Capturing/Aligning with the Vibration of the Ideal Soulmate Union

Capturing/Aligning with the Vibration of the Ideal Soulmate Union


All of the messages here are channeled via Unity Consciousness. This is a Unified Universe and we are all in this together.

With love <3

Many of you do not know how this is supposed to go for you. You do not know what a good relationship feels like, because you have never had one. If you had, you’d still be in it and you would not be reading this! You would be with your lover! Talking with your lover in perfect harmony! But this does not happen because you do not know what to look for! You think it takes effort, when really, it is far less effort than you think. Really, it is no effort at all. You have been told many times and through many venues that love is supposed to be easy. How many ways can we convey this to you? But you still want to work hard in your relationships, hoping that will make them work and in the end, you can possibly gain some good from it, but never as much good as you could gain from joining with the energy that makes the union effortless and easy. You need to know what to look for. There are many people out there and it is so easy to see potential. You need to know that every second you are not within your union, you are preparing for it. That is what is happening. So, let the preparations begin! You need to know what to look for so that you are not settling. The longer that you are willing to settle, the longer that you postpone the union that you are really wanting to occur. So you see, the two are connected. Once you are not needing to settle, you are showing the Universe that you are ready for more. That you do not have anything more to learn from those other energies that are not serving you.

This process of experiencing relationships that are only leading to a more fulfilling relationship is necessary. The point is to work out the kinks in your energy so that when the right one comes along, you can recognize him. People come our way to assist in our process of evolution. Until you feel settled within yourself, you cannot attract a person to feel settled with. So, suitors come along to bring out energies in your field so that you can identify them and resolve them. When these energies are no longer in your field, you can then link up with someone who, instead of reflecting back what is unresolved within you, they reflect what is resolved within you.

So, what does that feel like?

We often fall for people who give us butterflies, make us nervous and jittery… But its too much work to be with someone who makes us nervous. It’s too much work wondering how much someone appreciates you, or notices your good points. It’s too much work wondering if they are going to call you tomorrow or change their mind about you. It’s too much work to be praying that they don’t see your flaws. It’s too much work wondering if  they think you are good enough for them.

The right person for you will not inspire you to walk on eggshells. Being with them will not cause you to feel self doubt, nervous and they will not make you feel insane. It will feel so natural to be with them that you will notice those types of thoughts just vanish. Instead of being more self doubt or nervousness, there will be less. being with them will be easy and effortless. This is the way it is designed to be and this way is consistent with the idea of following your joy, which is the path of least resistance. The path of least resistance is the easiest and most natural way to flow. It is the path that is inspired by joy and leads to more joy, every time.


There are an infinite number of variables when it comes to the energies of relationships. The one thing that will always be true is that good relationships flow easily. Everyone has the ability to meet someone truly suited for them, it is simply a matter of being a vibrational match to that circumstance. Simply remember this. That the Universe is never asking you to settle. When someone comes into your life, go into it knowing that they might leave just as swiftly as they came and that, that would be ok because there is no lack, and losing them simply means another is on the way. Once you begin to embody an energy that doesn’t settle, you will attract a relationship that reflects that. In order to get there, you may have some evolving to do. As long as you remain hopeful and expectant, you will hit all of the points that you need to hit in order to get you to where you are wanting to go.

Here is what to look for in a relationship or potential relationship:

  • Look for interaction to happen easily and naturally. You’re not waiting on him, he isn’t waiting for you, there is an ease around communication.
  • You should not feel afraid. A person who inspires fear or unease is not going to be the best match.
  • Balance. The relationship should be mutual. Sometimes it can take some time to sync up, but for the most part, the balance will be pretty close to even.
  • There is no lack. You should not feel a sense of lack or that something you desire is not happening.
  • Peace. Being with the right person just feels peaceful. The opposite of nervous or anxious.
  • Everything should feel good and natural
  • It isn’t difficult to progress, progression happens naturally or with little effort.
  • Communication is easy and each party should feel content in giving honesty and that they are receiving honesty.
  • Supportive. Each partner should feel supported and feel that they can offer the same, energetically speaking.
  • Resonance. It should be easy to exchange ideas and see eye to eye.

