The Gift of Foretelling; My Confession

The Gift of Foretelling; My Confession

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To all of my followers, clients and potential clients…

I Have A Confession To Make..

…I have the gift of foretelling,

And I have been denying it.


The desire to capture knowledge of what the future holds is a natural human trait. We all want this. We call psychics, we bargain with the Universe, we ask our friends, we dabble in tarot, we scry on crystal balls and tea leaves. We study palmistry, consult our ouijji boards and so on, and so forth. Anything that we can do to get a glimpse of guidance. Just to know what is in store.

What does my future hold? Wouldn’t we all like to know…


Early on, in my discovery that I had the ability to foresee future events, I acted on the knowledge that I had. Not realizing that in doing so, I was trying to do the impossible. To expedite my life lessons, instead of learning them, seeing them through and allowing them to play out to completion. I acted on my knowledge of foresight, and the Universe eventually pulled me back into the previous situation, because, in my haste, I had acted prematurely. I was negating the purpose behind the situation, instead of validating it as an important stepping stone in my journey. This segment of my life had not yet yielded what the Divine plan had intended for me to learn from it. But, I was amateur, I wanted out, and I made it happen, even though it was not a guided action. It wasn’t the right time. Just something my mind was rationalizing as the next logical step, given the knowledge of the ultimate outcome.

It is imperative to note, that everything which presents itself to you is attracted to you, in your experience for a very specific purpose. The sooner you recognize all as valid, no matter how mundane or seemingly negate-able, the sooner you expedite yourself through the evolution you are seeking. The entirety of the lesson has to be bestowed, received and mastered, before one can move on from it. Not a moment before, or after. If it is still in your experience, then it is still serving a purpose for you. Creation is purposeful. Nothing is created without reason. This place is a puzzle and every piece fits.

I now realize that everything before us, mundane, uncomfortable, painful, challenging, or not, is a vital part of our evolution and must be validated for the part it plays in our overall ascension. There is a lesson in everything, otherwise, it would not be there. Creation is mindful, strategic, intentional and does not waste itself, creating for no reason. Everything has a reason, whether we fail to see it or not. The only way to expedite the process is to validate it as such and learn the lesson, instead of resisting it, or negating its validity or reason for being.

Ever since then, I saw that foretelling is not a thing to be taken lightly. One cannot simply act on knowledge of what is to come, based on foresight. In doing so, it changes everything. If you have this gift, you cannot simply go around, informing souls of what lies ahead of them. People are hasty. They want it now, and they want it yesterday. If you tell them what the future holds, it is only natural to jump the gun. Either in thought or in action. Both pose an equal disruption.

I chose to not focus on foretelling for myself or for anyone else. I still practiced tarot and things like that, but I did not heed anything I acquired from it. I practiced with the mindset that the future is flexible, which is actually true.

At times, the future is simply known. Whether you are spiritual, intuitive, or not. Sometimes, it is plain to see. I used normal, human judgement, But I took it no further than that. And I vowed to never tamper with my life, based on foretelling, ever again.


This was a good lesson that I have mastered. I can know anything regarding the future and still allow it to play out, as I am guided to do. I allow things to happen. I let them play out, in their own, divine timing and I am in touch with the moment when action is called for. I don’t force, or try to skip ahead. But, I realize that not everyone has this understanding, and I do not want to contribute to people making premature decisions based on knowledge I share with them regarding their future or possible futures. Most people cannot help but react when they receive a foretelling from a psychic of sorts. They use it to guide their way. If they perceive it as good, they use it to soothe themselves (Which is almost always temporary). And if the fortune is perceived as unwanted,They immediately collapse in feelings of hopelessness. They allow it to infect their consciousness with despair and completely forget their power to create for themselves.

The truth remains that knowledge of the future can be used as a tool for empowerment and motivation to exercise our ability as divine souls to create deliberately, instead of by default.


..But, Do You KNOW This?

