Mindset to Attract Twin Flame Union

Mindset to Attract Twin Flame Union

This is a video on the Formula to Attract your Twin Flame, By popular request…

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One thought on “Mindset to Attract Twin Flame Union

  1. Your so right. When you hit rock bottom, you use it as a positive.
    I hit it pretty hard. I was in turmoil, I did want to die, I was tired and fed up. Until I decided that id had enough and chose not to put myself through that any more.
    I thought, if he really wanted to be with me he would be. I know he felt it but we were obviously thinking differently. It made it hard for me because I work with him. Iv been trying to let go since june. I thought ok I need to figure this out, lets love him unconditionally and just let it be. It didnt work. I did the “friends only” mindset. The “think nothing of it” mindset. Nothing worked I was still in pain, still getting triggered, still contemplating on “is he it”.
    Not until I thought, arrggg fuck it, I dont derserve this. Im a beautiful person, I derserve more.
    I dont care if I DONT get that connection with someone else. As long as hes on my level im happy.
    I am happy. I have everything I need right here right now. Who cares about him, il let him wallow in his own misery.
    And that statement gave me my freedom. Yes I got angry, I turned into a bitch. But it gave me my freedom. Now I thank him, well I still get triggered because he just wont leave me alone but the triggers dont last as long. Its like he knows what he does with me.
    I dont care if hes my twin or not. I deserve more, plain and simple.
    Where has all this got me? In a mindset where I dont care. Dont care what people think, not a people pleaser anymore and iv pretty much got off the roller coaster and just living. I did meet someone else who is the total opposite of what he gave me. Hes AVAILABLE, im so comfortable around him, like I feel like I dont need to impress, I can just be myself. Im not jumping on the roller coaster too fast though. I have alot of work to do on myself which comes first.
    So thank you to you and the universe. Thank you for bringing “the twin” in my life, iv gained alot of freedom and power from it. And thank you to you because I thought I was the only one going through this.
    And since I got off the roller coaster I see 111 everywhere. 111, 777 and 888 but 111 follows me EVERYWHERE. and theres my sign that im heading in the right direction. Maybe that would help others. Just get off the twin flame roller coaster. Who cares if hes it or not. You come first and if you find yourself in pain and turmoil. You do deserve more. You dont deserve to be in pain and suffering.
    I dont even know why I watched the video. Something told me to watch it, and as I was watching it I realised I am on the right track and just as I thought it I seen 111 and 1111.
    Have a good christmas.
    Merry christmas and happy new year..

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