Are You Holding Back? Conjuring Pure Love, Intention and Freedom…

Are You Holding Back? Conjuring Pure Love, Intention and Freedom…

All of my messages are derived from a Unity consciousness, which speaks to me always. Through this gift, I am able to experience my love for you. My love for you which is true, real and pure. You are loved.


Read beginning to end, You won’t regret it.


Dear Twin Flame,

Love has great meaning. There is always meaning for it. The Universe does not create things for no reason. And the Universe does not put things before you for no reason. So, why are you trying not to love? Why are you trying to cut cords and to forget and to keep yourself from feeling the things that you already feel! Love is the most natural way for you to feel! We muddy the waters of love with all sorts of other things. With social “norms” and the collective expectations of the way that things should be, or ought to be. The rules made up by some other person, somewhere, that some dumb-asses decided to follow. Get enough dumb-asses together, to follow an idea and suddenly, we are calling it normal. Yea, it’s normal, but just because the majority is doing something, doesn’t mean that it’s serving us. We ALL know that. Let me tell you something. The opinion of the collective consciousness is royally fucked up! There is absolutely no rhyme or reason to play the role of  the follower on this planet. Overall, people are all dealing with their own issues and there’s currently, more people practicing problems than solutions. There is currently more people looking for solutions than living the solutions. So, if you are deriving your own belief system from “social norms”, you may want to re-think the whole thing. We all put “normal” on a pedestal. Oh, this is what’s normal. This is what normal people do. Let me tell you what normal people do. It’s fucked up. you ready? Here we go…

Here’s what’s currently “normal” in this society:

Ignoring the the voice of the heart

Letting the mind “rationalize” itself out of making loving decisions

Making love irrational and illogical

To fear love

The association of love and pain. The collective thinks that love is painful

Holding back from being most authentic. The collective thinks the best way to be is to not express your feelings authentically.

The collective consciousness is always waiting for the other shoe to drop. If something amazing comes your way, the first thought is that it’s too good to be true. So, instead of being supportive of what you want with a pure, loving vibration, you’re inserting the negative energies of doubt. What a way to facilitate the outcome of what you really want.

It’s all backwards!

If you are following the collective consciousness, you will be encouraged to not follow the path of most joy, to not follow the calling of your soul, and instead, to invalidate it, fear it, ignore it, cover it up and see it as a weakness that will surely lead to your demise.

Let me tell you something, the above that I just mentioned, is all that is wrong in this world. If people weren’t afraid of love, if they didn’t see it as a source of pain or weakness, then the world would be that much more loving. Newsflash! Human beings are naturally loving!! We all remember loving openly when we were children. Loving our parents, pets, siblings and even having a romantic sense of love. It is true, there is cruelty out there. We all go through experiences where our love isn’t reciprocated. We experience disappointment. We experience ridicule and we are made to feel “wrong” by our parents and others. All of this is the root of the problem. Not the solution. Love is the solution.

Love should be cultivated as much as possible. Not the other way around.


Do you not realize that love is actually hard to come by? You can’t love just anyone. Love doesn’t show up when you want it to. You can’t make yourself love and you can’t make another love you. Connection cannot be found or forced at will. That makes connection oh, so valuable. When you find it, you gotta honor it. Don’t ever take connection for granted. Don’t ever take special people for granted. Don’t ever think it’s easy to come by, because, it’s not.

When you experience this Love and connection and then lose it, you will know what I am talking about. But why should you have to learn this through hindsight? Why do you have to lose something before you can give due credit?

Don’t be stupid.  Don’t take the love and connection for granted. Love must be honored when it arises. Connection must be honored when it arises. If it goes, it goes, but if it is there, it is there to be honored. These things are truly divine gifts.

  What’s serving you and What are you serving?

There are two different ways to react to a lesson, or situation. You are in charge of the perspective that you walk away with. The question is, is the perspective that you chose to walk away with, the most loving, authentic and good for you in the end? Is your new chosen standpoint the one that is actually going to serve you the most and add the most goodness into your life?

Here are the options that we have when we have a bad experience, it can go one of two ways. The first way is very common, but I think that overall, we can come to an agreement that it’s not really the choice that does the most good. The second one requires a tremendous amount of strength, confidence, compassion and steadfast trust in one’s worth and character in order to pull off. Here’s the two:

In a scenario where something is done to you that hurts you very much. Let’s say that someone you love screams at you, calls you terrible things or maybe they even harm you in some way. Maybe you are simply feeling rejected. We can all relate to this. You have two choice reactions that you can take away from this.

The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far From The Tree…

Choosing Fear Over Love As A Result Of Pain

1) You can accept that the world is cruel and that in order to protect yourself in the future, you have to harden your exterior and experience a far lesser amount of love and vulnerability in order to make sure that you will avoid pain if this scenario or one like it ever should occur again. The funny thing is that this approach is guaranteed to cause pain to others, repeating the cycle.

