Understanding Chemical Reactions Between Beings and How This Pertains to YOUR Union

Understanding Chemical Reactions Between Beings and How This Pertains to YOUR Union


Channeled via Unity consciousness. Because The universe has shit to say… And if you have no sense of humor, you have yet to take one on. Relax a little;) Don’t sweat.


Really, words hold no meaning of their own. It is you who must interpret the energy behind them. The intention behind them. This is why you possess empathic traits to begin with! You use them to decipher truth! Because things are not always as they seem and you must learn to know the difference. Energy is subtle to a human from a three dimensional view, but you do not have to allow this to limit you. You are perfectly able to learn to be sensitive to the subtleties that exist around you at all times. Simply make that your intention. To always gain greater and greater awareness in order to take notice of the  subtleties to greater and greater degrees. If you do that, you will see that there is no such thing as limitation. You will learn that it is possible to see truth in all situations and you will never be blinded by words or appearances or fronts. Instead, you will see the truth behind it. Isn’t that what you want? To know the truth of all things? To be wise, instead of blinded? So, that is why the language here is free and expressive. Because you should be able to see through it. If you allow this to cloud your ability to hear the message, that is a fault of your own. True Masters do not cast judge met, and they teach the same. Release all judgement in order to see truth. For, Truth is what remains when all judgements are striped away. In all situations, that is what truth is.


Does ^^she^^ look like someone who recognizes her divinity? Do you think she’s sweating the small stuff? Is she busy casting judgements upon herself and others? Happy people who recognize their divinity do not cloud their energies with judgements because it lowers your vibration, no matter what you are judgmental about. A Goddess energy is light, delightful, happy, and loving towards all things.

Colliding Energies…

Here, we will explain something that is related to the phenomenon of colliding energies between people, or beings. It is what it is and it is a good thing to take note of. Raise your awareness in this way and you will eliminate your need to collide with energies that simply do not suit you. It is you who decides when the lesson is learned. Not anyone else, and you decide by mastering it. So, hopefully, this will assist you in being the master that you are. The master in you that resides beneath all of the lies you have told yourself that hide the truth of your divinity from you. For, there is nothing but divinity. Even the lie is a divine role, but not one you cannot transcend simply by realizing your true, divine nature. Difficulties are not the only way to learn. You can also learn by simply cutting through the lies at a faster rate. Seeing your divinity is an act of self love. Reach a point where you can allow yourself access to that and you’re golden. There is no such thing as limitation. All limitations are created by your choosing and therefore, can be bypassed, by your choosing as well. Think about it 😉 Simply intend it and continue to intend in that way. You are so very much loved beyond any description, and you have access to this divine, ever present and all encompassing love at all times.  Know that. You are love. Read on…


When two bodies come together, the energy that they create when they collide is like a chemical reaction, the result is very important. There is a chemical reaction, energetically speaking,  taking place and you must be observant of it if you want to be a help to yourself and to others who are also seeking evolution. You see, there are always things to be learned, but there are ways to learn them at a faster pace. There is no block you cannot overcome faster and nothing you cannot realize faster. This is a Universe of limitless possibility. Do not argue for your limitations. In doing so, you are only feeding your own illusion. Feed the reality that you want to become.

We are coming to you tonight to insist that you insist that those whom you collide with are generating good responses from you. Not that it is your fault, or their fault, but the energy that is yielded can either be more easily good or more easily bad. It is what it is.


