Dear Twin Flame, On Giving Up….

Dear Twin Flame, On Giving Up….

I Transmit Messages from a Unity Consciousness


I can’t count the number of years that I’ve been looking for that special connection. The one that is just right. The one that brings fantasy into reality. The connection that doesn’t leave you wanting. The connection that fits like a glove, surprises you, inspires you and makes everything in the world make sense. The one that leaves no room for doubt and makes you feel so right. The undeniable resonance. The awe. I will never forget that feeling of awe. The one that came upon me when I realized that I had found exactly what I was looking for.  The feeling that I had when I realized we were both, simultaneously coming to the same realizations about what was happening. It was more than uncanny. More than coincidence, it was purely amazing. I remember looking down, at the floor. At nothing. Speechless. In a state of true inconceivability. In that moment, I couldn’t even register what was happening. And there were many moments like that, during the interactions that we had. Many moments that were so, undeniably perfect. That kind of perfection doesn’t really happen. It was foreign. It was too perfect.  Too perfect to be real, too perfect to be coincidence as I felt invisible puzzle pieces that had never found each other , finally fitting together in perfect harmony. Puzzle pieces that I never knew existed. It felt like more than I could have even thought to ask for was placed right before me. Like the universe had anticipated my desires before I even knew what they were. A perfection that I could not have perceived prior to the experience, let alone conjure in my imagination. The perfection was difficult to fathom in the moment. It left me in sort of, a blank state. Speechless. I could hardly even ponder it. It took days, even weeks for me to sort it out. I did have understanding at first glance, but it was broad, non-specific understanding. I knew there was a connection.

That special connection. The one that we search for, forever. The one we only hope to find, and often give up on. The one that seems so elusive that we settle for less. There it was, right before me. Like some fairytale, except there it was, in the flesh. It was unbelievable, but it was real. I know how special connections are. This particular connection is rare. It is truly unique. Even the most masterful scheme of words would fall short to describe. All I know is that connections can’t be found at will. They can’t be forged. Only pursued. You can’t undo them. Some serve their purpose and then you can move on, but some are eternal. Ultimate. This was one of those. Beyond precision, beyond perfection. It just was. And that’s how connections are. You either have them, or you don’t.


So, what’s the problem? If you have a connection, why would you not pursue it? Connections can’t be severed, only pursued. They can’t be forgotten, only embraced.  They can’t be killed, only loved. I know all that psycho babble about things that have happened to you in the past and therefore, you’ve deemed love a dangerous thing. I call bullshit. Don’t lose sight of the reality of the situation. The fact is that connections are real and they are for a purpose. If you run from a connection, it’s never going to leave you, you’re just going to be looking for it for the rest of your life, never truly finding it. Then, you’re going to marry someone that falls short of the experience that you know exists, because you had it. All in the name of safety? All because you were afraid? That is the life you are committing yourself to? A life orchestrated by your fear of getting hurt, or by condemning yourself to the loss of something you love in lieu of giving love a chance?? There is no greater folly than premature surrender. Yet, so many of you are doing this. So many of you are withdrawing yourselve out of fear and surrendering the only chance you have of true love.

I don’t want to define a difference between true love and untrue love. Love is love. But I want to punctuate on the presence of undeniable connection. It’s the ones we love the most truly that we run away from. Not the ones we are lukewarm about. There’s nothing courageous about a lukewarm sort of love. True love is the only love that requires courage.

Why are you running?

What are you afraid of?

Fear of being judged? Fear of being stripped of the walls you’ve so carefully constructed? Better to run away from what you love and to find something lukewarm and safe, is that it?

Face Your Fears.

Here’s the truth, there is no such thing as safety.

At some point, you begin with nothing. Somewhere along the line, there was an unfulfilled desire, even if you were unaware of it in the moment. Here’s the crossroads… at some point, you have a choice. Go for what you want or don’t. It really is so simple and yet, we manage to somehow, botch it all up and make it seem complicated. We make love into the bad guy. Love is the good guy. It’s fear of love that botches things up. That is always the case.

