Faint Hearts, Beware… Twin Flames and Soulmates…

Faint Hearts, Beware… Twin Flames and Soulmates…


I experienced a lot of reluctance and deliberation about sharing this, but since I have shared it, I have received many good responses. If this is for you, it will find you. With love<3

I have not written for what seems like a very long time. I know that you all have noticed. It has been many months that I have written fairly consistently. My blog posts, sprinkled all over Facebook, littering your timelines, but I hope that when you open them and read them, that you would find they had something to offer that was worth the trouble. For most of you, that has seemed to be the case. I have heard so many wonderful things and it warms my heart to know that my words can inspire and help you, even to the smallest degree. I feel so much love when I am writing here for you. I infuse my words with love as I type across the screen, so that you might feel that little warm energy in your heart  center as you read. So that you might experience some small relief from your daily lives as your eyes dance across the screen. My point in being here, in writing as I do, is not to teach, but to inspire. I will never claim to know anything for absolute, except for one thing… That you should follow your joy. There is no one who can know absolute truth, especially not from this third dimension. There are things that are just beyond us, while we are here. But, we understand the best that we can and experience is a great teacher. So, it is from experience that I share my new understandings with you today.

The important thing is not what a Twin Flame is. Not who is your Twin Flame, but the lessons that you take from a Twin Flame experience.

My literary strike was not as a result of lack of ideas or lack of inspiration or unwillingness to share. In fact, there have been such a great deal of ideas and inspirations, it just never felt like a complete enough thought to fully express to you. I knew I had to let it evolve, even further. I have felt a great transformative energy working in my consciousness. I knew that it was big. I knew that there was a time when I could not accept certain things I will reveal to you today. I wanted to find a way to share my truth with you, without making waves. Some of you have already been feeling the beginnings of this new energetic perspective and some of you have vehemently opposed it. That is ok. Only take what resonates with you. Put everything else on the shelf of your consciousness. You never know when those things that didn’t make sense for you, will finally click into place.

We can only accept what we are ready for. That is ok.

I have three great spiritual teachers that I have been studying for many years. I trust all of their teachings, because they have always resonated with me. I have come to see these three teachers as very reliable sources of information. Teal Swan/Scott, Bashar and Abraham Hicks. When I first became curious about their views on the Twin Flame, I found their ideas regarding this. All 3 teachers had basically the same thing to say. That the Twin Flame is not everything that we are making it out to be. That there is no such thing. Not in the way that we have defined it. That the label is too much. It is a soulmate connection. At the time, I wasn’t ready to hear any of this. Talk about bursting your bubble. I didn’t get mad. I didn’t know what to think. I just couldn’t process it. So, I let it go and I put the ideas up on the shelf of my consciousness and now, after my own experience, those ideas are making much more sense to me. The confusions involved when your most trusted teachers tell you something you just really aren’t wanting to hear… Something difficult to believe. It’s quite disheartening. But, now, at this point in my journey, I feel relief.

There are some things that I always believed, that I still believe. Through my journey, it has become more and more evident that there is simply no way to confirm a Twin Flame connection for certain. In my experience, it is easy for me to tell when the energy just isn’t right. But, to confirm that someone is indeed a Twin Flame, it simply cannot be done. Everything exists within a probability. We can gauge when probability is very high. But we cannot even say that for 100% understand the Twin Flame phenomenon with absolute clarity. Some things get lost in translation between higher realms and the land of 3D.

The Twin Flame experts are saying that 95% of people who think they are Twin Flames, are not. So, this isn’t something I just invented. My experience confirms this idea.

95% is a BIG number. That means that 95% of you who are agonizing and offering through this Twin Flame experience, could really be moving on. It means that at least 95% of of you will never reunite and that 95% of you should be finding ways to move on and live a happy life. But being able to live without your Twin Flame applies to EVERYONE suffering through this heartache. This is a legitimate teaching in the Twin Flame process that people are tripping over. How to move on and be ok without them. Some people are downright outraged by this idea. Whether you are a Twin Flame or not, whether you believe in it or not, 100% of each and every one of needs to know how to get over heartbreak. It is part of the lesson.