The result is the result is the result. When you meet a person, your energies will mesh, that which they elicit from you, whether it be good or bad, is not likely to change a great deal over the course of a lifetime. Whatever the dominant energy is, will likely snowball and become more, whether that is mostly good or mostly bad is the question. To put forth a great deal of effort in order to create a different chemical reaction between you is far more challenging than to simply let it be and move on until you find a person with which you naturally harmonize with. Even the act of trying so hard creates a negative tension. If there is a person, or people, that you can have great harmony with and not only that but great harmony completely easily and naturally, with no effort (effort, meaning in a negative sense. The word effort, representing difficulty in this case) then, why would you remain stuck “trying” so hard to create a harmony with a person when it is not happening naturally? This happens so often, on your planet, that most of you are under the impression that harmonious unions do not happen naturally and that love is meant to be hard.   Love is completely natural. The universe wants you to experience all versions of love, in all ways possible. But what you do not realize is how incredibly abundant love actually is!! That harmonious Unions can totally happen on their own and be a cinch! This is why, when you find a love, you hold on for dear life!! You create balls and chains, and you fight very hard to make things work. But this is not how things are designed to work. Love is love, but it does not mean that is all there is. There is always more. As in, everything is meant to be easy. Everyone is meant to follow their joy and to flow downstream, easily with the current. Difficulty is not the way that the Universe functions and it is not the divine way. That does not mean that any choice is wrong. Nothing is ever wrong, that is why you have access to all choices, but we know that ease is actually your preference, because you are divine and you subliminally realize that the divine’s preference is ease and flow. That is what’s natural!! So, do not find a love that represents difficulty and hold on for dear life, as if the Universe could not offer you something that would be even a far greater representation of what is ideal for you. Do you understand? That action does not represent love, wisdom, knowing or trust in divine abundance of love. Religion has a few things right. One of them is, that you are being cared for, if you will only trust, or, as you have coined it, faith. Demonstration of faith is synonymous with realizing the true divine nature of yourself and of all. It is beyond the 3rd dimensional perspective and that is part of the challenge of this place that you chose to take part in. To see if you could slice through the illusions of this place and create your reality based on your inner knowing of the divinity of all that is.


Love is not scarce in this Universe, by any means.

Love is actually, the most abundant energetic matter in existence.

Love surrounds all, at all times. Anything in existence which does not take part in this is simply pinching off their connection to love. That does not mean love is not abundant.

It is the same way that you could be submerged inside an ocean of water, but simultaneously refuse to drink. 

Your choice to refuse yourself water is not a representation of lack. It is a representation of your state of being. You can always choose to drink at any time. 

However, it does require  fundamental awareness of this reality that we speak of. Of the infinite abundance of love in all that is. It requires a level of knowing, because you cannot see love with your eyes that you possess here, in this plain of existence. However, you can still know it and experience the reality of it for yourself, in this life that you exist within now, regardless of your perceptions of your current circumstances.

Have you not heard? Circumstances don’t matter. Only state of being matters.

To be more clear: State of being = Matter

It is your state of being which creates the matter and/or circumstance, not the other way around.

Sometimes, you do not realize or recognize the energy you used to attract your circumstance unto you, because your state of being is baseline. That is all you know. You don’t know the other ways there are to be. You have not the ability to see it from an outside view that is so different from your own.

You cannot conceive of something you have never conceived of.

That doesn’t mean you had nothing to do with it. It simply means that you didn’t realize the part you played in the creation of it.

So, here is the point. You cannot know what you do not know. Most of you have never experienced a Harmonious Union. A truly Harmonious Union. If you had, you would still be in it, because there would be no reason to end it. The harmony would be great enough to cause the both of you to overcome all obstacles to be together.  Harmony at that level is so very rare in comparison with all of the pairs which do not represent that level of harmony, and also, the joy that comes out of that is greater than the joy of anything else. This is why a truly Harmonious pair overcomes all in order to be together, without question. So, in your state of not knowing the heights of what you can attract, you hold onto something that is not the equivalent and your skewed perception sees it as a good thing. Perhaps in comparison with your fear of the unknown it is a good thing, but in comparison with having a Union which is Ideal, it is a bad thing. The entire time, not realizing that your state of holding onto something that you are not deserving of is what keeps you from that which you are deserving of. Some of you are not holding onto any person, but you are still keeping yourself from your union because you do not believe it exists for you. You say, in theory, that you know it exists, but if you truly knew it, you would be in a state of abundance of love, instead of abundance of lack. It is the state of doubt/abundance of lack which results in forms of sadness, loneliness, depression. You may attach whatever word you like to it, because it is all the same. In the end, whether you are attached to someone or simply “Married” to your lackful state of thinking, you are still not believing in the abundance of love of the Universe and that is the reason it does not yield itself to you. You’re in charge of what comes. Your knowing calls it forth.