Here is the choice:

A- Be Courageous, Take a Chance and You At Least Have A Chance of Getting What You Want. You Never Know, You Just Might Get It.

B- Be a Coward and Don’t Have The Audacity to Try. Don’t Take a Chance. Don’t Be Courageous. This Choice Is The Only Choice That Concretely Binds You To The Outcome of Never Getting What You Want.

Here is the thing. When you arrive at the crossroads where you are making this choice, there’s only one way to look at it. If you try and fail, you’ll just be exactly in the place where you already started. You’ll just be back where you left off. So, when does not trying become the better decision, here? If you end up back at square one, then that perspective actually takes the risk out of it, right?

I know your argument. That you could end up heartbroken and that’s actually worse off than you were before. Well, even in the midst of heartbreak, you can choose to see that you are no worse off than before. You’re still without the other person, which is where you began in the first place. That’s if it even ends up that way. There’s two possibilities. One is “good” and one is “bad”. Which outcome are you focusing on?

It’s all about perspective. So, the question is, are you going to see the most advantageous perspective or not? Are you going to choose the perspective that gives you the best chance of happiness or are you going to sabotage yourself before you have a chance to see your desires manifest?

Why Not?

People are afraid of Taking a chance. people are afraid of opening their hearts, having courage, and getting their hearts broken. So what? So what if you get your heart broken? Seriously, it’s still not an excuse to never try. Committing yourself to doom is not a better idea than being courageously in love, because you can’t stop being in love. You can only pretend, and in the end, you are still in love and you just sabotaged it. Don’t be so despondent. There’s no reason for it. It’s paradoxical, really. The only way to truly fail is to fail to try. The only way to commit to failure is to commit to failure by not giving success a chance. All of this fear is in your head. It’s irrational. Overcome your mind. Overcome yourself. Overcome the voice that says you’re not good enough. That’s the only thing that is truly blocking you. Yourself. the good news is that, once you realize that you are the only thing in your way, you can move!! It’s a no brainer.

It’s not over until the fat lady sings.

It’s Never over. Do you get that?

It doesn’t mean never find the will to move on. It just means don’t run from love when you have the chance to run to it.

You can’t free yourself by running away.

I knew a guy who refused to give up on what he wanted, no matter how dismal the odds appeared to be. Guess what? This guy always got what he wanted! I kid you not. The guy’s like Houdini. This is the secret that the successful people of the world will attest to. That, the secret is to not give up. Failures happen. But the way to get to success is through failure. Success follows failure. Never stop trying. be courageously in love, always and love will come to you. That is a promise.

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11 thoughts on “Dear Twin Flame, On Giving Up….

    1. Hello. Thanks for posting. I would like a twinflame reading. I already “know” I guess I just want to know that someone else knows too

  1. I wish I read this message 12 years ago. Not that I wasted my time while running away from my Twin. I’ve learned a lot while running away. I started my family with a husband whom I felt safe and have two children. I never forgot my twin along the way. The intense longing I just couldn’t let go. Now I’m reconnected with him, after 12 years with all my courage to start over. Runners will be faced the reality sooner or later. It’s your choice when you face it.

  2. So true…I ran. Then, My twin has run now.. We do. Make things hard, on our selves. Doubts, self loathing, .Only hold us back. I even tried, to sever our connection…Because I didn’t, want to feel any more. You can’t. There is no escape, from your twin. He knows, what I am thinking.. That, I hated.To be,so exposed. No secret’s. Each of us, feels what the other is feeling. This is the most realist relationship,I ever experienced. No matter what, I will never give up on my love.

