Lightworker’s Prayer For Strength and Courage

Lightworker’s Prayer For Strength and Courage

Channeled Via Unity Consciousness

We Are Lightworkers…


Each day, life presents choices. Each day, I keep choosing courage, light, fearless love, fierce depth. I will walk about a fake planet and be real. I will walk among the shadows and be light. I will walk among lies and be truth. I will walk among sleepwalkers and be awake. I will walk among fear and be love. In the light of my consciousness, you will have more choices. Choices to remain asleep or to awaken. But I won’t go back into my cave to please anyone. I won’t live this stupid reality and let my life mean nothing. My life is purposeful, dammit! It’s by no accident that I am here. It’s by no accident that I know. It’s by no accident that I see. It’s by no accident that I feel. I will never give into that which cannot bear this task. I CAN.
-The Lightworker’s Prayer

My task is to open your heart, to facilitate and further the readiness and effectiveness of Lightworker’s, so that they may perform their mission to Gaia with more awareness, ability and heart.

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5 thoughts on “Lightworker’s Prayer For Strength and Courage

  1. I am a lightworker. My mission is to heal the immigrant population of the USA by speaking God’s truth to them that they are valued here, that their work matters, and that their rich cultures add a vast tapestry of beauty to American life. I represent a shield of Divine Justice against all their enemies, enveloping them in a shroud of loving kindness. I represent education and conversion of the willing on the opposition side who know their hateful views are morally and spiritually bankrupt. I am redemption for the ignorant, protection for the down-trodden, and retribution of sins. I am Knight. I fight with words, light, fellowship, and love. My weapons are invisible so the enemy cannot see them. I slip in and out unnoticed and bring more and more immigrants under divine protection. My child is the daughter of an immigrant so I am infused with the spirit of her ancestors. My little girl’s divine agreement with me is fulfilled in turning me into the ultimate protector of those like her mother. My strength is unending. My resolve is absolute. My love is unquenchable. Glory be to God, the angels, and saints. I am Knight and I have come to protect.

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