The Highest Truth and Guidance Part 1

The Highest Truth and Guidance Part 1


“I am here for you. Revealing all of my secrets

so that you may manifest the heaven I know is real.”



Channeled Via Unity Consciousness

There’s nothing to see here, that isn’t meant to be seen. So stop fearing that there is. But, many of you can create the illusion of ideas that support what you most dearly need to hear. Even your guidance will have to tell you what you need to hear, if you simply cannot hear anything that is to the contrary. And this definitely is happening to you, who are having the Twin Flame experience. You cannot accept certain outcomes. You cannot conceive of them and there are times when even your guides and the Universe must simply tell you what you are needing to know in the moment, because the point of revealing anything to you is to be of assistance and if it is known that a certain truth will not be of any assistance to you in a particular moment, then there is no point in revealing anything other than what you can accept. So, just because your guides have confirmed a thing, what is needed is that you do not require permanence in your understanding, but that you allow them to transform and grow, if they desire to in time. Perhaps you will see how your guidance has told you certain things because you could not hear the truth and what you really needed was soothing. When you see a psychic, if they are seasoned in their energy work, they will know what is necessary to say and what will be pointless. The hope is that whatever you hear does assist you on your journey, for whatever stepping stone you are currently at, and that you can evolve into realms of understanding that allow you to come into contact with more and more truth. For, if you are in denial, you cannot expect truth from the Universe, you cannot hear it or accept it. So then how will you perceive truth in a state like that? Your guides are extremely wise, and they do not put forth tremendous effort  to push you to believe something that you are not ready to believe. Yet, many of you take the confirmation from your guides as an absolute truth. Here is what you must know, that there is no such thing as knowing all things in the realm of 3D. In this 3D realm, we are continuously striving towards higher and higher ability to perceive what is truth. With keeping this in mind, you can remain open to higher perceptions and to transcending the old understandings, without discrediting them, but seeing that they were the highest perception truth you could hold at the moment.

Whatever it is that you know, its ok to know it.

Some of you fear that it is possible for you to perceive something that is not meant for you to know. This is never true. You will only be shown what you are ready for and there are times when things you are shown assist your growth in very unexpected ways. A psychic is simply a person who knows this rule. The rules of how to perceive and trust guidance at all times. You are never imposing upon the Universe by knowing too much. The Universe will never reveal to you something you have not agreed to, no matter how many psychics you see. Everything is relevant, so, see it that way. This is simply a little piece of what you must know. At times, delivering smaller amounts of information allows for better digestion. This is why we are encouraging continuing sessions with this channel, to ensure continuing education, direction and growth in the most efficient manner. It is unreasonable to expect to know everything at once. But baby steps and small, digestible chunks are a very reasonable way to take on the Universe.

Allow yourself to learn, one step at a time. You never need to be alone. You never need to spin on an idea, trying to sort the truth from the non-truth or figuring out all of the details. Which is what many of you Twin Flames are currently doing. This is a complete waste of your energy and it holds up the process of growth that you are seeking.

Never try to figure it all out

It’s an impossible task anyway

So, take the pressure off,

seek a highly skilled 3D guide or mentor to most effectively keep you along your highest path to accelerated growth

and enjoy the ride.

A highly skilled 3D guide is one who has most likely manifested that which you seek

or who’s informational offerings ring true for you.

There is value in Manifestation. It means you;re doing it right. It’s the mark a true mastery.

Beginning in the emotions and ending in physical matter.


I notice that my readings serve others by getting them to put it all in correct perspective and focus in the most effective way for growth. Sometimes, there’s just too much information and we lose focus. We can all use a little help, sometimes. Twin Flames can use help all the time. LOL

We are all in this together.

Use me as a resource.

I’m here for you.



Fine Tuning Manifesting Soul/Twin Union… How To Unite Part 3

Fine Tuning Manifesting Soul/Twin Union… How To Unite Part 3

Channeled via Unity Consciousness


There is a lot to cover here. This information will make the most sense if you already have acquired a baseline knowledge of the laws of attraction, as the following is basically something like a reference guide to going deeper within the finer details of the way these Universal laws can assist you in forming your desired Union. The following concepts could be considered somewhat advanced. Please inquire about a session if you would like further information, if you are having difficulty understanding how your energy patterns are not serving you better or if you are having difficultly attracting you Union. As, this is my specialty which I have mastered for myself, in my reality, in 3D form.

