Twin Flame 2.0; What’s The Point?

Twin Flame 2.0; What’s The Point?

Love_facts_04I Channel through a source that I know as Unity Consciousness. We are all connected, everything is relevant, accessible and channeled.

This message was channeled before my Union, but it wasn’t published and it encompasses the KEY point that I have been wanting to express as a result of my union. Because this message was written before my current union, it is also a testimony that the method does in-fact work. Enjoy 🙂

“The Twin Flame is the Highest Love.”

-John Apt (Currently In Twin Flame Union)

    Love is polluted. Its contaminated with fear and doubt. There is only love. And its opposite. All negativity is the opposite of love. Yet we are so afraid of love. Calling it dangerous and unwise, irrational.  There is no such thing as this in love. Anything besides love isn’t love. So, pain, fear and doubt are contaminates, and then we blame love. What would happen if we were not afraid to love? If we did not hold back in fear? What would happen if our love was pure and expressed fully and truthfully. What would happen if we did not hold back?

Finding the Ultimate Soulmate AKA Twin Flame

Yes, it has to do with soul contracts and who you are, but it mostly has to do with who you choose to be. This is always the missing piece that you are looking for. It is always your choice to love truthfully or not. To express authentically or not. To participate in a contamination of love or not. Always a choice. And then, your lover reflects that back to you, and it is a gut wrenching experience for you. But this is the lesson of the Twin Flame. You must learn to love authentically and express that truth of love authentically. To sniff out the fears and resolve them so that you can enjoy the highest and best love that there is. People could be “meant” for each other as in, they are meant to assist one another on a specific lesson. But the kind of soulmate that you are looking for and the kind of soulmate that you want to have is created here, in the participation of the 3rd dimensional experience. Even a pre-planned union requires participation to bring it about. Open-your-heart-2

Here is How it Works.

You have to learn to love openly and be willing to express authentically. the universe will test you in this. But we never make it through the “testing” because we take the testing and say that this way of life doesn’t work and then we change our mind again. Only when you have chosen to love authentically, no matter what anybody else is doing, that is the only time when you can unite with your ideal soulmate. The Universe will not bring it to you until you have demonstrated your willingness to do this regardless of other people’s reaction to you.  You MUST  be resilient in order to demonstrate that you have truly become an open- hearted being because, the Universe knows that even if your perfect match or Twin Flame is brought before you, the relationship will not unfold if you are not 100% open -hearted and authentic. If you can accomplish this as a total shift and a new way of being, you will attract a union that is beautiful beyond measure and, very important, there will be balance.  The energy exchange will  be mutual. It will be perfect. It can be no other way, because the Universe arranges it that way, so that when you reach that level of growth and line up with a Union such as that, everything will already be in place for that Union to unfold in an ideal way. Everything is already set up and there. This type of union is perfect, and its created in such a way that by the time that you get to it, everything can manifest perfectly and there is no going back. Only forward. open-your-heart A Note from the Elise: I do not know how I wrote this BEFORE my current Union, and now, it speaks to the experience that I have already had. Usually, I write about things that speak my current experience. I write about what is current in my vibration, but this was somehow speaking to the future. I suppose I made a prediction, I embodied it and my prediction was correct. The point is not to establish a label. Do not let the label distract you. Use whatever label you so desire. Just know that Twin Flame is the Highest love. The point is to love open heartedly as a baseline on a consistent basis. This is difficult to accomplish as a way of being, but it is possible and it will attract your Twin Flame Union. Cut the crap and the Universe will stop testing you. Pass the tests and you will not need to be tested anymore and you can finally get to the good stuff. The Union of your dreams. I did it and I’m living it. I want that for ALL of you   NEW FACEBOOK GROUP TWIN FLAME 2.0 LOVE REVOLUTION

Hi, this is Elise<3…

I have been conducting Twin Flame and Soulmate readings for you all, for many months now…

I have the ability to point out the blocks in your energetic patterning that need to be resolved before your Perfect, Ideal Soulmate Union can occur.

I need only a picture of you in order to perform this reading. The reading includes detailed instruction, tailored to your specific needs and guidance to explain exactly what it is that you must resolve and how to go about in doing so.

I am still offering TwinFlame/Soulmate Readings.

But ALL of you who come to me are desiring Unification with your Ideal Soulmate

So, call the reading what you will, but all who come to receive readings from me will be informed of what is blocking you from your Perfect Union and what you must do in order to resolve and come into alignment with your Perfect Soulmate Union.

I have already resolved and completed my transition, which has resulted in my very own Unification With My Ideal Soulmate AKA Twin Flame, in the 3rd dimension.


9 thoughts on “Twin Flame 2.0; What’s The Point?

  1. A’Ho, sister. FYI… Those of us hard heads from the earlier waves are experiencing upgraded energies… Moving fast into everything you are tapping into – we are all in the same stream. Your energies lift us up and support our Unions… As we hope our hard lessons support all of you going through the processes with much more ease and grace. Spot on sister.

  2. The Universe is giving me loads of tests like Christmas presents and it’s exciting! I’m becoming more comfortable expressing authentically to my soulmate and TF (I never thought I would be able to, especially with TF). I’m thinking that I might need to tell my soulmate about my intention with TF as my soulmate is holding on to me so very tightly and wouldn’t understand why I’m leaving him. I don’t want to go through marriage counselling!! It’s dead and gone! Just follow my intuition and let it happen?

  3. Universe is listening…Universe is gifting…But never test You! He just gifts you with what you can digest in the very moment! As it been from the begining of time before soul disection. When u get out of low dense levels of existance it will bright you with limitless possibilities amoung them with the Love Ascension in TF Union….

    1. I know this idea that the Universe never “tests” you. And, it really isn’t a test because there is no pass or fail, but I chose that word to describe this feeling that you have to fully line up with something and fully become it in order to attract it.

  4. Yes, those are the right words you used! It would be great to have a gathering and talk about all the thoughts and experiences! The blow of light that would flash across this plane!

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