One thought on “Twin Flame Surrender/Allowing

  1. You 2 crack me up.
    Iv been in surrender for a while now and didnt even know it.
    And your right, it’s a dont care attitude. My baby got pretty sick, I was operating on 2 hours sleep for a few days. But I didnt care. I was still happy and content and even forgot that I was operating on 2 hours sleep for a few days. I have so much bills and I dont care I know il get them paid and worrying doesnt solve anything. Im happy, extremely happy. Dont care for drama, negative mindsets, negative people. I just dont care. Dont care that im alone alot. Just overall content with everything.
    One thing I did notice before I got to this point the cycle keeps going around until you just dont care any more and thats where the negative cycle stops because your not feeding it to keep it going around.
    So you start a positive cycle. Positive thoughts, positive vibrations. Just appreciating everything. And even when something comes up your so use to being positive that you dont even realise that a negative wave just went through you that week and you think. Ohh fuck, all that shit happened last week. I didnt even realise. La de da, la de da.. and you carry on.
    Bahahaha. .
    Dont care for the twin flame ban Wagon any more either. Will I get a twin flame. I DONT CARE. im happy with just me anyway.
    Thank you.

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