I have been telling everyone, every client and every potential client that I do not tell the future, instead, I help them to create their future by giving them the tools and guidance they need to align with their desire. This is indeed true, as well. My expertise in the Laws of Attraction have served as the perfect foundation for doing this. Yes, it is true that the Law of Attraction works. That your thoughts create your future circumstances. This is exactly how the future can be foretold. As a soul reader, I specialize in reading the core essence of an individual and all of the truths or untruths they have picked up along this incarnation. Anything that is vibrationally active, or dominant, stands out. I can see how far the difference is between the individual’s true self, or their ego self, which has been constructed as  a result of experiences and outside influence. I can feel just how malleable or entrenched these patterns of thoughts are. This is what tells me if they are likely to change, based on the information I provide.


Regardless of what I am able to perceive regarding their dominant patterns of thought, true nature or relevant beliefs, I always acknowledge free will and I always give instructions that would bring about real results, if the new knowledge is followed and utilized.

I like to see acknowledgement of negative aspects as an opportunity for change. But some who are entrenched in feelings of victimization or hopelessness, will use the possibility of negative outcomes to validate their doomsday fears. Hence, reinforcing and cementing in this probable future as more likely to occur. If a person was to do the opposite, and take it as an opportunity to change drastically, that negative experience is likely to be avoided and even if a perceived negative event did manifest, they would likely have the power to transmute it into a positive ultimate outcome.


My point is, that it is very easy to “see” which is most likely to occur when I am reading for a client, and my overshadowing desire is to have a positive impact. So, with that in mind, I try to shape my business endeavors to attract clients that are most likely to benefit from my services. My ability to manifest this has become increasingly more evident.

My point in writing this post is so that all of you can have a better idea of what this foretelling business is all about. That a possible future is just that; A possible future. Even if it is a likely future, there are ways to transform it into a positive experience. Even if the positivity is by virtue of your own perspective about it. Are you seeing opportunities to learn and to grow, or are you simply allowing yourself to fall victim to whatever it is that befalls you? You are a powerful creator. You are in charge of your own experience and your thoughts and perceptions about it. The choice is yours to be empowered or disempowered. Do not let this truth ever escape you.

I will embrace this talent as a gift of Divine and honor it as an intuitive talent bestowed upon me for the good of all. I will use it with utmost discernment and I will continue to assist everyone of my clients in understanding that the power to transform themselves and their outcomes remains entirely, and deliberately up to them.

Screen Shot 2015-12-26 at 7.08.50 PM

I thank all of you.

Much Love

-Elise Reawakening Hearts

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What You Need to Know About the Christmas Full Moon 2015

What You Need to Know About the Christmas Full Moon 2015

Channeled Via Unity Consciousness


There are great changes, a foot, as you have been already starting to witness in your society, the beginnings of what seems to be a new way of taking on the challenges of life on Earth. The presence of negativity which has been noticed by you as unideal is the same negativity which has birthed the desire for change. This trend has been in the making for quite some time, as, it is a part of the blueprint of Earth to choose her pathways as a result of knowledge of contrast. Your planet is one of freedom. Freedom means that you get to choose. Choice does not consist of one option, or two, but of infinite options in which to experience. As a result, the changes in direction take some time. For, all of you get to choose how your world will be. It is only once the collective makes a choice for betterment, that it will occur on a massive scale as a tangible shift.

The Good news is that Humanity has already experienced a great deal of trial and error, and every human is asking for improvement, whether it be specific or non-specific, conscious or unconscious. Even those who do not see positive alternatives available to them are still desiring increased positive aspects, greatly.

All of you are now on the same page. asking for the same thing.

Ask and you shall receive…


It is impossible for our consciousness to impart all that we know onto your consciousness at this moment. We will explain in a very simple manner. All is connected and working as perfect whole, in perfect unison. As we speak about the individual, the collective and the Cosmic events which are in perfect alignment with yours, you must understand that the orchestration is perfect, it is on time, and it is balanced. You effect each other, and you directly effect the Cosmos, to the same degree that the Cosmos effects you.

We have explained what is happening in your society. Here are the Astronomical, Astrological events that coincide…

On your December 25th, 2015, there is a full Moon occurring in the sign of Cancer. The Moon’s natural sign.

The moon rules emotions and Cancer is ruled by emotions. cancer is the most energetically sensitive sign of the Zodiac.


