Twin Flame, Must Read; This is The Key To Getting What You Want

Twin Flame, Must Read; This is The Key To Getting What You Want

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I love you


The Twin Flame experience is painful. It’s gut wrenching, confusing and brings you to places that you never knew you could go. Humans outside of this experience, looking in, cannot possibly fathom what the Twin Flame phenomenon entails. They don’t understand why you just can’t get over it. Why you just can’t forget about it. Why you just can’t move on. So we say, do you think that I would be suffering like this if I had the choice? I wish I could forget. I wish I could move on. I wish that I could stop loving this person. I know it sounds pathetic. I know it sounds absurd. I know it makes no sense, but it’s beyond my control. This is the experience. It’s overtaking and powerful. It inspires such a great magnitude of love and an equal magnitude of suffering. Two sides of the same coin.

Let’s take a look at this. Because, logically, we know that the plan of the Universe isn’t to make us suffer. The Universe doesn’t conspire to put us through pain that we cannot escape. We know that the Universe is always expanding and wants us to keep up with that expansion. Taking us to new heights of evolution and growth, wisdom and self empowerment. The point is not to become smaller, but to become bigger. A more profound expression of the divine. For, that is what we are. We are the divine.

So, what does all of this mean? We are only human and we can only see things from a human perspective, or can we? We are learning, we are changing, we are growing and with that comes new dimensions of thought. New paradigms and new understandings.

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The Twin Flame experience is to help us reach new heights of evolution. So, therefore, it makes sense that the idea is for us to become happy and whole, no matter what. To come to a place where we are no longer dependent upon the outcome for satisfaction or fulfillment or joy. That is the key, but how does one achieve that in the Twin Flame experience? How is that possible, when the desire and the connection seems so indomitable?

This is your challenge. Why do you want your Twin Flame? Let’s not romanticize about it. Those of you who have been studying this and are well versed have been told again and again that the Twin Flame experience is not about romance. Establishing that opens the door to  understanding the true meaning behind all of this and what we can ultimately gain.

The hardest concept to accept about the Twin Flame  experience is that at some point, you have to be able to accept being without them. Let’s not forget that this is not a one size fits all. Every person and Twin Flame is an individual and  everyone has their own journey. But, overall, you must reach a point where you can truly move on and accept life without them.

Many of you have come to this idea, but there is still a part of you that feels that your Twin Flame is the only thing that could ultimately fulfill you. You move on in your daily life, but you still miss them. You still think that there is no one else out there for you and you still dwell on the Twin Flame fantasy. Part of you feels that little empty space which could only be filled by them. The one, true love.

Let’s think about this. The Twin Flame experience causes us to see all kinds of things about ourselves that we didn’t even know were there. The idea is to find love, which is only possible through self love. It all begins with your love for yourself. That’s where it’s at.

Self loving actions.

What is a self loving action? I think that if we become conscious and honest with ourselves, we know the difference between actions that are self loving and actions that are not. Is it a self loving action to remain stuck on a person that is not recognizing our value? That is not treating us with respect and love? Think about this. The heart wants what the heart wants. We want what we want. But, the greatest lesson here is to understand that loving a person who is not offering us all that we, as extensions of the divine deserve, is not an action of self love. It is ok to love. But, there comes a point where we must see that the Twin Flame that isn’t valuing us, is not the whole package. Yes, it feels like the Twin Flame is everything that we want. We love them beyond description, but theres still a big chunk of the equation that is missing.

What we want is someone whom we love, but that love has to be mutual and mutually expressed and honored.


The difference between your Twin Flame and the person that you actually want to be with is that the person you really want won’t run! They will be just as enthused about you as you are about them! They won’t be so easily scared away. They won’t be wishy washy. They won’t be indecisive and it won’t be a difficult thing! You want the mate that you see eye to eye with on all levels.  This is so important to understand! The one that you want is not going to question. They are going to be as sure about you as you are about them. They are going to overcome every obstacle, no questions asked. They will follow their inspiration to be with you, and it won’t take months or years of deliberation, weighing the pros and the cons before they realize that they want to go the extra mile with you. When you find that person, oh, the joy. Oh how easy it will be. Oh, how wonderfully a relationship can flow. The relationship that you want is easy. It’s easy and it all just falls into place. It’s not difficult, it’s a harmonious experience. Like finding the glove that finally fits. You will not even believe how easy and fitting a relationship can be. That is the relationship that you want. Not one that is full of turmoil, games, tears, loneliness and pain.