This all seems pretty simple, doesn’t it? Well, yes, it is quite simple, yet most relationships aren’t characterized by the list above. Use this to help you gauge people out. If someone makes you nervous, if you feel like you need something they aren’t giving or you tend to hit a lot of snags in the relationship, this isn’t reflective of the best possible match for you. So, simply keep all this in mind and don’t cling to anything unnecessarily. It is important to know that there is no lack in the universe and there is no lack when it comes to providing the perfect partner for you. People come and go, but a lesson learned is a lesson learned. Let people come, offer their lessons and leave when they have served their purpose in your life. Relationships are meant to be good! Let go of the old to let in the new.

How do you know if it isn’t good?

Here is an easy way to tell. When it is truly good, there is no question about it. You would not even be asking the question “Is it good?”, “Is it good enough?” or “Is this what I want?” because the answer would be obvious. You would know, without having to question it. If you harbor doubt, then there is room for doubt. You do not doubt something that there is no doubt about. You see how that works?

Don’t settle. You know when you are. It isn’t necessary.

Demonstrate your trust in the Universe and your Ideal Soulmate will come.


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TWIN FLAME 2.0~Redefining Triumph; Twin Flame or Not

TWIN FLAME 2.0~Redefining Triumph; Twin Flame or Not


This is quite a rewarding read.

All messages here are channeled via Unity Consciousness. This is a Unified Universe and we are all in this together

People want to know how I accomplished a state of fearlessness.

I am teaching open heartedness, but in order to be open hearted, one must first overcome fear.

I will tell you how I did it…

The first Twin Flame experience I had caused me tremendous pain and unbearable heartache that I couldn’t shake. To me, the Twin Flame is an experience, after all, isn’t that what you get from it? So, no sense wasting your IQ trying to find out who  deserves the magic label of Twin Flame in your life or who was “wrong” about theirs. Let’s focus on what is important. The experience, the lessons and where it has brought us to now.

So, since I was in so much pain, I realized I had nothing to lose. I was already in pain. How much more pain could I possibly be in? So I decided to be authentic. Because I also teach following your joy and your guidance and I found that expressing myself authentically did bring the slightest bit of relief, no matter the outcome. I became very brave and courageous and I liked that. It made me feel good to be that way. It was something to be proud of. I am fearlessly authentic and courageous with my love. I don’t think being proud of embodying your core essence is bad or egotistical. I think that the sense of pride that comes with loving the nature of who you are, enough that you’re willing to be that is a self loving action and the pride feeling I think is simply a recognition that what you are doing, by recognizing your divinity is good.


Twin Flame or not?

As you can probably imagine, this is the most burning question that all of my clients want an answer to. It’s also the most irrelevant.

The reason is because…

#1, Nobody outside of you can tell you who is your Twin Flame. You can go to all the psychics you want and they might be willing to give you an answer but the reality is that they can all be wrong and you should be using your own guidance regardless of the answer to this question.

