Overcoming Fear- A Comprehensive account (Part 1)

Overcoming Fear- A Comprehensive account (Part 1)

I have actually never written on this subject before. Although, I have written on fearlessness and touched on the subject, fear needs to be exposed and eradicated. This is a MUST. We are going to define this, expose it and bring it to the light.

Prepare to be En-Lightened.

All that which was once concealed, lies undone and truth revealed!


I will Cut through the lies like butter.

All that which comes through me is in full alignment with Divine Love, Light and truth. None else may enter here but the Divine, itself.

I AM Love. Love itself, I AM.

Within My articles, I will be providing useful tools called mantras that you may use to adjust your vibration. Whatever feels best for you and rings true is yours to keep and use as your next vibrational tool towards further alignment.

There is an idea that Love evokes love, but did you know that Love transforms all lower vibrations as well? Fear, hate, doubt, anger, they are all poisons, and all of them eradicated by love, completely. Love, does not only eradicate these things, but completely transforms them. For, that which has been on the side of darkness, transcended into light, has more reason for being light than if it never had known darkness before. Not every being needs this kind of knowing, but those who do, will get it. Which means, they will be at some point, on the side of fear, but only in order to assist themselves into their greater purpose in becoming magnificent beacons of light that they are destined to become. Some forms of darkness do not even know this at this time, but they are also destined to become that which is light. They will choose it in the end, for there is no reason for darkness beyond contrast and once contrast has been experienced, it no longer serves purpose. The Universe does nothing for no reason. So, all darkness without reason will be instantly transformed into light. Light is the winning side. Which side are you on?


Fear knows none but fear itself. Fear is a blockage. It blocks thoughts that could lead to logical understanding that transcend fear. You know this in your own experiences. You experience fear, and it is like you are frozen, and you know that there is no good reason to be frozen. You know that worry and doubt are not assisting you in your process. One can think of solutions better, without the hindrance of fear. But still, you give into it and dwell upon it. Fear is a force that wants to perpetuate itself, as all forces in existence do. That is all there is to it. Are you feeding it? If you are, it will keep coming back, hoping you will feed it again. For, even darkness needs to feed on light or it cannot exist. Light is the only form of energy that exists. It must feed everything in order for existence to be. However, what happens when the dark forces cannot feed? Think on this. If they cannot feed, what must they do? They must transform in order to exist. If darkness cannot feed on light, it must become the light. Do not feed fear. transform it into the light. That is what we must do.

How to Transform Darkness of fear into light

Dear ones, this is how it works. If you are afraid, you are feeding fear, for, the fear is not even your own. It is the darkness which penetrates your mind just enough to impress upon you the very thought that you may be afraid. If you latch onto that as your own thought, then, you believe you are afraid. So, this is essentially, a big joke. The next time that you feel fear or you hear a voice in your head that says “I am afraid” and continues to explain why you are afraid… Simply UNDERSTAND, that you are not afraid. You do not have to accept a thought, just because it enters your mind.

All you must do is realize that fear itself, put the thought there, hoping that you would latch on and feed it.

All you have to do is laugh in it’s face and say:

“I am not afraid. You are not going to feed off of me today. Not tomorrow, not ever. I am not afraid. Go find your nourishment elsewhere. I do not believe the lies of fear. I am the light, the light I am. I am the love, the love, I am. I am the Truth, the Truth, I am. I am not afraid. I am Divine Light. I am fearless, I am brave”


Now, You are A Warrior of Love, Light and Truth.

All that is not Divine Love, Light and Truth is an Illusions!! A Lie!! Completely false!! And, it needs you to believe the illusion in order to survive. So, of course, it is expected that the darkness will fight as if it’s life depended on it. But, you are so above that. You are now En-Lightened. You stand within the light of the truth. Illuminated in this concept that all not of love is a lie.


Darkness may be a force, but so is a thought form. So is momentum.

“Illusions only last so long”- My beautiful baby (SM/Twin, whatever!!) said to me, when I was under the influence of the one I am now calling “The Illusionist”.

Watch the video to see what I am talking about!!


There are illusions out there. they are real!! But, illusions can only last so long. So long as they are supported. And, the illusions you may be under, currently are alive so long as you support them. Poverty, Fear, doubt, pain, scarcity… ALL LIES!!!!

I am not relaying anything new to you. Quite frankly, these concept are old as fuck! But, given that, I would say, let’s start practicing them, eh? lol

Darkness has it’s own agenda. We have ours. If you hear anything in your head which says “I am confused”, KNOW that you are being tampered with, and that thought is not yours. it is inserted. If you hear a voice in your head which states “I’m afraid”, KNOW that, that is a lie! It is an attempt from darkness to get you to succumb. It is an attempt from darkness to get a meal out of you and to feed off of your energy.

Laugh at it!!

…And so on, and so forth. All you must do is recognize it, laugh hard!! In your belly!! LOL, and say, no I’m not. Good one!! and move on!!

That is really it.

There will be more to come, but this is step one, for now. Start practicing, my little lovelies. The experience I had over the passed 4 days had me riddled with fear after I discovered just how great of an illusions I was in. The Illusionist I met was simply there to show me the magnitude of the illusions I had been over for a year. I was rid of it for 6 months, but it came back because it missed me. it thought it did so well getting to feed off of me, why not come back? lmao. well, it cannot survive my light. I got your number 😉 All you need to know is this game they are trying to play on you. if it doesn’t feel good, it’s not real. It’s an illusion. Step one.

Love you guys.

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