“Knowing is important, but so is fun”



Humans love being specific. Specifically specific. because, it makes us feel like we are going to get what we want, if we can define it.

Being able to discern desired from not desired has its value, but, being too specific can also have its drawbacks, too. It can create resistance. The reason is because, when you are too specific, spinning on the subject can actually remind you of what you do not have. The desire is what keeps fueling your defining of specifics, so, there is a subtle difference that we want to convey.

When specifics come in a seemingly random way. As if, they simply appear to you, like a lightbulb simply went off and now  you gain more clarity on what you want, this is a good thing. You have come to a new territory of fine tuning the specifics of your desire.

We are taught that it is good to visualize what we want and think on it in order to attract it. But, the world of 3D is very different from other worlds that are teaching this, and so, there are a few things that can get left in the cracks of translation.

Visualizing happens on it’s own. It is important that when you are daydreaming, that you are seeing and thinking on those things that you want. To direct yourself in a positive way simply takes conscious intent.


But, there comes a point when the feeling of the lack of the manifestation is what fuels the visualization. This is when it is not a recommended practice.

You feel the time, you feel the absence, and so, to make an effort to manifest, you visualize and let this thing that you want that you don’t have consume your thoughts. The longing energy is the fuel, therefore, it cannot bear fruit. Not for as long as this is the pattern.

It is not necessary to continually add unto a desired visualization in order to manifest. That is like reminding the server at a restaurant of what you just ordered, again and again. The order has been received and you will continue to collect data, but as you do, the universe receives the memo.

Better than deliberately trying to manifest via visualization,

(^^That energy resembles the energy of force or need, more than it does that of satisfaction or content.)

to actually let go of the whole picture would be more effective.

Let go and achieve the feeling that it’s already done. (This would feel like Satisfaction or contentment)


To visualize intensely and desire intensely does build up momentum, but it will only manifest once the whole desire is released from the consciousness. Pressing your thoughts up against the glass of the Universe, which is between you and your desire does not will it to you faster. Because burning desire also creates resistance, until you distract yourself from it. Feeling impatient, anxious, disappointed, lonely or sad are all indications that you need to fine tune yourself before it will manifest.

Many of you are misinterpreting the entire concept of “letting go”. It doesn’t mean that you will never achieve your dream, it means release resistance so that the Universe can do its job in bringing it to you. Holding an idea in your consciousness, especially when you know you want it, but you simultaneously have the awareness that you do not have it creates resistance that the Universe cannot overcome for you. You have to release the resistance in order for the Universe to bring it forth. Releasing it is better than “Holding” onto it, because as you release it, you also release the negative attachments/resistant energy (Force, need, lack, the opposite of satisfaction or contentment) that you had and this is what allows it to unfold naturally.

The only thing which keeps you constantly consumed by thought of your desire is your keen awareness that your wish is not already fulfilled. Therefore, this thought pattern WILL NOT manifest your desire. Only more lack will result.

A 100% shift in conscious patterning is required to make the shift from not attracting your desire, into attracting your desire.

If you have received one session from me, this will not completely reconfigure your entire energetic patterning to keep you on track to manifestation. This would be like going to the gym one time, and expecting complete transformation. Let’s be real. Changing your energetic patterns is  a process that requires COMMITMENT to your cause and continual effort to move forward towards your cause. A mentor, someone who can assist you in identifying negative energetic patterns which you are practicing and assist you to redirect those patterns into positive spaces is imperative if you desire any results within any reasonable amount of time. There is a sort of transfer of energy which occurs during sessions that speeds the process of transition and enhances momentum. This is the reason I have decided to discount bundled sessions to assist my clients in their rapid growth towards their goals.


Often, humans try to keep the dream alive, by adding detail and keeping it in the forefront of awareness. Gaining momentum via the “picture”. The Universe doesn’t forget the preferences that you have, whether you “Forget” them or not. The Universe remembers every preference you have established. You have one job. Define, surrender and have fun. The first is done automatically as you got through life and the second happens automatically when you do the third. So, that means your only job is to have fun.

