Twin Flame Vs. False Twin; Darkness vs. Light

Twin Flame Vs. False Twin; Darkness vs. Light


Everything is channeled

I am about to do something controversial.

I’m going to clear this up once and for all. There is A LOT of misconceptions when it comes to Twin Flames. God placed me here and gave me two gifts;

The first is that I am a (Relentless) Truth Seeker.

The second, is that I have the guts to share my truth with the world. Period.

I will stop at nothing to uncover what has been hidden from me. Either because I have not yet discovered it, or because Darkness is trying to conceal it. Discovering truth is simply inevitable when you are dedicated to the path of ascension. For me, there is no other way. What drives me most in life is knowing that I am a sovereign member of the kingdom of Love, Light and Truth.


I am an extension of the most high, a walking Universe, pretending to be human.

Even when darkness has surrounded me and influenced me otherwise, This Truth could never be blotted out from my consciousness.

I am Here for a reason.

That is all the reason I need to stop at nothing.

Although the truth always evolves, as we Ascend, we come into contact with truth that is closer and closer to the actuality of it. This is just a natural process and happens by virtue of our ability to understand metaphors.

How do you teach a child? With metaphors. As they get older, the metaphors become closer to the truth. The same is true for us.

My intention here, is to convince no-one. There are a great many metaphors which exist surrounding the Twin Flame concept. I have written about all of them. Am I contradicting myself? No. What you are witnessing is a progression of understanding. My second post in this blog stated that the Twin Flame is a progression. Well, here is the next step in this progression.

Whoever is ready for this will receive it well.

I want to make a statement that every step along the way of the TWIN FLAME JOURNEY is a valid and essential part in their overall progression. WHATEVER TWIN FLAME METAPHOR SPEAKS TO YOU, KEEP IT. Some resonate with the idea of Twins being the same soul, some do not. This is no different.

I like to stress that the Twin Flame is an experience. That cannot be denied.

I found out that who I thought was my Twin Flame, was not. As much as there was nothing I could do to make him stop ailing my consciousness with his presence, the truth was crystal clear, once it surfaced. That the Twin Flame causes excruciating, inescapable pain, is a bullshit story. I called it a haunting, because the pain of him haunted my consciousness and there was no escape from it. No sleep, no waking moment brought me relief. There was no distraction. I lost everything. I was driven mad and ill and the pain was unbearable. It was so unlike me to want to die so much.


So, when I found out that what was really going on is I was haunted by his attachments, his demons, his evil entities, whatever you want to call it, oh, did that make perfect sense!

I had been crying for a couple days up until that point, saying that nothing made sense. It didn’t make sense, and I didn’t want it anymore. God heard me that day. Although, part of my consciousness was occupied, the other part of me was crying out for clarity in the best way that it could. I had been praying for truth for a month.

I called up a fellow Twin Flame friend, hysterically crying. Saying it made no sense, it was all a lie and I didn’t know what to do. You know what she said?

“The Twin Flame doesn’t do this to you.

rip your heart out

The Twin Flame does not make you suffer like this”

I don’t remember her words exactly, but, I did not quite understand, because I was definitely having a Twin Flame experience, and the pain was all I knew, the whole way through. You know what? She was right. After the veil was lifted and I realized it truly was a haunting, a haunting of the entities which followed me since I met him. That is the reason it brought me back to him. If they kept me thinking of him, incessantly, they could keep me from my True Twin. They started implementing this plan over a year before I actually met my Twin Flame. Darkness is old and intelligent. They have been here forever and they plan well, because they see the future. They knew I would stop at nothing for love. Their only hope to destroy my union was to convince me that I was already in love, with my Twin Flame. They orchestrated that whole ordeal, just to throw me off the trail. Brilliant, right? uhg…

Let’s talk about what all of this means….

This could be happening to you…

If your Twin Flame is causing you the most pain you’ve ever had in your entire life…

If you feel haunted by the obsessive thought of them, stampeding through your frantic mind, day and night…

If the pain is insufferable, unbearable, if it brings you to thoughts of wishing to cease to exist….

love is pain



It’s the same formula as an abusive relationship. Only difference is that it’s more subtle, and strategically so. So that you will agree to participate, make excuses, and call it love.


THINK ABOUT IT… How do you know the voice of God, vs. the voice of the Devil? The Devil plays with your emotions to reel you in. He plays games of manipulation, oscillating between bliss and despair, grief and love. He makes you feel trapped, like there is no escape. He makes you feel like you need him. Like you cannot live without him. He makes you miserable and yet, still manages to make you feel dependent upon him.

That is verbatim, the Twin Flame experience that I initially had, with the one who turned out to be a ruse. Exactly the same feelings!! Darkness used my spirituality, and my willingness to love and forgive against me! Darkness used my light and my kind hearted nature against me! When I learned to be unconditionally loving toward my (False) “Twin”, they used that against me too! There was no amount of love that was going to change that situation, because in no way in heaven or hell was that shit ever meant to work out! It was all a charade to prevent the True Twin Union I was getting dangerously close to attracting.


