Choosing a Soulmate Who Brings Out The Best in You…

Choosing a Soulmate Who Brings Out The Best in You…


Everything is Channeled. “I”, “We”, it is all the same in a Unified Universe.

If I can convey this correctly, what I am about to say will serve as a very serious breakthrough in your consciousness. There are things that exist, systems in place that you are not currently aware of, but as you move along your path of evolution, learning and picking up bit and pieces of information along the way, you become ready for more. More bits of the puzzle, more information and even paradigm shifts can occur when certain levels of understanding have been reached. Total shifts in consciousness are awesome and incredible to the mind, body and soul. It means that you are learning faster, which is always good. We always want faster becoming, never slower becoming. You know what is good for you. Positive forward momentum. That’s good. So, here we go… Let’s have a total shift in consciousness. What I am about to say is not particularly profound… until you come to understand the degree to which it is true. That’s what’s profound about it. Whoa!!! Supernovae…

Different people bring out different qualities in you.

Not so profound. Let’s take it further…

Different people will evoke different energetic responses from you.

Let’s let it evolve…

There are some people who evoke from you, those energetic qualities that you want to embody

and other people who evoke from you those energetic qualities that are not what you want to embody.

Here is what’s profound…

Which person are you in love with?

It is obviously, a good idea to be in love with the person who elicits from you, the qualities that represent who you want to be. It is obviously, not an ideal choice, to be in love with a person who elicits from you a qualities that do not represent the person you are wanting to be.



Your choice of who you want to be, is just as constant as your choice of who you want to be with. You can be moving along just fine, until you have that moment of recognition where it becomes apparent to you that you want something that is different from what is currently in your reality. This is how energetic disharmony is born. If you have an energetic disharmony, it isn’t a big deal. But you are making it a big deal! Because you are attaching yourselves to people unnecessarily and then, they cause you to grow, and things begin to fall apart as you become ready to be with another person because you have grown and are ready to have different qualities elicited from you, but you are resisting the change, entirely! You deem it as a sad, bad thing!! So, you cling to the old. Further perpetuating the state of disharmony.

It is actually a fantastic thing when you become ready for someone new! It means that you now, have the opportunity to meet someone who can teach you your next lesson! It means that you can meet new people with new qualities and learn new things! Moving onto bigger and better things is a cliche, but it’s based on real shit. This is it. The reality of things. Stop clinging to people who’s energies are disallowing you from becoming the person that you want to become. Instead, leave those people and find new people who’s energies are attracting the qualities that you want to exhibit.

Is who I am when I am with you, the person that I want to be? Do you bring out the best in me?

Do I like who I am when I am with you?

If a person is not in an energetic state of being which allows them to receive kindness from you, they will not receive any kindness from you. Period. No matter what you do. They will either evoke something from you that is not kindness,  or they will misinterpret your kindness, the mail will get lost, the message won’t get sent and they will miss it entirely. There is nothing that you can do about what another being is currently attracting. You cannot cause them to change! What you must do is move on and find a person who is attracting kindness. If you are wanting to be a kind person and you come together with a person who is wanting to be around people who are kind, the two of you will collide and find such exquisite harmony. Let that be the case for you. Let yourself find people who are attracting the qualities that you want to exhibit. The rest cannot see you, cannot hear you, cannot appreciate you and that is just how it is. If you find that you are fearful around a person, yes, those fears are yours, but this person also has an energy that is attracting and eliciting those fears to come forth from within you. They are part of the problem. The attractor is part of the problem. We are multifaceted beings. We are mixed bags of energy. There are many things which can be elicited from us. Find a person whom you feel good and confident around. Find a person whom is easy for you to love. If a person is attracting a nightmare and you come their way, you will be their nightmare, whether that is your intention or not. It may not even be your intention, but if you are in that vicinity, it will happen. Find someone who is attracting joy and let them bring out the joy in you. Find someone who is attracting love and let them bring out the love in you. Keep going about the mary-go-round until you find a fit that really suits you. There are many, many people and energies present for a reason, because life is a constant flow, and so are you. There is no stagnation. We want you to grow, you want you to grow, the Universe wants you to grow and so it is. You will. But, to make it easier on yourself and to speed the coming of the things that you desire, go with the flow. let things go that are not working. It does not mean do not give it a chance. It does not mean do not put forth effort or do not try. That is not what we mean here at all. Put forth your best effort, but also recognize that even your best efforts cannot yield results from a person who’s energetic state of being is simply choosing not to adjust to create harmony. Do not remain in a state of stagnation out of a fear of loss.  Because loss can never happen. It is illusory. It only happens in your mind. If you would allow yourself to line up with attracting the thing that you want, that thing would show up and so fast and you would not feel loss at all. At the same time, when you feel loss, you cannot possibly attract something to fill your void.


These transitions happen slowly for most of you. The transition from loss to gain. You may have to meet many people who incrementally prepare you to be in the right vibration to receive a bigger thing that you want. But know that, that is what is happening. That everyone who crosses your path is of great purpose for you and that purpose does not have to be forever. It is for now, and when it is no longer serving you, simply let it go. It does not mean run and scream, it means let it go when it wants to go! Let the sour milk go! It is already gone!!

