What to do if Your Twin Flame is Married

What to do if Your Twin Flame is Married


This is a big predicament that many Twin Flames face today. What if the other is married?

The simple answer: It’s not going to change anything. But, this point of view could lighten your load….

If your TF is not ready to be with you, then marriage will just be an excuse to postpone the inevitable. Not that it isn’t a truly complicated situation, but, if they want to leave, nothing can stop them, and if they want to be with you, nothing can stop them.

I think the most important thing about this particular situation that I want to impart is to

Release Judgment.

Towards them, towards yourself and towards their spouse.

You have to understand that there was something wrong in the marriage before you came along.

The truth is that most marriages are not happy ones. Most people who stay within a marriage are doing so for reasons other than Love or happiness. This is also the case in most Twin Flame situations, with some exceptions. I sometimes see Twin Flames who are within marriages because they are comfortable or because they haven’t worked up the gumption to leave yet, but then, they meet the Twin Flame who reminds them of something very important that is missing in their marriage. A reminder that happiness can be had, and should be.

Many marriages have emotionally ended before the Twin Flame comes into the picture. Just because the physical act of divorce has not occurred, does not make this any less true. Quite often, the marriage was already done for,  But with little motivation to change the status quo, it often does not change. For some reason, humans undergo massive amounts of difficulty when it comes to initiating and following through with big changes. It often follows that the Universe sends situations, experiences and people to help catalyze the inevitable changes.

Since Twin Flames are here to accelerate themselves into evolutionary growth, this makes sense that they would catalyze each other to catapult forward when there is stagnation in their lives. The Twin Flame should never feel guilty or wrong about interfering in a marriage. That is hardly ever the case. Happy, destined marriages cannot be broken up. But, we need to push ourselves. That it’s ok to want more, and to go for more, and to grow and change your mind and follow your joy no matter what others think about it. There are levels of self love being activated and called upon whenever we are facing this tricky marriage situation. The Universe is bringing to your attention your true desires. It is your choice to follow them or to ignore the heart’s call.

We have created old paradigms of permanence that are actually hindering us now. the idea of having to stay within a marriage for moral reasons is outdated and it only serves to keep us in 3D fear based thinking. If a person is staying within a marriage for moral, obligatory or fear based reasons, they are not doing anyone any favors. They are only resisting change and their own joy.

Sometimes, people feel trapped in a marriage. But that is limited thinking. The idea of limitation is not acknowledging that you are a walking Universe or that you are the creator of your reality. Come out of that, already! So many of us are evolved, doing marvelous things, yet we cannot pass this simple test to follow our joy, because societal norms have made it difficult. We are Twin Flames, get over it. We are not meant to be stuck, we are meant to grow and blossom at lightning speeds! Make it happen! Forget “Societal Norms”, your fears of the future and your guilt. Stop saying “what if?” and simply live. Follow the path of least resistance. The path of least resistance is always your joy, but if you are allowing 3D ideas to make your joy seem impossible or difficult to follow, that is your own block to overcome, not anyone else’s.

We need to have trust in the Universe and equal love for ourselves and others. Those are  major qualities that the Twin Flame experience is cultivating within us.

I am not advising you to do anything except this… Examine your motives and then act.

Whether you are choosing to stay or choosing to go, ask yourself:

Am I doing this out of motivation to gain?

Am I doing this out of Fear of losing?

Am I doing this because its the most Loving, Courageous action?


You already know that love is the purest and best motivator. If this is not your reason for your action or inaction, it is your calling to adjust your thinking so that you can pursue your highest and most purposeful path.

Now, make it happen! No excuses! We are warriors and protectors of the heart, and that includes ourselves. Protect your heart and if you have truly met your Twin Flame, you will protect theirs as well.

