Why the Twin Flame Runner Runs

Why the Twin Flame Runner Runs

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I just love you. And I feel so blessed by this opportunity to love. I feel so lucky to have met you. I feel so good that you are here. So grateful that you arent just a dream anymore. I’ve been asking for you. I’ve been imagining you. I’ve been preparing for you. I’ve been practicing you. I’ve been waiting for you. Now, I get to see you, I get to hear you, I get to taste you and touch you. I get to have conversations with you. I get to visit with you. I get to spend time and joke and laugh with you. So different. The real thing vs. the imagined thing. So very different, and I never thought that I would feel this way. Scared shitless.

Every new experience is an opportunity for me to understand something in a deeper way than I ever have before. Today, I am understanding the runner. We all hate on the runner. We make the runner the problem. If they just wouldn’t run, everyone would be happy. What’s the point, anyway? What’s the point of running? Why do they run from what they love? How is that even possible? It doesn’t make sense.

I know it. It doesn’t make sense. But the truth is that everyone does the best that they can from their current point of consciousness. The runner flees because they feel like they can’t stay. It can be so difficult when you meet someone you love. Someone you’ve been waiting to meet. Someone you actually have a connection with. Someone who is everything that you want. It can seem too good to be true, and for the runner, they are just waiting for the other shoe to drop. It feels to them like if they are seen, that they won’t be loved. Even if they are a great person with nothing to hide. Even if they know that they are wonderful and have so much to offer, it still feels like you might be rejected at any moment. No particular reason, besides that you just aren’t good enough. It’s not even a logical fear. It’s completely ridiculous! But, none the less, you are walking a tight rope, holding your breath, looking down and hoping to god that you don’t fuck it up. This thing that you have found that you know that you want. This thing that you know is special. There it is and holding onto it just becomes too much to bear. It just becomes too difficult to try to stay open and vulnerable so that you can maintain the relationship, when at the same time, you are scared shitless. You are watching yourself and what you say. Censoring yourself and playing back scenarios in your head, wondering if you did the right thing. God forbid if you make a mistake. Then it becomes some huge ordeal. Something you just beat yourself up about. The seesaw of the relationship and going with the ebb and flow is difficult too. It all just becomes too much. So, one will run in small ways. This is where games originate. For the Twin Flame runner, they run away completely. It just becomes easier to not have the relationship at all. To not have to be afraid, to not have to worry about if you said the right thing or if your Twin is still into you. To not have such incessant inquiries in your mind. Just make it all stop. That is why the runner runs. To make it stop.


Being in the presence of your Twin Flame makes you aware of so many things you didn’t know about yourself. It brings to the surface every insecurity. Every fear. Depending upon where you are in your journey, it could be too much. Especially for someone who has not done a lot of reflecting on the self. For someone who has shadows buried  and hasn’t yet begun the process of purging. So, just imagine suddenly becoming aware of everything about yourself that seems less than perfect or less than ideal. And all of this is happening in the moment that you want to put your best foot forward. It’s completely nerve wracking if you’re not really self aware. It’s nerve wracking even when you are self aware. It’s quite a dilemma. That the moment you want to just be yourself and embody all of the characteristics about yourself that you know are ideal, is the moment you become aware of all of your weaknesses. It’s tough to be your best when you become so aware of your “flaws”.

This is why the runner runs. Not because they do not feel great love. It’s the opposite. They do feel great love. It’s that great love that makes them afraid. Afraid of rejection, afraid of losing. When you are looking at it from the runner’s perspective, It feels better to know that you sabotaged something on purpose, than to live with being the one who “messed up”, or wasn’t good enough. This is the logic. Is it sensical? I don’t think so. I think we all know that this premise of running is flawed. But, this is what happens. Once the initial Twin Flame connection is established, it brings up a lot of things to the surface that need to be worked through. Sometimes, the runner just needs time to sort it all out and gain their footing. They need to figure out what to make of it all. How to gain a new perspective that will be self loving, instead of self sabotaging. It can be difficult to understand. How someone could be so afraid. But it happens, and sometimes, it just takes time to sort out.