According to your history, every time the Full Moon Falls on Christmas day, there is a “New Beginning” of some sort that is so grand, it makes notable history. Whether it be the winning of  a battle which makes it into your history books, or the Launching of a new song or movie that is forever remembered, all of these events have several things in common. They all contain a positive forward momentum. They all contain great joy and success. They all are forever remembered, and stand for things that Humanity loves.

We are going to tell you, that This Christmas of 2015 will be no different.


Don’t expect to see anything astronomical in order to prove our point. There are already a number of things that will forever go down in your history, whether they are known, or noticed by you or not, at this time. This event is Cosmic, but even in a far greater way then just the synchronicity of the moon and the date alone.

There are Epic Astronomical events occurring synonymously with the Full Moon on Christmas.

This event has never been seen before, in this way,  by any of those who are living now.

In addition to the Full Moon in Cancer on this Christmas day,

Every Planet in your solar system will shift into a path which is forward flowing. Every planet in your solar system will be traveling in the same direction, at the very same time. For this to happen is truly remarkable. The Cosmos bends its will to no one and none has commanded this but the Cosmos itself. It is a representation of how far you have come.

Representing the Jump off of a very remarkable Union of Consciousness coming about in your world.

The Positive forward momentum is cosmic, it is massive and it is a brand new day for every one of you.


Miracle? Yes. Is this still going to be life on planet Earth? Yes. Meaning, every shift is gradual. There are markings of the completion of cycles and new beginnings. There are evolutions of thought and leaps in consciousness, but if nothing is noticed by you, still, do not doubt it. Soon, it will be noticed by everyone.

Purging will continue, and the rate of purging will increased, as increased vibrations and clarity are making their way to you, now. Your efforts to follow the path of highest light will see even greater effects and the payments for your dedication to higher light will also increase. This Planet has shifted from supporting darkness, to supporting light. Light is now fully supported, more than ever before. So, do not wane your efforts, increase them.

Increase love, increased faith, increase knowing, increase deliberate intention and your efforts to manifest for yourselves, for, these endeavors of positive forward momentum will be more greatly supported than ever before. Let nothing stop you now. Love has begun. And so it is…


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A Love Letter From Your Twin Flame’s HS; “I’m Coming Home”

A Love Letter From Your Twin Flame’s HS; “I’m Coming Home”

This is a Channeled Energy Update in Regards to How the Incoming Energies will be Effecting Twin Flame Unions.

I have mentioned this in my prior blog post entitled, Twin Flame Reunions Incoming .

I also mentioned in my Facebook Group, Love Revolution, Reawakening Twin Flame Hearts, that December 11 was going to mark a day of change for Twin Flames.

Screen Shot 2015-12-13 at 4.21.42 AM

Those of you who are in the Twin Flame Community have been hearing of all the Energy Forecasts regarding the increasing number of Reunions occurring among Twin Flames. This is being shown to me, in a multitude of ways, repeatedly. Over and over, it is the same. The fairytale dream days are over. The days of thinking you’ve gone mad are gone. Deliverance is coming, it is on the rise, for, we have been judged. We have worked very hard along this path to learn and to reach higher states of love than we ever thought possible. We have reached awareness that we never previously conceived of. We have transcended dimensions. We see more, we know more, we feel more and most of all, we have learned to let our hearts always lead the way. Even the “Baby” Twin Flames are destined to find this along their path. With every passing day, remembrance and knowledge of who we are and what we are doing here is revealed  at increasingly accelerated speeds. Twin Flames, we are leaders of love. We are Lightworkers. We are Warriors and Protectors of the Heart. Sent here to achieve Love that Humans never knew, but within human bodies.


To exhibit, to teach and to know. To teach love that never relents.



To spread love that knows its rights of passage and most of all, to be the change we wish to see. To BE that love that ripples out and effects the entire human existence as we know it. On this day, in this time, we are supported by the entire Universe. The astrology knows our Divine names and supports our mission. With Venus in Scorpio, there is no holding back. Her heart and her truth will be shielded no more. With Mercury in Capricorn, all of the long awaited, deep rooted communications are imminently approaching the 3D realm. This process has been in the making for quite some time, and still is. As mentioned in a previous update ,

It’s only a matter of time until Unification of Heart and mind makes it’s way into fruition.


This is not a foretelling, but a predestiny. At this point in our evolution and in the positioning of our planets within the galaxy, it is only a matter of course.