#2, The answer to this question doesn’t change anything. It can’t make you love them more or less. It can’t make you forget and it can’t make them change their mind. It doesn’t change the fact that Twin Flame or not, the idea is to become happy and whole in yourself! Self love is always the goal!! Therefore, from what I have experienced and observed, the label only serves to complicate. If two people are together and they believe that they are Twin Flames, it’s nice to be in agreement, nothing wrong with that. It could strengthen their bond, but it still doesn’t change what’s between them. So let’s choose to focus on what we know. The situation at hand. The feelings in your soul And where your heart is guiding you to. You are having this experience for a reason. Twin Flame or not, you still have to learn to open your heart and follow it in order to come out the other side. Labels are quite 3D and the problem is that they introduce confusion. Once you adhere to a label you open the door to opposition. There’s a chance you could be wrong. Or, as it often goes… ” If he’s my Twin Flame, then why isn’t he doing this?” “Isn’t this supposed to happen?” All of that is useless mind noise. Labels actually invite doubt and also come with expectations. You’re always hanging onto the possibility of reunion and it leaves you in a stagnant sort of state. Your energetic patterning becomes “waiting”, which only brings about more of the same. There’s other focuses of thought you could be taking on that could serve you much better. I’ve come out the other side of the painful TF experience. At least, that’s what it was for me. A catalyst. Was I right? Was I wrong? I don’t know. What’s important isn’t for me to know if he was my Twin Flame or not. Or if my new Union, which I am calling Ideal, is my Twin Flame or not. What is important is that I did come out the other side and I had to drop the label in order to do that. Because it was always a hook, a source of pain. It seemed to perpetuate the confusion and longing. At least, for me. Not everyone is meant to move on and never reunite, but I’d like to bridge this gap that moving on can prevent a Union from occurring. It cannot. No amount of “moving on” can prevent the manifestation of what is divinely meant to be. So, then, why are you holding on so tight??

 Moving on must be done regardless of the outcome you are hoping for.

It is a TF teaching and part of the experience of becoming whole.

Do not misinterpret these words. The intention is not to tell you to run away or marry another. The intention is to identify and transcend needy energies and 3D illusions.


No amount of “moving on” or becoming whole can hinder your union. Quite the opposite. So, stop vehemently opposing this idea. You can’t outmaneuver the universe. You simply let go when it’s time to let go and embrace what comes to you willingly. You have no other choice. If you deviate from what creation wants to do, you are creating resistance, which you translate as pain. The opposite of joy. This is what happens when you go against the grind, instead of with the flow.

It is only when you go with the flow that union can occur. When you feel pain, you aren’t going with the flow. When you feel joy, you are. No matter what space, time or circumstance may have come between you and your Twin Flame in the time you have been apart, has no bearing on whether you will come together again. The Universe can always bring you back together just as it did the first time around. However, it is you who attracts the circumstance of coming into alignment with your Twin Flame or Soulmate Union.

 Step 1- Embody authenticity.
Easier said than done. Pain was my biggest help in this matter. As terrible and every minute was,

 I am now courageous, because my pain made fear completely obsolete.

That is what the Universe is trying to do. To force you into being your authentic self.

To show you that there is nothing else to be!

Because of my painful experience, I am able to explain to you why you have nothing to lose, whether you are in pain or not.

The truth is that whether you are in pain or not, you have nothing to lose. As you are not embodying your core essence; Your true, authentic state, you will attract people who are a vibrational match to whatever it is that you are choosing to embody. As a spiritual being, as you continue to grow and evolve, you will become closer to the vibration that is of your core essence. As you become more authentic, your vibration shifts and you will shed the old people, who are no longer vibrating in a place that is in alignment with your current state. As your vibration changes, As your energy changes, the things you are in alignment with and attracting in your life change as well. As you move along in your spiritual journey, you will find that old friends will inevitably vanish and new ones will appear. The problems that you will face are of a result of you trying to resist this change! Allow the change to occur. This is what we are witnessing with so many of you in relationships and marriages that are not meant to be stagnant forever, yet you do not allow yourself to release the old. This creates terrible turbulence in your life and, although you can never become stagnant, because the only constant is change, there is a certain level of evolutionary growth which cannot be reached when you are holding onto the old and not embracing the new.