Everyone has their quirks. Everyone has their good sides and their bad sides. Everyone has had experiences that are good and bad. Everyone has made choices that are good and bad. It’s the overall package that we are looking for. Things can be overcome. Fear can be overcome. That’s what is important. Not what happened in the past but where you are letting it take you. What you are making of it and who you are choosing to become because of it. Are you letting your experiences make you better and stronger? Are you becoming more loving or less loving?


Let’s not hold our runners accountable for taking the time that they needed for themselves. Let’s not judge them based in their past. People need to work through things sometimes. Pain and fear make people do crazy things, but it’s not who they are. People can get over fear and pain. Make your decisions based in the now. Based in who is good for you now and who they have become. Give love to the runners of the world. That is all they ever wanted all along.

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23 thoughts on “Why the Twin Flame Runner Runs

  1. I believe my twin ran because she wanted only the easy happy life. I was experiencing some tough times, a dark night of the soul, as I spiritually awakened. She put up with a lot, yet I was struggling myself. I met a kindred spirit, another ship passing in the night, who helped brighten my gloom. Young and inexperienced, I got infatuated, spent some time with her walking in the park etc, all totally innocent stuff. Twin being young and inexperienced turned it into a big jealousy thing, we both handled it poorly, her always interfering family took the opportunity to whisk her 800 miles away. She immediately met some new guy, mr light and easy, liked to drink and party, not stoic like me. So I don’t think it was because she couldn’t handle the love. Later, as my spiritual journey continued, I discovered wonderful information about us and our past life together. Incredible occult things we did between lives. No matter to her. She’s into down-to-earth family life, our twin relationship begrudgingly acknowledged, sort of, after a couple decades. Maybe next lifetime, is what she says. I need this because???

    1. This is a similar story to what happened to me. But I am the runner. I realized I was the runner after 12 years of meeting him, when I started writing about my story with him. He was passing tough times when I met him in a very unusual circumstance, we were both in a different country and I had broke up with my boyfriend and he with him girlfriend (and we are from different countries each other) and if I didn´t pass beside him, I wouldn´t never meet him. It was the spark, the instant attraction, the force. I loved him in the moment I saw his eyes on me. By them, he wanted to become a better man. To grow. We were in our late twenties. I was very intellectual so I couldn’t see him awakening and the spiritual side of it, though I thought I was spiritual. I was so afraid by then. I didn´t have the strength to leave my life behind and go with him, though he asked me several times to do it. To take the leap. And we had some misunderstandings. I think because we didn´t understood what was it. It was intense. I think he understood better than myself. Even, I didn´t trust him because there was one opportunity he didn´t treat me how I was expected to be treated by him. I returned to my ex boyfriend with whom I am married now. We were from different countries. I didn´t know about twin flames by them, but now I read about it and I remember my strong fear, fear of rejection, fear of being left behind by him in the years to come, feeling that I wasn´t enough for him, I didn´t love myself. I was so insecure and I still am. He was my mirror and he is still, until this day. I see a picture of him now and I shake, my heart beat, after all these years I feel the same, I want to kiss him. We fought the last time I saw him. I wanted to make love with him, he didn´t. I don´t know why yet. I think because he was disappointed about me. I was with my boyfriend by then, when I met him that last time by complete chance. And he was mad a me at that time too. We damaged out relationship, but we loved each other. An then I suppressed all my feelings for him and disappeared, I blocked him in Facebook and email, etc. I was feeling I was hurting him. I wanted him to be happy, to have his life. I felt I would felt devastated when I knew that he had met another woman in the future, so I cut all the communication. And I know I would never end the relationship with my boyfriend because I felt secure with him, he was (is) a good man. I got married, had a child, but I always remember him. Not all the days, of course, but he always has appeared on my mind. As if he is checking on my life. As if he thinks about me. I have dremed about him wanted to communicate but he don´t know how to do it. He feels ashamed (it was a year ago). But these are only my thoughts, my feelings. I don´t know if he thinks of me, if he is mad at me yet. If he hates me. If he wants to know about me. I know he got married. My marriage is not very interesting, but my husband is good. I get bored and I don´t have the connection I had with this special man. I love him yet. I always ask to myself what if I would followed him and had shared my life with him and do all the things we dreamed to do together. I dream that one day I receive an email from him just asking me how I am. I don´t have the strength to write to him. I think he hates me. And I feel I will feel the deep pain I was feeling for not being with him at that time. 8 years without knowing about him. I only saw some pictures of him in facebook and he instagram account, which I found online. He post there occasionally, once or less a month, even it can pass 6 months without him posting. I tried to contact him telepathic, sending love to him, a week ago. I felt the connection. Like a warm touch in my heart and energy around me. And I asked for a signal from the universe the other night to know if he thinks of me. I asked this: if he thinks of me he will post a picture on Instagram today, then I fell asleep. When I woke up the next day, there was a new picture on his Instagram. The most beautiful picture, of a landscape, as if he were there with me or thinking about me while taking that picture. I felt like a lightning that crossed my body the instant I saw the picture. And I cried because I miss him so much. I don´t know if these are only ideas or wishful thinking and I don´t know if I will know about him again. I do miss him very much.

