Twin Flame Vs. False Twin; Darkness vs. Light

Twin Flame Vs. False Twin; Darkness vs. Light


Everything is channeled

I am about to do something controversial.

I’m going to clear this up once and for all. There is A LOT of misconceptions when it comes to Twin Flames. God placed me here and gave me two gifts;

The first is that I am a (Relentless) Truth Seeker.

The second, is that I have the guts to share my truth with the world. Period.

I will stop at nothing to uncover what has been hidden from me. Either because I have not yet discovered it, or because Darkness is trying to conceal it. Discovering truth is simply inevitable when you are dedicated to the path of ascension. For me, there is no other way. What drives me most in life is knowing that I am a sovereign member of the kingdom of Love, Light and Truth.


I am an extension of the most high, a walking Universe, pretending to be human.

Even when darkness has surrounded me and influenced me otherwise, This Truth could never be blotted out from my consciousness.

I am Here for a reason.

That is all the reason I need to stop at nothing.

Although the truth always evolves, as we Ascend, we come into contact with truth that is closer and closer to the actuality of it. This is just a natural process and happens by virtue of our ability to understand metaphors.

How do you teach a child? With metaphors. As they get older, the metaphors become closer to the truth. The same is true for us.

My intention here, is to convince no-one. There are a great many metaphors which exist surrounding the Twin Flame concept. I have written about all of them. Am I contradicting myself? No. What you are witnessing is a progression of understanding. My second post in this blog stated that the Twin Flame is a progression. Well, here is the next step in this progression.

Whoever is ready for this will receive it well.

I want to make a statement that every step along the way of the TWIN FLAME JOURNEY is a valid and essential part in their overall progression. WHATEVER TWIN FLAME METAPHOR SPEAKS TO YOU, KEEP IT. Some resonate with the idea of Twins being the same soul, some do not. This is no different.

I like to stress that the Twin Flame is an experience. That cannot be denied.

I found out that who I thought was my Twin Flame, was not. As much as there was nothing I could do to make him stop ailing my consciousness with his presence, the truth was crystal clear, once it surfaced. That the Twin Flame causes excruciating, inescapable pain, is a bullshit story. I called it a haunting, because the pain of him haunted my consciousness and there was no escape from it. No sleep, no waking moment brought me relief. There was no distraction. I lost everything. I was driven mad and ill and the pain was unbearable. It was so unlike me to want to die so much.


So, when I found out that what was really going on is I was haunted by his attachments, his demons, his evil entities, whatever you want to call it, oh, did that make perfect sense!

I had been crying for a couple days up until that point, saying that nothing made sense. It didn’t make sense, and I didn’t want it anymore. God heard me that day. Although, part of my consciousness was occupied, the other part of me was crying out for clarity in the best way that it could. I had been praying for truth for a month.

I called up a fellow Twin Flame friend, hysterically crying. Saying it made no sense, it was all a lie and I didn’t know what to do. You know what she said?

“The Twin Flame doesn’t do this to you.

rip your heart out

The Twin Flame does not make you suffer like this”

I don’t remember her words exactly, but, I did not quite understand, because I was definitely having a Twin Flame experience, and the pain was all I knew, the whole way through. You know what? She was right. After the veil was lifted and I realized it truly was a haunting, a haunting of the entities which followed me since I met him. That is the reason it brought me back to him. If they kept me thinking of him, incessantly, they could keep me from my True Twin. They started implementing this plan over a year before I actually met my Twin Flame. Darkness is old and intelligent. They have been here forever and they plan well, because they see the future. They knew I would stop at nothing for love. Their only hope to destroy my union was to convince me that I was already in love, with my Twin Flame. They orchestrated that whole ordeal, just to throw me off the trail. Brilliant, right? uhg…

Let’s talk about what all of this means….

This could be happening to you…

If your Twin Flame is causing you the most pain you’ve ever had in your entire life…

If you feel haunted by the obsessive thought of them, stampeding through your frantic mind, day and night…

If the pain is insufferable, unbearable, if it brings you to thoughts of wishing to cease to exist….

love is pain



It’s the same formula as an abusive relationship. Only difference is that it’s more subtle, and strategically so. So that you will agree to participate, make excuses, and call it love.