Let’s talk about our definition of what a Twin Flame is. Most of you believe that the Twin Flame is actually the other half of your soul. Of course, we love this idea. It makes it so romantic. So, “meant to be.”. I never really warmed up to this idea. First of all, who is the one who came up with this idea that the Twin Flame is the other half of your soul? Where did this idea come from? Second of all, my most trusted teachers are not in support of this idea. So, here is an explanation of the Twin Flame that was given to me, via spirit. It always made good sense to me. I am simply offering it to you…

Let’s talk about pizza. The Twin Flame isn’t like you made a pizza, cut it in half, where you are one half and your Twin Flame is the other half. The Twin Flame is like, you made two pizzas, using the same ingredients and divided up the ingredients a little asymmetrically, so that you could have harmonious differences. What you see in them, is in you, but you aren’t exactly the same. You are both whole, unique and in each other’s lives for the sake of growth.


Here is the thing. Every soulmate is like that. We are all soul mates and we are all made of the same “stuff”. We are all soul mates. The Twin Flame is no different. It just presents uniquely intense lessons to learn. The Twin Flame is indeed special. Yes. It is a great connection. It is a roller coaster of love, pushing you to your deepest, darkest places, forcing you into realms that you would never otherwise experience. This is the challenge we undertake on planet Earth. To turn great darkness into great light. That’s it, and that’s part of the Twin Flame experience.

Don’t make this into a bad thing. Why do you need someone to be the other half of your soul? Why do you need to believe there is only one person out there in the universe who can complete you? These ideas are very limiting.

Romanticism is a 3rd dimensional energy.

Attachment is a 3rd dimensional energy.

Dependence is a 3rd dimensional energy.

Fear is a 3rd dimensional energy.

Control is a 3rd dimensional energy.

Doubt is a 3rd dimensional energy.

There are all different types of soul mates. Everyone you meet is a soulmate. Opportunities to learn, abound. The Twin Flame is a very special soulmate, because they are here to teach you your greatest, toughest lessons. They are here to take you to depths that you never knew were possible. They are here to assist you in accelerated expansion. They are here to open your heart. They are here to force you to build strength you never knew you had. What is more important than the label, is the experience. Let’s not make it about the label, but about the experience.

”Ease up on your label.” -Bashar

Everyone wants that confirmation of their Twin Flame. They want to know “Is he really my Twin Flame?” Tell me, does it matter? Does the label really matter? Does the label make a difference to your experience? Does the label make it possible for you to change your situation? Does the label increase your chances of being able to change their mind? No, it doesn’t. It doesn’t make a difference. The only difference it makes is that if you think that someone is your Twin Flame, you are more likely to stay hung up on them and less likely to move on. You are more likely to stress and romanticize about it longer. You are more likely to compare everyone you meet to them. You are less likely to think rationally about it. You see, we all deserve to be with someone who values us and loves us and acts on those things. But, if you think that there is only one person in the world who can fulfill you completely, you are doomed, unless they happen to change their mind about you. It can happen. People can end up together after trials and tribulations, but it ends up being a sad story for most of you because of this one fact…

There are some things that you cannot change. Like, other people’s minds.

Wishing, hoping, thinking and praying that someone will come around is a recipe for doom. In all that time that you are living in hopes of something that may never come to pass, you aren’t moving on with your life and you aren’t attracting someone to have a loving, fulfilling relationship with.

It doesn’t mean give up. It doesn’t mean good things can’t happen. Sometimes, these people end up back together. We have all seen that. But, it means let it come to you. Don’t live your life wishing, hoping, thinking and praying. Live your life now.

Everyone is a soulmate and in an infinite Universe, there is no such thing as only having one solution, or one true love. This infinite Universe yields infinite possibilities for us in all situations, including the realm of love. There is no such thing as only one person in the Universe who is right for you. There is only a such thing as lining up with what you desire. You do that by believing it is possible. That’s the first step.


