Lightworker Prayer to Trasmute Pain

Lightworker Prayer to Trasmute Pain

Channeled via Unity Consciousness


What do you do when the waves of pain come upon you from soul mates, Twin Flames and the collective?

See Below:…
…and suddenly…. waves of pain run through my heart chakra…up to my head and my tears want to release…. I feel the pain. The pain of love lost. The pain of self loathing. The pain of grief of loneliness and isolation. The pain of suppression. The pain of emotions compounded and stuffed down. The pain of bearing it all, never letting go, never surrendering, never being heard. The pain of apathy for the self. The pain of loss of will. It is not mine. I know this. But my heart cries out. My heart cries out as they do, to be heard. Like a dream, where you want to scream, but you can’t. I feel the pain of all those who want to express, but cannot bring themselves to it. The pain of not knowing how to thrive emotionally. So, I will transcend it for them. I will express it for them. I will validate it for them. I will release it for them. I tell you, it is ok. And as I release these pains that the Cosmos has brought to me for the purpose of transcendence, I return a prayer. A prayer for your Heart. May your Heart no longer bear grief. may your Heart be seen and known for the Divine Love and innocence inside. May you realize it. May others recognize it. May you honor it, as Gaia honors your Heart, Soul, mind and flesh as Divine, purposeful, needed and perfectly placed.. You belong. I return to you Healing Love, in the purest form. Love that knows no return but the satisfaction in knowing it. I am satisfied in my fullest expression of myself. May your chains be broken and your cage be undone. May you receive all of the most finely orchestrated assistance to guide you and inspire you to your path of transformation into Love. May your Heart open as mine has for you. May you transcend your pain as I do. May your words be clear and satisfying as they flow, expressing all of your intentions precisely and succinctly. May you release all of your burdens into the world and fill your Heart with joy, because you now embrace yourself fully and accept yourself as Divine. So it is, indeed!!
-The Lightworkers Prayer For Filtering out pain from Earth’s Collective Consciousness (Soulmates & Twin Flames)

My mission is to assist Lightworkers in being better equipped and tuned to fulfill their individual missions

Unlock yourself, unblock yourself. Gaia depends on you.

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My task is to open your heart, to facilitate and further the readiness and effectiveness of Lightworker’s, so that they may perform their mission to Gaia with more awareness, ability and heart.

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