Today’s Full Moon Inspirational Energy Report

Today’s Full Moon Inspirational Energy Report


On my on days, I read people. On My off days, I read the Universe. Oh, and I channel. <3

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Today, May 21st, 2016, the Moon is shinning in its Full glory. Glowing suspended in the sign of Sagittarius. But, to be quite honest, there’s more than that happening in the Cosmos today… I find a lot of energy reports to be quite elusive, so I am aiming to offer a more grounded perspective for you today. I find it is very helpful when the marriage between 3D and 5D is one of balance.

Venus and Mercury have been playing in close proximity lately. Venus may be a symbol of love, but she’s no frills today. She’s grounded in the sign of Taurus, thinking more clearly now. Being snuggled up next to Mercury doesn’t just mean communication, it means clarity. Before you speak, you must know, and she is as decisive as ever. There’s a lot more to this energy than this, but if you find your bubble has been busted, this is why…


The pressure is on. We all have goals we have been reaching towards. Sagittarius, always pointing his arrow towards the heavens of higher will and higher mind,  has been searching for the will and the way to make his dreams come true. Not only that, but he’s thinking about what is the right way to go about it. You see, he knows a lot, and he knows it, but sometimes, too much philosophy can get in the way by overcomplicating things. But this full Moon buddying up with Saturn and Mars will help you cut to the chase and make a move. Be it right or wrong, the time has come to pick a side! Perhaps the philosophy is not whether we are making the right decision or the wrong decision, but that what’s more important is to move forward. Doing so will help illuminate your path and you will get very clear on which way to go once you get moving. Figuring out via trial and error is better than standing still. The farther you move along, the more will come into view.


Mars ontop of Saturn is really lighting a fire under our asses. We know what we want, and we want to get it done! We want to get there! There’s a lot of emphasis on what needs to happen in 3D right now, but there’s also been a lot of confusion in getting there. Some things are just not happening. Some of the blocks we can see, and some we haven’t uncovered yet. Sagittarius won’t give up. The pressure is on and we have been feeling it. The desire for change has been nudging us. Saturn will help ground the situation and make those dreams come true by helping you ground those intangible thoughts into tangible actions. Mars will give you the gusto to do it!


Venus has had it. She’s grounded, she’s clear, and she’s either expressing herself or contemplating how she will go about doing so. But as far as her desire, the decision has been made! She knows what she wants and the verdict is imminent. Mercury will be eliciting her clear communication, but she won’t be impulsive. When she starts speaking, whatever she says is bound to be the truth. But the truth is a funny thing. You see, the truth is dependent upon the speaker, and the speaker may feel differently tomorrow. So, if you hear something a little harsh, wait for her to come around. See if you can appeal to her better nature or change her mind about you. Butter her up. If you are sincere and steadfast, you might succeed…

Relationships get challenged when the cosmic energy feels like one big pressure cooker. You’ll start feeling real certain regarding your standpoint in your relationships. It’s quite a test. If you can make it through the tough times, you’re good to go. This full moon will highlight all the current energies, and  decisions that may have seemed difficult before, might seem a lot easier now. The next logical step is coming into view…

Pick a side. Make a move. Choose a path. Take the leap. Be courageous on this full moon. Decisions don’t have to be daunting. You can always change course later, but if you have been at a standstill, you can never retrieve a missed opportunity and the most precious resource we have here is time. Don’t let any more of it go to waste. Sagittarius is on your side.

Happy Full Moon,


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Joy is the First Sign of Union (Blocks to Joy)

Joy is the First Sign of Union (Blocks to Joy)

Channeled Via Benevolence


Within this Twin Flame Journey, which changes us forever, we have ebb and flow that seems to never relent. The tide comes in and the tide goes out. Waves come and waves go, always bringing a new thought or perspective. For, this is a path of growth. A path of accelerated evolution in consciousness. This is why you find yourself pondering so much. Re-thinking and thinking ahead, even spinning for much of the time. The mind races to find a solution, but we all know that the only solution is you. The only riddle that needs solving is you. For, you are the great attractor of what you manifest. You get ALL the credit. Good, bad, desired, undesired and all that which comes between. We are all here to help you along. You have no idea how much assistance is waiting for you to call upon it. We are at your fingertips and at your service. We are a benevolent bunch. Friends, Family, we have always watched over you and always will. For, you are not alone here. We know how disconnected and alone it can feel to be incarnate here in the 3D, but we are ever present, never relenting our guidance that you may trust. You see, there is something you need to understand.

You will not always understand why a thing turned out the way that it did. Does that mean that it was for no reason? You will not always like the outcome that you see, does that mean it is not benevolent?