Just because Love is in the mix, does not make it Love. Darkness mixed with light is how manipulation is achieved. Darkness is very cunning. They know how to confuse, manipulate, mask, and compel… Darkness does work with light, but for the ultimate purpose of reeling you into an illusion that ultimately serves as your demise.If you have reached a point of love and acceptance and your “Twin Flame” is still acting like a blind mute, who wouldn’t  know, see or hear and good thing even if it slapped him/her in the face, That bitch is NOT, I repeat, NOT a Twin Flame of yours!! That is not the Twin Flame experience.

Let’s go even further… What is characteristic of a Twin Flame Pair? Recognition, undying love, inexplicable connection, harmony, magnetism, unconditionality, understanding, mutuality, comfortability, you jive, you thrive, you want to be together and theres no doubt about it!!


Illusions work like this. You can create some of the truth, but you cannot create all of it. Hence the confusion surrounding Twin Flames. They gets a lot of signs, some of the signs, most of the signs, but the whole picture isn’t there. Yet, it’s soooo intense and persistent, it HAS to be a Twin Flame, Right? Do you know that I had many synchronicities with my false Twin? Even more than with my actual Twin!


ie. We are both born on the 28th day of the month.

Both Cuban/Italian Heritage (Who the fuck can say that? lol)

Both water signs

Our Middle names demonstrated exact yin and yang: Michelle vs. Michael

From what I was able to gather in our early interactions before separation, He exhibited all the characteristics I desired, right down the the exact height, he was spiritual, and the magnetism and recognition was mutual.

And yet, this was all just a carefully crafted scheme, straight from the pits of darkness. They want to extinguish light, and Twin Flames are a perfect medium for that. Lightworkers are a perfect medium for that!


Darkness will make sacrifices in order to create illusions. They will make you feel good things and give you all the right reasonings to justify the love you feel, and why it is right. They will haunt you with obsessive thoughts of the False Twin, and make you feel agony when you are away from them. They will use pain and obsession and synchronicity to draw you to them again and again, and they will give you logic to justify your reasoning for doing so. They will give you small wins to give you hope and keep you going, because all they want is for you to loose the battle. They throw you a scrap of love and work it to throw your off course. It’s the only thing they have to work with. Being educated on these matters gives us the greatest chance of discovering what is True from what is false.


If this makes no sense to you, dismiss it, immediately, but if it does, I know you will be grateful that I came out and said it. Those people who need this are who I am writing for.

Listen, It is no secret to anyone that the idea of Twin Flames has been terribly misconstrued by those who are falsely under the impression that they are having a Twin Flame experience.


I am certain of two things:

#1- If you have been caught up in what you believe to be a Twin Flame experience, you ARE a Twin Flame, whether that particular person is “It” or not.

#2- If you are a Twin Flame and Darkness has convinced you into being cemented to the WRONG PERSON, you are not going to recognize your ACTUAL Twin Flame. FACT.

Do you know how certain I was of my Twin Flame? 100% certain. Do you know how wrong I was about him? 100% wrong.

Leading experts in the Twin Flame community say that 90% of those who are under the impression that they have met their Twin Flame are incorrect, and what I am describing here is  the reason why this number is so colossal. These Unions are a dire threat to darkness and their only hope for survival is to obliterate them. So, that’s their plan and they are executing it and have been. However, out of all the information regarding Twin Flames that I have come across, I have never seen anything explaining this very thing. The reality of the fight among light and darkness, which has intensified since 2015, when Planet Earth tipped the scale and darkness becomes outnumbered by Light. The darkness is now making a last ditch effort to survive. They are showing their teeth and getting nastier, making themselves know. But it’s all a show. They are ruffling their feathers to intimidate us and interfere in our lives because they know that their demise is imminently approaching.

90% is a massive number. But even if the percentage was 75% or 50%, this number is still very high. This has to do with each and every one of you. If your union is not harmonious, you need to become open, informed and re-examine the situation you are in. That is, if you truly do desire truth above all else.

Darkness wants us to be stuck on someone who is ultimately causing us pain. Is that your situation? I am balls deep in the Twin community and I can see, with my own two eyes, even some of you who have taken on the role of leader or teacher, are definitely Twin Flames, but stuck on someone who is causing more interference than Love.

How many years have you been going through this? 4,6,8…..20??? If this is you, something is TERRIBLY wrong, and I’m only pointing  out the obvious! Do you not feel the wrongness in your soul? If you are still “stuck” on them and they have not “come around”, that is not divine! That is not love! do not maintain the status quo. In any case, it is common knowledge that new results require new actions.

Dear, Twin Flame, Open new doors today.

You would do anything for your Twin Flame.