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33 thoughts on “What to do if Your Twin Flame is Married

  1. I first set eyes on my twin when i was 17 & he was 21 & it was love at first sight..but it took us till i was 21 to get together.By then he was engaged to his first girlfriend waiting at home back in italy for him.He was never not going to marry her.He was italian catholic from a small village & he would never hurt her.Fast forward 30 years..we both are married & have been in & out of each others lives all these years.Ive raised 4 children & have a good husband but the pain of not being with him never goes.Over the last 2 years we seemed to have been pushed together more & more by the universe (accidentally bumping in to each other or walking into the same coffee shop)..we had a moment in September where we both admitted we missed each other & still loved each other & we had a kiss but no matter how he feels he will honour his marriage & the best he could give me is that we”ll be together in the next life!!..He is the most beautiful soul & we have never shared a bad word with each other.I feel his love but i also feel how he tries to block me & keep his distance.I know his marriage is an excuse (although i don’t think he thinks that) ..i would leave my marriage in an instance to be with him because i know its right,but i’m left with the thought that its never going to happen in this life time & yet i still feel the universe is up to something.I’m trying very hard to believe that we will get together soon but its very hard.

      1. Same situation. 34 years. I do love my husband. I’ve had a great life. But its different. The feeling, missing, pain never goes away.

    1. I left him many years ago because I couldn’t handle all that I felt. I moved on and tried not to look back but I continued to wear jewelry he’d given me and there were reminders all over the place. I got married and had children with a very insecure possessive man. A little over a year ago I was in a very bad way and was actually fully ready to commit suicide. That day I was logging into fb for what was gonna be the last time and there was a friend request sent at 1111 from the ex I’d left cold 19 years earlier.
      I found out he was also married and initially there was a lot of anger towards me in the conversation but it didn’t make me worse just enlightened, and then somehow he became my confidant. He managed to talk me down and over the course of a year we would video chat and talk on the phone. We’d be there for each other through so much in our separate lives. We would even make plans to meet but something would always interfere so hasn’t happened yet in 14 months of talking. But he really helped repair my self esteem and I got a job after being a shut-in for years. I finally had the motivation to make attempt to leave my abusive narcissistic husband.
      My TF is all I need, but he told me early on that he’d never leave her, because it was she that had fixed him after I’d left him. Yet he tells me he still feels the strength of our bond and that he misses and might even still love me. Obviously I can’t undo what I did to him, and I was ignorant for years as to just how much I had hurt that man; I caused him such horrible pain that I can’t even understand what made me do that. It’s like now that I know the extent of what I did, I’ll close my eyes when we talk about it…and I can actually feel it as if its being done to me and I’ll whimper like I’m wounded because the intensity of the pain is such agony. I actually get physically ill.
      I wasn’t mature enough to see what we had all those years ago, but I know we belong together. There’s just so many signs that say so. Too much synchronicity yet there’s the forces that keep interfering with us meeting. But I believe that eventually it’ll all come together for us if he’d fully open up to me again. He’s my home; I just wishhe could see it too.

  2. “The Twin Flame should never feel guilty or wrong about interfering in a marriage.” this shows total lack of Higher Spiritual Consciousness Integrity and total unawareness of Divine Universal Law of what Unconditional Love with Total Acceptance of All is about including the Twin.. TF’s are to promote examples by being witness to the world of Divine Higher Love…your describing a romantic relationship, TF is a Divine Spiritual Union the Soul don’t diminish it

    1. The Twin Flame interferes by virtue of existence. It’s inevitable. and if it wasn’t part of Divine plan to happen that way, then it wouldn’t. Everything is Divine, whether you see the perfection or not.

      1. Perhaps in your case it does interfer…knowing my TF for 34yrs experience shows it has not, as by agreement we both adults upon meeting knew we were not to be in union on physical plane…this is not true for everyone I’m well aware. He is only 5yrs older than my son due to his well known public leadership positions it would be an inappropriate union and most certainly would of prevented his attaining required education or the positions from which he can successfully bring our mission forth… He is the Twin working in the Matrix, I am the Spiritual guidance in the background. WE are equals and respect our being 2sides of 1coin knowing full well this could not be attained in physical we accept our telepathic connection with occasional physical contact. It has only enhanced our attainment of Spiritual awareness and Mastery through total unconditional loving acceptance for who the other chooses to be in physical and spirit. There is much to be learned yet as each Soul has designed it’s own blueprint, all are different so no one rule can apply to all as in religion, this is a facet and right of each in Universal Free Will Expression by both incarnate beings and one acting without ethics only serves to hinder this new level of higher vibration human consciousness which requires integrity from both Twins… many in matter simply will not accept removal from 3D desire to walk this spiritual path the soul has chosen. It like all in this reality is a choice.