THINK ABOUT IT… How do you know the voice of God, vs. the voice of the Devil? The Devil plays with your emotions to reel you in. He plays games of manipulation, oscillating between bliss and despair, grief and love. He makes you feel trapped, like there is no escape. He makes you feel like you need him. Like you cannot live without him. He makes you miserable and yet, still manages to make you feel dependent upon him.

That is verbatim, the Twin Flame experience that I initially had, with the one who turned out to be a ruse. Exactly the same feelings!! Darkness used my spirituality, and my willingness to love and forgive against me! Darkness used my light and my kind hearted nature against me! When I learned to be unconditionally loving toward my (False) “Twin”, they used that against me too! There was no amount of love that was going to change that situation, because in no way in heaven or hell was that shit ever meant to work out! It was all a charade to prevent the True Twin Union I was getting dangerously close to attracting.


Just because Love is in the mix, does not make it Love. Darkness mixed with light is how manipulation is achieved. Darkness is very cunning. They know how to confuse, manipulate, mask, and compel… Darkness does work with light, but for the ultimate purpose of reeling you into an illusion that ultimately serves as your demise.If you have reached a point of love and acceptance and your “Twin Flame” is still acting like a blind mute, who wouldn’t  know, see or hear and good thing even if it slapped him/her in the face, That bitch is NOT, I repeat, NOT a Twin Flame of yours!! That is not the Twin Flame experience.

Let’s go even further… What is characteristic of a Twin Flame Pair? Recognition, undying love, inexplicable connection, harmony, magnetism, unconditionality, understanding, mutuality, comfortability, you jive, you thrive, you want to be together and theres no doubt about it!!


Illusions work like this. You can create some of the truth, but you cannot create all of it. Hence the confusion surrounding Twin Flames. They gets a lot of signs, some of the signs, most of the signs, but the whole picture isn’t there. Yet, it’s soooo intense and persistent, it HAS to be a Twin Flame, Right? Do you know that I had many synchronicities with my false Twin? Even more than with my actual Twin!


ie. We are both born on the 28th day of the month.

Both Cuban/Italian Heritage (Who the fuck can say that? lol)

Both water signs

Our Middle names demonstrated exact yin and yang: Michelle vs. Michael

From what I was able to gather in our early interactions before separation, He exhibited all the characteristics I desired, right down the the exact height, he was spiritual, and the magnetism and recognition was mutual.

And yet, this was all just a carefully crafted scheme, straight from the pits of darkness. They want to extinguish light, and Twin Flames are a perfect medium for that. Lightworkers are a perfect medium for that!


Darkness will make sacrifices in order to create illusions. They will make you feel good things and give you all the right reasonings to justify the love you feel, and why it is right. They will haunt you with obsessive thoughts of the False Twin, and make you feel agony when you are away from them. They will use pain and obsession and synchronicity to draw you to them again and again, and they will give you logic to justify your reasoning for doing so. They will give you small wins to give you hope and keep you going, because all they want is for you to loose the battle. They throw you a scrap of love and work it to throw your off course. It’s the only thing they have to work with. Being educated on these matters gives us the greatest chance of discovering what is True from what is false.


If this makes no sense to you, dismiss it, immediately, but if it does, I know you will be grateful that I came out and said it. Those people who need this are who I am writing for.

Listen, It is no secret to anyone that the idea of Twin Flames has been terribly misconstrued by those who are falsely under the impression that they are having a Twin Flame experience.


I am certain of two things:

#1- If you have been caught up in what you believe to be a Twin Flame experience, you ARE a Twin Flame, whether that particular person is “It” or not.

#2- If you are a Twin Flame and Darkness has convinced you into being cemented to the WRONG PERSON, you are not going to recognize your ACTUAL Twin Flame. FACT.

Do you know how certain I was of my Twin Flame? 100% certain. Do you know how wrong I was about him? 100% wrong.

