What if I Hurt Others on My Twin Flame Journey?

What if I Hurt Others on My Twin Flame Journey?

Channeled Via Unity Consciousness.

Many of you along your Twin Flame journey are struggling with this one concept…

“What if I hurt others along my path?”

We are here to tell you that the effort to avoid this is futile, and we will explain exactly why. The first reason is because, this cannot be avoided. First of all, you, yourself are hurting yourself when you deny your heart’s calling. Secondly, others around you are effected by your pains and changes of heart, whether you have chosen to follow through with your physical desires or not. Thirdly, how can you judge what is right, wrong, good, helpful or bad for anyone else besides yourself? You simply cannot. You can try to accomplish this “ethical behavior” for the benefit of others, but it is impossible for you to accomplish this in the way that you are efforting to do so. You can never know what is best for another. Most of you, in your heart of hearts are already aware of this, and the mechanism by which you are reasoning by way of ethics is actually what you would call a “cop out”. For, the truest reason for your desire to maintain the status quo is solely due to fear. Fear of the unknown. Fear of judgment. Fear of change. Fear of regret. Fear of being yourself and stepping into your power.

Denying you heart’s calling is hurting yourself and invalidating creation.

Many of you, in human form, have learned to be ok with causing pain to yourself, as long as this is done in lieu of causing pain to others. Yet, you speak of unconditional love, knowing that it is the cornerstone of the Twin Flame journey. The point of it all. A requisite that must come before progression into Union. How can you reason that you are practicing love, when your love excludes yourself? And then, you wonder why you are suffering… Because your love is not only incomplete, it has not even started. Love cannot exist outside of love for the self. For, you cannot even love another unless you have first loved yourself. Love that does not include the self is incomplete. Love that does not include the self has nothing to fuel it. This is the kind of love that humans most identify with. It is a love that gives to an extent. A love that can reach a threshold before the human will say “I cannot take this anymore”. It is a love that has a limit. But Love is infinite and has not limitations. So, what is wrong with this picture?

Dear, Twin Flame, You have not loved yourself, first. How then, can you love anyone else in an unconditional way? For, you have put limitations upon your own love for yourself. This is the love that you know. So then, you cannot help but to put limitations upon your love for others. If you cannot conjure unconditional love for the self, you cannot conjure this for any other. You will never be able to love without looking back. You will never be able to love without wondering if your love is returned. You will never be able to love without desiring love in return. This is why the whole concept of love is such a problem for humans. Love is surrounded by so much trauma and pain in your world. Do you not know that this means you have not mastered it yet? So, then, something needs to change in your mind about love. If you are reading this, you are not yet in Union, so what is the thing that you are missing? Read on…

The one who loves the self is self sufficient. Independence does not mean what you have made it out to mean. Not in matters of love. When we say “independent”, we do not mean that you can manage things on your own without harboring horrific pain. Many of you stuff this down in an effort to be “independent”. Many of you are in complete denial about all the feelings you have buried so deep, in an effort to escape because you did not know how to accomplish this love that we speak about. You have not reached self sufficiency until you are truly happy, independent of any other. Until this is 100%, entirely true, you are not there. Don’t underestimate what self love can do. Most of you cannot fathom the amount of happiness that mastery of self love can accomplish. Can you be happy, independent of your Twin Flame, or any other person for that matter? Yes, indeed, Twin Flame. Not only is it possible, but if you are finding yourself on this Twin Flame journey, you signed up for it. You intended to master self love on this journey, and your pain will only increase the more you try to sidestep this endeavor. Your soul won’t let you forget.

Do not be so foolish as to ignore this fact that the very ones you are trying not to hurt, aren’t already being hurt.

This cannot be avoided, no matter what you do in life. Pretending that this is your reason for staying within a situation that is no longer meant for you is a massive disservice to yourself and to everyone else involved. If you have fallen in love with someone besides your spouse, if your heart is no longer with them, do you think that they do not notice that part of you is absent already? Do you think that your children chose you, because they were counting on you to stay within a marriage that you no longer wish to be in? Many of you are teetering back and forth on the subject. Thinking of all the reasons why your marriage isn’t so bad, and you are fine with staying. All the while, we know, and you know  the “ideal” outcome you entertain in your mind.

“You think that your thoughts are a secret?” -Abraham Hicks

Whether you know of telepathy or not, it exists and is experienced by all. Every human is effected. Especially by the thoughts of those they interact with daily. Your thoughts are no secret. Not to us, and not to the humans around you. There are no secrets.

Your children came to you, in hopes that you would step into your authenticity and your spouses chose you, knowing very well the lessons that their hearts would learn as a result of being with you. But, none of this can happen if you hide behind this idea of not wanting to cause pain to another.

For most of you, it is the fear of making a move and being alone in the end that keeps you there, not the fear of causing pain to another. We all make our decisions based on what is the best thing for us and there is no exception to that. If it were easier, if it were a sure thing, you would have done it already, despite your claims.

It is never about hurting another. It is about what hurts you the most. It is about what you fear the most. We only wish to get to the heart of the matter.