The mate that you actually want is one who values you and demonstrates that they value you.

The Twin Flame experience is not about romance. It’s about learning to love the self. I cannot express this enough. The pain is far too great to comprehend moving beyond it. I know this, I’ve been there, I understand, but you must know that the point of all of this is not so that you can feel incomplete, it is so that you can feel complete. Until you can truly move beyond it, you are still not demonstrating self love and therefore, cannot attract the one who reflects that back to you.


Moving Beyond

The number one most important thing, besides loving yourself no matter what state you are in, is not limiting the Universe’s ability to bring you what you want. To explain further… If you have decided that your Twin Flame is the only thing that can possibly make you feel complete and happy, you are limiting the options that the Universe has to bring you fulfillment. You do not know better than the Universe. Period. That being said, it makes no sense for you to tell the Universe how to deliver something to you. This is outside your realm of comprehension. You cannot tell the Universe that your Twin Flame is the only venue for which you want to be fulfilled. The fact is that the Universe is unlimited. That means that there are many ways for you to be fulfilled and your Twin Flame may be one, but it may not be the one at all. In order to allow fulfillment to come to you, you must come to terms with the fact that fulfillment can come to you through any number of venues. There is no such thing as only having one option. There are infinite options, the Universe knows no bounds. From a human perspective, this is not easy to come to terms with. But we are moving beyond the 3rd dimension. We are moving into greater and greater realms of understanding and therefore, greater realms of possibilities for all.

Trust in the Universe

If you are believing that the only way to true happiness is through your Twin Flame, then you are not having faith in the Universe. You are not trusting in the infinite capacity of the universe to orchestrate the manifestation to bring you precisely what you want in ways that surpass your expectations. This is possible. Do not entertain doubts in your energy field. All you have to do is say to the universe; I know that you know what I want and you can bring it to me through my Twin Flame or through some other person. Trusting that the Universe can deliver, because, it can.

This does not mean that you are not destined to be with your Twin Flame. There is a paradox at work here. The paradox is that you can have what you want when you do not need it anymore. This is very important to understand. Yes, I am telling you to move on. To become whole. To stop needing. The paradox is that the moment that you come out of the vibration of need, you will stop attracting more need. Instead, you want to be in the vibration of not needing, and that is when you can then attract what it is that you truly want. When you stop the need, you release resistance to what you want. By doing this, you are actually increasing your chances of reuniting with your Twin Flame. By letting go and surrendering. This is actually the best chance that you have of reuniting with your Twin Flame, but there is one more certainty at play… That whatever it is that comes along will be exactly what you want.

You must live moment to moment, making self loving decisions that you know are good for you and that make you happy. Do whatever you must to live a happy life. You must trust the Universe and that it can deliver, without limiting the options by which it can bring it you. Without needing it a certain way. Let the Universe surprise you, and it will.


Love, Love, Love, trust, have faith and be super happy.

I have so much love for you. For you, I pour my heart and soul. For you, I hold nothing back. For you, I am willing to tell the truth, even when it may be difficult for me me to say and difficult for you to hear. I do it because I love you and there is no greater blessing than that. I am so grateful that the Universe has blessed me with such great capacity to love. There is no greater joy. I am a loving being, an expression of the divine, I am blessed and so are you.

With great love.

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24 thoughts on “Twin Flame, Must Read; This is The Key To Getting What You Want

  1. I just had an aha moment…Like a light bulb switched on. I finally realize that I have to let him go. I am so tired of being alone. Don’t feel sad or cry anymore. Only every once in a while. Be happy, a lot now. And so grateful, to feel love. I used to be afraid to love. Because, I seen people use and abuse each other, over it. I had a wall built up, to protect myself.

