Process To Attract An Awesome Lover; Instructions Included:)

Process To Attract An Awesome Lover; Instructions Included:)

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I know that I am Channeling in Unison with the Universe because I simply follow the urge to type, even when I haven’t the slightest clue what I will be typing. I just demonstrate my faith in the Universe and let it give me each word as it comes. When I begin to type, I don’t need to know how each sentence will end. I don’t need to know anything besides the current word I am typing. All I need is one word at a time, and it all comes together in the end.

This is a Unified Universe and I’m just a part of that. My channeling is simply a metaphor for the Unity of all that is.

Trust and Believe

Good shit is real;)

*Note- This can Process can be applied to an existing Lover or a New Lover.

There are so many things that your attention could be drawn to. So many things worth considering. So many things worth getting to know. But at the end of the day, what is most important? And, furthermore, are the important things the things that you are focused upon?

You see, it does not matter what you know, if you pay no attention to those things that you know will help you. Knowledge and wisdom are not one in the same. Knowledge is to know, to be aware of a thing. But application of what you know is the mark of wisdom. Don’t get it twisted;)

We know that most of you are quite intelligent, because you are the ones who seek information and keep your minds open because you are so willing to learn new things. This is invaluable to your evolution and will help you tremendously.

Learning is the ONLY chance you have if you are hoping to improve in any area of your life.

Relationships are no different. What are you focused upon? The Universe will share with you an incredibly simple tool that you can use to improve any relationship that you have or desire to have. But the use of this process does not have to stop there, you can use this for anything. Here is the key to attracting the most awesome lover to you.

It isn’t about finding the perfect lover. There is no such thing. It’s not even about being the perfect lover. Those words are not an all encompassing translation.

It’s about eliciting what you want from the Universe and from the person you are with.

Every ingredient that you could possibly want is already there. It becomes visible to you when you bring it into focus. You must focus correctly in order to bring it into your view.

You have options. Anything you can focus upon is an option you are choosing. So, out of all of the options available to you, what are you choosing?

There is an element of control involved with this process. Focus, even if it feels good and is positive takes deliberate intention, which is effort. But, if you think that the negativity you are experiencing is greater than the small effort it takes to gear shift your energy into the direction which will attract what you want unto you, then it should not be a problem.


Have you got something better to do than to attract what you want unto you? Didn’t think so;)

None of this is new, but you need reminding. You need it to be said in different ways. You never know when the optimal configuration of words will hit you in such a way that brings clarity. Enough clarity to inspire your application from knowledge into wisdom which you apply in your life and reap the rewards.

You can only reap the rewards when you are applying these concepts correctly. It is worth the effort it takes to understand and it is worth the effort it takes to apply. 

You all want to know what this life is about. Here is what it is…

It’s about getting it right. And by that, we do not mean that you are to reach some sort of epitome of goodness. You are already as good and worthy as you will ever be. What it means to get it right is to identify your desire and APPLY THE LAWS OF THE UNIVERSE IN THIS DIMENSION UNTIL YOU RECEIVE WHAT YOU DESIRE. 

This requires trial, error and feeling out the energy involved. There is always energy involved. Become aware of it. This will help you tremendously. Pay Attention! Possibly the two most helpful words you could ever know. You cannot “Get it right” if you do not even realize what you did to get what you got in the first place. Trial and error only works if you are learning along the way.

The ultimate result of “ Getting it right” is JOY. That is it. The reason for existence. Everything in the Universe gravitates towards joy at all times and this is what perpetuates existence. Nothing could exist without first the desire to exist. Once you exist, you must follow your joy in order to continue existing. If you do not follow your joy, you will surely die. You must eat, you must breathe, you must follow your joy in order to live. To live is a verb and also a cliche. All of you know that the word “life” is equated with the word “joy”, As evidenced by the phrase “live your life”. What you must know is the joy exists on an ongoing crescendo. You can take it as high or as low as you are wanting to go. Even if you have shitty quality of life, you still desire to live, or else, you would not be here. So, simply to breathe contains an element of Joy. Learn to take it to another level by attracting your preferences to you. Existence is a preference. To live is a preference and living a preference = Joy


It is my joy to write, and so, I do. It is my joy to live, and so I do. This concept extends into every crevice of existence. Relationships included. Here is a step by step process to make it easy for you to get into a vibration which makes you compatible with a desirable mate.