      2. In my case, my Twin was never married, nor was I. If it is truly a Twin situation the interference is already done, whether you choose to ACT on it or not, it is already done. You cannot say that staying within a marriage proves anything. and it does sound like you are not being together because of how it would look to other people. That is your prerogative, but that isn’t a heart centered decision. If it is truly a Twin, you have a connection unlike any other. Unlike with your spouse. It simply is.

      3. Yes, I do believe that also. The timing couldn’t
        have been more perfect other than the fact that one is married.

      4. I just keep saying to myself, everything is always working out for me. I have to trust, because we are meant to be together. Just don’t know when.

    2. I know I have met my twin flame, but it hasn’t yet been defined for me other than the divine source energy we both share. It’s like we are in a holding stage right now. I know he wants me to be happy even though I am the married twin. But yes I agree the marriage was dead before he entered. The universe just knows these things I guess. There is no doubt at all that we should be together, but getting a divorce would be very costly right now. I understand all about the higher love and seeing my twin’s soul, because we have looked each other directly in the eyes for several seconds and it was intense and amazing. He has shown nothing romantic at this point, but the love is there. If any one else has this experience, please let me know, thanks.

      1. My twin is married and it is hard for me to accept his wife because I don’t want to be stuck as the side woman when I know he is truly mine. It’s the hardest battle I have ever fought. Will he ever leave? If it’s truly meant to be why am I not the one with ring on my finger. HELP

  3. I’m 41 my twin is 51. We live in septa the states. He’s married I am not. He wants to stay married to his wife and continue a relationship with me with his wife’s permission. Yet doesn’t want me involved with anyone else. Why does this seem odd to me? Because it goes against social norms? Because I’m passing judgement on what appears fair or not? Can a marriage of 3 really work?

    1. I actually agree with you in this case. That arrangement doesnt seem like what I would want, but, I will admit that it’s comparatively a good gig. If you feel that it’s better than separation, then try it. You even have the blessing of the spouse. Perhaps this is a challenge to see how big your heart can be and if you can eliminate ego to the extreme. Try to reach that point, if you can. It could be much worse, u know. Follow your heart, not the mind.

    2. I am in the same situation. I am not willing to take the side position on this. I will not be secondary if he truly is mine then he will be mine. Is she willing to step aside for you? Can you love her too? It’s very hard for me. We tried it in the beginning and she was being ignored and hurt so now we just stay separate. It hurts to know I’ll never have a future with him

  4. your not using intuition this is assuming!.we met after my marriage ended. 3children 1dying, mother dying, sister nervous breakdown w/3kids…all in my care as a Healer .. my plate was full there was no value in involving him and we were aware the age difference was chosen by us so we would work in the higher dimension not get side tracked trying to merge our oppositions in a lesser romantic physical relationship when our interest was success of the Mission. We were always together on the higher plane and in heart connection, this was what we both knew was of greatest importance It is called the Sacred Marriage…it is not physical… Neither of us needed what the others physical life consisted of then or now for us to live expressing unconditional love for the other and the all ..He never married. He is a public person I’m private I don’t choose to be involved in his fast paced social life with social obligations dragging dense energy into the sacred space which I work in with spiritual sharing and healing, would distract form me also being me.(and from your previous post you are aware it could invite neg.dense energy in with an attempt to deter our Union. When two people choose what is best for the other rather than trying to appease their own desire first it is living Unconditional Love and this is what all Twins purpose begins with… Twins are about UNION with total acceptance of who the other chooses to be in physical to fulfill the mission for World enlightenment, it is no way to be another co-dependent romantic relationship which current marriage you see it promotes failure …..to think we all need to be joined in the physical is using double talk .. I’ve said enough…I know what my union is to be, this is what is important as it has been functioning successfully for years through Higher Guidance of two from one of the original successful unions who are far better versed on it’s purpose than any of we humans are…..

  5. Thank you for this . I need to work on releasing judgement / anger towards him for being married.My twin flame is my childhood sweetheart. We lost touch and have reconnected now – many , many years later .He is married to another and has children . I am single.
    He is in a miserable marriage , but he doesn’t leave. I keep reminding myself he is married …however, I am not able stop loving him .The love only grows deeper. I know we will be together some day. The wait is very painful … he keeps running away from time to time. I am going crazy , not able to function normally and it is all taking a toll on my health. I do not know how to deal with it anymore.