If there was even a 00.1% chance that you are blocking your Union because you are under an illusion brought upon by darkness, wouldn’t you do anything to eliminate that chance?

angel vs. monster

Let’s put it this way. If you are not in Union, you cannot be certain. Therefore, surrender, let it go, and entrust the Universe to bring you your TRUE TWIN,  No matter who it may be. Coincidentally, no matter the situation, this step needs to be done, in any case :p,


go figure.

Everything has already been pointing to this. The process of releasing and surrendering and trusting 100% in the Universe is the same you will have to implement, no matter what your situation is. Just don’t be stuck on a person who is not stuck on you, no matter what.


“As I approached the cusp of my illusion breaking, I remember looking around at how Dan, waited on me hand and foot. He fed me every meal. he served me. He came home from work and school to be by my side and cater to me when I was having a breakdown. He showed me unconditional love and understanding. He had been loving me, day after day, through all of our trials, no matter what. Even though I was suffering because of some “Twin” guy. He kept on believing. He never gave up. I looked around and I was like,

This is all evidence of true love.””

Screen Shot 2016-02-14 at 4.55.29 AM

There’s nothing like waking up and realizing that you were gone, and you didn’t even know it. Theres nothing like coming back to life, to Truth illuminated and realizing that whoever it was that was operating in your body almost fucked up your whole life and stole away everything you hold most dear. Your One, True Love, Your Twin Flame. I was gone, and now I’m back. and now, I am sharing this message. You are not immune. Let’s open the doors to illuminating the Truth into the Light. This will literally save your life. Come into the light. And when you are back, you’ll know it… I looked at my Twin Flame and said, “I’m Back”


The greatest harm they can ever do is to break up and prevent these Unions. Our Love is the GREAT. Did you know that one person vibrating at the level of love can effect the vibration of one million people?….Yea.

Their ass is grass. And, I’m telling everyone about it.

They will not win. We, The Light, will outshine them. Their lies cannot withstand our sovereign glory, when we cry out for Truth from the Heavens with open minds and hearts.

The questions beckons the answer.


….Are you listening?



We are one Love.

Thank you.


I know how difficult and agonizing it can be to uncover the truth. If you are willing, that is all you need to be. Two heads are better than one. I am here for you, to help you see the things you cannot see for yourself.

Yes, I do Twin Flame Readings

True North/Mission Readings

Remote Healing Sessions

Truth Spells (To Find the Truth About Your Twin Flame)


How do you think that I discovered the truth about my own Twin Flame situation? lol

This (The use of my Truth Spell) is actually what I was talking about when I said that I was “Praying” for truth for a month. I have been taken aback by how quick and effective my spells have been!

66 thoughts on “Twin Flame Vs. False Twin; Darkness vs. Light

    1. I totally understand how a lot of you guys feel about these fucked up connections… infact i’d bet 99% of us never chose to nor wanted any of these relations. We simply wanted a chill relationship where we were appreciated and did the same for the other person only to find out how gut wrenching, head ripping, and ascetic the connections where.

      I recently found my so-called false twin, dark twin whatever the F it is, and it was not a fun ride at all cuz i didn’t even care but some how got sucked in the whole emotional mess… MY ADVICE for anyone or everyone going through the relations false or not is to simply just not give a fuck and preferably find other ways or people to gain pleasure from… If you have the chance to run while ur heads still intact(AGain: false or real twin) just gtfo out of there and tell the universe to go F himself and the connection. ITs simply not necessary for anyone to go through this kind of pain.

      and P.S great article btw

    2. This is exactly what i needed at this very moment. Praying for truth and i stumbled across your article. Felt drawn really. Thank you for the peace you are bringing to so many hearts including my own. Im thankful for your boldness to speak your truth, what a beautiful gift you share. I pray you prosper as your soul prospers you beacon of light. You are being used as a vessel to call forth the light. Shine bright dear love!

    3. Thank you so much for sharing your experience. This was very helpful to me because I have been feeling a similar synchronicity towards a guy for the past two years. It is like , I knew stuff about him out of nowhere. Its like telepathy. We share many similarities wrt. to our birth details, personalities, likes-dislikes etc. And yes, on a surface level he is everything I ever wanted. But after probing this persons life my conscience told me that this guy is totally fake. It broke my heart, but in spite of that my obsession for him kept growing and now he is irresistible to me. I was often filled with doubt regarding my own judgement because of the uncanny synchronicity. When I am away from him I long to meet him , but when I finally meet him I am repelled by his energy. He is a covert narcissist . This posts cleared my doubts. I thank my spirit guides for taking me here.

