The Twin Flame Mistake That Makes Me Cringe…

The Twin Flame Mistake That Makes Me Cringe…

This one mistake will keep you single forever!!


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2 thoughts on “The Twin Flame Mistake That Makes Me Cringe…

  1. Hi Elise I appreciate your video however think you are being very judgemental. I’m sure if a soul mate connection was supposed to happen for a person prior to twin flame… It would… The universe would provide one and the person would recognise it. For example although I met my twin 19 years ago whilst married to a soul mate…I also had a heart ♥ catalyst ie beginning my heart centre awakening 8 years ago with a soul mate. I think each person needs to be allowed to follow their own inner guidance.

    Kind regards

    Karena Joyce

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    1. I am not sure where your argument is. I am not telling anyone to change anything. I am just telling people what works, as opposed to what doesn’t, and it takes a person who has made it union for the clearest assessment on what does work vs. what doesn’t. Yes, what is meant to be will be, the question is are you in a vibrational frequency which ALLOWS the highest divine path to unfold? Many are not. I am just telling people how to allow that highest, most direct path to unfold for them.

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