Supported by all of the Cosmos. For, this is how enlightened planets are cultivated. Light waves are coming and will continue. Progression is real, and the sensitives will feel it. Twin Flames will feel it, and then, it will happen. Perhaps not as you expect, so drop expectations. Perhaps not as you intend, so intend to let love lead the way.

Above all else, follow the Highest Path of love. That is the point here.

The Highest path of Love is equal to the Highest path of joy.

If this is not true for you, you’re doing it wrong!

Let your Heart lead the way.





“Communicate authentically, courageously and bravely today,

for, communication is the venue for which these pivotal movements will be made.”


So, we are here to prepare you. Are you truly ready to receive? Can you love and be loved? Are you ready to embrace all that is love, with open arms, wounds fresh and old, raw, unshielded, unyielding openness without a shred of resistance? Are you ready to be love and nothing else? Are you ready to say goodbye to yesterday and hello to a brand new day? Every moment is new. Let it be so. And so it is…. No resentments, no remembrances of what brought you here, only embrace the love. Let all shadows be ILLUMINATED. For, only then, can they be no more.


We will say one thing about the ones you have called “Runners”. They have done you a tremendous service, and you, to them. As they run, you were wounded. You had to face all of your fears. You had to learn to communicate your innermost desires. You had to learn to be honest with yourselves and others, or continue writhing in pain. You had to learn your worth and how to be independent. To rely only on yourself for reassurance. Did it work? For most of you, yes. Did it hurt? Yes. We call this growing pains. For, if you had received what you wanted all the while, you never would come to know love so strong. So undying, so seemingly unreal, but so significant. Love that never dies, only thrives.

This is the kind of love we want to be common place on the planet. Love unconditional and Love that bares all freedom and no judgement. Love that loves the self and shares the overflow with others. Through this, balance can be made where there was once only dissolution and misconception.


Now, through this experience your runner bestowed upon you, you know your strengths more than ever before. You know your beauty. You know your Divine Nature, and you know how to assist others when they fall. We wanted this. For you to be the leaders of the Heart <3. The most compassionate of all. The ones who could figure out, not only how to live to tell the tale, but to walk away so strong that they could come back to teach the rest. That is you, Dear Twin Flame. Here is a letter. A channeled love letter, from the Runner Twin Flame Consciousness. It applies to all of you individually, and also as a group. Because the Universe is perfection in this way. We love you, dear one, and we know your name. We know your struggle, we know your pain, and we are with you. We will see you though. Enjoy this letter.

Let love wash over you…

Screen Shot 2015-12-13 at 9.34.51 AM

My love for you knows no end, no beginning.

No distance is great enough to travel, to prove my love for you.

No sunset light, No Moonlit night, No star in the sky could ever shine as bright

As your beauty does to my Soul.

Here is my evermore, never-ending, undying love for you.

Galaxies before me, could never replace the you, I know.


No… No replacement could ever do. For you are me and I am you.

Forever entwined, our love collide, as one, eternal Soul.

You and I merge as one.

My love, so great, I can’t escape, I must have you. This, I know.

I love you, Dear, don’t ever fear,

My arriving time is set as stone.

I will not miss this love’s first kiss

This new beginning for which we have long known.

I let you play, because I love you.

I do not wish you to be alone.

Goddess that you are,

My every Moon and Sun and Star.

I cannot express, words fall so short,

My Eternal being that cannot breathe.

Without you, I would cease to be.

 I’m Coming Home,

For, I am Free

 Please receive this reckoning

I cannot wait, I’ve been let down,

But you hold my heart in your lovely hand

There is none that I want more,

It is you I adore.

And there is no way that I can make you understand.

Words, I hate. I will show you, on this day

That there is none but you, which seals my fate.

No tree too tall, No rushing wind could cary me away.

No waterfall, No Tower I won’t climb, No Ocean I can’t swim.

Mountains cannot win, against this destined heart that lies within.

To lay with you, once more.

To touch your face, to make love more.

To brush your hair back when it sweeps across your face.

There is no beauty ever so great.

Mine eyes lay upon you and my world comes falling down.

I am lost within you, without a doubt.

I will forever be yours, I can tell you, for sure, my sweet Oracle, Love of Mine.