Don’t be dependent on an outcome. Thinking someone is our Twin Flame, tends to make us do that. It tends to keep us in limbo. When something is out of your control, stop trying to control it, and if you cannot control it, you have to focus on the things that you can control.

I know what it’s like to not be able to move on. I became so ill after my FalseTwin Flame experience.  I was heartbroken beyond comprehension. I experienced many physical and mental ailments. Some that that I am still experiencing today. My life was changed forever. I just couldn’t move on. I just couldn’t be happy. I just couldn’t sleep. I couldn’t eat. My health significantly diminished. I had never experienced anything like it in my life. Not being able to move on. Moving on was never an issue for me, until the Twin Flame experience bounced into my life.

I just want you to know, that I know what it’s like. I felt the unmerciful agony. The endless, relentless haunting of his memory, his image, my fantasies, my love for him that could never be fulfilled. Love that I never knew was humanly possible. The intense desire that could never see the light of day. The unbearable truth, that no matter what I did, no matter how much I wanted it, I couldn’t have it. Complete and utter despair. I didn’t want to exist, let alone, to live. Life was just a chore. I was tormented, day and night. In my sleep, in my semi-waking states. Before my eyes would even open, the pain would set in. The feeling was so empty. Hopelessness, loneliness, grief and pain. Despite my best efforts, I was inconsolable, although, I did my best to hide it from the world.


I got through it. I have come out the other side, and so can you.

That is my motivation, here, with you.

It is possible, and I want it for you.

Maybe you aren’t being tormented. Maybe, you don’t want to get over it. Maybe you don’t like anything you are reading, thus far. If so, then, this message is not for you. But, there are a great many of you who are ready for this message, and I am writing to you. I am here for you.

I don’t want to teach about Twin Flames anymore. I want to teach about soul connections. That’s what I have been doing all along. Who is to say what is a Twin Flame and what is not? Who is to say who is a Twin Flame and who is not? One thing that we know for sure is that it’s a soulmate connection. ALL soulmate connections are important. I want to help everyone get through their soulmate connections and through to the other side. 95% of everyone who thinks they have a Twin Flame connection, do not. But whether you do or not, the lesson is the same. The idea is to learn how to get over heartbreak.

People want to know how to find their Twin Flame, how to find their ultimate soulmate. “The one”. The only way is to see every other soulmate as relevant and important. The Twin Flame experience has a way of blocking us from doing that. Because, you are always looking for your Twin Flame, so you are always comparing and if you do not think someone is your Twin Flame, The ultimate, you automatically don’t see them with as much relevance. It slows down the learning process, which slows down everything else. You cannot move on from a lesson if you don’t learn it. You can’t learn a lesson if you don’t see what’s in front of you as relevant. So, the best way to move through your lessons quickly is to ease up on your labels and see everything and everyone as relevant. The important thing is not whether this person is your Twin Flame or not. The important thing is what you are learning from whatever soulmate has been placed in front of you now. See it as relevant, and as soon as you learn one lesson, you can move onto the next. That’s what this is all about. Not about finding an ultimate this or that. Not about finding “The Twin Flame”. See the Twin Flame as an experience, not as something written in the stars. Not as the other half of your soul. Not as something that has to turn out a certain way. Not as a romantic injustice. See it as an experience. It’s about learning. See the Twin Flame as a soulmate. As a soulmate that has great things to teach you, a huge impact on your life, and your path of love and consciousness.


What I want to do is to help you with your emotional state. Heartbreak is one of the toughest things in life to endure. I want to help you all improve your lives. I want to help you all get through these tough times with your soul connections. I want to help you gain peace of mind. To know when to move on and when to not. I want to help you to see the positive ends of your situations and the possibilities there are for you. I want to help you utilize your cognitive resources.  I want to give you new, fresh and positive perspectives on what is possible for you. I want to help you achieve peace of mind.