    1. Hey there, I know it’s a gut wrenching experience. I am here if you would like to have a session where I can offer you some teachings/tools to assist you along your journey.

  6. I saw my twin first tym when I was 8and he 11..that first sight was irresistible. I felt like hugging him.yrs later my feelings grew stronger without knowing who he is.I never told him wat did I feel.coz there was no means through which I could communicate.yrs later met him on fb finding that he was already engaged and was getting married. Then after 2 yrs our communication got much better..we became more of friends which were completely opposite.in all this drama I was the chaser and then I ran away from him finding too much differences between us.thereon I discoverd this concept of tf so I started working on myself after 7 months I again contacted him just to have a check on him..where he refused to 9 me..and acted all more like a stranger now I don’t 9 why he is behaving this way ..I think he is running

  7. My Twin is in a karmic marriage…I believe they both just “settled” with one another because they were both feeling lonely and wanted companionship. They got married real soon after dating for a short time. There are still lessons for him to be learned. He knows what he wants in life and he told me that I fit everything. So he is already aware that the marriage he is in now, is going to end. He even talks about when he leaves her. He told me he loves her and I said, I don’t doubt that. But, I believe its more of a pity kind of love because of what her and her kids have been through before they met. She tends to play the victim and dwells in self pity. He sees this and tries to help her and her kids, but, he knows he cannot “fix” them and they just go back to their own ways of the way they are used to and raised. I on the other hand, am not married, am a single mom and live and take care of my elderly parents for now. So, right now, we have much work to be done before our Union. Also, my Twin is my 3rd cousin. So, there is his kids and mine to think of with this situation of being 3rd cousins and being Twin Flames. Recently visited my Twin, as his cousin, and we did have a physical encounter and it was wonderful and neither one of us felt guilty for it because we know we are meant to be together, all in Divine timing. It brought us closer and also wanting more because we really didn’t have a chance to bask in the love at that moment. My parents are elderly and not in the best of health, so I don’t know how much longer they have. But when they decide to leave this life, my daughter and I are moving closer to him (my Twin). Because one, he will be the only true family I have left since I don’t talk to my own sisters. So, I have surrendered it all to the Universe and we shall see what happens next. Until then, we are living in the present moment 🙂 Thank you 🙂

  8. I am a married woman i was in the business trip and there was a coicidence that happend and i got a hug from a guy it was like for a few seconds and tight after that we started to walk together and i could not stop to talk just talked all the way. We met some co workers and i noticed he looked at me everytime i laugh and then he looked down. The day after i started to feel so strange we had some group activities and i could give some points that are similar or he once said about them. I started to follow him and action like how he did . I could imagine what he was speaking and back home after the trip it become so Hard to stop thinking about him i had to ask my mother to pray for me. I just think how could i be so week for a hug and get stuck to a married guy. Is this about flames? I knew this guy before but i never put any attension on him at all and how we met and got a hug it was by coicidence too strange

  9. The forces at work in these connections cannot be compared to “normal” relationships. I’m not an idealist who says the soul connection IS the one, it’s just vastly different. It utilizes different parts of ourselves. I’d rather say it is a catalyst and then put no judgment on it pro or con because they can go positive and bad but at a higher adjusted frequency.

    My experience was that my spouse ended our relationship and then demanded we remain together, an almost unbelievable kind of arrangement. Silly me tried to patch it up, but the damage was done. I stayed because I knew I would not be able to see my children if we split. We split and I couldn’t see my kids in the way I knew was healthy for them.

    But my awakening was a deep need to break out of the constricting mold I had placed myself. I held on as long as I could, I was fighting the flow of inevitability. I was open about what I was going through and found that it was not a matter of any substantive effort to understand. Instead of feeling like I could be honest and open, I realized she didn’t want truth, but appearances.

    So I fell silent, living in an intolerable situation for my kids. And then the universe sent me events that forced me to SEE the life I thought I had.