For, we see clearer, and farther, and bigger than you do from your state. When you were in our shoes, before you came, you did too. You saw the big picture, and you agreed that it was good. It is the reason you are here to participate. But much of your knowledge is now gone. You only see from a linear view and you cannot see all the results and ripples that we do. You can see where you have learned a valuable lesson from a negative experience, but only when finding that good is your focus. This is one thing we are wanting to tell you. To look for the good more often. Focus on finding the positive effects more often. Instead of thinking the worst, why not think the best?

You have no idea how good it is that you miss out on some things that you think you would have enjoyed.  Does your disappointment mean you have not dodged a bullet? We know otherwise…

Timing is everything…

…And if  a thing does not turn out in the way that you think you wanted it to, why do you throw your hands up and take it upon yourself to say that it is over?.. That you will never get what you want? You are the one who has the most limited view. This does not mean that, just because you cannot see what is around the corner, that it won’t be what you prefer. However, when you decide that the future does not hold what you want, so the Universe must bend to your will. But, if that is the case, why not decide that the future does hold what you want?

Sometimes, things do not happen on your clock. When it comes to Twin Flames, it is never on your clock. You want immediate results, immediate manifestation. You want to reach the finish line immediately. We understand this, but it is the desire that can work either for you, or against you…

You see, a desire can make the unfolding that much sweeter, or, it can hold it from you altogether. Let us explain this difference, so that you may use it to your advantage..

The basis for this is your understanding of the Universe. If you understand that your desire   is a calling which has already manifested and that all you have to do is line up with it. And that the Universe which creates worlds is orchestrating everything in your favor, that everything is working out for you, you will proceed with poise and calm as you savor the gentle unfolding of your manifestation. There is much less resistance here. Perhaps it would be a small roller coater of excitement and anticipation, but it would be a delight, all the way through to the end. There is not doubt if you know these things. There is no fear, for fear is a lie unto itself.

Fear has no power, no basis in reality. Doubt and fear are nothing but thought forms.


The truth is benevolence. The truth is that you are creator. The truth us that you can have all that you desire and all that you desire has already manifested. The truth is that it is your fear, doubt, feelings of unworthiness or rightness which are holding you apart from that which you seek. And then, you blame the universe….

Let us paint a picture for you. Instead of feeling nervous, you feel a calm sense of excitement. Eagerness to see how things will go. Your ears are wide open. You are not distracted. You hear every word. You notice every move. You feel every emotion and reaction. There is connection. You are enjoying seeing how things flow and looking forward to see what tomorrow will hold. This is fun. This is joy. This is power. Power because there is no doubt. Only a deep seated knowing that “Everything is working out for me, and I can’t wait to see what that looks like”. This is a game, this is fun. When something doesn’t go your way, you look for the next fun thing to do and as a result of not dwelling in sadness, you bounce back quickly, and the situation does too.

You know the reality that you have been living. Does it look like that? It seems that we are all upset over something. So upset, that it takes years of constant purging, and healing, and fixing and targeting the problem, finding the problem, eradicating the problem in order to figure out what we are doing wrong. Well, all of this only puts more emphasis on the wrongness of things. We are where we are. Let us make peace with that. But, the more that you know everything is perfect and nothing needs fixing, only realizing that it is perfect and in perfect hands, the more you realize who and what you are, the power that you have and that nothing needs fixing, only realizing.

There are many of you who are playing two sides to the middle. If you could see yourselves from a different set of eyes, you would see what we mean, but you cannot. You can only see through the eyes of your own perspective and experience through your own consciousness. This makes it difficult for you to see the severity of what you are doing compared with others who are not doing what you are doing. Many of you are practicing negative thoughts on a very regular basis, but when you speak to others, you are giving your insight and denying to yourself that your mind is spinning the way that it is. So, there is a disconnect between the actual habitat of your consciousness and your recognition of it. This is not a problem, except that what you want is change and change only comes when first you have become aware of what it is that you are doing that you would like to change. It is not important or helpful to deny the reality of your thoughts. It is important to recognize the reality of your thoughts. Some of you are blocked to this recognition. That is why it does you a great service to work with a person who can bring to light those patterns that you are not readily recognizing within yourself. This is one way that being vulnerable, open and honest with another can assist you on your journey of most growth.

If you are unsure what you are thinking or if anything needs to change, simply look at what is manifested for you. If you would like to change something, then a change in thought is in order and must come first.

If a manifestation is long-incoming for you, then there is a belief within you that is not benevolent. You do not have to fish out every belief. You do not have to dig and purge and repeat forevermore. You simply have to replace these beliefs with new ones. You simply have to start thinking new thoughts. Be deliberate. Find words that feel truly good and practice them. Speak nicely to yourself and care for yourself. If there is something that you want, know you can have it! In every thought, word and deed, reaffirm the knowing that everything is working out for me and everything that I want is coming, and watch how life unfolds once you make this your new, vibrational standpoint.