    4. Grateful for this . And I’m almost certain you’re right . It’s been a runner chaser phase for 5 years and he’s back again . My only question to this argument for my own egos sake I guess u could say … What if this person makes you sad and leaves you Beacause HES IN a false flame Union? Please help 🙏🏽 I feel like my own personal pains come from my own triggers

    5. Well…. ten years… know of him when I was 5. Everything you wrote above. Let pass sweet, good men bc I was obsessed by him. But 10 years later… still same story and so much from your story. Thank you. It is time I will break the illusion. one question. Any tips? Blessings Saartje

    6. Loved it real truth, I’ve been sleeping with Satan. I want to sleep with her just one more time, haha yes just once more. She acts like a sweet lady but she only gives me little time she problem can’t stand my light. Thank you

    7. Loved it real truth, I’ve been sleeping with Satan. I want to sleep with her just one more time, haha yes just once more. She acts like a sweet lady but she only gives me little time she probley can’t stand my light. Thank you

  1. This resonated with me..I had a dark false twin flame before meeting my real twin flame. The false twin flame was someone from a previous life and the true one my Divine counterpart. Although both haunted me but with my true twin flame the karmic lessons were both horrific and amazingly beautiful at times. You know when you know and you cannot deny. The TF process is the most disturbing and soul wrenching thing you can experience (and I have experienced quite a lot!!) However, is it worth it?? To feel heavenly bliss on earth.. OH yes it is!!

  2. Thank you so much for posting this. I literally just went through this, this past weekend and have been so negative since the situation. I can say now that I have a new concept of what was really going on and I know I was meant to read this to stay on the right path. Once again thank you!

  3. Totally resonated and crazily beautifully written. So raw and vulnerable yet powerful and clear. I loved the images so much! Just what I needed to read. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Twin flame love doesn’t make you feel like you want to die.

  4. Thank you so much. I have been stuck on someone I was sure was my twin for almost a year now. Thank you so much for this as it just confirms my feelings lately that he really isn’t. I’ve been in so much darkness, pain, and have been consistently tormented… Definitely not myself at all. I’ve had no idea what happened to me. I lost complete control of myself and my life.

    Thank you for sharing.

  5. Amazing post.
    I’m feel and understand everything you’re saying and I’m going to get to the bottom of this! Thank you so much!!!!! All the best to you.

  6. I have a question.. if there is a False Twin Flame, doesn’t that mean there would be a False Soulmate too? Counterfeits? I am in a relationship with this guy who I think is a False something, either Twin or Soulmate. We have been seeing each other for 6-7 weeks, and met under strange circumstances, and saw each other at the same time at this store, and was all a little weird. I have tried to leave the relationship 3 separate times but somehow he has managed to keep it going, but later I feel manipulated. A few days ago I almost told him I loved him,(which he has been telling me he LOVES me all the time since the second week I knew him, then the next day after I “almost” told him I loved him, he says something ridiculous that gives me FLASH anger like lightening! Like today he told me he doesn’t like it when I say “I have to think about something” he just wants me to say yes or no! It makes me furious because I can say whatever I like, and if I have to think about something he is asking me to do (especially something physically intimate) I am going to THINK long and hard about it. Most other times he is the nicest sweetest guy I have met. But we have some VERY negative issues too. Our physical chemistry has been extremely intense since the beginning, but we have not “been together” all the way because I am trying to wait for awhile before that happens(and I’m not sure I want that to happen because I don’t think he is the one God has for me).

    Also I had this unusual dream 4 days before I met him that was very intense with a date of the day I met him on this small white box, and a strange hovering entity that came above the box(that also had an intense presence to it) that was starring at me in my dream, then I woke up. 4 days later on THAT date I met him.

    A part of me cares a great deal about him, but I feel this is turning into an unhealthy relationship. It also doesn’t help that I am Christian, and he is Muslim. HOW do you leave these FALSE Twins or Soulmate situations?

    Also a part of me feels/thinks this is a trick to mess up my life so I can’t be with my real Twin (who I think I met last year but I don’t know his name or anything about him, just got a glimpse, with a superimposed word “HUSBAND” on the back of his head with my spiritual eyes. That has never happened with anyone before)

    Please say a prayer for me, as I have been praying and asking God to help me. Thank you for any suggestions or thoughts you have.

    1. I went through that as well. He is a sociopath that literally satanist. He hoodoo me and i fell into a very dangerous situation. He nearly killed me several times. Please get away while you can. This guy still stalks me 10years later

  7. Just went through this for a year and a half. Barely getting out of it.

    It is absolutely grueling and the pain is beyond anything I have experienced before. I believed it to be my twin. I no longer think that. They recently accidentally text messages me after 8 months of silence…I thought I would feel joy to hear from them again. I did not. I felt sick to my stomach and panicked. Ipthey give off a bad vibe.

    I’m sad now. What does this mean for me? Do I really have a twin?

    I found the term twin flame after what I would later read to be called the “dark night of the soul.”
    I would have bet my life this was my twin.

    My question is, do I have a twin out there still?

  8. So we’ll written. Thank you for all your words and the way you placed them all together to describe something I have been feeling for many years but have never been able to describe….. thank you

  9. Thank you for this past. I have been attached to a false twin flame for 2 years now, and he has been physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually abusive. He has been using dark energies to keep us connected but I am now able to feel and see the covert abuse. I am a reflection of God’s light and will not be defeated.

