What’s Blocking Your Union?

What’s Blocking Your Union?


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So vast, is the Universe, that it took an illusion for me to discover you. That I channeled my love for you and your loving messages poured through me before I even knew your name. That the Universe provided me with a “permission slip” so that I could somewhat understand the process I was going through, so that I could at least put a name and a face to it, a reason. Oh, and the whole time, I knew, we had to keep the faith. I channeled the love as it poured through. I knew the laws of Attraction too well. I knew that Love was a good place to be, and that if I continued to practice that, love would find me. I told all of you, over and over, to keep your faith. I inspired you into feeling love, over and over again. It just felt so right. I did not know how it was going to work out, and I had a great many times when I wasn’t channeling, that I really didn’t think it was going to work out at all, but I kept channeling. The love spoke to me, and spoke through me. Somehow, I just kept relaying these wonderful message of love. I just kept teaching the processes. I just kept grasping one perspective right after another, knowing that in my audience, everyone would find what they needed to hear. Knowing that, you never know which combination of words is going to just make everything click for you. I hardly knew what I was doing, but I tell you what I was doing. I was practicing what I was channeling in every way possible. I was continuously learning through my life. Every person, conversation, emotion and experience only served as a teacher to me, so that I could teach you more. Even when I wasn’t there, I kept on learning. I kept on. Sometimes, it didn’t feel that way. Sometimes, I felt like, maybe nothing would happen, but I did keep on. I did continue moving energy in my life. And I will tell you this one thing that I learned. Abraham Hicks has said that the Physcial manifestation does not occur until 99.9% of the alignment is completed. This means, you have to become 99.9% in alignment with whatever you are attracting, in order to see it manifest. They have also said that it is impossible for one to be 100% in alignment with a manifestation before the physical manifestation is ready to be realized. Getting into alignment can take quite a while, which means that the physical components usually show up before you are able to fully recognize them for what they are. Do you realize the profundity of this statement? That the physical manifestation usually shows up in your reality before you even realize it. Whoa. That thing you want, it’s already there. You just aren’t adjusted enough to see it there for what it is.

It took me 11 months to recognize my Twin Flame.

A day Before I came to recognize him, I received a reading, and the reader told me that I was already in Union. I thought she was talking about how there’s no such thing as separation. No, she meant, I’M IN UNION! …and I was. But I would know if I was in Twin Flame Union, right? WRONG!

I was under the illusion that someone else was my Twin Flame. That’s what the Universe needed me to believe when my journey began, but I never realized the greater orchestration until 8 months after I was already in Union. We had all the signs. Always in the vortex together. It’s like the Universe moved for us, no matter where we went. Pathways cleared for us, even among chaos, we were left unscathed, literally. As long as we were together, the days were good, and the nights warm, as we cuddled nose to nose.


I Knew my Union had to come. I just knew it. I even knew when. I left work one day and I said:

“Something is going to happen either on Tuesday or Wednesday. I don’t know which day, but I know it’s going to be big, and when I come back, I’ll have a story to tell.”

…and it happened. I wrote about it afterwards.

See Story Here

I will tell you why this relates to you…

It’s like, almost every time I manifest, that which I was looking for was right under my nose, before I came to recognize it. For weeks, or even months. It was there all along. The same is true for you. Is your Union under your nose? …and if it was, would you be willing to let go of the old in order to embrace the new?

Don’t be so quick to respond. We all want to say “YES”, but if that was true, your manifestation would be before you.

Here is avery important list of things you need to know:

  1. If you want a new life, you have to make a new choice.
  2. If you want something new, you have to let go of the old.
  3. The new can only come in, once the old is transformed.

This is simply the way of it.

What are you holding on to that is the last component to be transformed before your manifestation can be recognized by you?

Do you know how close I was for 11 month to my Union? ..I was in it.

Even when Dan and I met, we had blocks. I was there. I was a good thing for him. He knew it, I knew it, but he had a belief that blocked the manifestation. He took on the illusion that he had nothing to offer me. Little did he know what could really be. Little did he know that all I wanted was Love. And little did I know the fountain of love that he was.
A conversation took place where he came to understand that his losses were a result of assuming loss. Not by anything else. Once aware, He then made a new choice that allowed the floodgates of Union to ensue… But let’s not forget the most important part…. He made a new choice to let go of the old and let in the new.

I was able to transcend my own blocks a I channeled and something that I thought was not possible became clear to me. Dan deserved an honest chance.

All that was keeping us from uniting into a harmonious Union were illusions we had held onto from the past. In the moment we transformed and bypassed those, we received a manifestation that turned out to be the epitome of love. instantaneously! That which many are calling, A Twin Flame Union was Right under our noses.

And yet, it took me 8 more months to realize that the bubble Love, the continuous vortexual experiences, the utter and complete joy and abundant harmony, was the very thing that I had been seeking all along. It just took a different form.

Are you holding onto a preconceived idea regarding the way that your Twin Flame, Mission, or Soulmate needs to show up?

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Whatever the Universe told you before, forget it. Forget everything. Every specific detail, everything you think your manifestation is going to look like, every who, what, when, where and how. DROP IT ALL, because that’s not what your manifestation is going to feel like. If you drop every detail and only feel the vibration of that which you are seeking, that is when you can attract it. You must know what it feels like in order to follow that feeling. I was only confused because the picture I was seeing in my head didn’t match the one I had been given before. Don’t be so closed minded as I was.

These are the cards that kept showing up to me as I was refusing to see and refusing to listen. It’s amazing how we refuse to see that which we want to see so badly. I didn’t even know how these cards applied to me. So, I challenge you. To SEE. See how they apply to you. This can only help further your greatest cause. Ask for clarity. I did.

The Universe is infinitely expansive. It knows everything. And it sometimes gives us clues to get us going, that are not the actual pictures of what we are going to end up with. Pictures are only to give us an idea. Harness the feeling and THAT is how you will come to recognize your manifestation sooner.

Yes, I’m in Union. Yes, happy endings do exist. I am same as you, am I not? All the instructions are here. Everything I did to line up with it is documented from beginning to end, and after it all, I bet that your Union is not so far off as you think.

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I came to terms with the fact that this journey is not about Union. It’s not. It’s about everything you pick up along the way. But it just so happens that everything you pick up along the way, leads to the very thing you get. You just have to enjoy the journey in order to see the end.

Believe, even when there is no evidence that you will get what you believe in. For, it is thought that creates. Not the other way around. We are powerful creators, and the reality that the Universe has changed has become evermore evident to me. If you are not a believer in that, you soon will be.

I remember the weeks that led up to my “Reunion”, feeling the impending Union coming. Feeling is so strongly. Knowing it. And I kept saying over and over, to myself and to others…

“There is no evidence. I have no evidence, of what I know, but I just know it!  I can feel it. I can feel Reunion incoming. It’s in the Cosmos.”


…I’m In Union 🙂

I am Love and you are all my Twin Flame, My Purpose, My Mission, My Reason is you.

Namaste <3

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