Cosmic Energy Update “Your Time is Now”

Cosmic Energy Update “Your Time is Now”

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We are here to remind you of what you already know. But, Humans like reminders. To be shown more than once. It makes them feel “secure” in their knowing, when many things hang in the balance of their decisions. Many of you are being faced with difficult decisions. Decisions to stay or to go. We would like to ask you, what does your heart say? Do you know?

If you do not know, it will soon become clear, and then unmistakable, and then a thorn in your side. Do you see what happens when you ignore the call? When you have decided to withhold action that is required of you to reach your highest resting place? This is not for us, but for you. We are servants to you. We have come to assist you. For, you are all very brave in coming here to this world. Where, you have chosen to be blind to the Universal Truths and to tread on in this plan to bring clarity from confusion and light from darkness. Where you have chosen to forge a path from nothing. There is a great many resources available to you, but you must discover them and the discovery of them is not worth anything if you then do not utilize the assistance coming to you. Have you utilized the resources that have made their way to you? Have you utilized the assistance which has come to you?

…And.. what is love? If not to follow your heart. And if love cannot flourish, then what is the meaning of this existence? Are we not here to honor our discovery of love? To behold it’s jewels and flowers? To savor each lingering bliss? To find the electricity one could otherwise miss? One decision to break away can change your path in innumerable ways. Butterfly effect, destiny, don’t let it walk by, don’t lose faith, let yourself take lead….

We are here because you do not fully realize the reverberations of your actions and inaction thereof.


We tire of watching as so many of you miss opportunities that you would have otherwise had. Not because the signal did not alert you. Not because your heart did not call to you. Not because your guidance did not direct you, but because you chose to ignore it, in fear…

and then… You beg, tirelessly for a different life. Making no connection to the fact that the life you asked for was rejected by you already.

Again and again, every moment is new. Yet, every moment stays the same for you.

Again and again, you beg to be different. For a life that is different, yet you resist change.

How can we change anything if you refuse to allow any alteration? Please, we only desire to assist you in achieving that which you want. You cannot see how this will be accomplished. That is where you must trust the direction that your heart guides you to. You must know that we may direct you to do things that you do not see the significance of. But, the key is in the knowing that everything is connected and has to do with every other thing. So, we make these connections that you cannot see us making. You cannot sniff out the trail until it is fairly close and certain.

Certainty is subject to change as well. As, everything else. You must trust that when things fall through, they are meant to, and that when they do, it is not because there is a loss, but because a gain is in store and the roadblocks to it must be cleared before prosperity, abundance and Love can make it’s way to you.

The Longer you spend with things that are blocking you, the less time you can spend with those things that are showing you the way to the abundance you have called. Those things you cannot let go are blocking you. They once served you, but any good thing, if given too long will become spoiled and require replacement. This is even more true for those of you reading this. For, you are a select group who has chosen to accelerate your speed into ascension, evolution and growth. Therefore, even more things must be stripped away from you in order to make room for greater and more desirable things to be had. We do not prefer this language of yours, for, a phrase such as “Stripped away” bears meaning that is not making the point we are making. You feel bare when you read it. You fear loss. You fear nakedness. You fear alone-ness when you read it. But, we wish to tell you that none of those things are true. What we mean is in the way of something which is constantly dying and constantly renewing. Constantly becoming more, just as your body does. As the cells of your body die, so you are made a-new, on a daily basis. One would not try to keep every cell. Tis so immensely better to have new life constantly in you. This is also true in your life. Your life needs new life. So much more than you know. The more you can shed the old and embrace the new, the better your life will go.

i changed

Every element flows and changes and honors the natural death and rebirth cycles. You are also nature, but you are nature that is given a choice not to die. But, if you choose not to die, you automatically die. You can feel it inside, as your body becomes more stale, and the life withers bit by tiny bit.

Once desires a fresh sense of what it is like to live. Why live only one life? One version of existence, when you can have it all? When you can do it all?

So, you often maintain stagnant existence and your existence is limited as a result.

Give into life, give into existence, give into the natural cycles of ebb, flow, death and rebirth. Only then will you see the whole of what has been trying to come to you. The LOVE that you desire resides there. On the other side of fear. In the land of allowing and of change.


Your guides will be assisting you, very soon, to direct you to these very specific changes that need to be made. Heed their tiny nudges. Listen to the urge to push onward. Push through your hesitations, reservations and fears. A new life awaits you…


Give Life a chance and Life will be Given to you…

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