  2. I have found my mission and now my focus isn’t on my Twin Flame any more. I really don’t care if he will be awaken at all or not. Through my mission I’m loving myself ever more. I’m learning to let other things fulfil my life. BUT I still do miss that electrifying sensation whenever I hold his hand. I know that only he can give me that special feeling. And those beautiful pictures of man and woman hugging each other on this website always provoke me to romanticise about our connection! lol

  3. I just have to say thank you so much for writing this! I’ve been struggling with a twin flame relationship for the past three years. I have known that I need to let go and I have now reached a point where I’m really beginning to heal and move on. Reading this affirmed everything I’ve known inside. You explained things perfectly! Thanks! 🙂

  4. But how come dear Twin Flame that when you want to ‘move on & share the LOVE’, the Universe (or Higher-Self) doesn’t ‘provide any heart wishes (like a baby, a family etc) while keeping confronted by huge symbolic events, day in, day out, for years and years?;-)
    Twin Flame love can not be controlled, for the energy returns, sticks, forces itself on you and refuses to leave. So how to handle that when you choose(d) (self)love?;-)

  5. These things cannot come anymore:-), too ‘old’ for a baby, due to a long & long twin flame process/transformation, years and years of separation and not stuck in the past anymore:-)

  6. Great read, I have a question now… if my twin isn’t the only one who can give me those intense feelings, what is the point of the twin being able to do so versus others? I hope that makes sense.

  7. Two days on letting this sink in. Now I realise that my twin is the runner now. The paradox worked as I came back to him after a decade when I knew he had moved on and made a happy life!

  8. Thank you so much for this article! I found it today, just when I needed it. I just got to that point today, that I can’t go on longing for him, when he doesn’t see what’s going on. And keeps running from it. I felt I had to stop this needing him. But did not fully understand how, and why… Then your words gave me the clearity I just needed. So thanks again.

  9. I have to share this. After I read this post yesterday, something wonderful happened to me. I decided that I had to stop longing for him, and love myself instead, I felt this so deeply, that it was a lack of self-love to keep on wanting his love when he can’t give it to me now. I worried though what would happen to the love I felt for him. But when I let this self-love become a priority, and allowed myself to feel this deeper and deeper, I discovered that I felt the same beautiful love for myself as I feel for him. And then I felt that this self-love merged with the love for him. It was the same love. I have felt this all day now, and something really changed. The love for him is still there, but it is connected with the love for myself. It;s such a wonderful feeling of love and so different from the “longing” kind of love. Today I looked at him and everything was allright. It;s allrigt that he isn;t ready yet. It doesn’t matter. The love is there, and I trust it. Totally.

  10. I had to let go. I felt amputated. Really hard. Now he confronts me every day. First he wanted to marry me and we kissed sometime. We work together, and now he kind of ignores me no eyecontact. Still i see he is not doing well sometimes, allthought he pretends he is. I prwtend also but at home i feel an strange emptyness inside. I wish i was healt.

  11. Hi, I’m at a crossroad right now as well with my TF. Very unique situation and no one to bounce it off of who actually “gets it.”
    My fiance and I have an age gap of 30 years (I’m 33) – the “deal breaker” or the reason I would separate at this point is I want to have a kid and want to do it before 35. He is willing, but I’m really not sure it’s fair for the child. So the crossroad is to separate and for me to find a younger father. If it were anyone else, I would have bailed a long time ago, but it’s been our deep love and connection that has kept me here.

    So is this separation necessary as I know I have a lot more work to do on myself…or should I have faith that things will work out ok because we are TFs? If I haven’t cleared all the negative energy and baggage out right now, will our marriage if we stay together now work or will it not because of it?

    Is the reunion when you first meet or do you meet and then separate and rejoin at a later date?

  12. A twin flame relationship is not made to be painful, tough or impossible to deal with, on the contrary, it is supposed to be harmonious and easy. What triggers drama, junk and fear are our belief systems, the relationship patterns we are used to and our lack of love and compassion. That’s exactly why twin flames meet in this existence, to break those patterns, to create unconditional love and teach others to do the same, because that’s exactly what our planet needs the most.

