  1. I understand how you feel. Many nights have I too felt like, “God I need to be alone, I can’t do anything else right now but be alone with myself and hope to cry. Hope for a release.” Sometimes it comes, sometimes it doesn’t. I’m in the ebb stage right now. As I think about him, it all seems so hazy, almost like a dream. Did it really happen? Did I really experience those intense feelings? At this moment, I can barely remember the feeling. I consider it a gift of mercy from the universe, that I can think about him and keep it together, think about him possibly with someone else and think, “That’s okay, I’m happy if he is happy.” And right now, I’m practicing looking to the future and putting the past behind me while keeping that open space for him, in case he ever wants to come back. Perhaps, because we never met in the physical I am able to do this. The only truth I know, is that I don’t know.

  2. I have to tell you that some of your other posts don’t resonate with me, like the one where you said we need to make our twin souls irrelevant and move on. I canNOT do that with my twin flame. He will never ever be irrelevant to me. I have to laugh because this post you wrote today feels more like truth to me than some of the others. I am not sure why some of your posts seem to contradict one another but maybe that is just the nature of the twin soul union- trying to figure things out, what is actually truth. I know I contradict myself a lot, and often I can’t follow my own good advice. THIS post though, this posts speaks to my heart. There is no blocking them out, no stopping the love. This is what I battle with, letting my walls come down. I block the love because it hurts and his absence in my life sometimes, erroneously, makes me feel like “less.” Like he is not here in my life because I am not good enough and he stopped loving me. Like I am not worthy of being held on to once he found a great career, moved away and left me behind because I don’t mean as much to him as the other stuff, like he has no time or energy left over for me. Like I am an afterthought that never even gets thought about. And then the pain persists due to the lies ego tells me. Then it is much easier to try and forget and pretend I’m going to be okay moving on, and being angry or resentful instead of being love “protects” my heart when all along all I want to do is love him and believe and trust in him.

    And then society and too many people around us make us feel stupid for holding on to love. Some people in my life want to make me feel guilty for making this union a priority over other things THEY think should be more important. I just don’t have time or energy for it all as a single, strong, loving working mother who has a home and child and career of my own to take care of, and a twin soul I am trying to love purely and genuinely although my heart feels gutted Every. Single. Day and I miss him more than words can say.

    I am fortunate, though, for being blessed with some earth angels who know this is my journey and I have to walk it with intention.

    So thank you for posting something so beautiful and right. Hugs to you for sharing your innermost heart. I wish you a joyful reunion soon.

    1. It can be difficult to understand the meaning behind the energy we are trying to come into. But none of my posts are about forgetting and making the Twin Irrelevant. That would be impossible. Its a balancing act and an understanding that can take a lot of time to fully comprehend and/or embody.

  3. This post is just what i needed to read ..& now the hard part to try & put it into practice.i feel just like Jenny at the moment.ive loved my twin flame since I was 17 & I’ll be 50 next month.We both have commitments that keep us apart but the love remains for both of my lows (which is at present) I feel so much anger & pain that we were ever put together.we were given a moment of heaven but sometimes it feels like a lifetime of helI. I know I need to love & be positive but sometimes it’s just so hard.ive tried hating him,I’ve tried forgetting him but it’s just not possible.i know he’s tried the same.i know I need a new way of thinking & love is the only way but just at this moment I don’t know how.None of my friends would understand me after all these years so I feel pretty alone which makes it harder too.thank you for your post it’s the first time I’ve ever replied but it really resonated with me.

  4. this is beautiful and resonates with me right now…i also feel like jenny…his stuff, circumstances,he has put this before our union, and repeatedly, ive felt put last, invisible,a burden, ive gotten thru it, then it comes right back at me/us again, same patterns.the missing him this bad, every moment, feels irrational ,imbalanced ,i long for him, yet i wish i didnt.ive acted in ways i dont like because of missing him. theres a connection, but he is so expert at disconnecting emotionally,then i see that some have been seperated 20, 30 or more years, it frightens me, my inner child is terrified at his potentially never returning. so far, he has, even if briefly, but his circumstances, duties if u like, and programming of being the family scapegoat, he is deeply ingrained in the believe he does not deserve crying as im typing which is good, thankyou, i needed help with that to shif, it has been stuck there like a poisonous log clogging me up inside and paralysing me, deadening my light. cry it out we must. thankyou. i love him so much, i see his 5D self and love his beautiful, if damaged heart,he seems so bound by 3d chains of this morld, of his birth, he has forgotton who he is, this hurts me also, to see him like this.i know it is all necessary, all is as it should be for the greater good, but it seems cruel to come together only for us not to be allowed to continue together.there is noother, ther is only him, i cant see how i could ever be with any other when i love him so deeply. thankyou for your work and helping bring tears.

  5. I just wanted to share a bit of my story in the hope that someone out there hears my story I am in six months of seperation I have days when I can deal with it others I feel so alone and fragile there are many misconceived ideas out there I just don’t think twin flames is anything we can humanly comprehend it hurts like hell swinging back and forth from anger to sadness to feeling OK again but I feel I really need a reality check any ideas . In pain and too much suffering .

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