  3. Hi, I just have a question. I want to know if I were never physical with my twin here but astrally is that the same as when you talk about peoples connection and then running? My twin is married and was my doctor. So the most contact we had was he always hugged me. But never crossed that line. Thanks, Jennine

    Date: Mon, 12 Jan 2015 17:07:44 +0000 To:

  4. In this article are you suggesting pursuing your twin even if he has articulated that he doesn’t want contact and is in a relationship with someone else? He told me that I was the right girl at the wrong time, and said that he needed to have other relationships before he would be ready for me. He has been with his new girlfriend for about 9 months and we have not spoken since. I know in my heart that I will never forget him, but it seems he wants me to stay away, so you’re article confuses me?

    1. I don’t think that is what I said. Lol, not giving up hope doesnt mean going on with your life for a period of time. and of course, you should respect their needs for space, if your heart will allow

    2. Hey, I know this is a little late but, I have a sister who said the same thing when she met her twin flame, and worse she was newly married. Funny enough, the twin flame laughed and said that “it is never too late, I am here now”. It took a while but she got divorced and now she is with her twin soul flame. I guess every twin flame connection has its unique experience. But, I think that twin soul flames should not give up because if you believe in God, after such a long time He mended you two to meet at this time then obviously it must be time. It’s only natural that all the worldly contamination has polluted the mind of your twin flame and it is really hard to get that dust off their mind. Believe me, I know. But, if I managed to pick up your soul crying and you are still reading this then you need to continue. Or else, you will give up easily on your own dreams and aspirations. Fulfill your purpose, don’t allow their words to let you stop. Language is just an organized interpretation of the abstract feelings we speak. If you feel that they want nothing else but to be with you. I want to give up but I feel like she doesn’t want me to stop. Sometimes I will reason it as denial. It’s hard but it is your choice. Analyze the choice you make for this one will unfortunately determine your happiness. It comes from within and if you pick wrong, you will be the one who cannot find happiness. But I suggest that you don’t stop, He didn’t give up on You.

  5. I find comfort in reading martial like this. That’s consistent of truthfulness. I feel @ ease reading abt others and knowing I’m not the only 1 that’s endured such pain. I’ve lived a very tumultuous life thus far;but @ my own hands is reason being. In a nutshell I have been plagued with a very deep addiction. As a result I’ve everything. Most importantly- love. For myself.

    Well;over the course of past 2 yrs I have found it. Me relentlessly pursuing what I blv to be my TF. Completely attached;and obsessed like. In a sense she is very similar to my drug addiction..Immediate pleasure but in the long run deep immense pain. In almost 2 yrs we split like 8-10 xs. Have never met. For the 1st 9 months all we did was text. She admitted to being scared.

    The times that we did separate was always by my doing. The way in which was always the same. It was due to my ego coming back to me. This after being thrusted into this most unbelievable;and indescribable feeling I felt just talking with her. Conversations wld never end& I @ times felt unaware of time&my worldly surroundings. . Once falling out of love the feeling of insecurity overwhelmed me.
    There was avoidance on her end constantly and would frequently change the subject;would become always defensive &completely deflective. This is what literally drove me to the edge with me almost comitting suicide. Another time I admitted myself to psych ward @ hospital. Just wanted out! To wake up and realize it had all along been just a dream. My fight for sobriety didn’t last as I have relapsed countless xs. She knows of it too. Not much she doesn’t know as I was always transparent. After a yr&6 months we had come yet to another downspiraling. I snapped& basically told her “you know what’s worse than rejection”? Worse even to be rejected after so much emotion;and expressions”?

    It’s not knowing whether your being rejected or are desired in the same way. It’s being in limbo. Than told her I don’t give a F! Tell me SOMETHING! ANYTHING! Threw some different hypothetical reasons out there.. Farfetched 1s but what the hell. She finally came clean& told me she doesn’t know how to accept love. My issue? 1 just as deep. Hardened drug addict with no self love. Weakened& heart broken I am having a hard time cuz my loneliness makes it 2x as harder to try to move forward.

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