Pain is an illusion, cured by love. When is the last time you made loving yourself the priority? We are very behind. There is much to do.

It is impossible to do what is right for another, if you are not doing what is right for yourself.


 What is right for another and what is right for yourself are never going to be two different things. They may appear different to you, but these two things are never separate in a Universe built on perfection. On this earth plane, good and perfect things come in every form. They appear good, and they appear bad, but it is all for good. There is always a lesson  to learn, and many times those lessons come in forms we would rather avoid, initially. That does not make it any less imperative to make it through. This is the way things are for now. The evidence of this is abundant. Many of you can recall difficult times in your life that you couldn’t trade because they granted you such profound wisdom and gifts in various forms. One may lose a job, just to get a better one. So then, was losing the job good or bad? If it takes you to a higher place, then losing the job was a wonderful thing that served you well! But, ye who have little faith will have much trouble coming to terms with the way that perfection unfolds. This being the case is what results in most of your suffering.

What is good for you is good for the other.

Everyone involved deserves your authentic self, not only you.

So, to your eyes, being a fake version of yourself is the best thing for all? Suppressing your true thoughts, emotions and desires is the best thing for all? Trying to keep it together while you are denying yourself is the best thing for all?

These words will not apply to everyone, but MANY of you are struggling with this very thing at this very moment, and you will know if it applies to you.

Are you supporting your highest path and purpose to the best of your ability?

Are you always pushing the envelope on how authentic you can be?

Are you following your joy?

Are you being honest with all of those around you?

Are you coming out of your shell, or staying within it?

If you feel you cannot fully be yourself, then something is wrong. What is it that needs to change in order for you to be your true, uncensored self? We know that you cannot jump up at this very moment, declare that you love yourself enough to be authentic forevermore and simply carry on in that way from this moment on. We know that it takes resolve, time and effort to get on that train. But, which way are you going? Are you already on the train that slowly takes you closer to your final destination, or is your train going the opposite way?

Is your train standing still?

In the same way that you cannot love others without first loving yourself, you also cannot be of service to others without first serving yourself. Service is just an extension of love. These two terms can be used interchangeably.

“When you begin serving yourself, in the way that you have been serving others, even if you have only been serving others hoping to receive the validation that they cannot give you…. When you begin serving yourself, that’s when your ability to serve others will inspire, uplift and energize you, instead of disappoint, destroy and exhaust you…. The exhaustion, the judgement, the resentment is what arises in a being who serves others but does not serve themselves in the same way.”

– Matt Kahn (Video)

This concept explains why so many Twin Flames are struggling with fulfilling their Mission. Do you not see how this is all connected? You cannot pick and choose the parts you want to participate within, while leaving out the other parts that you feel are too scary or difficult to implement in your life. Like a finely tuned engine, everything works together. Nothing can be missing or the whole thing simply will not work.

So, if you are on the Twin Flame path and also trying to figure out how to do it without stepping on anyones toes, it is never going to get better for you until you finally step out of your well maintained comfort zone. The Universe will keep pushing you, until you do. Especially now, as with each passing day, your ability to manifest becomes a little bit stronger. The higher your vibration is, the more catastrophe will ensue when you are not moving forward along your path. Which train are you on? Pick your final destination before it becomes too difficult to get on the train that takes you to your highest path and purpose. The time isn’t now. It is yesterday. It is lifetimes ago. It is imminent and already done. Do you love yourself enough to allow yourself to be authentic, no matter the outcome? That is where this journey is taking you, and until you accomplish this, nothing will move along. Nothing will improve and you will continue to feel stuck. As for everyone else in your life? They will reflect back to you all of your guilt. They will reflect back to you all of your self hatred. They will reflect back to you all of your doubts about yourself. But this is only a reflection. Once you push through this and demonstrate your unwavering love for self to the Universe, that is when things will fall into place.

Then, it is your self love is that will be reflected back to you.

All of you want to manifest the Twin Flame lover in 3D. On the outside. In order to manifest the lover on the outside, you have to BE your own lover on the inside.

You have to treat yourself, and talk to yourself and be with yourself as you would want your lover to be to you.

Would your lover give you reasons to do things you do not want to do? Or would they give you the reminders and reasons to follow your heart? Would your lover cower in fear, or step up in courage to help you accomplish your goals? When others are against you, would your lover agree with them, or would they encourage you and tell you that you did the right thing to follow your heart? Would your lover be there for you in the face of opposition, or would they accept your demise when the going gets tough?

This is the way of love. That Love cannot exist apart from love for the self, and that everything you do in love for the self is truly what is best for all. For, if everyone knew this and everyone was driven by their own calling of their own soul,  the perfection of this design would be undeniable. Just because others are still unaware to the point that they are dependent upon you for their emotional wellbeing, it doesn’t mean you cannot assist them to realize that they are infinitely supported and have access to their own flow of power and love within themselves. This process can sting, as you must be loving, but also   unwilling to fulfill their need to be soothed by you. To be reliant on you. But, by your living example,  they will learn to be emotionally self sufficient, authentic and a self loving. That is what this world needs most of all.

In Divine Perfection

We are all in this Together

<3 Elise <3


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