    And we divorced. She, feeling as though I had not been true while I felt she had lied not just to me but to everyone, including my children, in a bid to make me the bad guy and put off looking at her own junk she had that was a driving force of alienation in her life.

    I agree that in the beginning this is hard to deal with—it comes out of the blue—mine was with someone who I had never met before. It was entirely through the ether in the beginning. It is a lot to work through.

    But I am not of the mind that these people are the “one” but are instead the result of karma intersecting with kundalini, or awakening. Because of the hurt my ex caused by actively seeking to alienate my children from me, I developed a deeper karmic wound that attracted another soul connection years later who was in most ways a carbon copy of my ex. And it was a nightmare of connection and horrible treatment. Truly awful. Try and be with a person who is so broken, so abusive, and you feel stuck to them

    What this has shown me is the importance of working on me because I’m attracting all of this based on unresolved material now and from other lives. And it isn’t even that this connection is a “false twin” but simply someone who is showing me I have to give up my upset and outrage over people who say they love you but do terrible things to you.

    I could always go deep to find the soul self in others, which was pure, but my desire to see this blinded me to the karma standing in the way, and I’d get hooked. But no more. Yes the foreverness of soul is true, but so is our karma. I am now cleaning it up in me so I will never attract such painful people into my life ever again.

    I now feel my own soul and the oneness with all things. I seek to care for me and tend to my own garden without involving another. When I have done the work I came here to do, then the kind of person I will see sitting across from me will mirror that much improved state I am now in.

    Sorry for the yammer, but a lot in your post I thought was very much how it is. These connections serve to show us a new vista. It’s up to each of us to navigate it in a compassionate way to find what will fulfill us most. Meanwhile, we have to work with our humaness…

    1. For me and where I’ve come from to where I am now spiritually and having met my twin I do have to thank my present spouse who catapulted me to be the person I am now. He was very much against all that I was becoming because he is sick. His mental and physical position gets in the way of our breaking our legal bonds. He would start fights instantly out of no where. My lessons and things I’ve learned I owe to him. The Universe just knows how to use situations to teach us things. So we all have to pay attention to what it wants us to know. The Divine is always there guiding us so all we have to do is remain happy everyday. When you show resistance is when things take longer to unfold.

      1. I would have to agree with you on that. My marriage was a whole lot of hopefulness mixed in with grave differences in nature and character. It was When awakening came that I was able to see how things really were. When I began in earnest peeling away my layers and blocks, I observed how she would energetically “pull” on the cords I had dropped. This showed me what we had energetically shared, like a tight spoke, now released. In a matter of hours, she would go into these emotional melt downs, angry for one perceived reason or another….with me, quiet as a church mouse, knowing nothing would make me speak up about this newfound perspective I had. It was very educational even though she tried to ruin me, degrading, destroying in whatever way she could. But I knew this earth was brutal. Toast to our hard won wisdom!

      2. I think meeting a twin would only be felt on or in person is where you can feel the energies. People can always say they agree with this and that, but when you actually meet them, you could find things a bit different. If your energies still jive when you see each other again then there could be something.

      3. Oh, I was commenting about how my awakening process drove chaotic behavior in my ex. It happened enough, and could be felt energetically, to draw a reasonable sense that they were connected. Even she observed how as I went in one direction (clearing the energy body of stored emotional material).

        As for feeling energy of a twin from a distance, this was observed so many times that it was never a question that it wasn’t happening. We shared notes on what we felt at different times in the day and they almost always correlated.

  10. This is my ultimate dilemma.
    Well only if I think it is. I love your videos and your posts. As others say “if it doesnt resonate with you, move on”. As we are all different and have different journeys. But your videos and posts always give me just what I needed.
    I contemplated weather he was my twin or not. I still contemplate over it. But I get insights over and over again and realise its my own doubt blocking me. And that blockage just seems to layer off at a time.
    What I dont understand is when I chose to walk away because of his relationship status, at which has been pretty hard. And I told myself “if he wanted to be with me, he would be” and that gave me the exact answer I needed. Then when I had no choice but to move suburbs. I end up moving to the same suburb as him and just found out a few weeks ago our kids go to the same school. I had no idea he lived here.
    Its made me question the whole thing.
    Im trying to do the right thing. I thought, ok it might be my thoughts that keep him coming back. So I told myself as long as hes happy, thats all that matters. And my thoughts might release the pressure for him to go off and be happy with his family. And then the universe does this? I dont understand.