Redefining Triumph

The person who does not stick to you as you are embodying your open hearted, authentic nature is not the person who is meant to be with you. They cannot appreciate you. So, by losing them, that is not actually a loss at all. That is a total gain! It is a triumph! Because you do not want anyone around you that you are not in harmony with! But you are under this illusion that you can be alone and that is never true! You create every circumstance and the reality is that the Universe is at your fingertips, if you will simply pay attention and learn how to harness it. PAY ATTENTION to this next part…By being authentic, you are speeding the process of elimination. You are more quickly eliminating all of the options that are not right for you. By not acting authentic, you slow the process of elimination and by your terms, time is lost, because it is taking you more time to sort through to get what you want. Also, if you are choosing to stay with a person who is not fully accepting of who you truly are, then you are choosing to also not fully love and embrace yourself. This prevents you from fully embodying your true, authentic nature. You would come to find the harmonious relationship you are after much faster, if you would simply come into harmony with yourself first (by being authentic and open hearted). Come to terms with who you are and allow yourself to be that no matter who is around. Not every soul will be attracted to your authentic state. Only the ones who are in harmony with you will stick to you and that is exactly what you want! Be yourself completely. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. The more fully you are able to do this, the better this formula will work for you and you will find that harmonious relationships are making their way to you.

Understand that what you are defining as losing is not a loss. The loss of a relationship only means that you are ready to move onto the next partner who is in alignment with the newer version of yourself that you are embodying. New partners will exhibit aspects that the previous relationships have caused you to desire. They will present new challenges and reflect back to you things about yourself that you have never been made aware of before. There are so many glorious options out there for you! And yet, you cling to one?! And you are clinging to the one who runs away from you instead of running to you? You are feeling less than good because another is not embracing you? You are limiting yourself when you adhere to a person who is not in alignment with you! As you accept their absence as rejection, you are rejecting yourself. It is you who accepts that vibrational state of being or not. The vibration is interpreted and embodied by YOU.

Twin Flame or not. Do not adhere and cling and remain in pain over a loss that is not a loss. It is only when you realize that nothing is lost that you can gain what you are meant to gain from the situation. Only when you cooperate enough to gain what you are meant to gain, only then, can UNION occur. You prevent your own union by your refusal to take the lesson and allow evolution to occur. What you do not know is that it takes you full circle! That you will end up happy again if you will only allow and look ahead with excitement and delight. This is repeated to you over and over again; Trust The Universe!!! Only a small portion of what you are is being exercised here in this game of Earth. Trust that the entirety of who you are has placed you here, with full understanding and with a purpose that is so far beyond suffering. The only reason suffering happens is because you do not exercise faith! You are in this game of Earth, where separation is illusory and you give into it. Do not give into appearances, my dear. Circumstances don’t matter, only vibrational standpoint matters.


So many of you are not getting this. You oppose this idea of moving on and going with the flow as it was intended, in favor of clinging to old. The Universe gives you what belongs to you. If it is yours, there will be no question about it! It would be yours!! If you are “without” something that you desire, it is always in your power to acquire it. You are simply here to become a master of that and that is the game, my love. Only a game. So play on. Play and do not give a thought to appearances and you will fair well. This world has been given to you so that you can create and you are only here because you desired this challenging venue to expand your evolution. Only masterful creators come here and you are one. Know your divinity. Tune in and stay tuned. My love, my love and you will fair well. So much to learn. Play on.



Hi, this is Elise<3…
I have been conducting Twin Flame and Soulmate readings for you all, for many months now…

I have the ability to point out the blocks in your energetic patterning that need to be resolved before your Perfect, Ideal Soulmate Union can occur.

I need only a picture of you in order to perform this reading. The reading includes detailed instruction, tailored to your specific needs and guidance to explain exactly what it is that you must resolve and how to go about in doing so.

I am still offering TwinFlame/Soulmate Readings.

But ALL of you who come to me are desiring Unification with your Ideal Soulmate

So, call the reading what you will, but all who come to receive readings from me will be informed of what is blocking you from your Perfect Union and what you must do in order to resolve and come into alignment with your Perfect Soulmate Union.

I have already resolved and completed my transition, which has resulted in my very own Unification With My Ideal Soulmate in the 3rd dimension.

This is what I want for all of you.


Twin Flame 2.0; What’s The Point?