    Every time I surrender, every time I let go of expectations and fears, my twin comes indeed closer to me and we connect again, the truth reveals itself 🙂 . Don’t forget that you are the creator of your reality so if you really believe that your relationship will work out and you know your chances, then let go of expectations, drama, old patterns, junk, fears and start believing in yourself and in your union. If you think you suffered enough, or that it is not worth it, then get over it, you are not supposed to feel miserable, that’s not why you came here on earth. The truth is that the only way closer to your twin is by loving yourself, there is no shortcut, I’m afraid. The truth resides within, and the most challenging work we must do in a twin flame relationships is clearing old patterns and societal standards that create confusion, fear and doubt in our hearts. Our society is outdated, it doesn’t understand love, that’s why twin flames are here, to teach us how to love again, unconditionally.

    Very important: don’t get too caught up with labels so much. These days, we can find a lot of information and personal opinions about twin flames over the internet that can drive us mad and create even more confusion. Realize that every information is filtered trough that person’s experience, ego, and level of understanding about the whole thing and it is not even close the ultimate truth. Look within if you are looking for confirmation and it should be enough to answer your doubts.

  13. I totally agree that it is all about self-love. That is the conclusion I have come to after 3 years and 8 months. I’ve been pulling back because he has mirrored my control and intimacy challenges in a truly amplified way. I’m starting to have a lot more compassion for myself whereas in the past I feared how much I felt wounded. From the compassion, so much love flows. My process has been learning to resolve deep grief of losing my parents young and as the love is revealed it’s like the mirror turns and I’m seeing how much I love and also how I need to be prepared to allows things to fully end and let go. My dream world has shown me that this is where I am stuck with loss-the delusion of the return, like my mother coming back in dreams and I am fully convinced in those dreams that she was going to return…I know on some level I always feel that. So this dynamic played out with a TF and has haunted me and broken me so that I could only change dramatically and keep opening more to love and to loving myself. It’s a journey but in spite of this amazing love I feel, I see that I can love deeply again and let go. I guess that is unconditional love and knowing that love is eternal, but that this life experience has endings and changes.

  14. Absolutely. No truer words have been spoken. I see all these women in desperation waiting for their twin who’s treating them like crap and like an option in the name of loving them unconditionally and pretty much hating themselves, Bc that’s what they are doing- self abuse and self hate to live this way. There comes a point you wake up you don’t want this person anymore and you’re ready to grieve the fantasy and move on. I’m finally there and I deserve more than this. It’s been an awful hard path, I went though an abusive narcissistic relationship before this and left that man too, to only go through even harder pain with this person when I thought I finally had found my person. You sometimes wonder why god keeps throwing the same painful lessons in our face when we’ve clearly walked away from those who didn’t love us many times before. I have many many times. I don’t know anymore. Sort of have given up on love, idk if it’s real anymore. Truly dont. Bc every time I try I get burned and have to walk away once again with more tears in my eyes. I don’t get when it’s going to be a happy ending for me and I can actually stay, and someone actually cares and loves me for once from the beginning so I don’t have to leave them again to keep my dignity and wipe my tears as I walk again. It’s been a hard journey for me 🙁

    I’ve let go of the hope I’ll ever have real love so I don’t let myself down anymore.

  15. I had the TF experience quite late in life. Never heard of it before it happened. My heart blew wide open and I instantly loved this total stranger 1,000 times more than anyone else. I was overwhelmed and fully consumed. It was not sexual.

    She ran – and now my health is failing and am I am the final chapter of my life. The idea that things will work out or that The Universe is loving or that this is some path to spiritual enlightenment is total BS. The experience is real, but everything the so-called experts tell you is nonsense. I got pain and more pain. At least the end will bring some sort of peace.

    1. Hi Thomas i know personally what you go through, I have been there, but believe me even though it is completely Heartbreaking that the twin flame runs, it is for our own good, so that we don’t give our power away to our twin flame. It is very hard to understand this, so yes the universe is loving, but it is the job of loving ourselves first. Only then can she return, so let go and let God.

  16. It is absolutely about letting go of the twin flame. He or she can actually keep you in a prison if you don’t let go. This experience is meant to set you free and become Whole, but if you hold on to them and don’t let go and move on and become all of yourself while holding on to them, you will never find what you are searching for. The key is it is NOT YOUR TWIN FLAME that you are searching for, IT IS YOU.

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