11/11 Make A Wish!

11/11 Make A Wish!

When the Student is ready, the teacher will appear. When the Wisher is Ready, the Star will appear.

11/11, Make a Wish!

Bow your head to set your intentions for this day. Set your intentions forward, Wishing away ALL doubt, fear and resistance, solutions to problems seen and unseen, for the highest good of all. and so it is <3


I wish for you, on this day, a return to love, a return to joy. I wish away all your resistance, all your doubts, all your fears. What I wish for you is kind, is always real, is always true.

I wish upon a star for you, That Planet Earth will be a new. That Planet Earth and all Humans too, will release all doubts, all fears, all woos.


I wish tonight, with all my might, the Cosmic forces at my side. My venture here will burn so bright, I’ll light the path  I’m meant to light and shine upon all souls in sight. My warmth will make a difference here, felt by all who venture near. All who see me will so know that love exists and this I know.


My Love is real, My love is true, and this truth is if of my Twin Flame too!


Chose it yes or choose it no, but fears nevermore will run the show.


Tonight I know free will for all to choose their light and choose to grow. We step into our divinity, all of us shine willingly. All the hopeless feeling ones will turn to help and truth and love. All the ones who make this wish will have their manifested gift…. of love…. on this day.


With Love <3


Happy Wishing, 11/11,


The Cosmos


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