Twin Flame 2.0; What’s The Point?

Love_facts_04I Channel through a source that I know as Unity Consciousness. We are all connected, everything is relevant, accessible and channeled.

This message was channeled before my Union, but it wasn’t published and it encompasses the KEY point that I have been wanting to express as a result of my union. Because this message was written before my current union, it is also a testimony that the method does in-fact work. Enjoy 🙂

“The Twin Flame is the Highest Love.”

-John Apt (Currently In Twin Flame Union)

    Love is polluted. Its contaminated with fear and doubt. There is only love. And its opposite. All negativity is the opposite of love. Yet we are so afraid of love. Calling it dangerous and unwise, irrational.  There is no such thing as this in love. Anything besides love isn’t love. So, pain, fear and doubt are contaminates, and then we blame love. What would happen if we were not afraid to love? If we did not hold back in fear? What would happen if our love was pure and expressed fully and truthfully. What would happen if we did not hold back?

Finding the Ultimate Soulmate AKA Twin Flame

Yes, it has to do with soul contracts and who you are, but it mostly has to do with who you choose to be. This is always the missing piece that you are looking for. It is always your choice to love truthfully or not. To express authentically or not. To participate in a contamination of love or not. Always a choice. And then, your lover reflects that back to you, and it is a gut wrenching experience for you. But this is the lesson of the Twin Flame. You must learn to love authentically and express that truth of love authentically. To sniff out the fears and resolve them so that you can enjoy the highest and best love that there is. People could be “meant” for each other as in, they are meant to assist one another on a specific lesson. But the kind of soulmate that you are looking for and the kind of soulmate that you want to have is created here, in the participation of the 3rd dimensional experience. Even a pre-planned union requires participation to bring it about. Open-your-heart-2

Here is How it Works.

You have to learn to love openly and be willing to express authentically. the universe will test you in this. But we never make it through the “testing” because we take the testing and say that this way of life doesn’t work and then we change our mind again. Only when you have chosen to love authentically, no matter what anybody else is doing, that is the only time when you can unite with your ideal soulmate. The Universe will not bring it to you until you have demonstrated your willingness to do this regardless of other people’s reaction to you.  You MUST  be resilient in order to demonstrate that you have truly become an open- hearted being because, the Universe knows that even if your perfect match or Twin Flame is brought before you, the relationship will not unfold if you are not 100% open -hearted and authentic. If you can accomplish this as a total shift and a new way of being, you will attract a union that is beautiful beyond measure and, very important, there will be balance.  The energy exchange will  be mutual. It will be perfect. It can be no other way, because the Universe arranges it that way, so that when you reach that level of growth and line up with a Union such as that, everything will already be in place for that Union to unfold in an ideal way. Everything is already set up and there. This type of union is perfect, and its created in such a way that by the time that you get to it, everything can manifest perfectly and there is no going back. Only forward. open-your-heart A Note from the Elise: I do not know how I wrote this BEFORE my current Union, and now, it speaks to the experience that I have already had. Usually, I write about things that speak my current experience. I write about what is current in my vibration, but this was somehow speaking to the future. I suppose I made a prediction, I embodied it and my prediction was correct. The point is not to establish a label. Do not let the label distract you. Use whatever label you so desire. Just know that Twin Flame is the Highest love. The point is to love open heartedly as a baseline on a consistent basis. This is difficult to accomplish as a way of being, but it is possible and it will attract your Twin Flame Union. Cut the crap and the Universe will stop testing you. Pass the tests and you will not need to be tested anymore and you can finally get to the good stuff. The Union of your dreams. I did it and I’m living it. I want that for ALL of you   NEW FACEBOOK GROUP TWIN FLAME 2.0 LOVE REVOLUTION

Hi, this is Elise<3…

I have been conducting Twin Flame and Soulmate readings for you all, for many months now…

I have the ability to point out the blocks in your energetic patterning that need to be resolved before your Perfect, Ideal Soulmate Union can occur.