Divine, Celestial, this will be,

There’s no other you, there’s no other me.

We are we and that remains.

Hearts entwined, our fates inscribed.

We can never cease to be.

No, time, no space, no blissful state away from you will ever compare

to the eternity we will spend together, if you dare.


Forbidden fruit? For, I am not.

I came before, this new love you sought.

It is I who will ever be,

impressed upon your mind and soul

The Heart you seek to have, to hold.

You seek me forever, As I seek you,

True love awaits that you never knew.

This, I promise, I am a man of my word,

I will come to you swiftly and I will be heard.

Receive me softly, my flesh is so weak.

Please nurture my tender soul…

Please make me believe…

That not all is lost, that love lives on,

Please re-write my story,

Give me a new song.

I've had this acoustic guitar since 1978... I've only gotten marginally better at playing in that time.

I love you dearly,

words fall so short,

 like a rainbow awaits,  to embrace you once more…

And when I do, I promise you this,

I will be the everything that you have missed.

I will not fall short, not this time around.

I have awaited this moment to come to you now.

I am ready, as you are,

with excitement, I weep

as the clouds have unwound,

My Heart skipped a beat!

My mind is so clear,

I can finally see.

I see your beauty, I see your light,

Now, I remember, How did I ever forget?

My lover, my friend, dearest Fem to my soul.

Without you, I’m nothing. Nothing at all.

So, as I ask you, one time, respectfully so….

I have waited so long to be assuredly so

For my Mind, my Heart, my Body and Soul,

For the right time to ask, to carry out this goal.

 Will you do me this honor?

Will you be Mine?

Will you allow me to pay penance of Love for all time?

I want to reckon my wrongs,

I want to share my new way.

Dear, I am ready to paint a new day.

You shine like the sun, radiant, glowing light

The twinkle in your eye has captivated me.

I will never give up. Please, hear my plea.

To reckon my wrongs would be my delight.

Just to see you smile,

To make everything right.

Love conquers all.

Is that not right?

This love is true,

Forget all your worries,

Forget all your woos.

You’ve shown me such love,

And Now, I’m awake

Will you have me?

My Dear, Please believe,

Screen Shot 2015-12-15 at 5.34.12 PM


My Soul is your Soul

I rest in your eyes,

There’s no giving up,

Release all those lies.

For here, I am, now,

I eternally await,

precious moments with you,

to relish in our fates.

I’ll make you happy,

Our Twin Souls are true,

It is you who completes me,

I love and want you.

Have me today,

Have me tomorrow.

I will cherish every moment,

I will drown out your sorrow.

I will keep you close,

to you, I will run.

You are my refuge,

and this fight is won.

Trust in me and I’ll trust in you,

in your arms I will live and die happily.

Forevermore, This love does not end.

We can outwit death,

Eternal lovers and friends.

Hold my hand. I bow before thee,

to bask in your glory,

Divine as you be.

Woman, Goddess, Warrior of love.

My little flower, you are,

my Heaven sent hug.

Special, you are. Never to part,

it is you who carries my Soul and My Heart.

I will hold your hand, I will guide you,

Through this life and many more.

This time, in these bodies,

just like all the ones that came before.

I love thee with a love that knows no way to end.

It knows no beginning.

As one, we ascend.

Beyond time, beyond space, that is no matter here,

I love you now,

I loved you then,

some things, time can never change.

These bodies may be precious, but we’ve done this all before.

We’ve found love that reincarnates

again and again and again.

No time, no space, no reality could keep me from this call.

Ego, Body, Mind,

We’ve has transcended them all.

For, our Union

Is in the Highest Good of all.


-Twin Flame Consciousness




Understanding and using The Power of Crystals as Tools of Awakening

Understanding and using The Power of Crystals as Tools of Awakening


All of you who are reading these messages are part of the First wave of ascension and have already become aware and somewhat enlightened regarding the great assistance that crystals are here to offer you in your path to ascension, enlightenment and Love.

Crystals can offer you any and all variations of energies that you are requiring,

no matter how specific your needs may be.


