To Attract The Right Soulmate, Evolve Into The Right Soulmate… (Part 1) Positive Change

To Attract The Right Soulmate, Evolve Into The Right Soulmate… (Part 1) Positive Change


Everything is Channeled in some way, shape or form. I Channel through that which I call Unity Consciousness

There is a system in place that you may not be appreciating. Your ability to come into a state of homeostasis is of value, but, there would not be a such thing as homeostasis if chaos did not also exist. The value is in your ability to transform chaos back into homeostasis. Each time that you are able to transform your discombobulated state into a state of homeostasis, you have reached an entirely new way of being, that puts you at a higher functioning capacity than before. Accomplishing homeostasis out of chaos is always challenging in some way. As a result, you see that, instead of appreciating the entire system and that it works… Instead of appreciating that by piecing together the the puzzle, you are actually accomplishing something, many of you condemn yourself for being in that chaotic state to begin with. As if something is wrong with it. There is nothing wrong with it. If you could remain in a state of homeostasis at all times, there would be something wrong with that, because that would mean stagnation. You could not grow, learn, evolve and become capable of more. Without this system which consists of the unraveling of the current so that it can become the new. This is a constant thing. A constant movement taking place in your consciousness and it is also reflected in your lives. But you all have learned to resist it. To resist change. When you feel chaotic on the inside, you deem it wrong and you want to fix it. This is where motivation for positive forward momentum originates, but you do not have to view this state or need for change as negative. Change is never negative. Your thoughts about it create the negativity and trigger the negativity to ensue. If you do not resist the unraveling, you could more quickly, easily and painlessly accomplish the reconnecting of the dots for the newer, better picture, so to speak.

Soulmate II

Stop making change wrong.

Becoming aware of what is not desired is a gift because it allows us the power of choice, which makes positive evolution possible. You must develop a preference before you can ever attain that which is desired. Before knowing what you do want, you must know what you do not want. Don’t make it any harder than that.

Just participate.


By moving forward, the best that you can.

Take your direction by using your joy and your preference as your compass.

You will find that those things that unraveled did not make you as happy as the things that came together and followed them. You will find that when you re-establish homeostasis, that you are better off than you were before. Don’t be a Debbie downer about it. Don’t be a baby, don’t be a whiner. Instead of being a cheese ball, eat a cheese ball and fucking find reasons to smile about it. Why? Because finding reasons to smile is better than finding reasons to frown. Don’t fight us on this, just do it and you will find yourself in a much happier state. The only time you feel wrong is when you are making something wrong. It’s all in perspective. You have the power of crafting that perspective. You must realize that, in order to utilize that power. There is always more than one way to see one thing. This goes for anything.

The root of your power is your awareness. It is what makes everything possible. Awareness is a gift, because it allows the power of choice, which makes evolution possible. It makes improvement possible. Utilize this idea in all of the ways that you can. Before you are used to it, you will not even come close to realizing all the ways in which you can utilize awareness in your every day, moment to moment experience to gain decision making power like never before. Just do what you can. Become aware of what you can. There is always more to learn, more to know. Everything is relevant, but if you automatically discard something because you deem it irrelevant, it cannot therefore, become relevant for you and show you all that it has the potential to show you! There are so many things that you are not paying attention to, that you could be giving a greater level of attention! It’s all in the details. It’s all in everything. Leave nothing out. Begin to see it that way and it will be true to you and instead of reading books to no end, in order to learn, you will find that you can learn from almost anything that you do, just by giving things your attention, as if they are relevant. You will learn so many things this way. Things that have a different quality than what a book provides. Life experience is the best teacher of all, and we learn by observing contrast. It is by seeing that which we are not, that we learn about that which we are, ad everything else. Contrast provides choices and preferences and awareness to different, fresh and new concepts. This is all life enriching stuff that we are talking about. Just by doing this process that is mentioned here, could add so much richness to your life and you would become a highly conscious, fast learning being, because of it.


You could become just as fascinating as the world is to you. People could observe you and just be blown away by your perceptions and your willingness to share your unique ways of thinking. Yes, we are cultivating new ways of being and thinking. We are cultivating greater awareness, for the sake of greater levels of consciousness. Why? Because it is life enriching and fun. Because knowledge is power and stagnation is completely boring.

This is important when you want a mate. The more you learn, the more options you have, all around. You can invent new ways to interact with people. You will genuinely acquire new interesting qualities that you did not have before and you will also ne noticing more things in general, which allows you to make decisions which are more informed. This is all good. Good is what we are after. That is all.

So, many of you want to know how to attract your Soulmate. The one that you want. You do that by becoming the person that your Soulmate has agreed to come together with. Learn, evolve, grow and love. This applies whether you have met your Soulmate or not. This applies whether you have met your Twin Flame or not. You still have to be the person that they have agreed to be with in order to attract them to you.  I love you all so much!


If you would like a Soulmate/Twin Flame reading, or some very intuitive insights on how to energetically maneuver your current soulmate situation, you may contact me at any time.


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