  10. This has absolutely blown my mind to pieces. All of a sudden, all the malaise, all the strange feelings, all the inadequacy, all the hurt, confusion, disgust, upset, tears, pain and suffering make sense.

    I too am a child of the light, and the darkness is conspiring against me.

    Thank you for writing this. I can’t thank you enough.


  11. Elise, I have a question, and really curious about your perspective on this. I also think this could be the single biggest reason many don’t know how to tell a false from a genuine one. I’ve gone through all the torturous pain and more you described above, to the point where the only thought that offered me some relief was the idea of ending my life. I never acted on it, but you get the point. So from a pain intensity perspective, nothing else I ever felt came close to this. From a love perspective also nothing else I ever felt came close to this.
    The bit that always felt wrong was my inability to comprehend why/how one who feels such insane love for another can push them away, knowing the pain they cause to them, and to themselves as well.
    The other wrongs false twin theories talk about were never there. As in, I never felt he wanted to harm me. He actually never came running back if I stepped away. He never came for “feeding” as one can read. When eventually some things got out – I opened up about how I felt – he repeatedly said he never wanted to cause me pain or see me suffer. And I felt that to be genuine.
    Lastly, there were times when I could call in what I believe to have been his higher self. This higher self was nothing but pure love. The love of a mature soul who is waiting for me to grow up before he can be with me. Yet, I never felt in my bones this could happen for us and that I could have this love.

    I bet others reading this post will recognise themselves, and sadly this is what causing all the pain and inability to let go. Because when that dark you talk about is there, sooner or later you sense it. In a chill on your spine, in a dream, in a look in their eyes. There is something that even if its only at a later stage, but you can look back to and say, I knew then and there something was wrong about them, and I ignored it. I have been for nearly 2.5 years in this now and at this point I’m not longer under a crippling fear, so that gives me some perspective. I can get some objectivity in how I look back at certain things. And that dark was not there. Yet the pain that nearly killed me was. And his refusal and denial and now complete silence is.

    If the false one is darkness in disguise, and the true one is love, what is something like this, that again, I bet many will recognise their own story in?

    Thanks for taking the time to respond

    1. From my own experience, the false twin is not evil. However, the dark demonic forces created this illusion of love and a twin flame experience. He and I are just pawns in there twisted game to deceive and block our journeys as light workers and healers. I am glad I came across this article and blogs to help me understand my own experience.

  12. Thank you so much for this ..I have been looking for answers for 16 years this could finally be the answer . I now believe I have been deceived all this time. I kept telling g myself if it was real it would have happened by now ..if he truly loved me he would find me ..maybe one day “he” will but not this one ..not like this. Thank you blessings

  13. Hi, nice article! I’m currently trying to pull myself out of “The Dark Night of The Soul”, so I know exactly what you’re describing. At times the “False Twin” seems like pure evil who tricked me, but at other times I can clearly see there was a lesson in meeting this person which has changed my life for the better!

    I’m so confused! I let the person go but took elements of their character which I was badly lacking!
    I learned to be more outwardly loving and to express myself openly! This person was a miracle that came into my life at the worst possible time! I’m so sad because I feel empty with no reason to exist anymore as that person is who I was waiting for all my life! I just wasn’t ready at the time… 🙁

  14. So what do you do when you realise that there are negative entities interfering with you? Iv seen a healer but they use my forgiveness and good heart against me. I dont know what it is with you but ever since I saw one of your videos I just knew something was up with you. Every blog and video resonates with me and this one has just made me click and what ever it is just starts attacking me, dizzyness, cold shivers and confusion.
    I knew there was something about him I didnt like but since I could see straight to his soul, I thought I was doing it in my head. I actually thought I was a false twin. But as I think about everything thats happened and put my self in his shoes. I would never have done what he did to me. I would of walked away a long time ago.
    This process has made me not doubt one thing. I am a beautiful soul with a huge HUGE heart.
    Thank you so much for all your blogs and videos. And even though your in another country one day I would just love to hug you for a sincere THANK YOU.

    1. Thank you 🙂 Remote Healing is the only way that I know of to remove entities. Every Healer is different, and you are right, not every healer is great. Sorry you had that experience, but don’t let it discourage you.

  15. God bless you you are a true gift. It took me four miserably foolish years to arrive exactly at this point today. Thank you so much. For me satan was defeated 2000+ yrs ago at calvary, all he can ever do now is bark all he wants, teethless scum! Jesus is my Lord and saviour. Amen.

  16. Man, oh man! Thanks so, so much for this article! Such Truth. I went through some serious false TWin Flame nonsense from March 2015 – September 2016. All the other articles on difficulties with TF’s tell you to “hang on and pray for them, they’re runners and afraid” and yet no human being with a heart would put you through this kind of serious trauma. I am Home now though and like you said my true “11” has appeared. He’s very much younger than me although we look he same age and I wonder if he was meant to come through later after I had fought this Battle of Light vs. Dark.