Your job is not to “Hold on”, not to demand, not to force, not to think constantly about how or when it will manifest. Your job is simply to follow your joy and become as enveloped in fun as you possibly can.

Surrounding yourself with positivity is key.

Positivity is always something a mentor can offer. Bringing you back to a hopeful space, which is needed time and time again.

Here, we will become more specific, as, there is something that many of you are not understanding.

The universe is vibrational and responds to vibrational requests. this means that your requests must be vibrational. If you want a relationship, you simply must capture the vibration of what it would feel like to be inside that relationship that you want, and that sends a clear message to the Universe. It also makes your request deliverable. But, to take it even further and to become so specific on the form that the manifestation must take, well, that is like back-seat driving. Suddenly, you are telling the Universe How to deliver a vibration, and this is not your job or your business. For instance, you have identified the feeling of the relationship you want to be a part of. It feels good, warm, inviting, fun and easy all around. Just full of ease, full of gratitude and love. This is a clear message for the Universe. But now, you are tacking on more requirements. You are adding what race your lover must be, what color eyes and hair and height and stature. It is possible that you can receive all of these specifics, but, it is not likely because your inability to trust the universe to bring something that will satisfy you is not demonstrated in your need to tell the Universe how it must deliver unto you. The specifics are creating resistance and are actually hindering the process. The same thing happens when you desire a relationship and when you take on an attitude that you will only accept this relationship from one specific person. Can it happen? Yes, it can, but the process is so grueling that it is makes it more unlikely than if you were open to the Universe’s ability to bring suitable prospects to manifest your desires.

Unbearable wanting of a specific lover adds more resistance to the equation because it’s often accompanied by a needy vibration and mistrust. If you truly trusted the Universe, you would not feel so adamant about who it should bring. You would simply know that your ideal will be brought to you in a fulfilling way.

This does not mean that you cannot attract a specific lover. It simply means that insisting upon a specific lover hinders the manifestation, more than it helps. Paradoxically, if you simply forgot about your specific lover, the chances of them coming to you are greater. But your needy vibrational cry for that specific one actually feeds the distance between you.

So, if I am not supposed to be too specific, why do I want a specific lover so badly?


The Universe supplies us with inspirations for things to want because the inspiration assists our creations so greatly. Epitomizing a certain thing, that thing can be used as a symbol of what great manifestations are possible for us to attract. We cannot fathom something we have never known of before, so, this makes symbols a necessary part of the formula. Your job is to conceive the highest and best ideal that you can conceive of, and to understand that it’s only a symbol for what may come. Knowing that whatever comes will indeed be highly ideal and fulfilling. So, to find a lover that inspires us to an intense level of love and attraction is a prime example of an energy that greatly assists the coming of an even greater manifestation, if you allow it be that. You hinder the process when you demand that your exact picture be fulfilled and do not accept that something different may come, even though it could be greater than what you have conceived of.

Often, in matters of love, we epitomize a lover, even though the manifested version of them is incomplete, which makes them obviously unideal. For instance, you epitomize a lover which chooses not to be with you. It’s actually not ideal, but you epitomize that person anyway, even though your experience with them is showing you that its not what you want. Perhaps the next manifestation would be complete and mutual, but in order to attract it, you have to be unattached to the specifics of the picture in your head. Simply use them as a symbol to fuel your desire, instead. That is often part of the purpose behind the interaction you had with them. Not to be your ideal, but to assist you in attracting  your ideal.


You cannot fathom what you have never fathomed. This is why the Universe must bring your manifestations piece by piece. Eventually, you have enough experiences to fathom the whole ideal closely enough to attract it to yourself. But this would have never happened without contrasting experiences first.