The main idea is prevention, which happens by way of turning the love dial way down and building the walls around our hearts way up. So that, not only are we keeping the pain out, we are also keeping the love out and the love that we may be inspired to will be smothered out and dulled down before it ever has a chance to escape those walls. This is the choice. Unfortunately, it’s probably the path most traveled. Hence, the cliche, “The Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.” Most people who have been hurt by others choose the death of love for the sake of eradicating pain, keeping the cycle going.

We are such intelligent creatures. We can dull our love down just enough, so that we feel a little and we can maintain a level of compassion and empathy, but not enough to put our hearts on the line. Not enough to embody the richness of an authentic love experience. It turns out that most people don’t even know what that is. We have such a clever way of pulling this off. But, this defense mechanism that we construct is a great source of pain, in itself, because we are teaching ourselves to live in fear. All of this gyration of building walls and strategically turning down our love dial is based in fear. You can’t escape that fact. Actions rooted in fear are the opposite of love, and will always lead to less love, more fear and more pain. It’s pretty ironic, after all. In reality, this where sabotage comes from.

The root intention behind an action will be reflected in the scenarios that play out. This is why purity, clarity, awareness and intention are so very important. We all want love. Period. If you are avoiding love in any way, that will play itself out in the scenarios that follow. This is a law of the Universe. Your state of being, your vibration is reflected in the hologram of life in the physical. This is a good way to figure out what is really happening inside of yourself, by looking at what is manifesting. If you are manifesting something that is undesirable to you, it’s time to reflect on your roots.

2) The second way to shift your perspective is to feel the pain and decide that you want to do everything in your power to make sure that if this is happening in the world, that you are not going to be the source. That you will do everything in your power to make sure that you do not subject another person to what you were just subjected to. It’s the most compassionate approach for yourself and for others. It takes awareness, humility, love, compassion, and to be quite honest, this behavior is the greatest mark of strength. Choosing the most loving and compassionate way of being is the path that is chosen the least, because it’s the most difficult to do. To not react with anger or fear, even when triggered or provoked, because your desire to not subject another person to that which you experienced is greater than your need to stroke your ego, maintain your status and cater to your sense of pride. Consciousness can out do anything. But, first, you gotta be aware. Which means being brutally honest with yourself. Are your decisions based in fear or freedom? What would it look like for you to be faithfully authentic, no reservations. What is your natural state?

I can honestly say that I took the path less chosen. Maybe not in every way. I slip up too, sometimes. I have established that despite the depths of my spiritual journey, I am undoubtedly, still human. I have my fair share of faults that are enough to continuously inspire me towards improvement. But I know pain. I am not talking to you from a perspective that hasn’t had a fair share of experience in this arena. I’ve experienced my fair share of atrocities, and after coming into contact with each painful experience, I just naturally came to the conclusion that I would never knowingly put another person through that which I had experienced. Put in this way, it is easy to understand. Because I feel, I have compassion. I choose compassion because I choose to feel. This is why it is important to allow ourselves to feel. You can’t understand what you have never experienced. You can’t relate to a feeling that you have never felt. It’s like trying to describe love or hate to someone who has never felt either of those things. Or trying to describe music to someone who doesn’t know sound, or color to someone who has never seen. See each painful experience as a blessing, because it gives you a choice. This is how compassion is born. This is how you learn.

Experience grants us the ability to relate and the opportunity to truly understand other people. To be understood is of upmost importance. Truly. We understand this intrinsically. This is why we feel so much love for people that we feel we understand and for people that we feel truly understand us. Resonance and love are much the same. Harmony and love, compassion and love, relate-ability and love, understanding and love.

Through pain, my choice was born. I remember my pain. The anguish. I remember the spears of anger being hurdled at me, the fury filling the room and feeling hopeless to escape. For the life of me, I couldn’t understand why it was necessary. Why there wasn’t another way. Why it had to be that. I decided that I would never bestow this anguish onto another person. Even if I became angry, I could deal with it in a way that wouldn’t cause the suffering that I had known, because, truly, suffering is unnecessary and we obliterate it one choice at a time. My desire to obliterate suffering is greater than my ego. Greater than my fear of vulnerability and greater than my desire for pride.

Ironically, by not needing to stoop in the name of pride or ego, that in itself is something to be proud of.

It’s a whole new way of being. That in itself is the ultimate validation. Validation that comes from the self. Humility doesn’t mean that you are without a healthy sense of worthiness. It means that you are so confident in your value, your worth and your position, that you don’t feel threatened by the actions of another. That you can let others be what they be and understand that what they choose to be has no bearing on your value. You are divine in nature and there is no thing that can change that, even a little. That is true self realization. That is an authentic sense of self. Knowing your value, without needing a shred of validation from anything outside of yourself. Imagine being that confident in your position, that you could love authentically and openly, without being influenced by the fear of rejection or non-reciprocation. That is total freedom. Freedom to be your true, unadulterated self. A whole new world, indeed. We are wandering far from the three dimensional way of being. This shift takes time, persistence and love. One baby step at a time.

