Twin Flame Tarot Reading XX New Year 2017!

Twin Flame Tarot Reading XX New Year 2017!

WOW! So, the theme of Union began with the number 20 being the number for this reading and continued into the reading, itself. A very nice way to begin the year. Looks like both Masculine and Feminine are really going places this year!

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3 thoughts on “Twin Flame Tarot Reading XX New Year 2017!

  1. Twin flame blame game. I did enjoy this thank you. I am concerned about confusion over blame verses addressing a twin cheating. This would cause a reaction emotionally, so where is the line between doormat and non reacting? Non blame? Self love too? Even when you stay in love you have to except what your twin did is actually not ok and it’s ok to feel that. Cheating is not a reflection of love. Blame may not be the right way to approach this but everyone is responsible for the choices they make and if it was a hurtfulone like cheating is then a self loving action would not to be a doormat but place the truth for what is….

    1. To simply choose what u will do after he cheated isn’t blaming. If u are non-reactive, not charged, not emotional. if u were to say “You ruined our relationship” that is blame. But to say, I simply don’t choose this” is not blaming.

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