All You Need Is Love; How To Perpetuate A Harmonious Union

All You Need Is Love; How To Perpetuate A Harmonious Union

 You cannot see an end to that which there is no end, and in Divine Love, there is no end <3


All Messages Here are Channeled Via Unity Consciousness. There is no difference between the Universe and I. The only difference is in what we perceive. This is a Unified Universe and we are all in this together. My intentions and your intentions are one in the same

With great Love <3


“This is like an instruction manual regarding advanced concepts about how to use the Laws of Attraction. If you are not well versed in the Laws of Attraction and you would like to learn these concepts here, in order to attract and perpetuate a Harmonious Union, I suggest educating yourself further and returning here, rather than using this text as your beginning point.”

-Elise, Expert in LOA and Manifesting, Love Coach and Twin Flame/Soulmate Intuitive


How does one attract the perfect Union? Let’s take it even further than this to address an even more prevalent problem that all of you anticipate, which is, how to KEEP a Union harmonious once you have found it.

Let us begin here…

First, we will squash doubt.

“Just as I do with my clients on an individual level, I also have realized that I can feel the blocks in the collective consciousness that come up as I write. This allows me to address pertinent issues accordingly”


There is no such thing as limitation in this Universe. Anything is possible, so why is it that you are always waiting for the other shoe to drop? Why do you worry so much about a good Union going bad? The Universe must deliver to you what you most strongly believe in. If you most strongly believe that Unions go bad eventually, or that they are difficult to keep harmonious, you are doing a great disservice to yourself. You can serve yourself much better by taking on the opposite approach. You see, whether you are right or wrong is not what matters here. All that matters is what you believe in most strongly. You will attract the evidence that is in accordance with what you believe.


Many of you, most of you, in your own relationships, find yourselves waiting for the other shoe to drop. And of course, you are putting fourth that same energy into the relationships of other people, offering your disservice to them, as well! And for no good reason!! When you believe it is hard, it will be hard! When you believe it is easy, it will be easy. That is what all these beliefs amount to. That is all you must do. As beings who have recognized that you are on a spiritual journey and that you are the creator of your experience, you can change your belief systems very swiftly and easily, if you simply give yourself permission to do so. There is nothing here, in this land of 3D that does not come to materialize from the origin of thought. Not anything in creation exists without first being a thought. The time lapse in the 3RD Dimension creates this illusion that thought and form are separate. They are not. It just take more thought to create a manifestation, but the process is the same. You must think it into being. Not only that to create anything, you must first think it, but anything you are thinking you are also creating, whether your intent is deliberate or not.


So, be deliberate! There is no reason for you to be taking on beliefs and practicing thoughts and beliefs which are not serving you and never will. If you have a choice in what to believe is true, choose to believe in things that serve you. Believe in love. Believe in hope. Believe that this is an infinite Universe and anything is possible, even harmonious Unions. For, if this were not an infinite place, you would see evidence of that. But there is no evidence of that at all. ALL evidence points to the fact the the Universe is infinite and it is in every way. Even in ways that you have not yet discovered. So, by the same token, be infinite with your thoughts as well. Take a look at your thought patterns and your beliefs and take a look at what is manifesting. If your reality appears to be limiting, are your thoughts supporting that? The answer will always be “Yes”. You create what you think about. It is time for us to wake up. It is time for us to become conscious of our thoughts and to realize that we have a choice in what we create. We can deliberately create these harmonious unions and perpetuate them as well. The problem is that in the past, people in relationships were not so conscious of their creations. They were not so careful with their thoughts, actions and energies. People sort of were under the impression that good relationships happen by luck or serendipity. That is never the case! Take some responsibility. Have you not noticed that those people who say that perfection does not exist are also the same people who are living in their version of imperfection? Coincidence? The Universe is created consciously and deliberately. There are eternal and universal laws of creation. Creation is a formula and it has been explained here. Be deliberate in your thought, word and action. Once you are able to attract a Harmonious Union, the best chance you have of perpetuating it is by not leaving it to chance. 