So, you see, that your ability to love is directly correspondent with self love. Ignoring the voice of your heart is denying the self. Do you like being denied? Do you enjoy it when you are made to feel like your feelings aren’t legitimate or warranted? So then, why are you doing this to yourself? Why are you not allowing yourself to feel authentically? This shit matters. How are you treating yourself? Because how you treat yourself has a lot to do with how you are going to be able to treat others and the love that you will be capable of. I can love you because I love myself. I love myself enough to allow myself to be free. I love myself enough to allow myself total freedom to experience myself authentically. No reservations, no obligations, no rules, no judgements, no fears, no standards to uphold or people to please. What do I really feel and am I allowing myself to feel it? Am I holding myself back? Am I smoldering myself from feeling something that could be very beautiful because I prefer to not be vulnerable? Have I classified vulnerability as a weakness, or as a strength?  Am I orchestrating my behavior based on fear that something could go wrong? Are my actions dictated by the actions of others or what I suspect their standpoint might be? What’s your intention? What’s motivating you?  Are you giving yourself permision?

Transcending Fear

Call it out. Whatever you are feeling, own up to it. You are going to do what you are going to do. You are going to live authentically or not. You are going to live in fear or not. You are going to choose to love or not. But, whatever you do, come to terms with it. Acknowledge it and see it for what it is. Look at what you are doing and see it for what it is. Either you are going to orchestrate your actions out of fear or out of love. Recognize what you are doing. I am choosing to do this out of fear and that’s ok. I can choose that if I want to. The important thing is being aware of the choices that you are making. I am choosing to love and that’s ok. I can choose to do that if I want. It doesn’t make me weak and it’s not because I have no other choice. This is my choice and It’s ok that I choose that. Bringing this level of awareness is a really good way to transcend fear no matter what you are doing. The ego is an act of unconsciousness. The ego is always an act. It’s not really you. It’s you, pretending you are being you and the ego is very good at not breaking character. It’s ultra professional, not personal, not real. You transcend the grip of the ego, with conscious awareness. Getting to the heart of the matter. Pay attention!! Asking yourself the real reason why you are doing what you are doing. We all have the capacity to be good. We all have the desire to be good. This is the reason for regret and self improvement and things of that nature. Because, at our core, we want to be good. When you do something inauthentic, you know it. It doesn’t feel good. That’s the easiest way to know. A new desire is born. When you act out of fear, there’s a certain quality to that energy. It’s very different from love. Love feels better, if it’s really love. If it doesn’t feel good, it isn’t love.

First, pay attention. You have to know what is really happening within you. Be honest with yourself about why you are choosing to do what you are doing. Get to the root reason for your choices. Whatever you decide to do from there is fine. But. at least, when you look at the truth, you are no longer acting unconsciously and when you look at yourself and accept yourself, you can obliterate fear. It’s the honest looking part and the lovingly being self accepting part that is difficult. Get through that and you’ll transcend fear. It doesn’t mean that you will be perfect. It doesn’t mean you will never act out of fear again. It means you’ll pay more attention and give yourself more opportunity to act authentically, instead of playing out the part of some character constructed by the ego. When you are ok with you, fear is gone. All fear is a result of your own perspective. It’s a figment of your imagination.

Things can happen. But fear robs you of the joy of the now. All of your life is a series of now moments. Enjoy every one as fully as you can.


Love as fully as you can in every moment. You won’t float away. You won’t drown in a sea of love. You won’t become delirious when you are letting your emotions guide you and do what they want to do. That’s what people think. That they are going to get swept up and make a mistake and do something “stupid”. Love doesn’t make you do anything stupid. It is you who assigns meaning to the action when you perceive that it didn’t work out for you. Then, instead of acknowledging that nothing is permanent and seasons may come and go for their own reasons, you call love stupid. True love ebbs and flows like everything else. It has it’s moments. It comes and goes. The only time it’s going to haunt you is if you are fighting it on some level. And if you make a choice to live lukewarm, good luck, because lukewarm doesn’t make your heart race. Lukewarm doesn’t feel exhilarating. Lukewarm isn’t frisky, fresh, eager and exciting. Lukewarm is boring. What a way to live when life grants us no guarantees, lukewarm or otherwise.


I will follow my inspiration to love in every moment that it presents itself to me. My moments will be inspired. I don’t feel inspired in every moment. I don’t feel love in every moment. Some of my moments are restful, quiet and still. Some of my moments are the makings of discovery. Those moments that come before love. Those moments that lead up to inspiration. Contrast is not only ok, it is perfect. What matters is that when I feel inspired to love, that I allow myself the gift of that experience. That I let it flow. That I let it roll and go with it. In that moment, I am love and I am attracting more love. In that moment, I am enjoying life to the fullest. I am exploring the farthest corners of exhilaration and bliss that emotion has to offer. That life has to offer. In that moment, I am being myself. I am loving myself. I am allowing myself and I am truly living. And That is what LIFE is about. Go where your emotions are guiding you. Always.

With Great Love

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