Is He/She My Twin Flame? Cut & Dry, Objective Approach

Is He/She My Twin Flame? Cut & Dry, Objective Approach


These are the Dummy Proof, Doubt Proof, Non-Debatable, Objective Characteristics that define the Twin Flame experience and set it apart from the Soulmate experience. 2 Criteria, full proof, Find out Now… What No other teacher is teaching you….

I don’t care how you figure it out, I just want to assist in any way that I can, everyone in gaining clarity, insight and guidance. This is the most sought after question in the Twin Flame community, and yet, the answer has been the most ambiguous, until now…


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2 thoughts on “Is He/She My Twin Flame? Cut & Dry, Objective Approach

    1. I skimmed through your site real quick and went through a similar experience. I would have never met my “twin flame” if I would have stayed where I was(false love). I ended up moving back home to my birthplace(across country) which is still a bit foreign to me lol. Was a journey on its own; basically moved home with just the clothes on my back.

      I didn’t even know they were my “twin”; even after seeing/talking to them for several months. Which to my surprise things started unfolding extremely fast to the point where I had to step back and think. I didn’t think of it as interference which makes sense because I kept doubting the connection, like “you’re not good enough” or “your ugly why you.” By the way im usually a confident person and these thoughts kept hitting me, until i started blocking the thoughts and healing myself. Now all i hear is: “yeah your smitten, be the best you, for both of you”.
      Could say I’m trying to take it slow as I don’t want to rush into anything, considering I love this person regardless of a name(which I wish I knew) or if we are dating. Just excited to see how this unfolds. Its like im appreciating the separation and using it as a part of the mystery to this person because I can feel the connection most times and im content even though I want this person all to myself. At first i thought it was a need. But why need something thats already in you? And now my want is a very direct want, like ive wanted no other.
      Came at the most precarious time too; considering I’m just starting to rebuild my self(career wise/passion wise). I didn’t know someone could amplify everything inside of me without even saying a word. I can sense the same in them too; seems we are both a bit stunned I guess. Even during conversations I find myself telling this person more about me through other means and conversation is just fun filler to mask what is really going on. I can’t even control what I’m saying. At least they laugh even when I’m not funny ha. Sorry if I seem like a high-school kid cuz that’s exactly how I feel my energy has completely increased, I am more loving(didn’t even know I could be, been loving my whole life). It’s like my love has grown 1000 times more and it’s easier for me to project the energy into others(who accept it) aswell as the ecosystem which is a passion/career choice.

      By the way my confidence went from 100% to completely obliterated; almost like that was intentional. I can’t even keep a straight face when I see them. You know how creepy it is smiling for no reason and people are like huh?! Plus I haven’t even asked their name yet but can hold a somewhat casual convo(grin and all).

      To speak a bit about the metaphysical/awakening part; it’s so much to put into words. It’s like three timelines were going on at once in a vertical format but happening simultaneously on one timeline with our interactions. I can’t really explain it, it was surreal and it was only a few seconds but felt longer.

      I am not religious but I see God in everything, but this was different it was like getting to see into God eyes for the first time.

      I also realized some ugly things about me in the process which I’m purging/healing. Seems like he can feel when I am negative and I don’t want to cloud the connection. I also feel like I’m healing him as well and vice-versa.
      I haven’t had one negative physical experience from this yet; other than over grooming myself to the point of burning my face lol(don’t ask lol).

      The scab on my face made a irregular heart, guess a sign to relax.

      Probably to stop worrying about being not confident anymore as that’s an ego built illusion aswell. So I do feel extremely vulnerable but in a good way…. Wish the courage to be daring was there but I respect the person to wait.

      Also something someone told me as a kid:

      God made you in his image:


      Take care, and thanks for the honest info about the real spiritual battle that’s going on behind the scenes. It really explained how chaotic my life was for the past couple decades. Explains all the issues/roadblocks.

      Shoot you an update at some point & yes my face is almost healed lol. Heart scar would be cool lmao:)

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