I need only a picture of you in order to perform this reading. The reading includes detailed instruction, tailored to your specific needs and guidance to explain exactly what it is that you must resolve and how to go about in doing so.

I am still offering TwinFlame/Soulmate Readings.

But ALL of you who come to me are desiring Unification with your Ideal Soulmate

So, call the reading what you will, but all who come to receive readings from me will be informed of what is blocking you from your Perfect Union and what you must do in order to resolve and come into alignment with your Perfect Soulmate Union.

I have already resolved and completed my transition, which has resulted in my very own Unification With My Ideal Soulmate AKA Twin Flame, in the 3rd dimension.


Love Revolution~ The Ideal Soulmate Union

Love Revolution~ The Ideal Soulmate Union


The pictures really are what it feels like<3-Elise

Every message here is channeled via Unity Consciousness, which is love

Every Message here is a message of love

Written with great love and care

The Love Revolution is upon us. Did you know that it is possible to bypass all pain? Did you know that struggle is not necessary? Put your knowings aside and hear this. That everything that you suffer through is for the purpose of bringing you closer to wisdom and love. So, what if you choose to embrace love? Then, you do not need to struggle anymore. But you so often refuse to do it! You refuse! You use words like “risk” and “rejection”. All of those are only in your mind. If you choose only to love, then you will feel none of this. We want to teach you how. The time is now.


Did you know that you can attract a union that is PERFECT and free of struggle and pain? Did you know that you can attract complete harmony to yourself and not bother with the rest? It is only you who makes it difficult. Because you refuse to let things go when they are wanting to go. Pain is caused when you are holding onto something that does not want to be there!!! That is why it hurts!! Because it is telling you to release it! Because it does not belong to you!! When something is perfect for you, when it belongs to you, it does not go away, it is yours, and it does not cause you pain. It is perfect. it is harmony. It is love.

But, in order to attract this, you must BE love. That is your greatest challenge, and most of you have yet to accomplish this. But we promise you, we promise on every star in the cosmos, that if you become fully, authentically, ferociously and courageously an open hearted being, you will attract your ideal soulmate to you and the union will be perfection. That is all that you must do. Do not sneer until you have tried it. Your rejection of the message is a manifestation of your unwillingness to be your own friend. To give love a try. To understand that rejection does not exist. To choose to embrace only love and to let the rest fall away.  Do you even know how to accomplish this? Of course you do not! To create such a great shift in your vibration, It happens over time. But it begins with an intention. You must FIRST intend to become this way.


If you want a union that does not require struggle and pain, there is a way to do it.

Begin here, with the last few posts which have been posted in this blog, before the writer even fully understood the magnitude of what was being orchestrated here. This is a Love Revolution! Why? Because humans do not know how to love! They are mixed bags of energy containing this and that and everything else in between. Energies, thoughts and beliefs that you have simply adopted and picked up from your surroundings without using your conscious discernment. Well, now, the Earth is awakening and conscious discernment is being understood and used. Awareness is being cultivated and with awareness comes more choices for you. You are not at the mercy of old energies, thoughts and beliefs that you have picked up along your path by default. One by one, we will cast all of that out. Have you ever heard of the cliche, “it’s all in your head”? It is cliche because it is true. So true, that you have forgotten to even notice. That is what truth is. It is the obvious. So obvious, that it can be overlooked. Well, now, we are looking. Every single doubt and fear can be overcome. You have given these energies all sorts of names. You have called them Karma, or Fate, or Reality. But none of that is true. All reality is created by you. By what you deem as real. So, instead of doubting your infinite nature, embrace it. Instead of fearing, choose love. Instead of fearing rejection, understand that what is your will inevitably stick to you when you show your true self. Anything that does not stick to you when you are your true, open hearted, unadulterated self simply does not belong to you. Everything is movement. Things come and go. but you must show the universe that you are ready to receive what represents your authentic state of being. In order to attract those things that match your core essence perfectly, you must embody your core nature. You must be completely open hearted and ferociously authentic and courageously love. Love in faith, because you know what is yours will surely come to you. That is the key. Release all doubt.