Everyone needs to be inspired and motivated sometimes. Everyone needs positive influence. Let’s not make this life about your Twin Flame, let’s make it about you. Let’s not make it about being with your Twin Flame or not, let’s make it about deciding to pursue happiness or not. After all, happiness is the key to everything.


I have Learned a lot about how to get through this intense Twin Flame experience. I want to help others reach the place that I have reached. Why? Not because I am right or wrong, but because I wasn’t happy before, and I’m happy now. I want to help you do the same thing. I want to help you on your pursuit of happiness and fulfillment. I want to help you not only to see your possibilities, but to make them a reality. This life is about learning, loving and joy. Whatever it takes.

 I deal mostly with emotions. WE all have the same goal!! Anything else that follows is not controlled by you. The only thing controlled by you are your thoughts and emotions about your present situation. The only difference is your idea of what you think you are going through and your predictions about the future. The label. That’s the difference. The commonality among all of us, the 95% and the 5% is the same. What we all need to know is how to live after a broken heart, because, Twin Flame or not, you just can’t make them come back. You can only move on.

Some people do not need to learn how to move on, but how to open their hearts and love without fear. That is, of course, an aspect that I will be covering as well. The point is to feel happier and lead a happier life. I will always be pointing you to your joy.

Mission or not, you cannot do your mission from a state of heartbreak.

The reunited is only one perspective. One perspective lense that so many are having to do without and so many will never get to see. What about the rest of us? What about us who still need to live our lives and us who still need to love? Who is teaching them? I will. Love you…I love, love. I’m a hopeless romantic and I have learned so many things about love in this journey. I want to share them all with you. So, stay tuned, as I share with you all of the things I have learned that led me through the other side of pain, into the light of happiness. I will now be dealing with all soulmate connections. All soulmate and romantic situations. No matter what is happening, I am here for you.

With so much love…

We are all in this together, let’s get through.

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15 thoughts on “Faint Hearts, Beware… Twin Flames and Soulmates…

  1. Absolutely amazing, I was so ready to hear this message and so very relieved that I have. I am a true believer in soul connections and believe that soul mates come in all shapes and forms, from friends, lovers, relatives, pets and even strangers. The pizza analogy really made sense and renosated with me as we’re all made of the same ingredients. We are all made from love, to love and be loved. Existing on this dimension to evolve and radiate in our true essence. As love is the fabric of who and what we are, the concept of Twinflames is appealing as it romantises the significance of a soul connection with a lover and as we all want to love and be loved the idea that there is our one true love, our other half, the perfect match is appealing. I have experienced several significant soul connections and the concept of Twinflame threw me off my path a little as I struggled to identify which connection was my more significant and thus my twinflame. When in actual fact, none was greater than the other, each had different lesson for me, each reflected something different I needed to learn about myself so I could grow. Love is limitless and boundless and I think you hit the nail on the head with this post. Bravo xx

  2. Sounds good to me. ‘Twin Flames’ was a marketing term for a romantic like me who wanted to believe that there was the one whom I could become the happiest with. I’m out of the illusion and obsession so I don’t care any more. However, I do appreciate the pains I went through when I was obsessed with the Twin Flames idea. I learnt a lot. Because of your teaching to channel the emotions towards the Twin Flame, I could finally start doing what I always wanted to do. Because of your teaching to appreciate everyone in front of me as relevant, I’m still with my husband and learning lessons to balance and not to run away from the lessons I’m supposed to learn. Through these learnings I’m able to help my husband reconnect with his own guidance as he goes through a professionally tough time while at the same time I’m helping my supposed Twin look into himself, heal and love himself. To me, it was necessary to become obsessed with the Twin Flame idea to arrive where I am now. So thank you Elise for your teaching and inspiration on Twin Flames so far and I look forward to your new inspirations from now on!