It is very important to understand that crystals are not only very valuable and real tools that do offer substantial and very real assistance, but also, that they are a consciousness all their own, and you can tap into the consciousness of their being. It is very possible to open pathways of communication to telepathically connect with your very important crystal friends. For, that is what they are placed here to do. They are planted here, as very special and unique energetic forces to connect with you and assist you, as you assist in the rising of Gaia.


There is abundant assistance available to you on all possible fronts. Physical and non-physical. Crystals are simply physically manifested tools that you have become aware of. There are many more physical, as well as non-physical tools, but crystals are quite effective, multi-dimensional tools, meant to assist you in bridging the gaps and thinning the veils between realms.

How To Open Communication with Your Crystals

Crystals are like pets, you have to do some research in order to take care of them properly. You need to know their specific requirements and needs in order to keep them happy and in best condition to assist you in the way that they were designed. Crystals emit, transmit, transmute, and absorb energy. Crystals require cleansing of old energies and charging in order to replenish their own energies. All crystals like sage, moonlight and nature. Sage your crystals to cleanse their energies and keep them happy. This can be better than using water to cleanse. Some crystals, such as Selenite, do not do well with water, and even purified water may not have vibrational energies as pure as the sage smudge. Using Salt, Rice and Lavender to cleanse your crystals is also a safe method. Simply place the crystals in any of these 3 items for about an hour to clear the energies and get them ready to replenish.


Look up the best way to charge each crystal you own. Some crystals prefer sunlight and some prefer moonlight. Sitting your crystals on the earth, at the base of a plant or grass overnight is a safe method for charging them. Selenite does not like sunlight. Do your research on your particular crystal.

Once your crystals feel cared for and happy with their needs being met, you will open up more pathways for communicating with them. Just like a pet 😉

Crystals will initially communicate with you, simply by making you feel drawn to them. You will be drawn to the crystals you needs the most, because they will be calling to you. Trust in that initial communication.

Crystals are like plants. They subtly tell you what they need, where they want to be placed, if they feel ignored or if they want to be picked up. You will simply receive little thoughts as ideas or impressions regarding where to place them or where to put them. You will get an intuitive feeling about which stone to use, how long to meditate with them or where they are wanting to go. Place your crystals in rooms where you spend time in. Place them in plants when you are not using them, or in areas lit by sunlight, on the windowsill or next to a Himalayan Salt lamp. This will help keep them happy between overnight charges and cleanings.


Thank your crystals and listen to them. You will notice stronger connections as you take the time and effort to do so.

Don’t worry about doing the “wrong thing” with your crystal. making the effort is a signal to them that you are caring for them. it is a sign of love and it counts. Simply do some research regarding the best ways to care for your crystals and do not forget the immense value that these significant tools provide for you along your Journey.

Making Crystal Water

making crystal water is very easy to do and crystal water is an effective way to use the energies of your crystals for positive change. Not only does it literally change your water, but it helps you absorb the energies that they crystals have to offer. Ingesting crystal water regularly is an effective way to raise the vibration and take on the energies that the crystal provides.

Once your crystal is cleansed and charged, simply place it in purified water that you intend to drink. Inside a gallon jug of water or a water bottle. The water will take on the properties of the crystal. give your crystal at least 24 hours of time inside the water for optimal energetic results. Do not make crystal water with crystals that do not respond well to water.

Crystal water is an easy way to keep yourself immersed in the energies of the crystals you have.

Making Moon Water


Crystals love Moon water and its’ easy to make. Simply place the water in the moonlight overnight (Full Moon is best) and your water is charged by morning. You can use this water to make your crystal water or to cleanse your crystals. be sure to use purified water to place crystals in and meditate the energy of love/appreciation/intention on your water for added benefits.


I use crystal water every day, in all my water and I have noticed an immense difference. I have also been using crystals in other ways than this, but I can attest to the reality of the assistance that crystals provide when used.

Thank you <3

Crystals are energetic beings and respond to energy. I always advocate the use of tools created by Lightworkers and Twin Flames. Twin Flame Radiance embedded into the crystal, as it is being worked on, definitely makes a difference in the energy it brings. I would Like to Reference John Apt and Nikki (Twin Flame Couple) Join Their Group, The 144… who provide Crystal pendants for Commission. John and Nikki Have made a Vow of service to Humanity and they are working their Mission, in the trenches, on the daily. Make a vow of support to assist them on their mission and receive a Twin flame Radiance Pendant as Your Symbol of Mutual Recognition and Support of The Lightworker/Twin Flame Mission.

