Is Love Painful? Pillow Talk with Dan & Elise

Is Love Painful? Pillow Talk with Dan & Elise


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Hopefully, this resonated. There are so many ways to see the TF/Love situation. Probably more options than you think! It’s complicated, and yet simple. It’s about how you feel. I know that sometimes, it’s even hard to figure that out. With all the push and pull, back and forth and feeling like you have no more options. That’s why, even though the trying part of my journey is over, I have chosen to stay here and help you through yours. There are things I would have given anything to know earlier. If I had only gotten that remote healing before I quit my job, had a manic episode and came down with depression, you know?? Well, this information is valuable and life changing for many. That is why I am here, offering it to you. Each situation is unique and that is how I approach them. If you are having a hard time, confused, or tired of being between a rock and hard place, Check out what might be the right fit for you. I will always offer insight you didn’t have before, and Remote Healing (included in the TF reading) is nothing to be taken lightly!

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  1. Hi lovely, I would like to take advantage of your 50% discount however do not have the money this week. Are we able to hold a position and how do you run the session?

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