  2. I have a question. Somewhere else on your blog,a very early post, you explain that Higher Self suddenly separates the two twins, and it is for a specific reason: to heal. How can we see the “runner” as running due to ego-based fear, this huge fear of love, when it is actually Higher Self in control. Higher Self who separates the two and makes the “runner” disappear? I just cannot agree with this translation that the runner runs due to being overwhelmed from love. I think it is made to appear that way, and it is all orchestrated by Higher Self or what some would consider “soul.” I think it has a lot to do with forcing the one left behind, the one who is going through a strong healing spiritual awakening, to heal and finally own their divinity. I think it has very little to do with the one leaves being unable to handle it. The one who leaves is pre-programmed to do so. It is soul fulfilling a role. It is the role of “the leaver.” He is supposed to leave- it is not a choice made out of fear.

    That is my experience. I guess I cannot speak for everyone. I am the “stayer” and inside I had every sign here as you explain it of “the runner.” Then my twin soul was separated from me as a result of MY fearful energy. So he looked like a runner when he HAD to leave in order to start healing me. I think this happens more than we realize yet we want to label them :runners” and say they were too overwhelmed by love to handle the connection. And sometimes they will even SAY this- but still it is soul forcing us to own our truth and create our own outcomes.

    Sorry for the long response. I don’t mean to debate you but offer another opinion. Thank you as always for taking the time to share your thoughts, feelings and channelings.

    1. It all works together. Even if the higher self is in control, we still have our conscious reasons for doing things and it corresponds with divine plan. I wouldn’t say that every single experience is the same, exactly. But, fear is what makes people run from love, whether it be on a bigger scale or a smaller scale

      1. I agree. Fear IS what makes people run from love. My twin ran 4 times in the last year and 1/2 and has brought an incredible amount of distrust, imbalance and frustration into our world. Not only to myself, but my son who loves him, deeply. I have found peace in this… we both still love him (my twin) very much, but we also love ourselves and choose that love now. Accepting his running and returning over and over became so emotionally draining to my son and I. Now I feel like I have no choice but to love us by creating some boundaries, which include NOT allowing him to return in the same way. The anger is leaving, the feelings of rejection are leaving and I truly wish peace, wholeness and love for all of us. I believe that we are given the beautiful gift of choice. To choose love or fear. I have wanted to run sooooo many times, in the course of the relationship with my twin. But what kept me from running was my deep rooted decision (that I’d made years ago) to choose fear over love. Period. Not just in our relationship, but in every area of my life, when faced with the decision. I don’t think my twin has made that commitment. And I accept that.