  1. Identify what you want. Make lists of desirable traits and try to encompass all that you can. (The post prior to this one provides a good list of traits to get you started). Do realize that what you desire can come in a form that you do not immediately recognize. This is part of trusting the universe. Follow your joy at all times.
  2. You must Believe that what you desire exists
  3. You must Believe that the Universe can easily deliver what you want. After all, the Earth does unfailingly spin on its Axis. The Sun and the planets all orbit in perfect proximity to one another, and the best part is that you think that the Universe cannot deliver your desire? You are an Eternal being, part of this infinitely perfect web of creation. Do not give into the small minded rubbish, that the Universe is limited. Believe.
  4. EnJOY your fucking life! Here’s the story, you attract what you feel and what you are. If you are sad, if you are lonely and if you feel that something is missing, that is what you will get.

How To EnJOY Life:


  • Use your power and ability of focus to keep you appreciative of all the good that surrounds you
  • There will always be things to dislike as well as things to appreciate, the difference is in where you are choosing to look.
  • Practice seeing only the things that you enjoy. Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water.
  • Let go of judgement. You can use discernment, but try leaning towards being more carefree and do not linger on negative ideas.
  • Choose to assign positive meaning to things, instead of assigning negative meaning.
  • If something doesn’t feel good, go away from it.
  • If something feels good, follow it.
  • That which you feel drawn to is for a reason.
  • Focus on things you can do to bring more fun into your life. Allow yourself to do them.
  • Life is a game. Play.
  • Just Focus Positively. That pretty much sums it up.


Having a difficult time staying focused?

Here is something easy you can do:

Create intentions. One key intention or a few. Recite and focus on your intention at the start of each day and as often as you can remember to do so. Here are a few sample intentions:

  • May my focus always carry me into fun, no matter what I am doing.
  • May I always focus on the beauty that surrounds me.
  • Positivity follows me everywhere I go
  • I am carefree and receptive to good vibes
  • I can make anything work in my favor. I am creative, clever and fun.
  • Every moment is full of fun
  • I like this game
  • The Universe conspires in my favor and there is good to be had

Surround yourself with information that supports your intentions. Don’t watch the news, don’t watch frightening movies, and avoid situations that you know lead to negative feelings. If you must do something you dislike, find good things about it and pave the way for positive thinking before you arrive. For instance, if you don’t want to go to work, do something different. Go to Starbucks, change your makeup or hairstyle. Make it fun, throw paper balls… listen to music… Do something that offers you some sense of relief and focus on that. Whatever you are doing, you can put a positive spin on it.Anime-ishcupcakegirl2 Now that you are aware of all the pointers in the process and you are enjoying your life… just keep doing that. here is where many of you get tripped up; You treat the process like it is a means to an end, when in reality, the point is to EnJOY yourself NOW. If you make this a means to an end, you are still exhibiting an energy that tells the Universe that something is missing from your life and therefore, what you want cannot manifest itself into your reality. Find joy in your now. Yes, things will come, but do not depend on that and especially do not get upset if they do not. You are a creator, you are in charge, you must do the work. Here is a funny thing that you will learn:  Your Lover is not necessarily far away from you in proximity. In fact, your lover could be right in front of your face and if you are in the wrong vibration, you will never perceive that.It doesn’t matter where your lover is. Your lover could be on the other side of the world and if you are doing it right, they will appear. Just like that.  Your Lover is probably already there, very close. in fact, the very moment that you line up (vibrationally) with it, it will appear.

Many of you have tendency to feel that “I’m not doing it right. I’m no good at this. This isn’t working”

Stop doing that. LOL

(I, the channel, can identify the blocks in your vibration and provide you with instruction on how to change them to attract what you want. You will find my information at the bottom)

***You will slow the process of you are dependent upon an outcome.***

Be creative and learn how to have fun from exactly where you are sitting. It is not the outside world that must change in order for your desire to be revealed. It is you who must change so that you can see your desire is already fulfilled. Even if it is in front of your face, you will not see a positive thing until you have shifted your FOCUS in order to perceive it. What you want is already there. It is you who must change to line up with it.


Love you<3

-The Universe…and… Your favorite Channel!!<3<3

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We are all in this together, I am here for you.

With Love

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