When You Can’t Surrender Your Twin Flame

When You Can’t Surrender Your Twin Flame

This video is about the struggle between how to let go vs. following your heart, and explains how to climb the vibrational scale to a place where you gain access to being able to surrender your Twin Flame to the Universe and make a happy life without them.

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6 thoughts on “When You Can’t Surrender Your Twin Flame

  1. What if you feel your heart calling to him, but you’ve repeated the offer of pure love, (10 years ago was the last time) to reconcile, but it was always at my dignity’s expense that we would end up in separation again. I met him when I was 18. That was 33 years ago. We’ve reconciled 4 times, married, had 2 beautiful children, yet he was in many affairs so I divorced him and still feel that pull so strongly at times, I feel my heart pulling his, we’re attached. How do I get past this?

  2. Well, I’m at this exact stage Elise. I let him go because I’m over the lack of communication. Told him I love him and let him go. He was never a lair or cheater, he’s a good person deep down. But question is, how did you trust your twin again? I mean, although never malicious I’m over the flakiness and Bs of the back and forth. I’ve had revealed me to me signs, dreams, readings, everything he’s the one and I’d “give him a hard time to prove himself”, 6 months before I got to this point of wanting to full package and a man that’s ready. Did you twin have to “prove” himself to you over time to show he’s changed? Everyone talks about getting to union, but then what to be in a place where you’re sure your twin is actually serious this time? I’m curious on your insights.

    1. Also want to add I’m perfectly fine with who god brings to me. But this always happens to me that when I give up on someone they want to make it right. Story of my life lol

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