Simply put:

Do not settle for anything that is less than Ideal. Less than easy. Less than natural. Less than fun. Less than harmonious. Less than joy. 

Harmonious Unions are easy. They happen naturally when your energies collide. It is the chemical reaction that comes out of the meshing of the energies and you find it easy to elicit positivity from the relationship.

This energetic reaction is the confirmation that it is meant to be. 

That it happens easily and naturally and mutually.

That is the confirmation that it is meant to be!

The Universe does not dangle carrots in front of you, only to have you eternally chasing after that which cannot be had. Ideal, Harmonious Unions DO exist, they can exist for you, in your life and this is something that anyone can attract for themselves.

*Just to be clear, the words “Ideal” and “Harmonious” are not labels, they are simply adjectives used here to describe that which you may give whatever name you like. Soulmate, Twin flame, husband, wife, partner, lover.

This is the way the Universe has designed it. Things are supposed to be easy for you. You are supposed to follow your joy and flow downstream, and nothing is supposed to be a fight. If you are fighting for something, you may need the fight, for your own reasons, but knowing the above, you could also choose to allow yourself to search for that which is led to you by your joy and represents ease.

”I have always said, When two people follow their joy and it leads them together, that is exactly what you want.”


If following your joy leads you away from your partner or if them following their joy leads them away from you, that is not representative of something that is harmonious. A harmonious union is that in which the joy and the union are same. Following your joy leads you to each other.

This is also in alignment with what precedes the union…

Before you have met your partner, following your joy is what leads you to them. Once you have met, that rule does not change 😉

The Universe is set up so that you can follow your joy, your joy is the constant that connects all of the dots and synchronicities, leading you to all of your desires, expanding into more and more joy. If joy is what you desire, get in touch with your heart and follow it.



Hi, this is Elise<3…
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I have the ability to point out the blocks in your energetic patterning that need to be resolved before your Perfect, Ideal Soulmate Union can occur.

I need only a picture of you in order to perform this reading. The reading includes detailed instruction, tailored to your specific needs and guidance to explain exactly what it is that you must resolve and how to go about in doing so.

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So, call the reading what you will, but all who come to receive readings from me will be informed of what is blocking you from your Perfect Union and what you must do in order to resolve and come into alignment with your Perfect Soulmate Union.

I have already resolved and completed my transition, which has resulted in my very own Unification With My Ideal Soulmate in the 3rd dimension.

This is what I want for all of you.

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The Connection Between Having a Sense of Humor and Attracting a Harmonious Union

The Connection Between Having a Sense of Humor and Attracting a Harmonious Union

Channeled via Unity Conciousness

The Universe has a sense of Humor. Which means that at your core, you do too 😉


There is definitely a connection between having a sense of humor and attracting a harmonious Union. Number one, fun makes all the difference in attracting what you want. When you are having fun, you are not waiiiit-ing around for something good to happen and therefore, you do not create more waiting, you create more fun, speed and more fun things will come to you faster.

When you are having fun, you are too busy to be waiting around for anything and therefore you are not creating more waiting, you are allowing the energy to flow fast paced and freely.


Humor Requires Optimism=Light=Love

”Lighten- Up”

This is definitely a good thing that will assist you in attracting more positive people, circumstances and events. Being able to see the world through a positive or lens or a touch of humor is what manipulating energy in a positive way. That is what transforming energy is all about. Circumstances don’t matter. Only state of being matters. Laugh at everything, including yourself and your life will change so fast, you will be dazzled. Even a single circumstance can be transformed instantaneously using humor. If you do not allow your vibration to be negatively influenced, you become the dominant vibration, which means all opposing energies must leave or follow suit. Or, you can be the follower and be influenced in the direction of what you do not want. It is up to you.