  3. My friend- I did not read this entire article because I already know how you feel from your last blog post and from seeing you on FB. You are in running mode big time and running is ego. I have been there, believe me. I am 18 months in and there are times when my messages to my Beloved are completely disregarded, for weeks or months at a time. Then I do my work, or at least I try to, and he will contact me- and he shows my more and more about myself each time, and he shows me EXACTLY what I think, say and write about him and if it is anything other than love then watch out! For now he is in my life to show me myself, not to be wining and dining me. He is here to help heal me and clear me of EGO. This is a mission, a “quest,” that my soul chose for me, for us. And I am doing it. But do I want love right this second? A hand to hold? A man to kiss and hug or date? Well, yeah don’t we all? But I am really working on clearing myself out so my Beloved can return to me AND so I can get through this cleansing process as quickly as possible without distracting through dating. I don’t want anyone other than the one who is made for me, who knows my every inner dream, who is the answer to my prayers- so I am waiting, working and trying to defend this love and union the best I can. What I want to tell you is you are absolutely free to use your free will and make the choice to not stick it out. That’s your choice. But for you to write about it, push it like it is of Spirit, and on top of that- CHARGE people to counsel them on this- my opinion is you need to stop doing that because it is a disservice to God, soul, the mission and other twin souls. You do what you have to for you but please don’t push your choices on others. I have a blog too, and I help people but I tell them it is my opinion, my experience, and I do it for FREE because I feel the information I have to share comes from Spirit and not ego {or else I would not share it at all.} Just like here, you don’t have to take what I have to say to heart at all- it’s just me sharing my experiences and thoughts with you. Please know that these soul connections “ignore” us when we need to see things about ourselves. It is their soul contract with us. If your twin soul is “rejecting” you it is because you are rejecting yourself or some aspect of yourself, or you are rejecting your soul connection. Remember your post where you wrote to reaffirm all the good things about them because those things become more real? Well let me tell you- if I claim that my twin soul is “ignoring me” then he will literally email me some nonsense and say, “Oh yeah- sorry for IGNORING you…” He mirrors my every thought about myself, him and our connection. So just know if this guy IS your “twin soul” then he is your full cosmic mirror here to show you yourself and to show you what you think feel and believe about yourself, him and other people. When you reaffirm through your thoughts that he is just ignoring you then he will be quiet for longer. When you feel he has deserted you then he will for longer. When you feel he does not find you worthy enough to talk to or respond to- then he will even more and all that quiet and space absolutely kills ego as we go through ego death after ego death. IF he is your twin soul or strong soul mate- he will do this to and for you. Just make sure you try to see what he’s showing you, and appreciate him for it. Love him for it, even if you need to move on. Even if you want to date and have romantic love NOW- fine, go ahead! But inside your heart please choose to love this poor little twin soul who has sacrificed being with the love of his life in order to help her see herself clearly so she can quickly ascend. Only love, nothing less for you and him both. You are such a shining star, a bright light. Just make sure to know he loves you no matter what he shows you. Have FAITH!

    Hebrews 11:1 Faith is the confidence that what we hope for will actually happen; it gives us assurance about things we cannot see.

    Here is a good read:


    BEST WISHES TO YOU and much much love my friend! Hugs!!!

    1. Giving up does NOT mean that you do not have the capacity to love!!! All of you are having a problem with this concept of moving on! There is a difference between running from love and seeing that it isn’t coming to you and moving on with your life because u aren’t trying to force it, u are going with the flow, which is urging u to let go. There is a difference, people!! Giving up means that u are afraid to come through and love, when u have a choice to participate. It doesn’t mean remaining faithful to a person who does not reciprocate for months or years on end… Remaining faithful to a person who does not reciprocate is not a self loving action and living in denial is not a self loving action.