    1. Yes, all of the information suggests that the false twin is the catalyst for further soul learning before the true twin flame arrives.

  17. My ‘fake’ twin flame taught me to love the universe instead. I feel like meditating under a tree for the next seven years to erase the last seven. Thanks, I know she is my fake twin flame because you can’t ‘wish’ for love or make unrequited relationships work. I am too sensitive around people nowadays for any sort of relationship.

  18. Hi Elise! Thank you so much for this! With love, Shannon

    I had been reading many things over this topic most specifically in the year of 2014. I will start out by saying everything that I have read, that you have said here, is how I feel. I am so very happy to stumble upon this today. I have never commented before, but felt compelled to do so this evening. I also let go of what I thought was my twin in pure faith and trust to do so, that it was ok to do so. I then realized through my prayer and answers or “knowing” that love was coming to me, a great, true love. I wondered how that could be as I was hurting so badly. It was the most horrible period of my life and I was becoming very ill. It was my leap of faith and trust in the process that allowed what is my true twin flame to come into my life. This trust raised me in like a protected safety and finally took some of the pain from the nearly 3 years so that I could finally catch a breath and start to heal. I did not receive the answer I sought until the day before my first date with this new person. I cried for my “twin”, said I needed to know will we be together again, what does this mean and if he was really my twin flame. I asked and prayed and continued some more. That day I was led to an amazing finding that made me know in one moment that I was in belief of something that was not true and then because of everything I went through and all the hurt and pain, I could finally let him go. Because I was having visions, healing, his feelings, pains and emotions, telepathy…even countries apart. I thought it was because of our union since I was not as strong in my abilities before him. After I took my strength and trusted in the process and let go, I then had even stronger abilities and then I knew it wasn’t him at all and that he was my hold up as was exactly what I had been feeling in the last period of time…when I decided to let go and see if this “feeling” was right. If it was a trick as you say to throw me off, then very well played it was. That time with him almost killed me and had serious life long affects on me. If you read what is written here, think about it and ask to know so that you no longer have to suffer and can also progress to be free and full of love and light…and also, so that you can be reunited with your twin and do your lightwork together.

    With Love,

  19. Easier in your situation.
    I have nobody around me doing all those loving things for me.
    I am back but there is nobody.

    1. How do you think I attracted a loving person in my life? Before there was him, it was only me, and I was in pain. That is why I decided to make the changes necessary to shift my vibration. I started at square one, also.

  20. my false twin and I both caused each other pain. I tried to break it off but he didn’t understand that we were making a grave mistake. God shared with me what would happen if we stayed together. It wasn’t good. We did lots of shrooms, and the truth was always revealed. I tried to leave butHe is very persuasive. I’ve fallen pregnant and we’re both excited. But he’s been acting even more distant lately. He then came out with it, he said that when I tried to leave him he went on a trip and did not like what he saw, argued with God and said he will rewrite the stars so we could be together even though it wasn’t meant to be. His recent trip however showed him the consequences of his actions and he finally understands we need to separate. I was praying for God to intervene. Gods plan always prevails. We’re hating the separation… though we know it is toxic.

  21. This post is super helpful as I have been experiencing the false twin dynamic. Even though I chose my true twin and am with her, the false twin still haunts me. I am super grateful to have found your post about this. Thank you for shining light on this situation. A lot of twins are experiencing pain based on this preconceived notion that this is supposed to be painful. It can be hard but it is foremost loving and inspiring. My true twin has been by my side and loves me so deeply. That is real!

  22. How do you go about getting the dark entities who have latched on to leave?? I think this is true for me. I’m obsessed with what could be a false twin flame and have recently had the dark thoughts only to shake myself out of it, saying to my self, wth.

  23. i dated my false twin flame for just over a month , im a highly spiritual person , after a while i noticed how i felt all the pain and geting no love back . made me go a bit crazy and talked to my medium friend and she told me it was with my false twin and had to let her go… still was a week after that before i broke it of with her ……. funny thing after that she wanted to talk and try smooth things over , but after she know i was moving forward she rang me and got in 1 last attack to try bring me down….. it hurt but im glad im out of it now 🙂 now i can find my true twin flame 😀

  24. Idk wtf you ARE, but THIS SHIT was PERFECT!!! It was like you literally read my mind when it came to my FAKE Twin Flame & every single thing I experienced with him. Thank you for this! THIS is one incredible read. Then the icing on the cake was the fact that we have the same name. I’ve been doing my daily affirmations, deleting him out of my phone and unfollowing him on social media then I see this. It ALL makes total sense now, my REAL Twin Flame is right around the corner & the devil tried his BEST to stop me in my tracks & he did for a while, but not anymore. God is at the head of my life & will never leave. The Universe has no other choice but to work overtime for me and my fella to come together so as of now I will just prepare so I’m ready. Thank you again!