Humor is light. Worry is heavy. Be light hearted. Allowing humor to be a ruling force in your life allows you to forget about negative thoughts and simply focus on what is important. This is important because forgetting negativity and embodying positivity is simply part of the formula for being on the right path to attracting anything that is ideal, including an Ideal, Harmonious, Open Hearted Union.

Another thing you’ll have going for you if you take on humor as a ruling sense of energy in your life is that people are attracted to that. Positive people will gravitate to you more easily, human interactions will be more effortless and positive moments will become increasingly bountiful. Whoever your soulmate may be, if you cross paths, humor makes it more likely that you two will meet under a blanket of positive energies.

Play is a Healing Energy. Humor is Play. Play More.

Especially, if you have something to heal from or pain in your life, play and humor should be top priority as part of the healing process. Many people have learned to harness this idea and use it to heal themselves of physical ailments, but what is more believable is that humor is the cure of emotional ailments. Just a hint 😉

Taking on the vibration of fun cancels out negative, heavier energies.

Let momentum pick up. Energy is like a snowball. Like energies stick to each other. Apply these concepts in all the ways that you can and as you go along, you can allow momentum to gain to a point in which these energies sustain themselves very easily for you. You will also attract relationships that sustain fun and playful energies, keeping that energy flowing.

If you still cannot grasp this concept of the value of humor, then it is no wonder that harmonious union has not found you! Play attracts play. Fun attracts fun and love attracts love. Don’t be a pessimist, unless you want to attract more to be pessimistic about.

Love and Play


I have already resolved and completed my transition, which has resulted in my very own Unification With My Ideal Soulmate in the 3rd dimension.

This is what I want for all of you.

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Opening doors to allow The Universe to Bring Your Union

Opening doors to allow The Universe to Bring Your Union

All Messages here are channeled via Unity Consciousness, which is not the same as most former interpretations of Channeling. This is a Unified Universe.


The energies of the Universe do not change. The formulas stay the same, but putting it all together in an applicable form sometimes takes some specific pondering and deliberate thought. It is not so hard, especially from a non-physical perspective. But through your eyes, where your dimension is linear and you can only think one thought at a time, you must focus on a particular stream of thought in order for it to develop and to “figure it out”. Let’s focus.

Many of you feel that your soulmate is not coming to you. That there are not enough opportunities for a new person to come through, or that the chances are small. The energy is stagnant and new things aren’t occurring for you, from your perspective. To be able to comprehend how a soulmate will find their way to you is not your job, however, it is your job to act on your joy and when you feel the desire to open new doors of opportunity in your life for new energies to come through, that is what you should act on. Do not take the thought so far as to make all of your door opening decisions based upon whether you think the chances are good that your lover will find you through a particular venue, simply make your choices based in your joy and that is what puts you on the path to what you want. You have no way of predicting how meeting only one person, connects you to another person, event or circumstance for even more doorways of opportunity to be open. Even a small doorway is enough room for the Universe to bring to you what is yours. All you must do is act upon your inspirations when they come to you and do it for the joy of it, not for any particular result beyond that.

insp0005This is very important. To make decisions without being preoccupied with the “outcome”. The outcome should only be that you had a good time doing a thing. Nothing more. Let things come to you. Do not try to force it. Be easy and you will find that things will come to you much easier.

There are many physical actions that you can take to open doors of opportunity through which new energies can be attracted to you.

If you want a new result, take a new action

It can be difficult to perceive a vibration that is not where you currently are, but you must understand that, that doesn’t mean it is impossible. Do not block yourself with such thoughts. Here are some straightforward physical actions you can take to open doorways of opportunity.

Take Chances

Courage is a door opener. Nothing can occur without the courage to act upon an inspiration.

cowardly-lionBe Fearless.

Meet new people.