  11. Well I’m not really sure what I should do. Up until reading this site nothing made since.I met my twin a year ago on a social dating site. From our first date I knew he was special. It lasted for 9 hours…..of just talking. From that point on I always have a good time with him. We have a lot of things in common ……a lot our minds and behavior are identical. He has his moments that can be a hard to understand like the whole disappearing thing.but then again I do understand why he does it but it come out of nowhere sometimes.some times it feels like he’s pulling away but i chalked it up to him being a Capricorn man because being a Capricorn women myself I know sometimes we just need personal space.es we are the same zodiac sign if that means anything. When we are together I never feel unwanted or unprotected everything makes since everything is right in the world. He always makes me feel very cared for. Getting to know him has been a challenge but that is OK too because the more I learn about him I see may self Now we don’t talk every day or see each other every day we both have very busy lives. However he is someone that I could see my self with for a long time I feel that if we were a couple we could really be a force like no other. There is one problem he is married and so am I. However I was separated from my husband when I met him and is in the processes of a divorce and He was engaged when I met him. Now we could have/ should have ended it and he could have went off to be happily married with his new bride but he he didn’t and every chance that i have given him to he wont take it. he has been seeing me longer the he has been married. He call me the day he got married and the day after. when I ask him why can’t we just let this go? and we both say that even though we can explain it this is where we are suppose to be. So my question in all this is should I leave well enough alone and just see where the chips fall or let go and hope we find each other next time around?

  12. What I feel is again, we all make mistakes and aren’t perfect, but you know when you jive and that other person gets you and you pretty much most of the time don’t have to even explain yourself because they are the exact copy of you.

  13. I want the union with you my dear. It’s not the kind of union that you come give sex and go. I want you to be a part of my life till life ends. And it is also not that I wanted to marry you and live with you separate ly. Where you people misunderstood me. I am not that foolish to leave my children or disrespect them. I am to accept whatever your decision. I am totally free of any desire. Pls don’t expect me to do . But tell me what exactly what you want me to do. I am completely clueless.lts my pleasure if you want me to be your emotional supporter,whatever I am happy to be part of your life. Pls consider my wishes.
    Wish no.1: how you take care of your parents likewise my children will take care of us. At that time we’ll be having more money. Butwant you to be with us. When we grow old. I don’t bother what others are going to tell. After my children get settled Iam afraid of life.
    .wish no 2::Sometimes I feel my luck should not affect your life also. But when we grow old after all your earning process. If you like . But that is what I am yearning for. No body in this world will take care of you as I will. Please don’t ignore me. That’s the greatest gift I want in my life.

  14. I met my twin flame at work and I know he is that because according to him we are “soulies.” He’s from a different country. I tried hard to put distance between us because he is married, but it’s becoming more and more difficult because we talk. When we talk there is always a lot spoken and it’s become clear that we are definitely a match. We think the same, act the same and we even eat the same foods. He cooks and I love his cooking. It’s so weird because I feel him so strongly that even his food has been erotic to me. Anyway I really don’t like that he is married because it makes me want to cry when I look him in the eyes. He has conversations with me that are personal. Some erotic, others not. I just feel like it’s getting more and more difficult to be around him, even at work. Anyway I really believe that affairs ate wrong and have never been tempted by any man before because my belief is so sttstr but just interacting with him is enough to bring me to my knees. The good thing is that he doesn’t have any children but I told him I would never want to have an affair with him because I wouldn’t want someone to do that to me and I believe you reap what you sow. I also told him no because I know without doubt I would get attached to him and I am not into attaching myself to anything I can’t have as my own. He said some things can’t be stopped. I told him no because inI not going to get attached to him . I also said something about men just wanting sex. He said that is not what I want from you. I just stared at him. I know what he wants because I can feel it in my bones. He wants real love and he knows I have it but he married for other reasons. I will try my best not to interfere but I can’t quit my job. Anyway, that’s the struggle. In my family There have always been extramarital affairs and I have always shunned it. I still do. I just don’t know what to do with my own attraction to this man.

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