Leading experts in the Twin Flame community say that 90% of those who are under the impression that they have met their Twin Flame are incorrect, and what I am describing here is  the reason why this number is so colossal. These Unions are a dire threat to darkness and their only hope for survival is to obliterate them. So, that’s their plan and they are executing it and have been. However, out of all the information regarding Twin Flames that I have come across, I have never seen anything explaining this very thing. The reality of the fight among light and darkness, which has intensified since 2015, when Planet Earth tipped the scale and darkness becomes outnumbered by Light. The darkness is now making a last ditch effort to survive. They are showing their teeth and getting nastier, making themselves know. But it’s all a show. They are ruffling their feathers to intimidate us and interfere in our lives because they know that their demise is imminently approaching.

90% is a massive number. But even if the percentage was 75% or 50%, this number is still very high. This has to do with each and every one of you. If your union is not harmonious, you need to become open, informed and re-examine the situation you are in. That is, if you truly do desire truth above all else.

Darkness wants us to be stuck on someone who is ultimately causing us pain. Is that your situation? I am balls deep in the Twin community and I can see, with my own two eyes, even some of you who have taken on the role of leader or teacher, are definitely Twin Flames, but stuck on someone who is causing more interference than Love.

How many years have you been going through this? 4,6,8…..20??? If this is you, something is TERRIBLY wrong, and I’m only pointing  out the obvious! Do you not feel the wrongness in your soul? If you are still “stuck” on them and they have not “come around”, that is not divine! That is not love! do not maintain the status quo. In any case, it is common knowledge that new results require new actions.

Dear, Twin Flame, Open new doors today.

You would do anything for your Twin Flame.


If there was even a 00.1% chance that you are blocking your Union because you are under an illusion brought upon by darkness, wouldn’t you do anything to eliminate that chance?

angel vs. monster

Let’s put it this way. If you are not in Union, you cannot be certain. Therefore, surrender, let it go, and entrust the Universe to bring you your TRUE TWIN,  No matter who it may be. Coincidentally, no matter the situation, this step needs to be done, in any case :p,


go figure.

Everything has already been pointing to this. The process of releasing and surrendering and trusting 100% in the Universe is the same you will have to implement, no matter what your situation is. Just don’t be stuck on a person who is not stuck on you, no matter what.


“As I approached the cusp of my illusion breaking, I remember looking around at how Dan, waited on me hand and foot. He fed me every meal. he served me. He came home from work and school to be by my side and cater to me when I was having a breakdown. He showed me unconditional love and understanding. He had been loving me, day after day, through all of our trials, no matter what. Even though I was suffering because of some “Twin” guy. He kept on believing. He never gave up. I looked around and I was like,

This is all evidence of true love.””

Screen Shot 2016-02-14 at 4.55.29 AM

There’s nothing like waking up and realizing that you were gone, and you didn’t even know it. Theres nothing like coming back to life, to Truth illuminated and realizing that whoever it was that was operating in your body almost fucked up your whole life and stole away everything you hold most dear. Your One, True Love, Your Twin Flame. I was gone, and now I’m back. and now, I am sharing this message. You are not immune. Let’s open the doors to illuminating the Truth into the Light. This will literally save your life. Come into the light. And when you are back, you’ll know it… I looked at my Twin Flame and said, “I’m Back”


The greatest harm they can ever do is to break up and prevent these Unions. Our Love is the GREAT. Did you know that one person vibrating at the level of love can effect the vibration of one million people?….Yea.

Their ass is grass. And, I’m telling everyone about it.

They will not win. We, The Light, will outshine them. Their lies cannot withstand our sovereign glory, when we cry out for Truth from the Heavens with open minds and hearts.

The questions beckons the answer.


….Are you listening?



We are one Love.

Thank you.


I know how difficult and agonizing it can be to uncover the truth. If you are willing, that is all you need to be. Two heads are better than one. I am here for you, to help you see the things you cannot see for yourself.

Yes, I do Twin Flame Readings

True North/Mission Readings

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Truth Spells (To Find the Truth About Your Twin Flame)


How do you think that I discovered the truth about my own Twin Flame situation? lol

This (The use of my Truth Spell) is actually what I was talking about when I said that I was “Praying” for truth for a month. I have been taken aback by how quick and effective my spells have been!

What’s Blocking Your Union?

What’s Blocking Your Union?