Online, in groups and in person. There are so many options out there. People meet soul mates online all the time. When I moved to a new city and desired to meet new people, I joined Meetup groups and went regularly, to the ones that appealed to me, as often as I could and I honestly made the very best of it. I dressed up, looked cute and read a book on charisma to brush up on my social skills. I stayed positive and genuinely enjoyed interacting with people. I made many friends and I made it a point to approach new faces. This is exactly how I met what I am calling my Ideal Soulmate that I am currently with. Open doors of opportunity and wonderful things will have the opportunity to reach you, even when you least expect it.

Taking the time and effort into yourself to look attractive might sound superficial to some of you, but we are physical beings and putting effort into your body is a self loving action, therefore yielding higher levels of confidence that attracts more people in your direction. Therefore, making an effort to look cute is a door opener. For many reasons. Do it.

Prepare your thoughts ahead of time. Prepare stories, questions and topics of conversation. Prepare your energy and think ahead of time about the kind of energy that you want to have. This technique is called pre-paving and it’s very helpful.


Do New Things.

Take up hobbies and try new things. Look up parks and botanical gardens in your area. take up scrapbooking, gardening, painting and join clubs. Meetup groups of all different types, in all areas can be found through meetup.com. There are meet up groups for every interest and if you can’t find one you like, create your own! take a pottery class, join a book club or a social Meetup for spirituality or even card games. The opportunities available for you to open doors are endless!


Life Is A Trail…

One Thing Leads to Another

Do not act with an end in sight. Do not map out your life, as if it is predictable. Just enjoy yourself as fully as you can and the energy will move faster and things will come to you faster. Take up new inspirations to follow your joy, even if they seem completely unrelated to the manifestation you are ultimately wanting to attract. I took up a hobby that involved pampering my body and correcting my skin issues. It was a way for me to practice and fully embody a vibration of self love and compassion. Although this particular hobby did not directly result in the attraction of my Union, it was a huge contribution to my full recovery and for putting myself in a space that was so self loving that it made attracting the perfect Union easy and natural. Follow your joy, no matter how big or small. Sometimes, you are just being led to do something because it is what you need in order to assist you in the positive vibrational shift that you are going for. Do not expect instant results, manifestations do not happen that way in this dimension.

Get Busy

No matter what you are trying to attract, it’s always going to come easier if you are having so much fun that you forget about it altogether! So make every effort to fill your life up with fun, no matter what form it takes. Hopefully, it will involve getting you out of the house at some point or with connecting with new people. Don’t sit at home and do what you have always done! Have some courage, open doors and do something new today!!


Make The First Move

If you don’t ask you’ll never know! The Universe is always throwing curveballs at us. Some people are shy. You can’t help that, but you can help your own behavior and if you feel guided to meet someone or ask them to hang out, do it! I am very outgoing and if I wasn’t, my current Union would not have occurred! It happened because I followed my joy to such a highly authentic degree. Be authentic and don’t miss out!


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~*THE FORMULA For Attracting The Ultimate Soulmate Union*~

~*THE FORMULA For Attracting The Ultimate Soulmate Union*~

“The Universe has a sense of humor.” -Elise

Channeled via the Universe, Bitches! =D


This is the moment you’ve all been waiting for…

>>>Point Blank<<<

Although the contents of this message have already been comprehensively relayed, it is sometimes easier to apply something more concisely written as a formula. So that is what will be offered here today. Steps one and two.

The Formula for Attracting an Ultimate Soulmate Union


An equal description by words of your choosing, “Twin Flame”

The Twin Flame is epitomized and Idealized as an Ultimate Soulmate Union, so these are the types of words that we choose to describe such a lovely thing. Your description. Your idea. Just differently put. Don’t get so Twisted abut it 😉

So, Yes, there is a formula. As in, the following are directions as to explain exactly how you can attract a Harmonious Union that you would consider Ideal. It does not mean that it will come in the shape or form that you are expectant of at this point in time, but it means that once you do allow it to come into your experience, you would consider it Ideal and good for you. Which leads us to number one in the formula…