    2. This is exactly what I believe. I agree with you and I am experiencing the same thing which is so scary. I always thought that I was the runner until he didn’t have any energy left….I wore him out and now he is running and I thought ‘well great, now I have to chase him to bring him back to me ‘…..but the more I consider this, the more I realize, I am still running. I don’t want to run away from him anymore but I still have so much work to do on myself. I don’t want to do it without my twin but I know he can’t keep it up. …it is too draining for him. Please advise me on how to help myself.

  3. I understand. What I would like to say, though, is in my experience {and yes I know all of our paths are unique} the Yin is the creator, the one who “scripts” the union, and the Yang is the manifestation of what the Yin creates/believes/intends/manifests. So if the Yin {which is usually the female and the stayer AKA the chaser} BELIEVES the Yang {who is normally tha male seen as the runner} ran off out of a fear of love then she will quite possibly get MORE of the “running from love” from her twin because that is what she believes. For this reason I don’t like viewing the man as the runner who ran off due to be overwhelmed by the love and unable to handle it. IMO free will comes from the soul, and with twin souls if the soul feels the fearful thoughts of the Yin then the Yang WILL become them, conscious decision from the human or not. Soul is in control pretty much always. Again this is what I see in my union and I think it is happening in other unions but most people are thinking it is conscious reason {fear, not wanting a relationship, suddenly wanting to only be friends} when that conscious reason is actually mirroring the Yin’s fear. Don’t mind me sharing. This is just what I’ve seen for myself and others going through separation.

    So YES fear does make people run but the fear comes from the Yin and is reflected through the Yang when he runs. It is not always HIS fear making him run- it is HER fear that he must show her, as her ultimate mirror, so he runs.

  4. I have been at this for two years, This is the deepest insight that has fed my soul, so far. Just brilliant. God is good.

  5. What happens when you have a child with your twin flame before knowing about this deep soul connection and they made every promise to be around for you and your child no matter what and then they take off running leaving you with all the bills responsibility and a child to raise alone while your now in the middle of a crisis spiritual awakening coupled with intense sadness and heart ache grief and loss from being separated from your twin and find it hard to even want to live anymore through this and your twin is vacationing with his buddies posting pics of having a fun old time hooking up with young girls while your suffering and trying to hold it all together for your child who is suffering and missing his dad also? How is any of this fair or just and how can this be called spiritual love ? I have tried many times to convince myself he must not or cannot be my twin but I have been told many times by other people with spiritual gifts and from my own spirit guides that he is without a doubt my twin and that loving him even when he is behaving like a selfish child dennying me and our two year old beautiful baby boy so he can be free and have no responsibility breaking every promise ever made to me and his son with no warning and no logical reason to me .. How do I get passed this ? I want to heal I want to love uncondionally but I try to do energy clearing and send him love and light and yet I still feel overwhelming feelings of him being extremely hurtful selfish and immature .. I still feel very victimized and very let down . How or what can save me from this hopelessness I don’t know and I am beginning to feel like this twin flame connection is my curse and will continue to cause me these feelings of wanting to not be here on this planet anymore !!! I love my child and wish to be here and healthy and happy for him .. I try so hard and cannot pull myself out of this darkeness .. I am so hopeless and just done !!!

    1. There is a way. I promise there is. This is why i offer sessions. Because 1:1 is the only way to receive the vital insights tailored to you. I have many posts on this as well. But not sure reading them will be enough to catalyze your extreme pain

      1. What do you charge for your readings and services ? I am struggling financially & hardly able to keep a roof over my sons head and pay my bills. I keep searching for the help I desperately need and can’t seem to find it without having $200-$300 to pay for a reading . I know it is completely worth the money however I am not able to spare or spend $ I don’t have . Can you help me it recommend someone who can help me ?

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  6. I sure miss my runner…more than anything, but I’ll let him run. What else can I do? I also run. It’s crazy. I would love to be in his arms right now, but…sometimes I feel like giving up on that hope.