  4. I have to say this is a bit confusing. All along I have been reading such beautiful things about this great love and you are now basically saying we’ve all been fools. That God has just been teaching us a great lesson. (dangling carrots?) Who says 90% are not Twin Flames and why do you believe that THEY know the truth?? Who is this person that you take their word as truth? And why should “I” believe them? Second hand info. Just more BS as far as I’m concerned from the TF experts. I’m not saying that we don’t all need to learn to cope with and thrive after this experience…but I do not believe I’m supposed to just move on and forget….feeling ignored and jilted. I always think people are relevant…but I do not have the same feelings/connection with others as I did him. Why is that?? Are we supposed to lie to ourselves and pretend we feel for others what we don’t or just learn to live with a lot less feeling? I don’t know how long you’ve been having this experience…but mine is going on 20 years…and I have never felt anything like this for another soul. I wish I could! Don’t kid yourself into thinking you will feel this again with someone else. All you can do at this point is give up hope of ever having what your heart desired the most. When I think this has just been a tough love lesson…it breaks my heart. And it doesn’t explain the feelings and experiences I had that I will never forget. (Because I wasn’t supposed to forget) I feel your heart is in the right place, but I’m afraid you may be a bit confused as to what your truth actually is. You are basically contradicting everything you have written. Am I missing something? I looked up to you and loved everything you wrote. I related to everything you said. Now it seems you have given up on your love life…and now you are basically telling us we too are deluding ourselves and should now follow suit with you and walk away. We are now weak and obsessive instead of people with true love connections. Hmmm? Pardon me if I don’t trust your opinion at this point.

    1. Ideas evolve. This is what resonates with me the most. So, this has been gong on with you for 20 years… That’s a problem. There is love beyond the TF. It’s a different kind of love. You gotta let ideas evolve. I think the romanticized idea keeps us on a treadmill. And there is no confusion about it, whether reunification occurs or not, EVERY TF situations calls for the ability to move on and live without them. That is a consistent TF teaching. Soulmate, TF, whatever. Make no mistake, you always have to get to that point of being able to move on and live happy without them. It’s extremely tough. I know. But there’s a way. I know because I’m there.

    2. And, I’ve not said anything negative about anyone in any TF stage. I have not implied anyone is crazy, obsessive, wrong or delusional. I completely understand this situation, no matter where u are at. No judgement here, I have already been there. But, I just want you guys to be able to be happy. Living 20 years without something that u can’t have, isn’t a recipe for happiness. I know it’s more than difficult to believe, but there are other ways to live through the TF experience

      1. I have moved on with my life by the way. Got married and had kids. Of course marrying someone whom you do not have this kind of connection with ends up being a disappointment. No matter how strong you are. Your heart never forgets something so amazing.I have gotten to a point where I can live without him. Obviously after so long. But like I sais…the feelings don’t just go away.

  5. “20 years. That’s a problem” No joke!! You can love others but when you’ve felt cloud 9 with someone and then have to reside on cloud 4 without them…it’s disappointing.I’m not the only one who had this experience long ago. I work on myself all the time and have grown a lot from this experience. Don’t assume I’m just waiting and crying. I’m not.

  6. I have to agree with Mandy. I am 12 years into this experience and it has never, never gotten any easier. I have been through every emotion, phase, and “working on myself” you could possibly conceive. I let go of the concept of twin flames years ago and knowing for certain if we were or were not. It means nothing to me anymore. The romantic fantasy died a tragic death within me a long time ago. Like Mandy said, it all seems so cruel and just “dangling carrots”. I wish I could move on. That is what I have wanted for so many years now. I wish I could put him behind me completely but the feelings don’t go away, as much as I have tried to make them. There is nothing that I want more than some kind of resolution and closure. I have prayed and cried to God for that so many times, but have never found it and I have stopped asking Him. I have a full life with a wonderful job, family, friends, and a creative passion. But that still doesn’t keep me from carrying the pain, anger, confusion in my heart each day that I will never be with the person I loved the most. I want to “move on”, trust me. I have tried with every ounce of my being to “let go”. I have no desire to be stuck in this place forever and be alone. I have tried everything I know.

    1. Keep reading. I wrote a post on the energies different people bring out in you and Mandy said that it helped her. I think i will construct a program specifically for those who would like to “move on” its actually part of the process. U shouldn’t have to feel heartbroken, or that something is “missing” (or whatever language u want to use to describe that) for 12 years. We are all in this together, love. Do not despair:-)

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