Twin Flame Energy Update *Cosmic Clusterfuck*

Twin Flame Energy Update *Cosmic Clusterfuck*

Because Twin Flames are on the path of ascension, we are in the line of fire and we are really being hit with the madness that abounds right now. Although, your perception plays  the key role here, in what you ultimately get out of it. As Twin Flames, we are meant to be an anchor of the new consciousness coming in. Here’s how…

Have you noticed that the World is truly CRAAZY right now? What is the meaning of this and what can we do in the midst of it?!! Kryon, and Bashar, among other well known spiritual teachers have been talking about this in their predictions. As we ascend, that which is Darkness will make a Last Ditch Effort for survival. Throwing at us, everything it’s got! Well, this cosmic clusterfuck is what that last ditch effort looks like. Total Chaos permeating every nook and cranny. Unforseen circumstances causing uproar and disarray. Here, I explain all this and how to deal with it. What you can do for yourself, for the world and for others to not only make it through this, but to come out even better, no matter what darkness wants to throw at you!! We are a force to be reckoned with. We are unstoppable! We are the light!

Prayer For Greatest Good…
Dear Creator of Love and All That Is,
I request that your presence be strong in me today. May I be a dominating force of unconditional love and healing for myself and all those around me. Please release me of all that is less than the purest, unconditional love and render all interference ineffective. May I hold a clear space of unwavering faith under all conditions. I invite and intend only the highest and greatest good for myself and my family now and always, in every realm, mind, body, spirit and soul. I invite you to assist me in all possible ways to embody my highest path. I pray to send all of this and better to my loved ones, now and always.


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  1. Gratefull such a great insight i was exactly feeling that way , do not participate in this negative thought form and your message was on my FB wall!!! Love the synch

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