  25. Thank you for this article. I have been looking up twin flames for the last year now and this is first I have read of a false twin. I had a dream a year ago of a guy saying “I have finally found you. You are my twin flame.” He invades my dreams every night since then. I don’t know who he is or even how to find him. I just know I wake up frightened. Should I feel this way? Is it just because (after reading your article) I feel that I have been misled twice by false twins? I really need someone who can help me. Maybe then I can finally get some real sleep instead of waking feeling so tired and scared.

    1. I understand your situation. I have finally come out of the twinflame/soulmate delusion after 8 months of synchronicities, feeling his presence around me, hearing his voice in my head, connecting to his higher self through dreams, and receiving confirmation from the divine universe (God) that the soul connection is real. Despite thes realization that it is all an illusion, I still cannot let go….

      1. It’s so hard. For both of us I think. I totally get what your saying. I still connect on that level with the dad of my older kids. I saw him a couple months ago (it’s been 3 years before this) and we instantly connected. But he was very abusive so I moved to another state just to get away and start over. Yet he is familiar. This guy is new and he only comes in the astral plane. Yesterday he said that he’ll see me soon.

  26. It was recently brought to my attention by my sister about the False Twin Flame and everything just made sense. I had realized beforehand that something wasn’t right, I was in the process of letting go and releasing my so-called Twin Flame, thinking maybe it’s the separation period. When reading up on the Twin Flame Counterfeit it just reassured me even more so(as I’m typing he is calling right now after being distant for so long as if he knows, I am getting the chills). The spell that felt like a possession has finally been broken, I was so not myself, I felt lost and out of touch. Now I feel stronger and my power is back. After reading a few articles about the Dark Twin Flame none leaving quite an effect on me as this message, girl you had me in tears. I just wanted to thank you for spreading the light and serving your purpose, as I am ready to do so myself. Much love and respect, peace…

  27. Thank you so much for posting this great truth. I have been dealing with a false twin but no more. It took me almost three years to let go. I’m healing and praying the right person comes along. The biggest realization I have learned is that we have too much compassion for these dark lost souls but we to learn to have compassion for ourselves. Once we get this I hope and pray the right person comes along. I’m ready. Peace love and light to all. God Bless.

  28. Hello, first of all thank you for pointing this out. I knew it wasn’t right the whole time but I don’t seem to be able to get away I’ll explain. My spiritual journey start at a very young age, from what I can remember around 5 years old, I’m 32 now. It started with dreams. I haven’t cleared enough to remember all of them just parts, but from what I remember I remember being connected to my higher self back then, don’t feel it so much these days although there is light. I went through a lot after meeting a girl I remember thinking she was trouble and I should stay away from her(probably my higher self). After I stop talking to her things got very dark and confusing very quickly. I had also had dreams of connecting with a girl around that time when I was fighting with the darkness in yab yum as Buddhist deities as I could feel the love resonating from her for me I felt nothing like a strong dark force blocking those feelings. I grew up fighting this darkness everyday, I remember wanting to kill myself a lot but I got through it. I have progressed a lot inspite of the darkness that I fight but thankfully I worked out a way with my higher self to be able to exercise dark entities. But it seems never ending slough there are still good day mixed in with the bad it feels like a fight I can’t win by myself but I haven’t been able to connect with a helping hand the dark entities blocked and manipulated a lot of etheric connections that may have been good I dunno. I am a light warrior and I will fight to my during breath.

  29. Thank you for this wonderful work. I am strongly doubting lately that my current partner is my twin flame as I thought in recent years. I was told via tarot reading several years ago that we were brought together by greater forces in the universe, but I guess that doesn’t necessarily mean that we are twin flames. Around three years ago he was under great stress and seemed to transform in front of my eyes – complete narcissism, and it was as if he was suddenly this huge ball of fire burning in front of me. I thought at that moment there was no way I could stay, but I literally had nowhere else to go then. Ever since I have not felt the same toward him as I often feel he does not respect me. We often have communication issues and I realize now that we have always suffered a battle of our egos. He also has a history of depression and threatens suicide if I ever leave or separate from him. He thrives on failure it seems, and I feel that he might prevent me from achieving success for myself, but he is the one here for me to make everything work at the moment. Remembering my gift of light again recently, I am really working on a personal journey of discovery, or so I hope. At this time I don’t know if one other person could be my twin flame, but I always hesitate out of fear that I seek it selfishly by some inner motive of dissatisfaction. Maybe I will sense the right time.