Screen Shot 2016-02-14 at 4.35.17 AM

So vast, is the Universe, that it took an illusion for me to discover you. That I channeled my love for you and your loving messages poured through me before I even knew your name. That the Universe provided me with a “permission slip” so that I could somewhat understand the process I was going through, so that I could at least put a name and a face to it, a reason. Oh, and the whole time, I knew, we had to keep the faith. I channeled the love as it poured through. I knew the laws of Attraction too well. I knew that Love was a good place to be, and that if I continued to practice that, love would find me. I told all of you, over and over, to keep your faith. I inspired you into feeling love, over and over again. It just felt so right. I did not know how it was going to work out, and I had a great many times when I wasn’t channeling, that I really didn’t think it was going to work out at all, but I kept channeling. The love spoke to me, and spoke through me. Somehow, I just kept relaying these wonderful message of love. I just kept teaching the processes. I just kept grasping one perspective right after another, knowing that in my audience, everyone would find what they needed to hear. Knowing that, you never know which combination of words is going to just make everything click for you. I hardly knew what I was doing, but I tell you what I was doing. I was practicing what I was channeling in every way possible. I was continuously learning through my life. Every person, conversation, emotion and experience only served as a teacher to me, so that I could teach you more. Even when I wasn’t there, I kept on learning. I kept on. Sometimes, it didn’t feel that way. Sometimes, I felt like, maybe nothing would happen, but I did keep on. I did continue moving energy in my life. And I will tell you this one thing that I learned. Abraham Hicks has said that the Physcial manifestation does not occur until 99.9% of the alignment is completed. This means, you have to become 99.9% in alignment with whatever you are attracting, in order to see it manifest. They have also said that it is impossible for one to be 100% in alignment with a manifestation before the physical manifestation is ready to be realized. Getting into alignment can take quite a while, which means that the physical components usually show up before you are able to fully recognize them for what they are. Do you realize the profundity of this statement? That the physical manifestation usually shows up in your reality before you even realize it. Whoa. That thing you want, it’s already there. You just aren’t adjusted enough to see it there for what it is.

It took me 11 months to recognize my Twin Flame.

A day Before I came to recognize him, I received a reading, and the reader told me that I was already in Union. I thought she was talking about how there’s no such thing as separation. No, she meant, I’M IN UNION! …and I was. But I would know if I was in Twin Flame Union, right? WRONG!

I was under the illusion that someone else was my Twin Flame. That’s what the Universe needed me to believe when my journey began, but I never realized the greater orchestration until 8 months after I was already in Union. We had all the signs. Always in the vortex together. It’s like the Universe moved for us, no matter where we went. Pathways cleared for us, even among chaos, we were left unscathed, literally. As long as we were together, the days were good, and the nights warm, as we cuddled nose to nose.


I Knew my Union had to come. I just knew it. I even knew when. I left work one day and I said:

“Something is going to happen either on Tuesday or Wednesday. I don’t know which day, but I know it’s going to be big, and when I come back, I’ll have a story to tell.”

…and it happened. I wrote about it afterwards.

See Story Here

I will tell you why this relates to you…

It’s like, almost every time I manifest, that which I was looking for was right under my nose, before I came to recognize it. For weeks, or even months. It was there all along. The same is true for you. Is your Union under your nose? …and if it was, would you be willing to let go of the old in order to embrace the new?

Don’t be so quick to respond. We all want to say “YES”, but if that was true, your manifestation would be before you.

Here is avery important list of things you need to know:

  1. If you want a new life, you have to make a new choice.
  2. If you want something new, you have to let go of the old.
  3. The new can only come in, once the old is transformed.

This is simply the way of it.

What are you holding on to that is the last component to be transformed before your manifestation can be recognized by you?

Do you know how close I was for 11 month to my Union? ..I was in it.

Even when Dan and I met, we had blocks. I was there. I was a good thing for him. He knew it, I knew it, but he had a belief that blocked the manifestation. He took on the illusion that he had nothing to offer me. Little did he know what could really be. Little did he know that all I wanted was Love. And little did I know the fountain of love that he was.
A conversation took place where he came to understand that his losses were a result of assuming loss. Not by anything else. Once aware, He then made a new choice that allowed the floodgates of Union to ensue… But let’s not forget the most important part…. He made a new choice to let go of the old and let in the new.

