Dear Twin Flame, Here’s Why You’re Not Crazy…

Dear Twin Flame, Here’s Why You’re Not Crazy…

I transmit messages via Unity Consciousness. I touch on the experiences that are active and it’s most often what the Twin Flames are needing to hear in the moment that they are needing to hear it. It just happens that way. Enjoy…


This whole Twin Flame thing is enough to make you think you’re going crazy. I mean flying off the handle, insane, out of your mind, total madness! One minute, you’re swearing off you’re supposed “Twin Flame”, saying that you can move on and who needs em anyway. pointing the finger, saying, who needs that? Then you end up right back where you left off, crying your eyes out to sad love songs, wondering why the world is so wrong. Madness! Then, you’re left doubting yourself, doubting your Flame, doubting the Universe, questioning yourself, questioning the connection, questioning your sanity…. Wondering why you even feel the way that you do. Wondering why you are all hung up on them. Wondering why you can’t shake it. Thinking is it even logical to feel this way about someone??? Wondering what’s wrong with you and all those precious little thoughts that cross our minds in the delight of the Twin Flame journey.

Is it even Logical to feel this way?

Why am I so hung up on them?

Why can’t I just forget??!!

We all feel this way, sometimes, but there’s definite reasons why we love our Flame so much. Even through distance, turmoil and all other obstacles. We love them because we have a connection with them. Connections can’t be forged. They can’t faked. And they can’t be denied! They can’t be conjured artificially and connections are real. Not only can they be felt, but they are strongly felt. You can’t miss them. This is what lets us know it is real. Feelings are real, and we don’t get them for everyone. Pain is real, love is real, resonance is real. It’s all real and it’s all relevant. Twin Flame connections are one of a kind. So, don’t think you are crazy. You are not! You are just recognizing what you are experiencing and it’s a real experience.


All of our lives, we are searching for our soul mates. For the ones that we connect with on a deeper level. Connection means more than anything else. Connection trumps all. When you connect with someone, you just know. It’s that love connection that matters. That connection we are looking for… That connection that makes itself known… That connection that, when you find it, there’s no question about it. It can’t be undone. It’s that “POW!”,  that you can’t deny. There’s multitudes of poetry, movies and songs that come from people who experience strong connection. You can search for years and never find it. It’s no wonder that we feel this way about our flames. We know that it’s special. Think about all of the people you’ve met. Most of them are easy to forget. But, the Twin Flame, it’s a sacred connection. The coming home. The feeling of resonance that nothing can compare to. The awe inspiring energy of their presence. Don’t feel bad because you miss them. Don’t feel like you are crazy. Connections are real. Love is real and you’re not crazy for noticing. When you recognize this, you can see it is logical to not forget someone.


Give yourself a break. Give yourself some credit! When you think about it, there is good reason for how you feel. Don’t let your mind talk you into thinking this is all nonsense. It’s a real experience. All you have to decide is what’s going to happen from here. What are you going to learn from it? What’s the lesson? How can you grow from this? How can you transform yourself and the reflection? Dear Twin Flame, do not despair. There is always hope. Always…


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We are all in this together, I am here for you.


25 thoughts on “Dear Twin Flame, Here’s Why You’re Not Crazy…

  1. Thank you so much once again! Of course your messages land at such divine timing it’s not even funny- actually it is! I have to say how much your reading the other day has been helping me. Even though I was getting in the way of myself and thought of a lot more I will ask about next time, I have really gotten turned around to a more positive perspective and can feel the momentum already. I can’t thank you enough because life is about to get really awesome. I like how we’re all in this together and how easy it is becoming to make a big difference for so many people because of how connected we all really are. Love you so much, Stacy

  2. You have hit the nail on the head again….yes, – that is what i have been thinking about – that connection that nothing, …. ,not the distance, not his silence or indifference can sever. We are inextricably linked, and it will always be so….

  3. It’s funny…as I read this post I remember where I have been and realise just how far I have come on some respects. With each encounter that we have shared I have changed and continue to grow. But lately I have been feeling so drained and consumed with so much negativity. I’m not sure where it originated but I’m questioning everything again after I had found peace with on our connection. He’s about to be a father for the first time and I’m happy for him. We recently re – established communication after 2 and a half years of silence and being blatantly ignored. Guess I’m just trying to centre myself again as I feel like I’m getting lost. Not certain what i want anymore. I don’t know…Guess it’s nice to talk to people who are sharing similar experiences. Thanks for reading my word vomit.

    1. Since I’ve met my twin I’ve questioned everything in my life. I also have to deal with being blatantly ignored and feeling all his fear and sadness, while trying to work on me. It’s so hard that I can’t understand how this connection can come from the divine.

      1. since reading 40 rules of love i have gotten some perspective on love and enlightenment. I apologies for the delayed response but if you would like a copy of it i can send it to you. it may help.

