Opening doors to allow The Universe to Bring Your Union

Opening doors to allow The Universe to Bring Your Union

All Messages here are channeled via Unity Consciousness, which is not the same as most former interpretations of Channeling. This is a Unified Universe.


The energies of the Universe do not change. The formulas stay the same, but putting it all together in an applicable form sometimes takes some specific pondering and deliberate thought. It is not so hard, especially from a non-physical perspective. But through your eyes, where your dimension is linear and you can only think one thought at a time, you must focus on a particular stream of thought in order for it to develop and to “figure it out”. Let’s focus.

Many of you feel that your soulmate is not coming to you. That there are not enough opportunities for a new person to come through, or that the chances are small. The energy is stagnant and new things aren’t occurring for you, from your perspective. To be able to comprehend how a soulmate will find their way to you is not your job, however, it is your job to act on your joy and when you feel the desire to open new doors of opportunity in your life for new energies to come through, that is what you should act on. Do not take the thought so far as to make all of your door opening decisions based upon whether you think the chances are good that your lover will find you through a particular venue, simply make your choices based in your joy and that is what puts you on the path to what you want. You have no way of predicting how meeting only one person, connects you to another person, event or circumstance for even more doorways of opportunity to be open. Even a small doorway is enough room for the Universe to bring to you what is yours. All you must do is act upon your inspirations when they come to you and do it for the joy of it, not for any particular result beyond that.

insp0005This is very important. To make decisions without being preoccupied with the “outcome”. The outcome should only be that you had a good time doing a thing. Nothing more. Let things come to you. Do not try to force it. Be easy and you will find that things will come to you much easier.

There are many physical actions that you can take to open doors of opportunity through which new energies can be attracted to you.

If you want a new result, take a new action

It can be difficult to perceive a vibration that is not where you currently are, but you must understand that, that doesn’t mean it is impossible. Do not block yourself with such thoughts. Here are some straightforward physical actions you can take to open doorways of opportunity.

Take Chances

Courage is a door opener. Nothing can occur without the courage to act upon an inspiration.

cowardly-lionBe Fearless.

Meet new people.

Online, in groups and in person. There are so many options out there. People meet soul mates online all the time. When I moved to a new city and desired to meet new people, I joined Meetup groups and went regularly, to the ones that appealed to me, as often as I could and I honestly made the very best of it. I dressed up, looked cute and read a book on charisma to brush up on my social skills. I stayed positive and genuinely enjoyed interacting with people. I made many friends and I made it a point to approach new faces. This is exactly how I met what I am calling my Ideal Soulmate that I am currently with. Open doors of opportunity and wonderful things will have the opportunity to reach you, even when you least expect it.

Taking the time and effort into yourself to look attractive might sound superficial to some of you, but we are physical beings and putting effort into your body is a self loving action, therefore yielding higher levels of confidence that attracts more people in your direction. Therefore, making an effort to look cute is a door opener. For many reasons. Do it.

Prepare your thoughts ahead of time. Prepare stories, questions and topics of conversation. Prepare your energy and think ahead of time about the kind of energy that you want to have. This technique is called pre-paving and it’s very helpful.


Do New Things.

Take up hobbies and try new things. Look up parks and botanical gardens in your area. take up scrapbooking, gardening, painting and join clubs. Meetup groups of all different types, in all areas can be found through There are meet up groups for every interest and if you can’t find one you like, create your own! take a pottery class, join a book club or a social Meetup for spirituality or even card games. The opportunities available for you to open doors are endless!


Life Is A Trail…

One Thing Leads to Another

Do not act with an end in sight. Do not map out your life, as if it is predictable. Just enjoy yourself as fully as you can and the energy will move faster and things will come to you faster. Take up new inspirations to follow your joy, even if they seem completely unrelated to the manifestation you are ultimately wanting to attract. I took up a hobby that involved pampering my body and correcting my skin issues. It was a way for me to practice and fully embody a vibration of self love and compassion. Although this particular hobby did not directly result in the attraction of my Union, it was a huge contribution to my full recovery and for putting myself in a space that was so self loving that it made attracting the perfect Union easy and natural. Follow your joy, no matter how big or small. Sometimes, you are just being led to do something because it is what you need in order to assist you in the positive vibrational shift that you are going for. Do not expect instant results, manifestations do not happen that way in this dimension.

Get Busy

No matter what you are trying to attract, it’s always going to come easier if you are having so much fun that you forget about it altogether! So make every effort to fill your life up with fun, no matter what form it takes. Hopefully, it will involve getting you out of the house at some point or with connecting with new people. Don’t sit at home and do what you have always done! Have some courage, open doors and do something new today!!


Make The First Move

If you don’t ask you’ll never know! The Universe is always throwing curveballs at us. Some people are shy. You can’t help that, but you can help your own behavior and if you feel guided to meet someone or ask them to hang out, do it! I am very outgoing and if I wasn’t, my current Union would not have occurred! It happened because I followed my joy to such a highly authentic degree. Be authentic and don’t miss out!


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  1. One simple little connection and I met you… You changed my life by pre-explaining my thoughts and making me feel okay that the things I think are really real – which is how I felt when I read your blog… And I had read a lot a lot a LOT. Like u said now (lol, see?) One simple little connection and I met you… You changed my life by pre-explaining my thoughts and making me feel okay that the things I think are really real and then you even taught me how to see what I was doing to totally sabotage all of the quantum progress I was just making anyway. This crap aint easy but it’s sure a lot better with guidance like yours! Like eons better… Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

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