I was able to transcend my own blocks a I channeled and something that I thought was not possible became clear to me. Dan deserved an honest chance.

All that was keeping us from uniting into a harmonious Union were illusions we had held onto from the past. In the moment we transformed and bypassed those, we received a manifestation that turned out to be the epitome of love. instantaneously! That which many are calling, A Twin Flame Union was Right under our noses.

And yet, it took me 8 more months to realize that the bubble Love, the continuous vortexual experiences, the utter and complete joy and abundant harmony, was the very thing that I had been seeking all along. It just took a different form.

Are you holding onto a preconceived idea regarding the way that your Twin Flame, Mission, or Soulmate needs to show up?

Screen Shot 2016-02-14 at 4.57.44 AM

Whatever the Universe told you before, forget it. Forget everything. Every specific detail, everything you think your manifestation is going to look like, every who, what, when, where and how. DROP IT ALL, because that’s not what your manifestation is going to feel like. If you drop every detail and only feel the vibration of that which you are seeking, that is when you can attract it. You must know what it feels like in order to follow that feeling. I was only confused because the picture I was seeing in my head didn’t match the one I had been given before. Don’t be so closed minded as I was.

These are the cards that kept showing up to me as I was refusing to see and refusing to listen. It’s amazing how we refuse to see that which we want to see so badly. I didn’t even know how these cards applied to me. So, I challenge you. To SEE. See how they apply to you. This can only help further your greatest cause. Ask for clarity. I did.

The Universe is infinitely expansive. It knows everything. And it sometimes gives us clues to get us going, that are not the actual pictures of what we are going to end up with. Pictures are only to give us an idea. Harness the feeling and THAT is how you will come to recognize your manifestation sooner.

Yes, I’m in Union. Yes, happy endings do exist. I am same as you, am I not? All the instructions are here. Everything I did to line up with it is documented from beginning to end, and after it all, I bet that your Union is not so far off as you think.

Screen Shot 2016-02-14 at 4.55.29 AM

I came to terms with the fact that this journey is not about Union. It’s not. It’s about everything you pick up along the way. But it just so happens that everything you pick up along the way, leads to the very thing you get. You just have to enjoy the journey in order to see the end.

Believe, even when there is no evidence that you will get what you believe in. For, it is thought that creates. Not the other way around. We are powerful creators, and the reality that the Universe has changed has become evermore evident to me. If you are not a believer in that, you soon will be.

I remember the weeks that led up to my “Reunion”, feeling the impending Union coming. Feeling is so strongly. Knowing it. And I kept saying over and over, to myself and to others…

“There is no evidence. I have no evidence, of what I know, but I just know it!  I can feel it. I can feel Reunion incoming. It’s in the Cosmos.”


…I’m In Union 🙂

I am Love and you are all my Twin Flame, My Purpose, My Mission, My Reason is you.

Namaste <3

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Overcoming Fear- A Comprehensive account (Part 1)

Overcoming Fear- A Comprehensive account (Part 1)

I have actually never written on this subject before. Although, I have written on fearlessness and touched on the subject, fear needs to be exposed and eradicated. This is a MUST. We are going to define this, expose it and bring it to the light.

Prepare to be En-Lightened.

All that which was once concealed, lies undone and truth revealed!


I will Cut through the lies like butter.

All that which comes through me is in full alignment with Divine Love, Light and truth. None else may enter here but the Divine, itself.

I AM Love. Love itself, I AM.

Within My articles, I will be providing useful tools called mantras that you may use to adjust your vibration. Whatever feels best for you and rings true is yours to keep and use as your next vibrational tool towards further alignment.

There is an idea that Love evokes love, but did you know that Love transforms all lower vibrations as well? Fear, hate, doubt, anger, they are all poisons, and all of them eradicated by love, completely. Love, does not only eradicate these things, but completely transforms them. For, that which has been on the side of darkness, transcended into light, has more reason for being light than if it never had known darkness before. Not every being needs this kind of knowing, but those who do, will get it. Which means, they will be at some point, on the side of fear, but only in order to assist themselves into their greater purpose in becoming magnificent beacons of light that they are destined to become. Some forms of darkness do not even know this at this time, but they are also destined to become that which is light. They will choose it in the end, for there is no reason for darkness beyond contrast and once contrast has been experienced, it no longer serves purpose. The Universe does nothing for no reason. So, all darkness without reason will be instantly transformed into light. Light is the winning side. Which side are you on?