This is the tricky part, you see, the goal is to eliminate fears around the subject, but at this point it feels like the fear is of not knowing how to deliberately perpetuate goodness in a union. So, let us reassure you that it is very easy. All you must do is be open hearted and handle the other with care as well. At any point that you feel the desire to express love in some way, do not hold back from doing that. Make decisions with the other person in mind. You get out what you put in. If you want it to stay fresh and exciting, put that energy in! Be daring, be sweet and be bold with your love! You will inspire the other to return it and the energy will be perpetuated. But it begins with you. Every moment holds choice. Every decision must be made with the resulting energy in mind. Ask yourself what choices are best to perpetuate the lovely energy that you are desiring to support. Be conscious as to not do things to make doubt rise up unnecessarily. Handle with care. Live beyond reproach and be prepared to have transparency in your union. Make everything visible to your partner. You are in Union. There are no lines to cross, no secrets. If you cannot bear all, then you may not be ready to have a Harmonious Union.


Now, there are those of you who say, “Yes, I have done all of those things, lived beyond reproach, been open hearted and it has gotten me nowhere.”. To that, the question is, did you let that rule your decision about being open hearted and caring? Or, did you let that setback set the pace for you? You live in the land of 3D, where thoughts do not manifest instantaneously and what you have created in the physical has gained enough momentum to continue on for some time even after you have changed your thought about it. So, bear this in mind that when you change your thought you may still see the remnants of old thinking in the new manifestation. The key is to not allow this manifestation to set the pace for you. This is the mark of true change. The idea is to change your vibration. But to make a change only to produce a specific outcome is not a true change. This is why you may change for a moment and when you do not see the desired outcome, you go back to your old ways and you are showing the universe that you have not truly changed and therefore, the Universe does not reflect back to you the new you, it reflects back to you the old you. Because that is still the vibration you are holding. What will make the difference for you in this 3rd dimensional reality is when you decide to be the new, even when you do not see the desired outcome. If you can remain in your new vibration, even in the face of the old and unwanted manifestation, the new manifestation will come along, because it must and when it does materialize, it will be great. It will be a very bold example of the vibration you have held, even when the outside did not match your new vibration. So, simply decide to be that which you wish to be, no matter what you see and the outside will change. Do not demand it. Do not sit around feeling sorry because it has not happened. Find peace in your new found authenticity. Authenticity and open-heartedness are indeed the same. Standing by your own side with conviction as you act from the energy of your core essence is the most loving action you can do for yourself and also from others. there is no way that love can miss you when you have mastered this. Stand by your own side and express yourself authentically. The person who sticks to you when you do this will keep sticking to you as long as you live by this code. The code of your open hearted and authentic self. This is not a code of need. Beware the needy cry. Do not get authentic self expression mixed up with the energy that does an action in an attempt to gain or attain a specific outcome. Love is given courageously and without attachment to outcomes. That is the difference. A needy vibration will attract more need. That is why the lover will run when you give off that vibration.  So, do not give it a worried thought. Do not try to create an outcome. Demonstrate your trust in this Universal formula.

There is never anything to fear in this game of life, only life to live, learn and enjoy.

If you are still here, do not question your purpose. If you were not meant to be here, you would not be here. It is not by accident that you are here and it is not against your will, either. Every desire that you have can be fulfilled and if you are reading this, then you can surely learn how to attract what you want.


Hi, this is Elise<3…
I have been conducting Twin Flame and Soulmate readings for you all, for many months now…

I have the ability to point out the blocks in your energetic patterning that need to be resolved before your Perfect, Ideal Soulmate Union can occur.

I need only a picture of you in order to perform this reading. The reading includes detailed instruction, tailored to your specific needs and guidance to explain exactly what it is that you must resolve and how to go about in doing so.

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This is what I want for all of you.


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  1. So true, being deliberate gives us choices of what to create in our reality. In my experience, you must be unconditional to be able to take responsibility of your creation. If you let your ego take over your relationship, you create co-dependence and you start to rely on each other to create reality then you blame each other if positive outcome doesn’t manifest.

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