  1. Be expectant and hopeful, but in a general sort of way. Do not be looking around every corner, asking where your lover could be. For if you were having fun in your moment, your mind would be filled with other things and then the lover would show up unexpectedly. Like a pleasant surprise! So be hopeful in a general way, simply knowing that everything is always working out in your favor and it will be true for you. Also, DO NOT demand that the Universe MUST bring to you a specific person or a specific shape or form. This can and certainly will introduce resistance into the formula and block the manifestation altogether. If you met your lover and you are expecting blue eyes, but his are brown, you will never recognize him unless you decide that brown eyes are ok for a lover to have as well as blue. So, do not be needy, demanding or too specific in your requirements. Do not insult Creation. The Universe knows what it is doing and it is 100% capable of delivering your request as soon as you choose to line up with it.

When you have faith that you are receiving something, you do not feel the need to be demanding of it, or to be incessantly pondering the idea. The vibration of trust and knowing is a vibration of ease and fun and joy. Be That.

Your request to the Universe should look or feel something like this:

“I Know/Trust that you (The Universe) knows the whole package of my desire and everything it encompasses, to a degree that would knock my socks off and I trust that you will bring it to me either through a familiar/expected form or through some other form and that both would be equally pleasing.”


Step Two: Open Heart

”True success is overcoming the fear of being unsuccessful.” – Paul Sweeny

What does it mean to be open hearted? It means that you always are authentic. You are always following through with your joy when it comes to expressing your love towards others. You are always letting your heart guide you in every moment in what to say or do, via text, email, messaging, word ext…  Without holding back your love out of fear and also not taking an action out of motivation to gain but only taking those actions that are truly inspired in you by your own heart. By your own guidance. Act on those inspirations Open-Heartedly without fail. Fully aware that you may “scare” the person away. Be ok with it, no matter what the outcome will be. Make your decisions to love because you desire to be authentic and to follow through with your inspiration. Not because you are trying to manipulate an outcome into the one that you are wishing for.

The one who is scared away by you is NOT the one!

The one who is “THE ONE” will be running to you and sticking to you like glue when you show yourself! There will be no question about it!


Does acting in this way mean that the outcome will always be positive? YES

Does that mean that the lover will always stay? NO!

Trust the Universe. The One who runs away when you are authentic is not the one you want.

The outcome is always positive and here is why:

You are looking for your ideal match. Match, meaning vibrational match. Meaning, the person/soul who carries  a vibration that is closest to your own. Therefore, you can only attract that person when you are embodying your authentic vibration fully, in the physical. You must fully recognize and honor yourself in order to fully honor and recognize your “Twin” and to be recognized and honored by him/her.


Since we are all divine love…

Authenticity = Open-Heartedness

They are the same.


Holding back means you are not allowing yourself to be who you truly are 🙂


Further explanation is required in order for you to fully understand why this formula is so efficient.

“If you want to know the truth, dive in head first” – Elise

When you are not being your authentic self, you will be attracted to mates who suit you in your current state. Reflecting back to you all that needs to be resolved within you. If you choose to simply be your authentic self from the get go, you would bypass all pain that is meant to force you to eventually discover who you are, AKA to become “whole”.

When you are being authentic, nothing but matching vibrations will stick. Suitors may come and go, but the ones who are not right for you will pass quickly and you will not waste months and years with them and you will not suffer so greatly.

On the flip side, when the right one comes along and you are being authentic, it will click and there will be no mistake about it.

Catalysts serve a purpose. The purpose is to reflect back to you that which needs to be resolved. The purpose of resolving issues is simply to rid yourself of all the untruths you have picked up, that are keeping you from embodying your core essence.

Embody your core essence and instead of attracting a catalyst who reflects all your garbage back to you, you can attract a mate who can reflect back the resolved version of yourself. Perfection.

If you simply choose to be your true, unadulterated self, there will be no need for you to experience agonizing catalytic events and the need for pain would be obsolete.

It really is that simple.

“Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.” – Confucious

Do your work or the Universe will do it for you.

