Signs of a False Twin Flame

Signs of a False Twin Flame

Twin Flames may be difficult to diagnose, but False Twins are not!

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5 thoughts on “Signs of a False Twin Flame

  1. Hi Elise

    Thank you for sharing this… It confirms for me that my twin is my twin…

    The false twin in my life has actually been my ex husband… I always wanted him to be my one true love… I held on and prayed and meditated that it would be him… However I new something wasn’t right… He triggered so much hurt in me… He was so hard. And then My twin entered my life again… The connection and pull intensified. He is sweet and kind… He has been distant lately and I have wondered if someone had offered him an escape route.

    Although you said you are careful… Twins who want to avoid growing or deep inner healing may think someone is not their twin if things don’t fall into place effortlessly… So take the false twin escape route.

    Some twins I have spoken to… do have tumultuous journeys… But say it was worth it in the end… not all are like yours with a catalyst. They did all their inner growth and inner work with their twin.

    I truly believe if he was not my twin he would easily and effortlessly be able to tell me himself that he wasn’t.

    I have to follow my own inner wisdom and guidance and for me this includes signs from the universe and synchronicities.

    Regards, love and light

    Karena Joyce

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  2. Hi Elise,

    This was a sign of the universe. Seriously. I’ve been going through your blog posts looking for answers because I was at your support groups during the false twin phase.
    I even agree (entirely) with your last video regarding the confirmation being when you’re at a relationship. Absolutely amazing!
    I believe that all you mentioned is right. Spot on. Why? Because people aren’t ready either to accept someone is their false twin or to accept someone is their twin too. And they look for answers. A LOT. I did that.
    The guy I thought to be my twin…I doubted a lot of times, I believed in my guts he was and oh boy, what a journey. The guy never was a dick to me at all, which made everything more difficult. I thought he was stuck in the past and I accepted the connection (there’s definitely something there). But okay. I decided that when the time comes he’ll come. I love(d) him everyday. I never expected anything. I focus on being me and healing.
    What happened? I met someone to whom I engaged in a relationship. I thought “I deserve to be happy. I don’t need to save myself from him when I feel happy around this person”. The sets of events still blow me out, especially because when I was at a date I saw the other guy (but I ignored him and my heart started pumping out). I even looked for psychics around my new relationship and I had both cases lol. Someone telling me this relationship, even though beautiful, wouldn’t last more than 8 months (which messed with me because I really want this to last) and other that said that this is it.
    I’ve been struggling a lot to understand the whys and I started to feel more and more interested in your journey. Perhaps my mind wants this person to be my twin, perhaps not.
    It doesn’t matter.
    The thing is that I have harmony in my life. I have love. I have someone that understands me, that has compassion and that is thankful to have me everyday. But at the same time lets me fly and incentives me to spread my wings and fly. It’s beautiful.
    I’m not looking for answers from you because that’s up to me to reach to my HS. But I think it is important to tell you a BIG BIG THANK YOU. For the posts and videos and for guiding me to find the answers I need.
    Please, continue with your work, You’re lovely. And you’re right. And the TF community needs more perspectives like this.

    Lots of love and light,
    Ana Rodrigues

  3. I have a person that is what I believe is my twin. She is not interested in me. The thing is we shared past lives. We do not have drama between us. I have questioned this relationship. I know she cares. She makes time for me. I have had all the signs of twin flame meeting. All the syncs and the twin flame experience. Is all this possible for a false twin? I have found peace inside of me from this experience.

  4. I think that I have a false twin. He doesn’t care about my feelings and he doesn’t want to change in the way he interacts with me. That is pretty obvious then. We never fight. We are never cruel to each other. We both acknowledge the connection, but he is very non commital. Like says that I complete him and I engage him on every level, but then does not want to persue it at all. Says he likes being alone. We have been completely platonic, both of us were afraid of a physical relationship, then we crossed the line once and then any “progress” that we made flew out the window. He totally bailed on me. I have told him that he treats me like shit and deserve better and since I told him this I have not heard a word from him. So best I just take it for the healing and move on.

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