10/3/15 Energy Update-What’s in The Cosmos For Today?

10/3/15 Energy Update-What’s in The Cosmos For Today?


What’s in The Cosmos For Today?




Channeled Via Unity Consciousness


I will tell you what this means,

Many of you are wondering why everything is so scattered. Why in one moment you feel the waves of love and bliss, and the next moment, for no rhyme or reason, you are feeling irritated and quite fed up.

The energies are in the process of aligning with their highest potential yet. This means that there are still shifts occurring. somewhat like growing pains. The planets are still digesting  all that has occurred and they move about the cosmos in ways that are unfamiliar to them, and you are doing this as well. Yes, everything has a consciousness, the planets too. The planets are so great that they ultimately effect almost everything that you do. You moods, your swings, your inspired thoughts and your inspirations. Sometimes they line up to assist you in making new connections. Sometimes they line up to assist you in meditation and quiet reflection. Right now, they are shifting about, trying to find a place called home. A place to rest. Everything is in a current state of unrest. It is true that the worst part is over. But the dust has not settled yet. All residuals must be accounted for and organized, before settling can truly occur. This will not happen all at once. Even the sun takes its time to rise.


Things cannot happen all at once, although you sometimes think you want them to. There is a major shift up ahead, therefore, the transition period must be in equal proportion. One cannot make a quantum leap all at once and the Universe does not operate that way, either. It is ok to be in flux. It is ok to not have everything figured out. For, this is a time set aside specifically for you to figure things out. Answers do not have to be immediate. Nothing has to feel rushed and pushing towards outcomes is not necessary at this time. Allow the energy to settle into norm. Allow for the pathways to take form. Once they do, and once your energies are more aligned with all the information and downloads that are coming through at this time, you will find it very easy to choose your path, and initiating change will be the next logical step. It will be natural. Allow it to be that way. Don’t need answers. Don’t need climax. Nothing is quite mapped out yet. Insights are coming and you are receiving them. Information is filling in, piece by random piece. All of the pieces of the puzzle are not in place yet, but they will be. Await the natural alignment that follows these energetic flows. Ideas are being presented to you and your reactions to them will shape your forever. Mark this a pivotal moment. Get on the path you want to be on, because no matter where you stand, the energies are gaining momentum and it is best to already be at least somewhere close in proximity to the direction you want to go. Align, because Fusion will occur. Meshing will occur, and breaking free to change directions drastically could become more difficult. Although, if you are deliberately in resistance to change, you will feel increasing amounts of resistance from the Universe as you are being pushed to align. So, do not resist. That is as simple as it can be. Do not resist what you know that you are. Do not rush and do not resist the natural flow that becomes you. Positivity is gaining power. The Universe is orchestrated to make things work in your favor, but that does not mean perfection. It does not mean challenges will not arise. Negativity is losing it’s grip, so prepare for the last ditch efforts to come about. Open your heart in order to rise above them. The only discernment you need is for yourself. Am I Love? But, for now, feel free to be reflect as times are changing. Rest, recuperate, gather your thoughts, yourselves, your viewpoints and then go when you are prompted. The tug of you heart will let you know.


We are in love with you. As all is connected, more than you know. There is no separation and all is love. You are connected to the cosmos. This is why we are here. You will come to know this more and more. Until next time. Prepare your hearts to ascend, open your hearts, free your minds and await the coming reports. We are with you.

-Unity Consciousness

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3 thoughts on “10/3/15 Energy Update-What’s in The Cosmos For Today?

  1. Hi Elise,

    I am really happy that Ive found your blog, your guidance and information has helped me immensely and new insights are coming everyday for me through your writing. I suspect I am going through a twin flame journey, as from everything I’ve researched about this, I resonate completely with…and your guidance on the topic has helped me greatly,(if this be the case or not) so for this alone I am ever so greatful. Its comforting and heart warming to know there are others out there who are going through this inner journey of self discovery, back to who we really are. I love the pictures you post of you and your love, a truly beautiful couple

    xx Much love and appreciation, Elizabeth

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