Pain is no longer necessary. It is simply an option. Evolution is inevitable, but pain does not have to be the way. You can go willingly or you can be dragged, but either way, we have all chosen to continuously grow and become.

You have options.

Go Willingly 🙂

And we can all live happily ever after.


“The only way that we can live is if we grow. The only way that we can grow is if we change. The only way that we can change is if we learn. The only way that we can learn is if we are exposed. And the only way that we are exposed is if we throw ourselves into the open” – C. Joybell

Congratulations, We Are ALL Masters Now <3


^^^ That’s the Formula^^^




All You Need Is Love; How To Perpetuate A Harmonious Union

All You Need Is Love; How To Perpetuate A Harmonious Union

 You cannot see an end to that which there is no end, and in Divine Love, there is no end <3


All Messages Here are Channeled Via Unity Consciousness. There is no difference between the Universe and I. The only difference is in what we perceive. This is a Unified Universe and we are all in this together. My intentions and your intentions are one in the same

With great Love <3


“This is like an instruction manual regarding advanced concepts about how to use the Laws of Attraction. If you are not well versed in the Laws of Attraction and you would like to learn these concepts here, in order to attract and perpetuate a Harmonious Union, I suggest educating yourself further and returning here, rather than using this text as your beginning point.”

-Elise, Expert in LOA and Manifesting, Love Coach and Twin Flame/Soulmate Intuitive


How does one attract the perfect Union? Let’s take it even further than this to address an even more prevalent problem that all of you anticipate, which is, how to KEEP a Union harmonious once you have found it.

Let us begin here…

First, we will squash doubt.

“Just as I do with my clients on an individual level, I also have realized that I can feel the blocks in the collective consciousness that come up as I write. This allows me to address pertinent issues accordingly”


There is no such thing as limitation in this Universe. Anything is possible, so why is it that you are always waiting for the other shoe to drop? Why do you worry so much about a good Union going bad? The Universe must deliver to you what you most strongly believe in. If you most strongly believe that Unions go bad eventually, or that they are difficult to keep harmonious, you are doing a great disservice to yourself. You can serve yourself much better by taking on the opposite approach. You see, whether you are right or wrong is not what matters here. All that matters is what you believe in most strongly. You will attract the evidence that is in accordance with what you believe.


Many of you, most of you, in your own relationships, find yourselves waiting for the other shoe to drop. And of course, you are putting fourth that same energy into the relationships of other people, offering your disservice to them, as well! And for no good reason!! When you believe it is hard, it will be hard! When you believe it is easy, it will be easy. That is what all these beliefs amount to. That is all you must do. As beings who have recognized that you are on a spiritual journey and that you are the creator of your experience, you can change your belief systems very swiftly and easily, if you simply give yourself permission to do so. There is nothing here, in this land of 3D that does not come to materialize from the origin of thought. Not anything in creation exists without first being a thought. The time lapse in the 3RD Dimension creates this illusion that thought and form are separate. They are not. It just take more thought to create a manifestation, but the process is the same. You must think it into being. Not only that to create anything, you must first think it, but anything you are thinking you are also creating, whether your intent is deliberate or not.


So, be deliberate! There is no reason for you to be taking on beliefs and practicing thoughts and beliefs which are not serving you and never will. If you have a choice in what to believe is true, choose to believe in things that serve you. Believe in love. Believe in hope. Believe that this is an infinite Universe and anything is possible, even harmonious Unions. For, if this were not an infinite place, you would see evidence of that. But there is no evidence of that at all. ALL evidence points to the fact the the Universe is infinite and it is in every way. Even in ways that you have not yet discovered. So, by the same token, be infinite with your thoughts as well. Take a look at your thought patterns and your beliefs and take a look at what is manifesting. If your reality appears to be limiting, are your thoughts supporting that? The answer will always be “Yes”. You create what you think about. It is time for us to wake up. It is time for us to become conscious of our thoughts and to realize that we have a choice in what we create. We can deliberately create these harmonious unions and perpetuate them as well. The problem is that in the past, people in relationships were not so conscious of their creations. They were not so careful with their thoughts, actions and energies. People sort of were under the impression that good relationships happen by luck or serendipity. That is never the case! Take some responsibility. Have you not noticed that those people who say that perfection does not exist are also the same people who are living in their version of imperfection? Coincidence? The Universe is created consciously and deliberately. There are eternal and universal laws of creation. Creation is a formula and it has been explained here. Be deliberate in your thought, word and action. Once you are able to attract a Harmonious Union, the best chance you have of perpetuating it is by not leaving it to chance. 