For example, a newborn has no concept of money at all. So, a being who has no concept of this must first attract piece by tiny piece. Then, you collect enough evidence that money has value. Perhaps a toddler would grasp a $10 bill and want it very badly. That is all that they want, just that $10 bill. To them, that $10 bill is the greatest thing they can conceive of having. But, the Universe knows they could attract to themselves so much more! Even though a $10 bill is far from an ultimate, to the toddler, they see it as an ultimate. As a result, The Universe would have to bring them something that would reflect that ultimate feeling, but since they are summoning a vibration of an ultimate, the manifestation would have to reflect that. Which means, the manifested version of what they are summoning would not actually be the $10 bill that they originally wanted. Although, you could not easily convince them that they wanted something else, until it manifested and they could see it for themselves. This is the kind of thing that many of you are experiencing. There is not enough credit being given to the Universe for its vastness and infinite potential.

 Manifestations become increasingly closer to reflecting a vibrational match to the summoned desire,  once alignment occurs. This is the same way it happens with you. So, stop needing every piece to be your ultimate, when it’s simply a step along the way. The Ultimate manifestation won’t present with so many things that aren’t ideal. In fact, the ultimate experience would be pleasant, easy, automatic, fun and most of all, it will stick.

You would be right to think that there is no ultimate, but that doesn’t mean that you could not attract the equivalent of something which would serve as the current ultimate. What is meant by ultimate is simply delicious and supreme.

Food for thought, via Unity Consciousness.

This information will always be on the leading edge of thought. Don’t get left behind, stay tuned.

“I am here for you. Revealing all of my secrets

so that you may manifest the heaven I know is real.”



Mastering Open-Hearted Detachment

Mastering Open-Hearted Detachment

This is my 75th post on Soulmates and Twin Flames!!

My story is that in less than one year, by following the teachings I channeled, which are here in this blog, I made it through to the other side of the painful Twin Flame experience and manifested and Open Heart Union and I am still here, helping you all do the same… Namaste!!

Channeled via Unity Consciousness


There’s nothing in the world that I want more than you. I want you more than breath. I want you more than life. I want you more than I ever knew a human could. But I am only human, and you are only you. And although I want you, there is more to me than you. I will find myself, I will answer my questions, I will find the purpose of my pain. This is bigger than just me and you,

but my pain is mine and my answers are mine to find too.


“Everyone on this journey wants to know how to get back their Twin Flame. 

Everyone on this journey wants the answer to Union.

There is only one answer.

It’s Growth.”


You can’t stop there. You can’t energetically stalk another person, thinking that they hold all of your answers, the keys to your kingdom of happiness, fulfillment and ultimate pleasure. You can’t blame them. It’s not their fault, they are only playing a role which is part of your lesson. A reflection of your ultimate truth and it’s your job to find out just how that is so. I know you can’t see it, not at first. But if you only stop to grasp the fact that your pain is yours and caused by nobody else. Your thoughts are yours, your pain is yours, your sorrow is yours, your broken heart is yours, your ego is yours, your reactions are yours, your interpretations are yours, OWN IT!

All of you want to blame the other person. Oh, but we had this connection, we had that experience, he told me this, he flipped on me, he stopped calling, he chased me, he ran, he this, he that… Oh, but I love him, Oh it’s but I can’t get over it. I-I-I-I-I……Guess what?? YOU’RE RIGHT, THIS IS ALL ABOUT YOU! ENTIRELY!


This is NOT about the other person. It has nothing to do with them at all. In fact, this whole Twin Flame ordeal has nothing to do with anything besides growth. Strong emotions are just a way to get you to do that. The Universe want’s you to come back to love. To understand love, to be love, to embrace love, to be completely open hearted and it uses love to draw you there. Love is a stronghold and pain is a force. This is the way the Universe inspires growth.

Stop justifying yourself with the connection you have. Stop making it ok to stay stuck. Stop making your decisions based on what they are doing. Stop trying to figure them out. Stop trying to make them grow. Stop stalking their journey. Stop thinking you are entitled to know anything besides yourself. Stop making them part of your story. Stop planning your future with them and stop holding onto the hopeless romantic idea that they are somehow, the best love you could possibly have or would passably ever want to have. This is all fairy dust!! I am not bursting your bubble, there is PLENTY out there for you. But, you do not have to be predestined with a Twin in order to manifest a future. You are so preoccupied with these ideas. Frantically trying to figure out how they fit in. Rationalizing why your mind is absolutely flooded to the brim with thoughts of them. That thinking is simply serving to distract you from getting the big picture.