  7. Here is what doesn’t make sense so perhaps you can shed some light for me. You talk about fear of commitment. No matter which website I am on this seems to be the #1 thing talked about when it comes to twin flames running. Ok that would make sense but riddle me this- If this man is so afraid of commitment then why did he leave me to be with someone else?

    When I asked he simply admitted that he no longer has feelings for me and that he was faking his feelings because he didn’t want to hurt my feelings by telling me he no longer had feelings for me. When I tried to reason with him he cussed me out and told me off. But according to a reading I had done not only is he my twin flame but he seems to suppress his feelings a lot. So when you say fear of commitment if this man was really as scared as the article makes it seem wouldn’t that mean he would be rejecting everyone who asks him on a date instead of going out with someone therefore being single instead of being in a relationship with the man he dumped me over?

    That’s what doesn’t make sense to me. He’s scared to commit yet he’s in a relationship with someone else. Doesn’t sound very scared of commitment to me if he went out with someone else and left me for them. I also get confused because I had a 2nd reading done with a different reader in which I was told I am wasting my time on this man and that I needed to move on and find someone better. But I know deep inside no matter what we have been through that I love this man with all I have. Sometimes I even feel like he is all I have. I hope someone can shed some light on this. Also a great read thanks for posting this.

    1. I am sorry that the psychic you chose to work with told you that this is your Twin Flame. I think that there are too many Twin Flame psychics who are too loose with their diagnosis. Although, there is a chance that anything is possible and they could be right, based on what you are saying, I do not think you are actually dealing with a Twin Flame and you should take the words of the suspected flame at face value. That would explain it.

      1. Allow me to explain in a little bit of more detail. The man is someone I loved so much I fell head over heals for him. So much to the point where I trusted him with my bank cards all this because he was coming across some tough financial times (I am sure many of us have been there before). It was fine until I go to use my card and find that it has been declined. This man managed to overdraft my bank account by close to $1000. Long story short the bank later confirmed he was making online purchases with my card info that I did not authorize.

        When asked by police if I wished to press charges against him I said no and let it all go. But I tell you my heart was so mixed up. Deep down inside I was in love with this man had feelings I could not describe or get rid of. Yet I was also hurting and very angry that he could do this to me. He apologized and agreed never to do it again although I told him trust needs to be earned. Either way our fights and arguments didn’t end well we are currently not on the best of speaking terms he refuses to admit he has any feelings for me and he is still back together with the guy he originally left me for.

        As for the psychic the first one I went to said him and I are meant to be twin flames despite all this arguments. But as for the 2nd one I mentioned in my previous comment she said twin flames do not exist and that she simply doesn’t believe in them because she thinks that’s just psychics ways of getting more money out of you which I don’t believe to be the case at all. I truly believe in twin flames and that they exist I just wish I could have better clarity on my situation and have the answers I need to help me so I can know what to expect and what to do.

      2. I stand by the first thing that I said. I say, keep digging. You may need more readings to get alternate perspectives until you find something that really resonates. But definitely don’t go to psychics who don’t specialize in Twin Flames if that’s the conversation you want to have. You need a Twin Flame expert. Here is how you pick a psychic. You find their material, videos, whatever it is and the one that feels like they are speaking to you or the one you just really like, they are the one you should get a reading with. That is how the Universe tells you they are the one. I hope you get it sorted out 🙂

      3. Thank you for this bit of information. Is there anyone you can recommend that you think would be good for a reading that specializes in twin flame? I will be doing some research on twin flame experts myself I just figure maybe you know someone you can recommend to me?

  8. I can’t believe how accurate this whole twin flame thing describes my current situation, when I met her I felt like I knew her before but couldn’t figure out how. My twin is in a long term relationship, the emotions were becoming too strong and for that reason I am ‘running’…it kills me to stay around as friends and bear that pain, but at the same time it kills me to be so ice cold to her (we see each other almost daily at work). Really don’t know what to do, any advice?

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