Dear Twin Flame, You’re Not The Boss Of Me…

Dear Twin Flame, You’re Not The Boss Of Me…

I transmit messages from Unity consciousness, which does not feel separation or difference between sources of consciousness. We are all one.


Everyone who comes to me tells me about their Twin Flame. As if there flame is the source of the problem. The reason for the problem. Here is the thing, it’s never them, it is always you. You are always the attractor of your own experience. It is a painful truth, but the only way to get past that truth is through it. Once you do, you gain. Open your eyes to get a glimpse of a different view. A perspective that knows that you are the creator. You are in charge and you have the power to change everything. For as long as you think that your Twin Flame is the source of your problems, you will never get the answers that you want and you will never see the changes you desire.

In order to get a different result, you must take a different action.

It would be wrong of me to simply tell you your future, when I can do you a much greater service. I can help you change your future. I can help you create your future. You are not at the mercy of some predetermined destiny. Your future is dependent upon you. Upon your Now. The choices that you make now, which are subject to change at any time. It is your decision. Knowledge is power. My readings are not only readings, they are teachings. They are insights, they are guidance, they are awareness. I can show you which energies are blocking you and how to transmute them, how to play with them and change them into the energies that you want. Some of you are not even ready for that. You are still caught up in the stories. Not yet onto the real matter, which has to do with molding your future stories.


In order to mold your future, you have to stop telling the same old stories. You must shift your perspective altogether. You desire shifts of great magnitude in your lives, but, do you not recognize that those shifts must occur within first? And that those shifts are most often, not instantaneous? They happen over time. Which is why, the lot of you who are wise, will give yourselves the time and continue with your coaching to help you continue on your path to change and grow. One session is not enough. Not with me, not with any coach. Even if you make the shifts that I advise, what then? There is always more to do, more to learn, more everything…

You can only expect so much from yourself. Don’t ever stop giving yourself exposure to coaching and teachings to maintain your guidance along your path.

These teachings never stop, not even in reunion. Separation is a teaching in itself. So is reunion. You can all be reunited and you do not even know it.


Stop blaming the other. Many of you are doing it silently. In private, you think to yourself that you do not blame the other, but you are still wondering why they do what they do and thinking if only they would change. What they are doing has nothing to do with you and everything to do with you. They are your feedback. They can’t help but to be your feedback, it is part of the soulmate contract. But I do mean that it has nothing to do with you, in the sense that, it’s not about them loving you or not, it’s about you loving you or not.

It seems complicated, and in one way, it is. But in another way, it is not. It’s only when we wonder why things are happening, that we get confused. When you can see everything as a relevant thing, then you will not be so confused. You will be focused upon other things. Sometimes, shift in focus is so necessary. It is beneficial to be able to learn through any conduit that the Universe wants to place before you. The Universe will put conduits in front of you, to teach you. You must follow your joy and pay attention in order  to get the lesson.

Everything is a teacher. You even receive teachings through your imagination, as you ponder things. You may call them insights. Insights feel good, don’t they? They are you experiencing greater levels of clarity and understanding. Coaching makes it easy because it is spelled out for you, in the physical. But you can learn to let everything teach you, especially your Twin Flame. But, this isn’t a self hating thing. This isn’t about what you are doing wrong, as so many of you are making it out to be. See, because then, you are focused in the problem, instead of the solution and it is much harder to bring about a solution when you are focused in the problem.

So, stop thinking of what your Flame is doing wrong and stop thinking of what you are doing wrong. There is nothing wrong. Only perspective is subject to change and you must change your perspective in order to bring about change. Don’t blame anyone, and don’t blame yourself, change your perspective, instead. Make nobody wrong. Isn’t that what love is? Why do you think Love feels so “right”? because the perspective of love sees no wrong. Not of you and not of the other.

Make yourself right and you will become it. Make the other right and you will see it. Be love. Be hope. be faith. Be joy. Don’t make it complicated. Just be.

If you would like a Twin Flame Reading, you may contact me through or via Facebook at Accelerated Ascension For The Twin Flame

We are all in this together. I am here for you.

7 thoughts on “Dear Twin Flame, You’re Not The Boss Of Me…

  1. Yup! I’ve know this for a while. That’s why they are called out “mirrors,” because they reflect us. I don’t show my TS anything much besides love in our “real life” interactions. He shows ME everything. I know better than to lash out at him because he’s only my mirror- so this is how our mirroring works: I miss him and show him only love but he FEELS my insides that need to be cleaned out, my negative emotions and my fear and he reflects that back to me. So again I reflect to him love {because I do love him yet I still have fear} and he reflects to me my fears. It’s not his fault- it’s the reflection and I don’t hold it against him. I’m just trying to heal what’s being reflected through him. Thank you for this, as always.

  2. It may sound simple, but it is not. When you don’t know, what was happening. And you fall in love with a total stranger.. And they just disappear, for no apparent reason. Then weirder, than normal stuff.. starts happening. This is the most hardest thing, I’ve ever had to deal with. Trying to reprogram, your self from the 3d way of thinking….I have always been a realist. What you see, is what you get. I’ve been making changes and dealing with past issues, wounds, hurts etc. It is not easy. Been searching, for a spiritual advisor.. Still looking. I realize, that I need help. You can only look in the inside, but for so long…Not trying to stay stuck there. It can get tiring sometimes, trying to remain positive.. When everything seems hopeless at times. I feel like, I am on a non stop roller coaster ride. Crying, sad, then happy the next. Feeling envious of couples…as they stroll past, hand and hand. I don’t get envious of anything or anyone. All I want is, to be happy &prosper in doing what I love… My art, writing, cooking, and Helping others. I was happy before or so I thought I was. Maybe I was in denial. When I started meditating, I found some peace. This is the first time, I’ve ever been in love. I never wanted to fall. Because that person, has power over you…People have committed suicide over love. And it makes you weak for that person. We live in a society, where people use and abuse each other. Sad but true.

  3. CT,
    You said it so perfectly – because while it may be “simple”, it can actually be the hardest thing a human can do… I feel for you so much when I read your comment. Sometimes I wonder how I survived/survive the hard days – and when you realize exactly the feeling people have who have comitted suicide because of how bad it can get… well that is probably the darkest, most lonely place to be. I still can’t believe I am connecting with other people who have been there in this exact manner (You are definitely one of them, and you have probably already found people here who understand you – God knows it’s almost impossible to find them in our friends/people we interact with in our everyday friends/family/work life!!) We are in good hands here with Elise, I know she has really saved my butt from some potentially not good days and turned them around before I could “go there” … lol. Lots of love to you 😀


    1. Thank you, Stacy….Yeah, it is a soul hurt. At time’s, I felt like I was dying. I don’t anymore, Now, that I know- what’s going on. But I miss my love…Don’t get me wrong, I am happy at the way, my life is going now. I am finally able, to love and accept myself. But most of all believe in myself. Feeling confident and free at the moment. Started meditating, it really helps. Much Love, Light and Happiness to you. Many Blessings! 🙂

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