 Do not forget that this is a process. A quantum leap in vibration cannot be accomplished in only a day.

Working out all the little bugs and identifying all of those things that need to be resolved takes time and experience. Experience because you must see what the Universe is showing you that you need to resolve. The Universe brings you people and circumstances that represent your current energetic state. Those parts that need to be looked at. You can resolve it simply by behaving in a way that is representative of the new vibration that you are choosing to embody. If you can do that, the universe will test you, yes. But once you have truly proven that you are embodying an open hearted, authentic and fearless approach, no matter what, the Universe will have no more reason to test you and it must bring you what is rightfully yours. That is the process.

If you have not already read these posts and you are wanting to come into alignment with your Ideal Soulmate, you may read these articles which have paved the way for this topic. Simply go back. The right hand column contains the most recent posts which have paved the way for this Love Revolution that is occurring. This blog is full of information, from multiple viewpoints to assist you in resolving MAJOR energetic nuisances that you want to overcome. You may sift through and read what is needed. If you are experiencing pain, you may find those posts regarding pain to be helpful. Intend to embark on this journey and what you need will find you.

Hi, this is Elise<3…

I have been conducting Twin Flame and Soulmate readings for you all, for many months now…

I have the ability to point out the blocks in your energetic patterning that need to be resolved before your Perfect, Ideal Soulmate Union can occur.

I need only a picture of you in order to perform this reading. The reading includes detailed instruction, tailored to your specific needs and guidance to explain exactly what it is that you must resolve and how to go about in doing so.

I am still offering TwinFlame/Soulmate Readings.

But ALL of you who come to me are desiring Unification with your Ideal Soulmate

So, call the reading what you will, but all who come to receive readings from me will be informed of what is blocking you from your Perfect Union and what you must do in order to resolve and come into alignment with your Perfect Soulmate Union.

I have already resolved and completed my transition, which has resulted in my very own Unification With My Ideal Soulmate in the 3rd dimension.

This is what I want for all of you.

If you would like a reading, you may contact me at any time, via

We are all in this together.

I love you<3



The Love Compass… How To Prepare To Unite With Your Ideal Soulmate

The Love Compass… How To Prepare To Unite With Your Ideal Soulmate

Screen Shot 2015-05-05 at 5.08.31 AM

There are so many things that could be considered in matters of love. But what is important are those things that matter the most. What matters the most? We let complicated situations get in the way of love. Circumstances, events and people. None of those things are as important as love, yet we let them get in the way. Why is that? Things are always going to happen. We all know that the road to love isn’t perfect. It’s difficult. There are always imperfections. The question is, what are you focusing on? Where are you placing importance? In the person or in other factors? We seem to go about this all wrong. Submitting to obligations and socially accepted ideas. What do those things have to do with love? This is about who you are going to spend the rest of your life with. This is about you. This isn’t about anyone else. This isn’t even about what is right and what is wrong. This is about not taking love, connection or time for granted. Some things in this world are just hard to come by and should be cherished for the rarities that they are. Love and connection are definitely on that list of things. So, why do we let other things get in the way? Why do we look at the bad and not see what’s underneath it? Why do we hold grudges? Why do we let the opinions of others determine what we do? Why are we doubting love more than anything else?


If you don’t sit yourself down and recognize what is important, you’re going to have misplaced focus and you’re going to miss out on the good things that come your way.

We have to be forgiving. It doesn’t mean to be a doormat. It doesn’t mean to be stupid. It means that you are understanding of the human condition an it means that you love yourself enough to allow yourself to love others. It doesn’t even mean tolerating bad behavior, it means putting more credence in intention than in the mistakes of the past. There are some people who will never change, no matter how many mistakes they make, but there are some people who are very willing to change and we cannot allow their past versions of themselves outweigh the version that they have become because of it. You have to look at what is in front of you, not at what has happened before. For, what exists now has never been before and people have the ability to learn from everything that they do.

