Twin Flame Tarot Reading XV (Part 1 & 2) Halloween Edition!

Twin Flame Tarot Reading XV (Part 1 & 2) Halloween Edition!

Watch Part 2, below Part 1!

This is all about breaking stereotypes, busting through challenges, paradigms, traditions and beliefs that are no longer serving us! All pointing us in the direction towards embracing the true meaning of unconditional love! Which, brings us closer to our true authentic expression and to our Twin Flames. The Ultimate outcome is coming back to love. I promise <3

The following is the outcome card, or overall energy of the reading. It’s a beautiful message. Do not be discouraged. What positives are you not seeing, hidden among the autumn leaves? Change your perspective, change your reality, change your day, change your way. What is happening now is all leading into a brighter, warmer day. It will come. Just try to settle into the beauty before you, along your way! Can you see it?

“As Mother nature sheds her autumnal frock, preparing her snowy cloak, she casts away the finery of handsome maple and hardy oak. As seasons change, SO MUST I. Subject to the clime’s extremes, yet cannot help but long for warmer days and sunny streams.”

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