Joy is the first step to Twin Flame Union or any Love union for that matter. Joy let’s you know you’re on the path.  It ends in joy and therefore, it must begin in joy. So, make it a point to en-joy.

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Dear Twin Flame, When It Doesn’t Make Sense…

Dear Twin Flame, When It Doesn’t Make Sense…

Channeled via Unity Consciousness

Screen Shot 2016-02-14 at 4.51.22 AM

Many things we are wanting to tell, you, for it has been a long time, but you are now ready to hear it. The Twin Flame concept has been so overrun with misconception. Most of which has originated from those who are experiencing soul connections with others that they cannot understand or explain. In the search to find why one feels so attached to another, even to the point of obsession, pain, depression, spiritual experiences and a myriad of other symptoms, one will reach for what they can find. Something spiritual, something sensical. Something to take the edge off the mystery and soothe the mind out of chaos and into some sense of order. One can drive themselves mad trying to figure out what is happening to them. Sometimes, it is simply an experience that was meant to inspire and spark radical change. Sometimes, it is not even the person, but the timing in itself. It is simply time to change, and the catalyst was placed. But, many have been attaching permanent meaning to this phenomenon, instead of simply letting it run its course and being thankful for a new experience on the path to enlightenment and higher consciousness.


Is not an experience that is meant to enrich the perspective and expand the consciousness, a destination unto itself?

Why do these experiences not receive the credence they deserve? An experience is not meaningless, simply because it did not contain all of the aspects that you wanted it to contain. In your search for an explanation and an ending to bring it all together for the 3D ego centered mind, you are missing the true, underlying meaning, which is simply to lead you down a deeper, spiritual path. Why does this not mean more to you?


And yet, something is being highlighted as you are going through this, and that is the fact that you do not believe that the universe is truly supporting you and bringing you your happy ending. For, if you did, you would not “need” to be the dictator of how your story should go. You would understand that there is no orchestrator bigger, more creative, more benevolent and more capable than the creator itself. You would trust in that benevolence and you would want to allow that manifestation through the mind of infinite intelligence. So, remind us why you have not been able to accomplish this along your journey.

Why are you grasping so hard to make sense of things that you miss the point altogether? The point is simple….

You have been taken on the path of most growth. That is what you wanted. Enjoy sitting in the knowledge, knowing that you need not know anything else, and knowing that whatever it is that belongs to you will make it’s way to you in the perfect, divine time. Know that the manifestation will be satisfying and answers will come, and when they do, they will ring true as the sky above and the ground below. There is no question in that.

So, we are here, in a place that needs no explanation. No labels. Simply the presence of your faith and knowledge that all is working out for you. This is the closest you will ever get to the truth and everything else simply serves to complicate.


It is already known to you that the Universe is the most creative, benevolent, masterful, powerful and capable expression of infinite intelligence. Yet, you do not trust your manifestations to this source? You are told over and over to stop trying to control your manifestations and to surrender to this Ultimate Universe to orchestrate for you, yet you resist this. There is no way that you can work against the Laws of the Universe and achieve that which you want, you must work with them. But also, know that your creation is in good hands and that you are the only source that can keep it from manifesting. Let go and surrender to Divine orchestration for the best possible outcomes for yourself.

By demonstrating trust in the Universe, you then attract more evidence that the Universe can be trusted. The more unwavering you are, the more unwavering the reflection.

The truth is, nothing matters very much, except that you are enjoying yourself in this life. Nothing matters very much, except your happiness. So, stop trying to figure it out and start focusing that energy on relaxing in the knowledge that everything truly is working out for you. If there is a question you do not have the answer to, know that it will come in the perfect timing, and it will. If you do not know the answer, then you do not need to know it in that moment. Be at peace, and as you focus there, you will see more of the good in all things, instead of spinning and fretting in a sea of questions that drown out the important things. Things that are always reality, like, we are on a journey, and everything along the way is placed here to help me. That is the important part and anything else that fills in will fill in easily, not by you pushing the matter. Let it fill in naturally, in time. As you find peace and faith in it all, you will receive more answers, not less. But only the wisest know that to be wise only comes when you have first listened. So, be still, and remember…

…Are you listening?…


An experience that enriches the perspective and expands the consciousness is a destination unto itself.

Stop trying to define, it, dissect it, judge it and make sense of it…

Just bask in it.

You can only move forward once you have found peace with where you are. It doesn’t happen when you are dissatisfied or frantic. It only happens when you are satisfied.

Answers will come in their own perfect time.

We are all in this together. There is great love here for you.


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Does The Universe Help You Find Union? Pillow Talk With Dan & Elise

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