  • He’s my other half
  • I can’t get over him
  • I don’t want anybody else
  • There’s nobody else out there for me
  • He’s my ultimate
  • I just know we are meant to be

You think that because you had/have an AMAZING, outrageous, undying connection that it’s special? That it means something? You’re right, it is special and it does mean something, but it doesn’t have to be for the reasons you think… beth21 Every tarot reading tells you about your future together. Every psychic confirms it. Everything is a synchronistic event that validates your knowing of what’s “meant to be”. You’re giving you’re future children names, you’re planning a life, you’re believing in this future, simply waiting for them to evolve and get on board with you, and all the while, what’s the point? To get what you want? NO! That is why you NEVER get what you want, because you are missing the point completely!! The point is for YOU TO GROW! And if your motivation to grow is to achieve Union, you’ll never achieve union, because you would still be missing the point. Your Twin Flame has nothing to do with that. They are just a catalyst. A messenger. A wake up call. A teacher. Just like everything else. The romantic fantasies are a distraction and if you are reading this, you probably have not manifested union, so, a different perspective is probably needed. To be fair. Romance does exist. Fairytale dreams exist. Love does exist and it does happen. But the attachment is the problem.

Listen to this next part: Love does happen.

Happen- Come to pass, occur, or befall you.

  Happen means happen. If it’s not happening, it’s not happening!! Happens doesn’t mean you have to conjure a spell, wish on a star, figure it out, win anybody over or hold on for dear life hoping that one day, you’ll manifest a union. When it happens, it simply happens. POOF! It unfolds, there it is, it happened naturally, it just manifests and before you know it, you’re living a dream. There’s never a reason to wish, hope, think and pray for year after year. That doesn’t yield results. It’s not efficient, it’s pretty much good for nothing. You will grow, but nothing will change. You will grow and you will grow, but you still won’t see the fruits of your labor. That’s what I’m talking about. We want results! But results are yielded from true change. You’ll know if you have truly changed, because the results will be there to confirm. Until then, keep reading… You have to realize that this is only about you. Leave them out of it. There is an art to this. I can tell you to detach, but there’s a very specific way to do it. People detach all the time when they are hurt. Building walls sky high to erase your vulnerability and make you indestructible is not what I am talking about. Debby There is a way to detach from outcomes because you know that you’re already perfect and you’re simply sifting through until something sticks. Whatever sticks is yours. Whatever doesn’t stick isn’t yours. Whatever happens, happens, the rest, just let it go. You follow your heart willingly and completely. You spill your guts, you dish all your authentic truths in their entirety. Follow the tugging of your heart. Tell them exactly how you feel and don’t hold back. If they turn away, you have to be ok with it, because you know if they were actually for you, they would undoubtedly reciprocate. Make no mistake about that.


Attachment is the only thing holding you back from making complete transitions.

Attachment means you are needing something outside of yourself.

Non-attachment + Open Heartedness means that you aren’t seeking anything outside of yourself.

The fulfillment and freedom comes from the ability to authentically embody express and yourself to your core and to be detached from outcome, all at the same time.

Most people fall into the trap of retracting open heartedness after being let down.

No matter what you tell yourself, that’s an indication of residual attachment. 

If you are doing that, you have not truly changed.

A master is revealed by the ability to remain open and detached from needing anything, even in the face of unideal outcomes. 

You can rationalize that things don’t always come easy, but when you use this formula, they can. Because this is what the Universe is trying to get you to do. To be you and to allow complete “surrender”, which equals trust, in the process. Learn this formula and practice it. Not only in love, but in life and in all relationships. This is a state of being. It can take months of continual self deliberation to achieve. We are talking about a making a massive transition. It’s a process, but this is key and it’s correct no matter who you are because this is Open Heartedness, which is love. Use every unideal outcome to test your ability to consciously embody this energy. It can take many let downs and many demonstrations to the Universe to fully come into your new energy. Once you have mastered this, things manifest!!! Manifestations can also occur instantaneously, but we are all different and the results can vary.

We are all in this together.
I love you<3
I Read the Cosmos, Twin Flames, Soulmates and People.
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