Visit John and Nikki…

I received My Handmade crystal pendant from them, for my vow of support, and I can tell that it’s one very happy, little crystal.


Other Pendants By John Apt…

1911171_10203619260384660_1753054730_o 10353180_10205896186346386_3238838998323165797_n 10371357_10205530313719799_5530419103146197989_n 10378252_10205830996836689_2919674787401052511_n 10422071_10205779477708743_406028925984426986_n 10494771_10205530312839777_7649567972607098421_n 10885175_10205877461718282_6241701924876029842_n 10929562_10205828723299852_8775798772221434245_n

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Twin Flame Reunions in Coming

Twin Flame Reunions in Coming


There is an influx of Love, Compassion, Passion and intense emotional connections coming to Humanity. The energy waves are coming through first, to create pathways and space for the physical creations to manifest. You can feel this. You can feel the energies coming through. it takes some time for the space to be made, for the harmonizations and momentum to build in density, but nonetheless, progress has been rather good on this front. You feel it in waves because there is so much contrast before these waves can fully set in and densify, other energies want to fill these spaces. Sometimes, the subtle love energies are not dominant, but they are slowly becoming more and more dense. More and more stable. Densifying from invisible nothingness into something real. Harmonic Love Unions are the result. What else could pack enough punch to solidify the foundational energies of love we want to dominate the Earth? Twin Flame Reunions are one very sure way to create these energies we want to create.

Before now, the Twin Flames were simply catalysts for each other. In their own little communities and groups, hidden away from the rest who do not understand. With these Unions, you will all be coming out of the shadows for everyone to see. spreading the loving energies of fulfillment and Unity throughout your lands and spaces. People will see these Unions and they will feel the immense magnitude of it. These connected that cannot be faked. They are so real, they are visceral. Any bystander can feel them. They will want it. They will open more to love as you show them that these possibilities exist in Humanity and for them.

What does Re-Union mean to you?


Do Not Harbor Expectations Regarding Reunion

Don’t have anticipation regarding reunion. Don’t expect too much. Don’t be obsessive over a timeline. Don’t keep wondering the “How?” and “Where?” and “When?” and “Who? and “Why?”. If you succumb to these patterns of thought, you are likely to find yourself on a downward spiral of disappointment. The more you try to control the situation, predict the future, count down the days and obsess over what you are feeling needy about, the more you will activate the vibrations of lack, and attract more of the same.


Instead, to make progress, immerse yourself in your mission. Embodying Illumination and Radiance. Purify your Vibration by releasing the old and establishing new baseline Vibrations of Universal Love, Appreciation and Divine Empowerment.

Stay within these vibrations as much as you can.


Focus your intentions on rising up higher in consciousness. Invoke in and ask for all of the Guidance, told and assistance to help you achieve your highest path and purpose.

These are the things that need to be established before any manifestation of Union will come into view.

Not because changes are not on the rise, but because trying to “Figure it out”, is likely to leave you exhausted, overwhelmed and convinced that you’re more likely to get struck by a UFO than with Reunion. Don’t do it.


Don’t spin and dwell on the subject. Don’t look at your phone incessantly, waiting for the call. Don’t wake up every morning wondering if today is the day. Pretend it’s not going to happen. Not in a disappointed kind of fashion, but in a way that feels contentment. The more you enjoy every moment, the more you will reach that point of blissful unawareness of being lost in your moment, which is exactly where you are when the Universe serves up a completely unexpected Pleasant surprise!


There is great truth to the phrase..

“It will happen when you least expect it!”

Live by this knowing.

Live in bliss.

Forgetting about what may come tomorrow because you are knowing that all is well.

Don’t count the days.

Forget your phone as you ascend into love, oneness and bliss.


This is a very good time to practice Illumination and Radiance as you Channel Universal, Unconditional Love into the world. For, that is the vibration that you want to be in.


Send love and good, healing prayers whenever you are guided to do so. For, that which you do unto others you are simultaneously doing unto yourself.


There is Great Love a miss.

-Unity Consciousness

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