You must see this. That when you are feeling negative emotion, it is because you are resisting. You are holding on too tight. You aren’t going with the flow. Go with the flow, is all that is meant here. See everyone as compatible with your ideal energetic components or not. What is good is good, it is not hard to miss. What is bad is bad, it is not hard to miss. In order to help yourself, ask yourself, is there more good or bad here? Sleep on it if you must, but let this idea of attracting qualities and harmonizing by law of attraction, sink in for you. This explains your relationship experiences. Its not you, it’s them, and they were not what you wanted anyway, but you shall find what you are wanting if you keep going. There is no chance of harmonizing with what you want if you are resisting it.

I want to make a note, that this only applies if you are being authentic. You cannot be holding back, taking action from the energy of fear and also cultivate what you want from a relationship. But, if you are truly authentic and open hearted, and you still do not find harmony with the person that you are with, or wanting to be with, then, you have done all that you can do. 

So, what will you do?

What is meant to be, will be. Many of your relationships loop around, as you come together, you grow, you separate for a time and you end up back together. This is very sensical, but you have to allow the in between stages of reunion to occur, before the reunion can occur. You cannot be holding on and resisting the whole way and meet with the necessary components to bring you to a higher state of consciousness. You are required to go with the flow. So, do not fear “letting go”, if it is meant to be, it will be. This is for you all, who are holding onto something that is no longer serving you and doubting that there is much else out there for you. Do not be so foolish to insult the Universe in this way. The Universe NEVER runs out of ideas, or resources, or means. But, you can block yourself from getting what you want. True story:)where-is-my-soulmate

I feel the love of the Universe.

The next post will be about love. Inspired by things, but love can exist with or without. No object necessary, loves is a state of being. It will be good<3

If you would like a Soulmate/Twin Flame reading, and/or intuitive clarity,  you may contact me at any time,

I am here for you.

9 thoughts on “Choosing a Soulmate Who Brings Out The Best in You…

  1. Reblogged this on Twin Flame Reflections and commented:
    Now this is more in alignment with what I have been feeling lately. There is no one particular person who holds our Twins energy and so if it doesn’t work out we cling to that person for deal life afraid that if we let go that some how we have failed. Be open to another who will hold your Twin’s energy, remember your Twin’s energy is quantum energy, it is all around you and can come through someone else. Don’t get stuck! Be open and willing to someone else coming into your life that will manifest the energy of your Twin for you. Enjoy this post! ~Carolyn~

  2. Your post raised my consciousness again! It’s happening just so fast. It’s shocking sometimes but oh yes, it’s exciting. Your post has reaffirmed my recent decision. Thanks for making me realise that the person I’m with is not receiving my kindness, which means our relationship is not serving him either. But I feel there are so many physical arrangements to sort out in order to move forward. Do I just need to go with the flow, trust the Universe while channelling my passion?

  3. I have to say I was a little hard on you in an earlier post. I was shocked and confused by the abrupt change. I do not believe that we can just move on to another “loving person” and find that same connection.I don’t think the Twin Flame energy pops into another body if one doesn’t work out. The man I loved…I loved HIM. Body, Mind, Soul, Personality, etc. He cannot be replaced. That’s not to say I can’t love someone else or even feel that connected again. I think it’s possible. But HE cannot be replaced with another. That’s absurd! That’s like trying to replace your child by having another baby. You may love the new baby very much but you will never forget the child or stop loving them. I do like the above article and it makes a lot of sense. The reason why I want a divorce now and the reason I fell in love with TF is in the natural way I feel around them. One I felt I was at my best with and the joy was like never before. The other feels like a temporary learning lesson. Both I love…just in completely different ways. Both bring out different sides of me. I can let my husband go and allow him to find someone better suited for him. The hardest part is breaking the hearts of family members and in laws who don’t believe in or even understand divorce. I used to see divorce as a bad thing until I got married and realized the necessity. I see what we have both learned from each other and see clearly that we can both move on happily. As far as TF goes. Thankfully these new energies coming in have changed a lot as far as my feelings of missing him or feeling incomplete without him. I’m pretty much content and happy regardless. I feel a big shift as the pain has all but disappeared. That’s not to say I don’t love him…and I wouldn’t even say I’ve given up on us. I’m just at a point of peace. 😉

    1. I don’t mean that we can find the TF experience in another person. There’s different qualities to every romantic situation. I recommend focusing on attracting the parts that were lacking in the TF union and attracting those. (If it doesn’t work out with TF) Its more believable that u can attract a healthy relationship, than to think that u can attract the same magnetic pull that the TF provides. But, if there’s no harmonic relationship, what good are fireworks? What we ultimately want is a happy union, fireworks dont have to be grand. It doesn’t have to be that. A new relationship can provide a more solid quality and we can have appreciation for that. Nobody can be replaced. But we can be with people who are good for us. I am glad u found goodness in the post. Youve inspired me to write a post on this.:-)

  4. I notice quite a few people speaking about their Twin Flame coming to them in another human form. As if it jumps ship when John doesn’t make the right moves and now they can have their TF experience with Jim as the same Twin Spirit. ??? It seems as though a lot of people are accepting this notion. Where did this idea come from? Do they also believe that their own soul jumps ship when they themselves don’t “progress” forward with the other? A question that needs to be asked.

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