  4. I am absolutely convinced I am crazy. There is no twin flame, not for me. Here is why.
    I met this guy in 2005, we look alike, our initials are the same and we have the exact replica background. Him mom, my dad is the same astrology sign, his dad my mom same Astrology sign. His sister and I are the same sign, born on the same day; she is only three years older than I am. His sister and I children were born under the same Astrology sign, only difference we were born in difference country. Here is the think I can’t fall in love with him no matter how hard I try, he always leaves, yet when I am in pain he finds me…
    2008, New Year’s Eve, I was in church we were asked to make a note of we need for the year ahead. I wrote; God, send me my other half, my husband. I would not mind if he could be 6’4, really dark, a cancer or a Scorpio. Oh God one more thing can you add some dimples 
    (I knew nothing of twin flame, I forgot about my News year’s note)
    Around August, 2009 I am at working waiting for the IT Tec, guys to show up, internets were down. I am inside the coffee room; my boss came in smiling so bright. What? I ask her, she replied with you will see. Walked in behind her were the two guys. The tall dark one with dimples, look at me and said WOW! What I felt at that moment I am sure I will feel again. Every one notice, he was so nervous around me, I had to leave the room. He left his number with my boss, a day pass before I called him I was too nervous and scared, yes me a Capricorn with moon in Aries scared!!! We spoke, a week later we met, instantly we kiss. OMG, it was out of this world.( Oh, he is a Cancer, he is 6’5 with dimples.)He gave me power, greater than I ever knew. We were supposed to meet up again but he vanishes. I have never seen him since. I’ve always think about him, so days less but It is 2015 August and I feel him stronger than ever before. Sometime I feel pain, anger, then magic…
    I got married to someone else on… 4-14-14-I couldn’t wait anymore, I felt I was crazy. I had a miscarriage on 10-10-14
    I had no history with him, no sex just kiss. Tell me I am not crazy!

    1. You are not crazy !!you felt drawn to his energy and his human self his essence his impact on your life was important to you and meaningful for a reason . I am worse ..😤I met who I think is my twin flame in 3rd grade I’m 39 now and have had no contact w him since grade school my soul remberd him in a strong way after life trama and traditions and an ex celebrated spirt awakening . My soul remembers him at it was like a light bulb .now I follow him on face book and he got married recently . He does not know I’m Alive . So you think your crazy you ?? I feel his energy I saw visions of what his adult self looked like befor I saw his real image . I love him and miss him . When we were kids his eyes captured me like a still sweet bubble of bliss . I could feel his energy as kids . Now as adults I’m drawn to this man who has a life somewhere els and does not know I’m alive . I feel he’s not awake

  5. i have known this person since childhood initially i had a crush on him may be because of his looks we never spoke to each other personally as we did through e- mails
    it was me who first started it i dont know i felt drawn to him some how and i dont know the reason then i had to shift from there and we had no connections mean time in those 5 years i met some one with whom i completely feel in love the moment i saw him i knew that i have known him since a very long time as if we were together in past life as well i used to see him in my dreams even when we were not in relationship , i used to see him all the time even when i was he wasnt practically there i went for the past life regression therapy where i saw him as my lover in past life i was suffering a lot because of this my min d wasnt working i wasnt able to do anything and then i took healing and i started recovering

    however things did not not came to end i met my childhood crush again after 5 years and i dont know what happened to me i started writing to him again which i was not doing consciously even i dont know why i was doing that i just know i was doing it as if i again wanted to know whats happening in his life as if this whole thing again took me 5 years back when i had a crush over him
    i dont know what happening but now when i see him i have a feeling that some thing will go wrong
    when ever i try to go and talk him even normally i am able to as if some thing is just stopping me and then i dont know from where the image of that second person whom i saw and instantly knew that i know him came in front of my eyes it was like as if he’s try to stop me

    i am in a confusion state of mind please help me i dont know whats happening

  6. I truly believed I was going crazy. Where do I begin? Usher released a song good kisser, I immediately thought of my ex. I’m married now it’s been 11 years. It’s been more than 22 years since we broke up. I still LOVE him. The first time I saw this guy, he came with my cousins boyfriend. My cousin wanted me to meet him coz he dated a classmate of mine. My cousin did the intro and I left. Nothing special he was just an ordinary guy. A few weeks later there was a party in one of our family members home. He came with my other cousin, music played he asked to dance with me I agreed, it was just innocent as we danced something magical happened it was as if angels were above us we were glued we couldn’t stop. We were teenagers then in our culture once adults see some chemistry they have to intervene and stop the interaction. But everyone was looking at us it was as something they have never seen before. It was like an out of body experience. After the dance we went out and we kissed I am 38 years no one has ever kissed, hugged, or looked at me like he did. Last year I started thinking of him again. I miss him so much. My sister doesn’t know this guy and has given my niece his name. They call his name all the time on tv. It hurts to meet your twin flame at a young age because you don’t even know what’s going on. What hurts the most is that I can’t tell people I know this they will judge me. Coz it’s cheating, but at the same time I miss him dearly. So many things happened in the two years that we dated that I miss in my life. I felt freedom when I was with him. He didn’t have to tell me that he loved me I literally saw it in his eyes when he looked at me.