This is why it is so important not to hold a grudge. Because if you hold a grudge for something that existed in the past, you are the one who could be missing out because of it. Because of your own inability to move on. There is no logic behind staying in the past. Only if you’re a skeptic, and let me tell you something, being a skeptic is a hard cross to bear. Just like you cannot judge another based only on their past experiences, you also cannot judge everyone based on your past experiences.

At some point, you have to open your heart in order to let good things flow in. That’s just the way it is. If you live as a skeptic, you will never be able to do that and the good things that come your way will be sabotaged by your skepticism in one way or another.

Look at the things that matter. Look at the things that are irreplaceable. Ask your intuition. Make sure that your choices are coming from you and not from the opinions of others or of your fear of being judged. When another person passes judgement on you and showers you with their opinion, tell me, what makes their thinking more important than yours? So, because someone has an opinion, suddenly you are going to wave your white flag and let them decide for you? You were given your own body, your own consciousness and your own discernment for very good reason and that reason is so that YOU could direct yourself. Not so that you could follow someone else’s direction and not so that you could direct someone else. Collaboration and exchange of ideas will always be important, but at the end of the day, your heart is the most important thing and the direction that you choose to take should be in agreement with what your heart tells you. Be sure to do that and you will never know regret.

The next time someone tells you right from wrong and what doctrines or dogmas you should follow, remember that you are equal and your heart will carry the burden if you do not follow your intuition. Don’t let anyone decide for you. Don’t let someone else’s rules be your compass. Do not allow yourself to flounder in fear of judgement.

No great man has ever trusted the opinion of another over the knowing of his own heart.

Courage is admirable, cowardice is not. Follow your heart.


This is how you make love happen. Have your priorities in line and give credit where it is due. I have attracted and  united with my ideal soulmate and it would not have been possible if I did not do this. I used and applied the very same teachings that I have given you, to make this union of ideal soul mates occur. I want to help you to do the very same thing. I gave credit where it is due, I compromised my old beliefs and practiced new systems that led me to the union. You have to be able to recognize when old ways of doing things and old systems of beliefs get you nowhere, in order to get into vibrational alignment with something completely new. That is what we are all trying to do. To attract a new situation in a way that has never been done before. Are you ready to be open minded? Are you ready to see the good in people? Are you ready to live open-heartedly, with no expectations? All of these things are necessary in order to unite with your ideal soulmate. Following your heart is the most important thing of all. Let your heart and your joy guide you and choose your priorities accordingly. It may not appear to work out at first, and it won’t, until the Universe brings you the right person to do this practice with. Then you will see an unfolding like never before. Never give up on this concept. Keep practicing it so that when the Universe brings you the right one, you will have your priorities in line and the Union can transpire. The Universe knows how to bring you your ideal soulmate, but the Universe also knows that you will not be able to unite with your ideal soulmate with the old ways of thinking.


The Union with your ideal soulmate is so incredible and amazing but it is an experience that requires you to function from a space of being transparent and completely open hearted. The Union will be perfect, but you have to show the Universe that you are ready by practicing the vibrations that you will need to have in order for the ideal union to occur. So throw out old beliefs that say he has to be this or he has to be that. She has to meet this criteria or that criteria. The only criteria that matters is that you are happy holding their hand and looking into their eyes at the end of the day. That you have a mutual connection like never before. That is what matters and that can come in many forms. Most likely a form you are not expecting. So be open and allow the Universe to do its work without your interference. Do not let yourself be swayed by the opinions of others. You must be in a space where you can follow your heart and do what is good for the union, not what is in accordance with other peoples ideals, but what is in accordance with your ideal union. Priorities. Love comes first and foremost. Follow that and everything else will align.

With Great Love

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Couple posing on beach at sunset
Couple posing on beach at sunset