Twin Flame Tarot Reading XII

Twin Flame Tarot Reading XII

There is so much good in this reading. The meeting of minds, positive developments, and the overcoming of obstacles. Happy New Beginnings ahead…


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3 thoughts on “Twin Flame Tarot Reading XII

  1. Ok that is so insane because of what happened to me just a few days ago. I had a soul mate confused for a tf. I found out who was really my tf. I even drew a card and it was like instant verification. Made me think back to how long I’ve known him and everything. Anyways I’m married and he knows everything but this made my husband feel as though he was losing me. My husband is my mission. It caused him awaken but my mission isn’t over with him yet. My twin flame is a honorable man and true friends to both of us so he did distance himself and said I need some time away from him. He isn’t awake. Not site about aware but this world of mine is very foreign to him so he is worried about me. Husband and I are better and he is going through changes and his knowledge with the type of person I am has made me doubt myself hugely. When he didn’t talk to me so outright and gentle I was able to understand him and see what he was saying about me needing to rely on myself more so than relying on mentors and teachers. He opened my eyes to the fact that I have been following too much instead of seeking my own truth. He understands the twin flame thing more now and I was told I am reconnecting with him now but we won’t actually be together till next lifetime. I was amazed at how caring my tf was as a friend about this. I didn’t want to tell him but my husband being hurt and acting the way he did toward my twin flame at the time gave me a hard decision to explain. Tf already knew what I am and some of the world I live in but it was very foreign to him. I want going to lie to him though and inside I felt that it was the right timing to tell him the truth so I did and it felt like it was right timing. He isn’t going to speak to me for about 6 months. He is extremely punctual and my husband assured him he wasn’t losing us as friends, just postponing any interaction. My husband only a him as a colleague sort of but this made him see just how much my tf thought of him as a friend and he felt bad. I can see where everything is going as it should be.

  2. I’ve read this now 3 times and everytime derived new insights . This is so so resonating with me at the moment . Thank you so much ! I do do hope I can contact you soon for remote healing 🙂 thanks Elise ! Love you !

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