Fear knows none but fear itself. Fear is a blockage. It blocks thoughts that could lead to logical understanding that transcend fear. You know this in your own experiences. You experience fear, and it is like you are frozen, and you know that there is no good reason to be frozen. You know that worry and doubt are not assisting you in your process. One can think of solutions better, without the hindrance of fear. But still, you give into it and dwell upon it. Fear is a force that wants to perpetuate itself, as all forces in existence do. That is all there is to it. Are you feeding it? If you are, it will keep coming back, hoping you will feed it again. For, even darkness needs to feed on light or it cannot exist. Light is the only form of energy that exists. It must feed everything in order for existence to be. However, what happens when the dark forces cannot feed? Think on this. If they cannot feed, what must they do? They must transform in order to exist. If darkness cannot feed on light, it must become the light. Do not feed fear. transform it into the light. That is what we must do.

How to Transform Darkness of fear into light

Dear ones, this is how it works. If you are afraid, you are feeding fear, for, the fear is not even your own. It is the darkness which penetrates your mind just enough to impress upon you the very thought that you may be afraid. If you latch onto that as your own thought, then, you believe you are afraid. So, this is essentially, a big joke. The next time that you feel fear or you hear a voice in your head that says “I am afraid” and continues to explain why you are afraid… Simply UNDERSTAND, that you are not afraid. You do not have to accept a thought, just because it enters your mind.

All you must do is realize that fear itself, put the thought there, hoping that you would latch on and feed it.

All you have to do is laugh in it’s face and say:

“I am not afraid. You are not going to feed off of me today. Not tomorrow, not ever. I am not afraid. Go find your nourishment elsewhere. I do not believe the lies of fear. I am the light, the light I am. I am the love, the love, I am. I am the Truth, the Truth, I am. I am not afraid. I am Divine Light. I am fearless, I am brave”


Now, You are A Warrior of Love, Light and Truth.

All that is not Divine Love, Light and Truth is an Illusions!! A Lie!! Completely false!! And, it needs you to believe the illusion in order to survive. So, of course, it is expected that the darkness will fight as if it’s life depended on it. But, you are so above that. You are now En-Lightened. You stand within the light of the truth. Illuminated in this concept that all not of love is a lie.


Darkness may be a force, but so is a thought form. So is momentum.

“Illusions only last so long”- My beautiful baby (SM/Twin, whatever!!) said to me, when I was under the influence of the one I am now calling “The Illusionist”.

Watch the video to see what I am talking about!!


There are illusions out there. they are real!! But, illusions can only last so long. So long as they are supported. And, the illusions you may be under, currently are alive so long as you support them. Poverty, Fear, doubt, pain, scarcity… ALL LIES!!!!

I am not relaying anything new to you. Quite frankly, these concept are old as fuck! But, given that, I would say, let’s start practicing them, eh? lol

Darkness has it’s own agenda. We have ours. If you hear anything in your head which says “I am confused”, KNOW that you are being tampered with, and that thought is not yours. it is inserted. If you hear a voice in your head which states “I’m afraid”, KNOW that, that is a lie! It is an attempt from darkness to get you to succumb. It is an attempt from darkness to get a meal out of you and to feed off of your energy.

Laugh at it!!

…And so on, and so forth. All you must do is recognize it, laugh hard!! In your belly!! LOL, and say, no I’m not. Good one!! and move on!!

That is really it.

There will be more to come, but this is step one, for now. Start practicing, my little lovelies. The experience I had over the passed 4 days had me riddled with fear after I discovered just how great of an illusions I was in. The Illusionist I met was simply there to show me the magnitude of the illusions I had been over for a year. I was rid of it for 6 months, but it came back because it missed me. it thought it did so well getting to feed off of me, why not come back? lmao. well, it cannot survive my light. I got your number 😉 All you need to know is this game they are trying to play on you. if it doesn’t feel good, it’s not real. It’s an illusion. Step one.

