What you need to know about the Supermoon Tonight 10/27/15

What you need to know about the Supermoon Tonight 10/27/15


My pain made my fears obsolete. Now, I have neither. Today is the day of the final Supermoon. The energies are calling fourth a “reckoning” between the heart and the mind. The reconciliation of Your inner world and your outer world is being supported by the Supermoon tonight. These energies will stay, and you will become increasingly more uncomfortable so long as these reckonings are being avoided or Unmanifested by you. “Reckoning” is a strong word. But this is no mistake. You are being summoned to step forward and follow through, in the physical, with choices you have come to recognize in your inner worlds, during the past reflections that have taken place. We urge you. The Cosmos urges you and the Universe supports you, in the unification of your worlds today. Do it. Make the choice. Take this final step, and complete your transition which is upon you. Let all that needs to be said, be said. Let fear and pain release its grip on you as your heart takes the lead and knows its final resting place is in the physical world. We love you. All of the Universe loves you and wants for you to only recognize this, that you have been wanting this for a very long time and we support you in making your dreams come true. Communicate authentically, courageously and bravely today, for, communication is the venue for which these pivotal movements will be made.
-Unity Consciousness

Make no mistake, this is all on your hands.





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  1. thankx so much for sharing ! i believe in this synchronicity again along my pathway …. last bloodmoon of the tetrades occured 7 days before my birthday and this month is confirming the shift in my perception of reality …i felt .mercury retrogrades effects , removing ancient blockages and the new moon of last 13th was also liberating HUGE energy for me ….i ‘m waiting for tonight and i thank you for these precious infos .

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