Twin Flame Tarot Reading XXIII

Twin Flame Tarot Reading XXIII

This week, there is a big feeling of convergence, and an important message for the Feminine, to help you facilitate this movement towards Unity.

Twin Flame Reading 
Remote Healing Session 

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One thought on “Twin Flame Tarot Reading XXIII

  1. I’ve been letting him lean on me through 3.5 years of trauma and indecision. He’s left me 9x and I kept arms open, but I am Sick of being on ice around my twin…. making excuses for his behavior; The total lack of commitment towards me and my children ….
    The 5D needs to brought to 3. We deserve to feel secure and stable in our relationship with him…. so “the dont pressure him for anything” feels like bs, bc he’s always gotten to let his fear run the show, and meanwhile I have been worn to the marrow of my being by his push and pull ….. my heart is gold and if he can’t take any responsibility for it, then he doesn’t deserve it. His shit is ‘more important’, and so I feel I must press for him to be in or out, which looks like a solid engagembt to me( he’s broken 3) , and so he bailed again….. I can show up as his friend, but lover is sacred and requires committment …. I believe him to be my true twin, riddled with trauma and insecurity , Shame and guilt. As he gets reencoded by his own inner seeking, he will come home to me, but meanwhile to be there for him totally and yet not pressure him for anything
    ( I deserve security In life, I am already self secure ) gives him too much lack of accountability….. so I am trying to grow to meet this reading while honoring my heart and wisdom….
    Thanks for your continued support by readings…
    They have helped SO much xx

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