  30. I can’t really say I agree with this. Shattering of the ego is not fun. And your true twin will force you into surrender. Some people go thought this with the real some not. I’ve seen both. There’s a reason. God has to be first in your life. My twin never meant to hurt me. That’s for sure. In fact I think back of when I’d project my ego stuff on him and tell him off and his response was “I always want the best for you” and he always respected my boundaries. It is painful. Because they run and it hurts. But you’re both running from self. You both don’t love yourselves do you don’t feel worthy and project everything on the other. It’s not easy. And god’s timing is god’s timing. Twins get angry they can’t change the timing. And we can’t, we eventually learn to surrender, let go of the anger and move forward. Hating him in the end hurts me. It doesn’t end well. The twin experience is not rainbows. But you know they love you deep down, and they would never manipulate or lie to you or cheat on you. Mine would never do that on purpose. Could he run out of fear and do stupid things? Yes. But to the point of malicious?. Never. But your ego gets angry and makes all sorts of assumptions about somebody and your heart knows it’s not true. You eventually let go and realize it is in god’s timing and not yours. And you’re at peace. I love my twin with all my heart but I’m not going to force him to be ready. He will find me when he is and I’ll continue on with my life. He always comes back. Bc he knows what we have can’t compare. But we had to slay our egos and wounds first alone. It’s not an easy process. It’s downright painful. But it’s made me grow into who I needed to be and I have the freedom of self love I never had before this and thanks to this I found god again in my life to a level I never had before.

    The main thing with real twins is the interactions are all mainly telepathic. Me and my twin weren’t in each other’s lives for a year and a half now and I let the physical of him go when I stopped chasing him like 6 months ago. But we argue the same telepathically, like all the time. It’s become so normal I forget he hasn’t physically been in my life. Some people get caught up in the physical so much they can’t think clear. Once you let that go it’s pretty apparent if it’s your real twin flame or not Bc nobody else will show up and you’ll continue to argue the same in 5D lol. Your soul knows, not the mind.

  31. I don’t think that was your false twin, I believe this was your actual twin flame. What if what you call God is your higher consciousness and your ego is actually the Devil? We are all a duality of both good and evil. Our twin is supposed to be the yin to our yang (or vice versa). Twin flames relationships don’t always start out as the fairy tale you possibly imagined. They’re painful, gut wrenching, emotionally devastating, heart breaking, beautiful, spiritual, profound, euphoric, and heavenly. Some may ask how a single experience can be so contradictory in its discriminations, but that’s what happens when you’re battling between your ego and higher self. You’re twin flame is supposed to help awaken you. You can’t be awakened if you don’t recognize your flaws and address the trauma that’s causing your suffering. I strongly believe that blaming your twin flame or the devil for your suffering was your ego (the devil) rejecting the changes your higher self (god consciousness) was trying to make within you. Everyone isn’t meant to be with their twin flame in their current lifetime, and many times that’s because they fail to take responsibility for their own suffering and refuse to see themselves in the eyes of their twin.

    1. If when you finally raise your vibration to a high level, the connection dissapears, it’s not a twin.

      1. What about a connection that fluctuates ? Just when I think the connection is gone, it comes back accompanied by a plethora of signs and synchronicities.

      2. this is sooo very true! i met a man 20 + years ago…had all the weird sync’s..all you hear about in tf connection..anyway, years later i would begin my spiritual healing/growth. the more healed i became, the more whole i became…the more i grew in CHRIST? that connection started to disappear….i was wowed! i felt the suffering…all of it. had no one to help me..but finally began to get it the more i grew spiritually. I AM a child of the DIVINE! and that was NOT divine!!!!

  32. Trusting in my own intuition has always served me well, but the doubts creep in and cause confusion. The confusion is not about this twin flame journey. I have come to the realization that the journey is about self and the connection with God. I am definitely on a spiritual journey. However, the confusion lies in the soul connection I have with one particular man. Is he my twin flame or not? What purpose does he serve in my life? As it is currently, I am taking the focus off of him and just walking this path of illumination without him. I’m giving it up to God.

  33. WOW, Is all I can say. This truth has finally set me free. I have lived exactly this for the past 1.5 years after meeting who I thought was my “twin flame”. I fought for this love but it was filled with pain and obsession. I lost almost everything. I was an all time low and I cried out to God. I would say to a friend this thing I have with him feels evil and when I found this article last night I realized it is. I am a TWIN FLAME and I truly believe that I was being thwarted by the Darkness to throw me off my divine soul mission. This has set me free. I have blocked my false twin and have cut off all communication. I am reeling after reading this. I met my false twin on April fools day.I should have taken that as a sign as well. I have given my life over to God and called in my angels and guides to protect me from him. I prayed for a shield protection to hedge me behind and before and to cut all cord attachments to him. I am free. I am FINALLY free. Now to live life as a true light worker to raise the love vibration of the world and for light to overcome the darkness. Thank you so much for this. I just can’t understand why it took so long for me to come across it. i almost lost everything for a love that was all a lie but so thankful it happened before I did.

  34. Wow! Thank you for this article. This is EXACTLY what I went through. It was hell. It was unbearable! I recently realized he was at least a false twin. I never even believed in the whole twin flame thing until he came along. But my real twin was RIGHT there the whole time., Once I realized the other was false it was amazingly easy to just let it go.

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