The Connection Between Having a Sense of Humor and Attracting a Harmonious Union

The Connection Between Having a Sense of Humor and Attracting a Harmonious Union

Channeled via Unity Conciousness

The Universe has a sense of Humor. Which means that at your core, you do too 😉


There is definitely a connection between having a sense of humor and attracting a harmonious Union. Number one, fun makes all the difference in attracting what you want. When you are having fun, you are not waiiiit-ing around for something good to happen and therefore, you do not create more waiting, you create more fun, speed and more fun things will come to you faster.

When you are having fun, you are too busy to be waiting around for anything and therefore you are not creating more waiting, you are allowing the energy to flow fast paced and freely.


Humor Requires Optimism=Light=Love

”Lighten- Up”

This is definitely a good thing that will assist you in attracting more positive people, circumstances and events. Being able to see the world through a positive or lens or a touch of humor is what manipulating energy in a positive way. That is what transforming energy is all about. Circumstances don’t matter. Only state of being matters. Laugh at everything, including yourself and your life will change so fast, you will be dazzled. Even a single circumstance can be transformed instantaneously using humor. If you do not allow your vibration to be negatively influenced, you become the dominant vibration, which means all opposing energies must leave or follow suit. Or, you can be the follower and be influenced in the direction of what you do not want. It is up to you.

Humor is light. Worry is heavy. Be light hearted. Allowing humor to be a ruling force in your life allows you to forget about negative thoughts and simply focus on what is important. This is important because forgetting negativity and embodying positivity is simply part of the formula for being on the right path to attracting anything that is ideal, including an Ideal, Harmonious, Open Hearted Union.

Another thing you’ll have going for you if you take on humor as a ruling sense of energy in your life is that people are attracted to that. Positive people will gravitate to you more easily, human interactions will be more effortless and positive moments will become increasingly bountiful. Whoever your soulmate may be, if you cross paths, humor makes it more likely that you two will meet under a blanket of positive energies.

Play is a Healing Energy. Humor is Play. Play More.

Especially, if you have something to heal from or pain in your life, play and humor should be top priority as part of the healing process. Many people have learned to harness this idea and use it to heal themselves of physical ailments, but what is more believable is that humor is the cure of emotional ailments. Just a hint 😉

Taking on the vibration of fun cancels out negative, heavier energies.

Let momentum pick up. Energy is like a snowball. Like energies stick to each other. Apply these concepts in all the ways that you can and as you go along, you can allow momentum to gain to a point in which these energies sustain themselves very easily for you. You will also attract relationships that sustain fun and playful energies, keeping that energy flowing.

If you still cannot grasp this concept of the value of humor, then it is no wonder that harmonious union has not found you! Play attracts play. Fun attracts fun and love attracts love. Don’t be a pessimist, unless you want to attract more to be pessimistic about.

Love and Play


I have already resolved and completed my transition, which has resulted in my very own Unification With My Ideal Soulmate in the 3rd dimension.

This is what I want for all of you.

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