  7. In all honesty is it REALLY worth it? Yes it’s a connection and it is very real. Locking eyes with that person and feeling so connected and so “at home” without exchanging a word. Frequently bumping into them in multiple places, their family even noticing the coincidences or whatever you want to call it. You cant speak to them, because you just cant anymore for some reason. You both lock eyes and you open your mouth to speak, but you cant. Nothing comes out and they do the same. And they never really could speak to you to begin with. You want to talk about the “elephant” in the room (aka the connection) but you dont. The tension between you is really intense which makes you anxious and want to run away when they get close. Overwhelming joy and happiness just seeing them again…makes absolutely no sense. But…if the connection only seems to cause more pain and suffering than anything. Is it really worth it. There may be some moments of happiness and mutual understanding. But if it causes you to feel fearful, doubt your abilities and even mess with your wellbeing. Shouldnt you somehow find a way to sever the connection? There is no way to find out how the connection happened. Why you are so strongly conected to them out of all people. So now what do you do? I NEVER had any issues with anxiety or anything strange to my health. Other than getting the occasional cold or flu. After meeting my twin flame I began feeling anxiety like I never felt before. Overwhelmed with little things out of the blue. Makes absolutely no sense. Sudden intense emotional reactions to nothing. Nothing triggers it and you end up feeling really angry or end up balling your eyes out for no apparent reason. And ultimately panic attacks. Some of which that are so bad. That even when I did breathing exercises it didnt go away until I lay down as though I was passed out and felt helpless and trapped. Hoping it would go away. Which happened a few days ago. I know I sound negative and all. But considering how much this has “flipped” my world upside down. And not much in a good way. Is it really worth it?

    1. the experience you are describing is not everyone’s experience. It isn’t a matter of “Is it worth it?” because, just try forgetting. It’s not that easy. Hence lies the problem. It’s about learning what the connection is trying to teach you. some connections are not all what they seem. I wouldn’t know in your case without doing a reading. It does sound like there is some interference involved and definitely some energies you need to open up.

    2. This is exactly how I feel Kat. I would give just about anything to sever the connection. The pain is to brutal to bear.

    3. My pain has carried on for 3 years from the day we locked eyes with each other and exchanged a tunnel of energy that knocked me half way across the room. So violent were the jolts when we made eye contact, im sure he could see me trembling! Both of us married with young children but regularly seeing each other in a public place, the looks between us just intensified but we have never discussed this connection or took it any further than the glances and eye contact. He can barely talk in front of me and is always nervous and bright red! I would often see his wife, his name everywhere and he would pop up everywhere that I was. His car would even pass me on the roads and I did not imagine any of it! We have had similar operations, our mums look uncannily similar and our backgrounds are full of synchronies. He is on my mind 24/7. Its not through choice, he just appears in my thoughts. I feel him close to me sometimes at night and sometimes my thoughts are so sexual! Iv never felt this way about a man before. Its like a spell has been cast over me which I cannot shake off. Of course I do no know how he fells about me, whether he shares the same intense thoughts. I only share this connection with him when we lock eyes and then I feel an almost supernatural soul connection as though he has burrowed into my eyes. I often catch him looking at me and he quickly tries to hide it. I was never aware of the term ‘twin flame’ until I started researching my feelings online. I am trying to keep my marriage, family life intact but of course this is extremely hard when someone else invades your thoughts all day! Sex with my husband has now become something that I numb to as I become emotional and only see my twin flames face. Yes I know this all sounds so shallow when I think about the real suffering and pain people are experiencing all over the world. Mine pain is just felt through these feelings over a connection that I just cannot let go! Your post really helped me.

  8. I can resonate so much here I am in seperation phase of six months yet I still feel connected to my twin flame ex it drives me insane

  9. Wow, this is exactly how I feel @Kat. And everytime I think I’m getting over this emotional hurdle the universe sends some sign that is hard-wired to the memory of this person to drag me back into that pit of despair. It’s been over a year of the exact feelings you describe and now months of pure silence from his part and utter torture from mine despite this nagging feeling that this man is meant to be in my life.

  10. I came on too strong with my twin flame after one date because I felt something, called her later in the day after not getting a reply to the first text message I sent and now I feel like i scared her away because I didn’t hear back from her after she asked why I called via text.

    How do I get her back?

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