This is the tricky part, you see, the goal is to eliminate fears around the subject, but at this point it feels like the fear is of not knowing how to deliberately perpetuate goodness in a union. So, let us reassure you that it is very easy. All you must do is be open hearted and handle the other with care as well. At any point that you feel the desire to express love in some way, do not hold back from doing that. Make decisions with the other person in mind. You get out what you put in. If you want it to stay fresh and exciting, put that energy in! Be daring, be sweet and be bold with your love! You will inspire the other to return it and the energy will be perpetuated. But it begins with you. Every moment holds choice. Every decision must be made with the resulting energy in mind. Ask yourself what choices are best to perpetuate the lovely energy that you are desiring to support. Be conscious as to not do things to make doubt rise up unnecessarily. Handle with care. Live beyond reproach and be prepared to have transparency in your union. Make everything visible to your partner. You are in Union. There are no lines to cross, no secrets. If you cannot bear all, then you may not be ready to have a Harmonious Union.


Now, there are those of you who say, “Yes, I have done all of those things, lived beyond reproach, been open hearted and it has gotten me nowhere.”. To that, the question is, did you let that rule your decision about being open hearted and caring? Or, did you let that setback set the pace for you? You live in the land of 3D, where thoughts do not manifest instantaneously and what you have created in the physical has gained enough momentum to continue on for some time even after you have changed your thought about it. So, bear this in mind that when you change your thought you may still see the remnants of old thinking in the new manifestation. The key is to not allow this manifestation to set the pace for you. This is the mark of true change. The idea is to change your vibration. But to make a change only to produce a specific outcome is not a true change. This is why you may change for a moment and when you do not see the desired outcome, you go back to your old ways and you are showing the universe that you have not truly changed and therefore, the Universe does not reflect back to you the new you, it reflects back to you the old you. Because that is still the vibration you are holding. What will make the difference for you in this 3rd dimensional reality is when you decide to be the new, even when you do not see the desired outcome. If you can remain in your new vibration, even in the face of the old and unwanted manifestation, the new manifestation will come along, because it must and when it does materialize, it will be great. It will be a very bold example of the vibration you have held, even when the outside did not match your new vibration. So, simply decide to be that which you wish to be, no matter what you see and the outside will change. Do not demand it. Do not sit around feeling sorry because it has not happened. Find peace in your new found authenticity. Authenticity and open-heartedness are indeed the same. Standing by your own side with conviction as you act from the energy of your core essence is the most loving action you can do for yourself and also from others. there is no way that love can miss you when you have mastered this. Stand by your own side and express yourself authentically. The person who sticks to you when you do this will keep sticking to you as long as you live by this code. The code of your open hearted and authentic self. This is not a code of need. Beware the needy cry. Do not get authentic self expression mixed up with the energy that does an action in an attempt to gain or attain a specific outcome. Love is given courageously and without attachment to outcomes. That is the difference. A needy vibration will attract more need. That is why the lover will run when you give off that vibration.  So, do not give it a worried thought. Do not try to create an outcome. Demonstrate your trust in this Universal formula.

There is never anything to fear in this game of life, only life to live, learn and enjoy.

If you are still here, do not question your purpose. If you were not meant to be here, you would not be here. It is not by accident that you are here and it is not against your will, either. Every desire that you have can be fulfilled and if you are reading this, then you can surely learn how to attract what you want.


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