Love you guys.

Screen Shot 2016-02-06 at 1.38.38 AM

Screen Shot 2016-02-06 at 1.40.19 AM

Screen Shot 2016-02-06 at 1.42.21 AM

Every single Reading I provide Includes Remote Healing. A key part in what I do is to assist you to remove the blocks which interfere with your ability to act on what you know. To know is one thing. To do is another.

I am here for you

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Dear Twin Flame, The Tower is Upon us…

Dear Twin Flame, The Tower is Upon us…


I AM Simply a Conduit of the Universe. I Live, only to impart Loving and Inspiring messages to you, Dear Twin Flame. Because, I am a part of this movement, which has decided that Gaia can be more Blissful than ever before, and all who walk upon her are deserving of the knowledge of their Divinity. This is why I am Here. Dear Ones, We are the change. You are the change and Gaia’s only hope. We have been sent here on a mission to Protect, Transmute, Transcend, Dominate and Inspire Love that will eclipse all that which is not representative of Divine Truth, Love, Light and Joy. We have Divine, intrinsic rights to be Happy and aware of our Eternal Sovereignty. You are here to claim them, for one, and for the Highest Good of all that is.

We Have Work To Do.


The Current theme….
“Doubt thou the stars are fire,
Doubt that the sun Doth move,
Doubt Truth to be a liar,
But never Doubt My Love.
I Have Not art to Reckon My Groans, but that I love thee best, oh most best, believe it, Adieu!
Thine, Evermore, Most Dear to Me.”

Inscribed upon My side, Forevermore, even before I embarked upon this journey, these words I Love and resonate with, to the core of my very soul. The theme of my existence. Sometimes, that which is right in front of us, every moment of every day, is that which we most often forget. “Are you looking hard enough?” (My guides repeated this to me for days, telling me I would know when it is relevant. That moment being NOW. lol, it all works out, after all) for the evidence which is right in front of you?



Dear Twin Flame,

The Tower is upon us. All we have known to be solid is now crumbling under our feet and we are walking upon unsteady ground. Unsure of what we have learned to be so sure of. Unsure of all the work we have cultivated with unshakable faith and conviction. Feeling forsaken by the Divine, which we have become so dutifully faithful to. Why? Why hast thou forsaken me? All we have known is challenging us to believe even harder. Because, that is how we build unshakable faith. By being shaken. Today, we are shaken. We stand on fleeting ground. We are being given the Ultimate challenge, and the Ultimate opportunity. The Mark Of True Change; Believing in what We Know and Prefer, as Divine and powerful Masters of creation, No matter what the outside looks like. As I say to all of my clients, “Nothing is real until you do it.”. You have to DEMONSTRATE your faith, regardless outside circumstances to authenticate that your vibrational alignment is real and powerful, in order to command the universal forces to manifest. This is the test. If you pass, the rewards outweigh any and all negativity you overcame. If you fail, your life will stay the same. In order to create a new outcome, you have to make a new choice AND follow through. This is what it means to change your vibration. To Become it, in mind, thought and deed. Stand your ground, no matter what the outside reflects. The current manifestation is a result of thoughts of yesterday. What will you create tomorrow with the thoughts you think today? This is what I call a manifesting “Trick” or “Secret”. If you receive a negative manifestation and declare that “This is somehow, going to work out in my favor” and truly embody that vibration, lacking all doubt, fear and worry. Declare it powerfully, and know it to the point that you can behave that way. It will happen. And it will happen with even greater positive force than if you had not been tested. TRUTH.

We are here. We have a job to do. You MUST know how the Universe works in order to create. Let’s get this project underway, because we are all sick and tired of this shit.

Be the change you wish to see.

We are not Human. Not in the Slightest.


If you are reading this, you are a Lightworker and you have one job, To Change the World. The time has come and gone, get on the train. Here we are. I AM the Light, the Light I AM, as never before, that I AM now.

Stand Your Ground

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(7 of Wands^)

“All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.”
-Arthur Schopenhauer

We are So Much bigger, than any of that which refuses to see.

We are Divine.

We are the change.







Thank you,

Elise <3