What is the Point of the Twin Flame Journey?

What is the Point of the Twin Flame Journey?

All of my Transmissions are Via Unity Consciousness


There are two main points of the Twin Flame Journey that will be covered in this Transmission. The first has to do with Guidance. As you know, guidance is an amazing and invaluable tool that is meant to assist you through your travels here in this dimension. It is the bridge between the physical and the spiritual. All of you desire guidance, for it is no secret that you all are asking for it on a daily basis. Every single one of you. Is it so hard to believe that you have access to your guidance at any point in time? The Twin Flame experience is an exaggerated play on what it feels like to be guided. It’s an exaggerated gut feeling. An Exaggerated hunch. An exaggerated intuitive pull. So much so, that even those of you who have no belief in these types of things will be compelled to understand this experience which is so foreign to you. There is no one who can ignore the intensity of the Twin Flame connection. It exists, it’s undeniable and this is for good reason.

The Twin Flame experience in meant to get you in touch with your own guidance system on a greater scale.

Once you learn this, that you have intense feelings that you cannot ignore and that you didn’t make it up, it’s an experience and that experience is legitimate in itself; You will then be at the jumping off point that allows you to pay attention to your guidance system, even in times when it presents itself in much subtler ways.

Many of you wonder if you are crazy because of this Twin Flame experience. It’s an experience! It is real! The experience is real! The connection is real! You don’t make up these feelings, they are real. You meet many people throughout your lifetime that do not trigger such intensity within you, so why should it be so hard to fathom that the connection you feel to that one person is real? You would not be stuck on this situation if it was not real. If there was no real connection. Stop doubting yourself. Stop doubting your sanity and stop doubting your connection to your Twin Flame. Stop asking if it is real, simply be at peace with it. Simply acknowledge the experience and move on if you must, or do whatever it is that you must do, but stop going over it again and again, as if there is something that you do not know. You can’t have everything all at once. You must have faith in your guidance and then move on to the second point that we are about to make about the Twin Flame experience…

The second point of the Twin Flame experience is essentially to become whole. To learn unconditional love, self realization, ultimate authenticity and manifestation of courageous love. You cannot discover your capacity to love without loving yourself and as you learn to love others you learn to love yourself. As you learn to love yourself, you also learn to love others. The two are connected.


You must learn what it means to love yourself in order to get through this. It’s a whole different world than what you are accustomed to. It is a completely different perspective. A completely different experience. It will take a complete shift in paradigm. What will be explained in later transmissions will be difficult to accept at first, for some of you. But, be assured, that what is offered here will be of good help to you if you can trust and gradually learn to apply it.

Self Loving Actions and Reaching Completeness

You must know that you are ok, even by yourself. You must know that you are ok, even without your flame. Do you know it? Do you feel it? Is that your experience? Many of you will say that you do feel complete, but you are still wanting for the completeness of the Twin Flame experience and this is counter to feeling what it actually means to feel complete. When you are complete, there is no longing for anything. when you are longing, you are not demonstrating trust that the Universe will deliver to you what you want and therefore, it cannot!

Do you see how you are the one who is putting a wrench in your own fate? You attract what you feel and what you are. What signal are you giving to the Universe? Are you telling yourself that you are ok and loving yourself in every moment, no matter what state you are in? Or are you wanting, desiring and longing for things you do not yet have.

It is no secret that to stop the longing seems impossible to many of you. This is why it will be covered in greater detail in the next transmission. Please try to let this idea sink in a bit, as the promise here is to bring you closer to happiness and freedom, one step at a time.


You are so very loved and that will never change, Dear, Twin Flame. The Universe has made every possible preparation for you, everything is ready and all you have to do is allow the abundance of love to flow. That is what these transmissions are all about. Namaste.

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We are all in this together, I am here for you.

4 thoughts on “What is the Point of the Twin Flame Journey?

  1. I love all of your transmissions and writings, and some of your last ones on pain and fear have been awesome. What I do have a small issue with is “longing.” I can be totally whole and complete yet look forward to seeing my twin soul again. There is such a thing as to dream. Yes I know he will be back but I don’t enjoy him being gone, and that does not mean I am not whole. If my child was gone from me then not a day would go by that I would not crave to have him back in my arms. Something would be missing in my life if he was gone. What is the different between that and loving my twin soul and then him being physically gone? I see no difference and I think a differentiation needs to be made between someone who is strong, whole and living a good life without her twin soul but who would also like him back, and someone who is sickly pining away, not living, because a twin soul left. It is OK to want them back but we do have to get on with life while they are gone, heal fully and totally love ourselves and others including the twin soul. Just my take on things. Thank you again for your postings.

      1. You only move on when you are allowed to move on and there is no more purpose for the person in your life. If you are still to reunite, the longing or wanting them to be there will remain. The point is not to move on, but too work on oneself and heal and become whole to eventually reunite with the person.

      2. Your statement insinuates that you play no active role in the process. It also does not take into consideration the laws of the universe. Need only attracts more need. Longing only attracts more longing. One can only attract what they are. So, you have to become whole within yourself inside, before you attract your “other half” outside of yourself. “Move on” denotes being emotionally independent, the opposite of needy. You are free to disagree and say that the universe works some other way. That at some point in your continuum of wanting, the universe or “destiny” will give in and grant your wish, but that is not reflective of universal law that Is the basis for this website.

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