Twin Flame Prayer

Twin Flame Prayer


The simplicity of prayer is deceptive, because it makes it easy to forget just how powerful and life changing prayer is. Prayer is a very powerful thing, and an effective tool that makes changes in the universe, in our etheric bodies and in our lives. The fact that we have something so powerful that we can call upon at any given moment that we choose is a testimony to the benevolence of the Universe. The fact that prayer is simple doesn’t mean it is ineffective, it is just more evidence of how blessed we are.

In a benevolent Universe, we must first ask for what we want. Clarity and intention is imperative. Benevolence does not assert it’s will, even if that would make us happy. We must make our request. The Universe answers.

If you are familiar with me, you already know that I remove blocks for people. I can take them right out of your field. A block is a thought, intention, emotion or pattern that gets stuck in your energy and causes problems. A prayer works much the same way, but for good. Just as I can remove blocks from your energy, prayers can be inserted as well. I have seen, first hand, much to my surprise, the amazing effects of prayer on the etheric body. I can literally look at your field and see the effects that your prayers have been having on you. A block is a result of pattern. The best way to ensure that we are effected by a prayer is to make that intention a pattern in our energy. One time is good. Continued reinforcement is better.

Our prayers do not only effect ourselves, they effect others as well. Which is why we must be very careful. Every thought is an intention. Every word is a spell. Thoughts and intentions transcend time and space and they do create change.

Here is a prayer to help you achieve what you are wanting for your Twin Flame Union.


May only the purest, unconditional Love, Light and Truth come through to me.

I call upon all of the benevolence of the Universe to assist me with the following intent:

Please clear a path,  open all doors and remove all blocks which may stand in the way of this that I am asking for today. May any and all things that are interfering with my request be removed, dissolved and cleared. May any person or entity who is currently meddling, manipulating, asserting their influence or interfering with my highest and greatest Union be neutralized and unable to do so any longer. As the ultimate, sovereign ruler of my kingdom and creator of my reality, I declare this and as I say, it is so.

I ask for every benevolent force to offer any and all assistance to me and my True Twin Flame, on our path to Union. Please ensure that we receive supreme clarity and become one with our highest truth. Please bring to us all of the tools that we will need to create a harmonious and ideal Union. Please ensure that we have all of the means to attain and to use these tools in the highest and best way. May we receive all of the insights that we need to fully understand the truth of ourselves, our situations and the actions we must take to achieve this goal of happy Union together. May we receive the inspirations that tell us exactly the best and highest actions to take and at the perfect times to help us successfully achieve this endeavor. May we receive the highest guidance available to keep us on this path and may we always understand fully, the messages that are coming to us, in the way that spirit intended for us to understand them. May we be open to receive and understand truth, no matter how difficult, so long as it is for our highest good. May we uncover and overcome any and all things which have previously stood in our way. Please deliver strength and courage to us in great abundance to ensure our ability to create positive change in our motion forward, toward harmonious Union.

I ask and intend this for myself and for my Twin Flame, who is my ideal and divine, life partner. I cast this intention out into the Universe in full knowing and faith that it is done. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.


9 thoughts on “Twin Flame Prayer

  1. Thank you for this wondrous prayer. It’s come to me as a divine blessing in itself . Thank you so very much .

    Much love .

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  2. Thank you for the beautiful prayer. I pray for all twinflames to grow stronger, and lots of peace and love!! Love you all!! Twinflame Yvonne Marquez

  3. Thank you for the prayer! I believe my twinflame had the same experiences as me- visit from divine energy of God and DNA upgrade with Gamma wave during my sleep.
    Fake twinflame appeared to ruin me, but I cut him out from my life. He is toxic and has psychological problems. Now I’m happy to be myself and be free from such toxic relationship!

  4. Thank you and God bless who constructed this beautiful prayer. I was so desperate and this prayer has come to me as a divine message. I’m so grateful for this. I know the winds of Universe has got my back.
    Much love

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